Level 1 Guy: Chapter 418 – Growing further

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After going to Plumbum from morning till afternoon, I went out to the city with Vanadium.

At the terrace seat of the cafe on the street corner, I’m enjoying the sight in front while sipping coffee slowly.

Rather than training.


Having the same precognition as Alice, but it’s for rogue monsters ――I thought to improve the ability, I should use it more.

Thus, I went out to the city and observed the progress of irregular people and those affected by it.


At best, narrow down the skill that I can cover the entirety of Shikuro.

It’s not progressing quickly, but slow and steady.

When the owner of the greengrocer came and went in and out of the store to serve customers, the degree of the safe at the back of the counter increased and decreased.


Maybe it was because I narrowed down my senses, I gradually became able to understand the changes around my surroundings in detail.


At first, there were three stages.

The sense is sorta like a red, blue and yellow, traffic light


But every time I stared at it, I gradually became able to understand it in detail, and now I can understand it in about 100 steps-percentage.


The clothes are constant 100% worn by passers-by who pass in front of them.

The cup of coffee I ordered and the plate of cake that Vanadium is eating deliciously are 100% to 99% back and forth because we interact with it from time to time.


There are two things that I learned after I became able to see so finely.


First of all, it doesn’t affect whether or not it becomes a rogue monster, but there is a slight difference between touching and not touching by someone.

If you touch it, it will return to 100%, and if you just stay nearby without touching it, it will go down to 99%.


And one more thing, this one has something to do with becoming a rogue monster.


The percentage gradually decreases the further someone goes away and will recover when the person approaches or touches it again, but it does not recover to 100% at once.


It feels like it gradually recovers like charging a smartphone.


By the way, if you touch it directly, the recovery will be quick, and if you are near it, it will be a little slow.

But … Looking at it like this, it’s a world like that.


Shikuro has been damaged by rogue monsters several times.

Almost everything I could see had a stable percentage.

There are some that decrease or recover, but in the long run, when viewed in units of one hour or so, the percentage does not decrease and is stable.


Houses are made that way, things are placed that way, and humans live that way.


The new ability made it even clearer, and this world became more and more interesting.


Suddenly, I felt a sign approaching from behind.


When I turned around, I saw Emily and Cerberus.


“Emily and Cerberus. Out for a walk?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, but I was surprised desu. Did you see us approaching desu?” (Emily)

“Well I felt a rogue monster—–Or more specifically I felt the sign of Cerberus.” (Ryouta)

“But it is me Master.” (Cerberus)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


While nodding, I stroke Cerberus.

It’s size is abnormally huge, but it’s still a dog inside.

His tail wagging about was showing his happy demeanor.


On the other hand, Emily, who has the lead, thought a little and asked with a surprised face.


“Yoda-san, have you come to understand rogue monsters desu?” (Emily)

“……Yeah I suppose.” (Ryouta)


Being pointed out, I also noticed it for the first time.


“You’re right, at that time I could only sense the golem and before a rogue monster was hatched.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, you’ve become better at it desu!” (Emily)


Emily blessed me with an angel’s smile.

I wonder when it was, maybe it was around when I could understand the percentage.


From the front of my eyes, I tried to spread the senses over a wide area——the entire Shikuro area.

Then, I came to understand the existence of rogue monsters in various places, which I could not understand just a while ago.


“Yeah, I can sense all the rogue monsters in Shikuro.” (Ryouta)

“That’s great nanodesu!” (Emily)

“It looks like my practice wasn’t wasted. More than that, are you here for shopping?” (Ryouta)


I looked at Emily’s hand.

Her other free hand is holding the shopping bag.


“Yes, I’m shopping for dinner nanodesu. Thanks to Cerberus, I was able to buy good meat desu.” (Emily)

“Cerberus?” (Ryouta)

“I chose what smells the best.” (Cerberus)


Cerberus answers, does he have the sense of smell of a dog?


I leaned in and looked inside the shopping bag.


“Your purchase order was greengrocer, butcher, then greengrocer again?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, how do you know that desu?” (Emily)


Emily is surprised again.

I talked about the feeling of percentage and the fact that it doesn’t recover in an instant, but gradually.


“So when I looked at the degree of recovery, it was vegetables, meat, vegetables.” (Ryouta)

“I see. I think it’s quite useful desu.” (Emily)

“Well, let’s think about how to use it.” (Ryouta)


I stood up.

Reaching out to Vanadium, who had finished eating the cake and looked bored, took my hand.


“We’ll follow you on your grocery shopping.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu!” (Emily)


We start walking alongside Emily who looks happy.


I hold hands with Vanadium and Emily takes the lead with Cerberus.

It feels like an ideal family holiday.


During that time, I was chatting with Emily and watching the surroundings carefully.

This is because I want to develop my ability even further.


Suddenly, I saw something I was interested in and stopped.


After going a little further, Emily noticed me and stopped and turned around in the same way.


“What happened Yoda-san desu?” (Emily)

“That meat …” (Ryouta)


I pointed to a delicious chunk of meat in a butcher’s showcase.

Although the butcher’s owner was by my side all the time, it stopped at 50% and did not recover from it.

At 50%, it stays stuck and does not move.


“Oh, customer, you have great eyes.” 


Being aware of my gaze, the butcher’s owner talked to me with a business smile.


“Is it special meat?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah. It’s an ultra-rare, five-turned aged meat that just arrived today. The five-turned meat comes in about once a year. How about it, want to wrap it up for you?”

“Did you understand just by looking at this desu? That’s amazing Yoda-san desu.” (Emily)


While smiling back at Emily with a smile, I wondered what this meant.

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