Level 1 Guy: Chapter 417 – Carbon’s sign

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Our new mansion————A place that replaces the first floor of Vanadium Dungeon.


I was standing alone in the center of the hall and expanding my consciousness.


Surrounding me———one of the signs I feel increases.

I held the gun I had already pulled out and shot a normal bullet at it.


A bullet cuts through the air.

Poof, and a rogue monster hatched on that trajectory.




Teruru Dungeon first floor monster, the first monster to defeat.

As soon as it hatched, a normal bullet shot through the slime.


I looked around.

Around me, bean sprouts are lined up in a circle at a distance where the rogue monster hatches.


The Slime I defeated also hatched from one of them.

This time, I gently closed my eyelids.

I grasp for any sign through the darkness.

Unlike the Slime just before, the feeling swells at the same time.

The bean sprouts placed at the same time are about to hatch one after another.


I read the order of hatching from the size of the sign then shoot normal bullets in that order with my eyes closed.


I felt like an actual sniper.


When I opened my eyes, there were no Slimes and the normal bullet of the rogue monster slime drop was rolling in the place where the original sprouts were.


“Wow, Ryouta” (Alice)


Alice appears while clapping her hands.

She has her fellow monsters on her shoulders and came in with a marvelous expression as she came closer.


“So you were watching.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! The timing was perfect. The moment they almost turned into rogue monsters, they couldn’t do anything and was one shot. You know not only the location but also the timing.” (Alice)

“Oh, you seem to know about how it works.” (Ryouta)

“It’s amazing! What does it look like in your head?” (Alice)

“An example would be … a traffic light.” (Ryouta)

“Traphic….light?” (Alice)


Ah right, there are no traffic lights in this world.

I decided to explain in more detail.


“Somehow, it feels like there’s a signal on everything. Blue is okay, yellow is about to be dangerous. And red is when it’s too late.” (Ryouta)

“I see” (Alice)

“Well, I’m still not sure whether it only works on rogue monsters, so it’s a delicate place for now.” (Ryouta)

“But it’s great enough as it is now, also.” (Alice)

“in addition?” (Ryouta)

“Because it’s Ryouta we’re talking about, I think that power will grow further, or maybe Ryouta will master it very well.” (Alice)

“Thanks for the compliment.” (Ryouta)


Alice’s trust was comfortable.

I intended to do so, but I became more and more motivated in it.

I was thinking of thinking about how to make good use of this ability.



The chairman’s office of the Shikuro Dungeon Association.


I was invited to face the chairman, Cell.

As soon as I sat down, Cell bowed lightly.


“I received the report, thanks to Satou-sama that the Carbon crisis has been resolved.” (Cell)

“Don’t mind it.” (Ryouta)

“Not only the cause was investigated. After that, the entrance was not closed and remained open.” (Cell)

“That’s good to hear.” (Ryouta)

“I was told the details. It would’ve not been solved if it weren’t for Satou-sama’s help. To put it in words, without Satou-sama, Shikuro would have suffered.” (Cell)

“That’s an overstatement.” (Ryouta)


I chuckled bitterly.

For some reason, Cell has used more exaggerated words.


“No” (Cell)


However, Cell shook his head clearly.


“Imagine the worst, the adventurers could be wiped out after they are trapped.” (Cell)

“That’s … that’s a possibility.” (Ryouta)


Rather, the possibility was very high.

Considering how we know of this power, it was a kind of “locking up until death”.

The movement of the dungeon made me feel that kind of consciousness.


“As you know, this time we had a lot of ☆. There were a lot of leaders in each family. If they disappeared all at once–” (Cell)

“It could spell trouble.” (Ryouta)


Somehow, I imagined a situation where middle managers in the company disappeared all at once.

It will definitely cause great commotion.


“Satou-sama who prevented it is literally a savior.” (Cell)

“Again, that’s an overstatement.” (Ryouta)


This time I could clearly say it.

There may be some confusion, but it’s not enough to be called a savior.

Cell’s still acting like himself, and there is a wasteful “belief” -like part.


“Therefore, I have one consultation with Satou-sama.” (Cell)

“Consultation?” (Ryouta)

“I would like permission to install a signboard at the Carbon entrance.” (Cell)

“Why a signboard?” (Ryouta)

“It’s a sign to publicize Carbon’s prohibition and rules that Satou-sama has clarified.” (Cell)

“You can do that without asking me—” (Ryouta)


My intuition whispered “wait a minute”.

It was exactly “without asking me like that”.


Cell is the director of the dungeon association, but he doesn’t need my permission to install it.

But he properly asked.

He came to get my permission.


Word choice.


As soon as the word passed through my head, something came to my mind.


“Hey, what kind of sign would that be?” (Ryouta)

“…” (Cell)


Cell did not answer and looked away.

That look convinced me.


“Did you make ‘that’ again?” (Ryouta)

“I don’t know what you mean–” (Cell)


Something fell from the bosom of Cell who looked impatient.

It was my figure that made a noise and fell to the floor.

It’s my figure that Cell always makes.


It is a three-dimensional version of where I am capturing Carbon.


I pick it up and stare at it.

Then, on the pedestal of the figure, a bean-sized character was written.


“The signboard is small!” (Ryouta)

“I’m going to make the real thing life-size. It’s 1/6 scale, so the signboard is 6 times this size.” (Cell)

“It’s still small! It’s not a note on the contract. Nobody will read it if it’s so small.” (Ryouta)

“But if I make it any bigger than this, it will hinder Satou-sama’s brave figure.” (Cell)

“Tumble that shit over!” (Ryouta)


If there was no such place, it would be a pretty good person …….


“Anyway, I don’t care about the statue, so make the signboard twice as big as this———no, three times as big.” (Ryouta)


Because it’ll just say, “Be careful” as it is.

Cell reluctantly accepted it, which breathed a sigh of relief from me.


“Satou-sama” (Cell)


Suddenly, Cell called my name.

When I saw him again for some reason, I was surprised to find that he had a very serious face.


“Thank you” (Cell)


He thanked me as straightforward as it gets.

I was suddenly caught and thought it was a little sly.

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