Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 112

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My weapon was completed.

After hearing the news from Falga-sama, Amako and I first went to call Ark-san and Neah who were resting in their room. Ark-san was awake, but Neah didn’t come out at all when I knocked on the door.

Wondering what had happened, I turned the doorknob and it was unlocked. When I entered, she was in bed on all fours sleeping.

I’ve seen this in Samaria before, and I was shocked by her careless way of sleeping, and decided it would be difficult to wake her up in this state, so I put the blanket on her and left the room.

In the end, everyone besides Neah went to the throne room.

Norn-sama was the only one waiting on the throne. When asked where Leona-san is, she seems to have gone to Falga-sama first.

We also headed underground as soon as we arrived.

All of us stood on the floor in the center of the hall and went down to the basement like-elevator. When we arrived underground after a few minutes, I saw Falga-sama’s huge body and Leona-san standing in front of him.

Were they chatting about something?

Falga-sama glanced at us who came down to the basement, sighed deeply and spoke to Leona-san who looked slightly depressed.


“Leona. Don’t forget what we’ve talked about. If you want to do it, you can, but understand the consequences.”



Perhaps their conversation ended there, she bowed silently and looked back seemingly overwhelmed.

Perhaps having the same thought, Norn-sama called out to Leona-san with a worried look.


“What were you talking about Leona?”

“I’m talking about the next battle with Karon. I was scolded for saying something disproportionate earlier. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the rest of the story.”

“……Is that so.”


About the battle with Karon?

I don’t think she’s lying.

Norn-sama doesn’t seem to be surprised …


“I’ve been waiting for you, Usato”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I heard that my weapon was completed …”

“It’s not exactly complete, but it’s one step before completion. You’re the one to complete it.”


I am?

Is it really technically necessary?

Falga-sama continued to speak to me, who was surprised.


“Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult for you to do. The important thing is a clear intention. What kind of power you want and how to handle it, with that thought as the core, the shape of the weapon will take form.”


A silver sphere pops out of Falga-sama’s mouth and floats around him.

Probably that was the hero’s knife I handed over.

When the sphere stopped in front of Falga-sama, it floated in front of me. Taking it with my right palm, I felt a strange feeling in the indefinite sphere.


“What kind of shape will my weapon look like … What do you think Amako?”

“A club, mallet, morning star, or maybe an iron ball”

“Why are you only naming blunt instruments? Huh?”


I understood what kind of image Amako had of me.

I think that a blunt instrument will be perfect, but I’m not barbaric enough to imagine it.


“Hahaha, a shield might suit Usato-dono.”

“I can’t think of a weapon that could match his speed … Hmm, Usato has many possible weapon candidates, so I can’t predict what will come …”


On the other hand, Leona-san and Ark-san are seriously anticipating my weapon.

Actually, I don’t really know what kind of weapon I want. I have an image, but I can’t tell if it’s the right choice for me.


“Falga-sama, after this …”

“Just keep in mind. What you are, what you have been doing. Then, my fragment will naturally change to the shape that suits you best.”

“My path …”


I close my eyes while feeling the presence of the sphere on my palm.

My path so far, the beginning began on the day I was involved in the summoning of the hero Inugami senpai and Kazuki.

The day I came to this world, I joined the rescue squad.

Trained by Rose, I ran through the battlefield for those who fight for the Kingdom of Lingle. At the core of it, I want to help those who are injured, I want to make sure that no one is saddened by someone’s death, I want to be recognized by Rose … and I want to help Inugami senpai and Kazuki.


I met Nack at Lukvis.

To him who was suffering from Mina’s bullying, I pointed his path to the rescue squad. It was the same as I had Rose teach me what to do in this world.


The wicked dragon that fought during the trip to Samaria.

The revival of the wicked dragon that caused this incident was about to become a major incident that endangered many lives at one point. In the end, I was able to work with Amako, Ark-san, and Bluerin to defeat the wicked dragon and solve it without killing anyone.


And the curse of Samaria.

Struggling to destroy the curse that was eroding Eva’s body, the princess of Samaria. It was all caused by a magician who was fascinated by the existence of a hero, but in the end he released the souls of the Samarian people and the royal family who were trapped in the curse, then regained the body of Eva they had robbed.

I think it was a long and short journey.

When I was seriously injured and my spirit was about to be destroyed, you might think that living in a different world was full of unthinkable turbulence, but mysteriously I didn’t think it was that painful.

After all, I met a lot of people in this world.

Even if it just comes to my mind, the connections with countless people are proof that my journey so far is not in vain.

Therefore, I want to cherish that.

I don’t want the power to hurt or defeat someone.

I want the power to protect. The power to repel any threat as long as I can reach it.


“… The shape of the sphere of Usato’s hand is changing …”


Amako’s voice was heard which prompted me to open my eyes.

Taking a look at it, the sphere on my palm was flowing and shining which covered the tip from my elbow. It’s a scene that would normally surprise me, but I was strangely calm.

It took about 10 seconds for the light that covered the tip of my elbow to emit a rainbow-coloured light, and it scattered into the air like a burst. What remained on my arm was a silver gauntlet.

There were no flashy decorations other than the scale-like pattern of Falga-sama, and it fits me perfectly without feeling that it was difficult to move.


“This is my …”


It’s more like armor than a weapon, but in a sense this shape was as expected.

I tried twisting my wrist around, and it felt easier to move than it looked.


“… I knew you were different from that young man.”


“Let me have a look at your arm.”



Falga-sama turned his deep gaze, and I showed him the right arm of the gauntlet.

A magical pattern appeared in his eyes, illuminating the gauntlet brightly.

When staring at the gauntlet for a few seconds, Falga-sama’s expression was slightly distorted. Worried that something was wrong, Falga-sama had erased the magic of his eyes, opened his mouth and started laughing.


“Fu, haha, hahahaha !!”


“Are you kidding me!? Falga-sama laughed !?”


Falga-sama was laughing loudly in the basement, and of course, Leona-san and Norn-sama who knew him were astonished.

After finally stopping, Falga-sama looked down at us and uttered a pleasant voice.


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t stand it because it was so unexpected. It’s been a long time since I opened my mouth and laughed. I thought that my heart would die and I wouldn’t laugh. But seriously, I don’t know what will happen “

“Uhmm, is something wrong with it …?”


What should I do? I made a Dragon God burst into laughter.

The wicked dragon had a vulgar laugh, but I didn’t think it would surprise Falga-sama to make him laugh.

Isn’t this a pretty bad thing?

For me who became anxious, Falga-sama pointed to my gauntlet in a slightly good mood.


“The gauntlet you created boasts an unrivaled hardness that does not allow anything to pass through. Even high heat, cold air, and magic cannot pass through this gauntlet. Simply put, it is just ridiculously hard. That’s all the gauntlet has. “

“Isn’t that too simple of an explanation !?”

“Usually, it’s a weapon that would be branded as unsuccessful. That’s natural. It’s just because the use is too limited. But if you’re the one who is handling it, then it’s different. Leona, I’m sure you understand after fighting with Usato?”


Leona-san nodded mysteriously to Falga-sama’s voice.


“This is exactly the gauntlet for you. If you can detect threats with outstanding dynamic vision and reflexes, and you can repel powerful hits with your own strength, you can handle this more than enough. right?”


‥ …… I feel like I finally understand how to fight.

This gauntlet is not used for attacks, but a shield that repels the opponent’s attacks.

By not letting anything pass through, I can even grab the blade of the ax that was coated with Karon’s cold air.

Above all, it is good to be able to incorporate it into the training for the past few days without any problems.


“Does that mean that this ability is an invincible gauntlet?”

“Of course, that’s not all. Try putting magic into your gauntlets.”

“? Okay.……!?”


As Falga-sama said, I poured healing magic into the gauntlet and immediately understood the difference.

The operation of magic is smoother than before !?

When I try to make a healing magic bullet, I can make it in less than a second, and this I can put a considerable amount of healing magic in my palm.

Isn’t it possible to do various things by devising more magic?

It was a healing magic burst palm for emergency purposes, or a healing magic bullet for group battles.


“Didn’t I say that a gauntlet suits you?”

“But isn’t this too humble?”

“Are you not satisfied with it?”


Yes, that’s right.

Is it just a hard gauntlet that assists in my magic?

Somehow, it seems to me that I can only handle healing magic.


“Until now, everything that gave me a fragment of my body created a powerful weapon. The young man was a pair of swords that contained and released everything. Karon picked it up and transformed it into a shape. It’s an ax that freezes everything. And yet you’ve created a gauntlet that’s just tough with no offensive power. I can’t help but laugh. “

“Well, uh …”

“I’m not despising you. Rather, I even want to praise you for what you are. In front of Karon, who became a dragon, you created a weapon to protect, not to hurt. You certainly had the qualifications to have my weapon. “


I didn’t know this should be worth complimenting …

However, there is also the fact that I didn’t have the image of having strong power …


“Well, even if I have a big weapon, it’ll be like a decorative weapon, so maybe … I’ll get used to it after using it. Then, I think it’ll suit me better …”

“Yeah. Certainly, that is more like Usato.”


I dug my own grave.

I insist that I haven’t been complimented so much which gave Amako a chance.

What’s more, she mysteriously tilts her head when she sees me stagnant.


“I’ll leave my piece to you. It’s originally for the hero, but now it’s yours.”


“Take my fragments on your future journey. It’s fun to watch over the fate of humans that I have admitted.”


Once I saw my gauntlet, I clearly nodded to Falga-sama.

Falga-sama closes his eyes with satisfaction, and he speaks to us in a quiet voice.


“Then the story is over. You should take a rest today.”


Falga-sama ended the story with that word as a trigger.

We also moved from the basement to the ground … I looked at my right arm gauntlet and got stuck for a while.

For a few seconds, Amako tilted her head to me who was silent looking at the gauntlet.


“What’s wrong, Usato?”

“Sorry, I’ll come back in a bit.”



With a short run, I returned to Falga-sama who was trying to return to the spring.

Amako and others who were worried about me chased from behind, but regardless of that, I showed Falga-sama the gauntlet.


“Uhmm … I’m sorry. But how do you remove this? I don’t feel like it will come off normally …”

“I’ve told you before, but it fits perfectly…”

“Usato, that’s not …”


Looking at the gauntlet that was almost integrated with my arm, Falga-sama and Amako in the back turned their eyes to me, who was worried about what to do if it stayed like this for a long time.


Author’s Note:

An Invincible gauntlet that blocks anything(only very hard gauntlet)

Usato’s weapon has become a gauntlet.

In the impression column, he gave me an expectation beyond my imagination, and although I was scared in a sense because of everyone’s high imagination, I managed to put out his weapon.

Look forward to Usato’s success with his new weapon.


On a side note, as a practice, I wrote a work of about 20,000 characters.


“Second Chance-Aiming for salvation in a world that has been destroyed seven times-“


I wrote this work for the purpose of practicing seriousness and depiction of battle, but I wrote 20,000 characters and put it in the store.

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