Level 1 Guy: Chapter 416 – Signs of tremendous familiarity

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At night, a strong wind began to blow.


While walking along the night road with my friends and heading for Villa De Edge, I was confirming my newly awakened power.


While walking, I drew the map of the city that came to mind in the notepad presented by Celeste.

Basically overlaying the afterimage after seeing the map once and drawing it on the paper.


After writing the whole thing, Alice had a look at it.


“Wow, you really do understand it.” (Alice)

“Alice knows it too?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah! Because over here” (Alice)


Alice pointed to a blank spot on the map I drew.


“They just demolished this place yesterday. It’s not on any map yet, and Ryouta was busy so you shouldn’t have known it right?” (Alice)

“I see, so it’s like having the latest information.” (Ryouta)

“Rather, why do you know about it?” (Celeste)


Celeste had doubts.


“I take Kel-chan for a walk every day.” (Alice)


Kel-chan a.k.a Cerberus.

Cerberus, a rogue monster, is a child who has become a unique monster and has become our pet.


“Oh, you take him for walks?” (Ryouta)

“Yup!” (Alice)

“He goes to the village of Ryouta every day, no wonder he says that he has enough exercise.” (Ryouta)


That’s why I didn’t think about taking him for a walk.


“Ch-Ch-Ch, you’re too sweet Ryouta.” (Alice)

“What’s with that tone?” (Ryouta)


She smiles and speaks like an old man.


“For dogs, walking has nothing to do with lack of exercise. Walking with the owner has the effect of enriching the dog’s mind.” (Alice)


That’s another strange way of saying it.


“I see, so there’s something like that?” (Ryouta)

“Of course.” (Alice)


“I think so too desu” (Emily)


Emily agreed with Alice.


“If he hears that he’s going for a walk after coming back from Yoda-san’s village, no matter if he is tired, he’ll gladly go nanodesu.” (Emily)

“I see” (Ryouta)

“Returning to the story, it turned out that this is the latest and current map of the city written by Ryouta-san, but can you only see the map of the city?” (Celeste)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


I nodded to Celeste who brought back the topic.


“Can Alice also export the map like this?” (Celeste)

“I can though?” (Alice)

“What about monsters?” (Ryouta)

“I can do that properly” (Alice)

“I see. I can’t seem to tell where the monsters are. However, there are no monsters in the city, so it’s from when I was in the dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“That’s not the case” (Alice)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)

“There is a rogue monster now. Look at this house.” (Alice)


Alice pointed to the map I wrote where there seems to be a private house.


“Here, there is a slime rogue monster.” (Alice)

“Is it so” (Ryouta)

“Yeah. I don’t know if they still have it … In the first place, there are quite a few rogue monsters with owners, right?” (Alice)

“Now that you mention.” (Ryouta)


There was a person who originally kept rogue monsters.

It has increased more and more since I welcomed Cerberus.


Shikuro is a fairly large city, so you are bound to have a hand or two that owns a rogue monster.


“Hmmm, yeah I don’t get it.” (Ryouta)

“You will understand it soon?” (Alice)

“I guess you’re right.” (Ryouta)


While doing so, we arrived at the familiar bar, Villa De Edge.

We entered the store, at the usual seats, and had a feast as usual and got excited.



On the way home from a tipsy mood.


All of my friends’ footsteps were fluffy, and Vanadium was sleeping comfortably on my back.


All of my friends are smiling.

Emily, Celeste and Alice are all smiling.


It seems that Eve, who has been biting a carrot alone even after leaving the store, enjoyed it for some reason.


When I was on earth, I didn’t like drinking parties because my boss’s sermons and boastful sake were just annoying, so I didn’t know that drinking with like-minded people was so much fun.


“Hey Hey Ryouta” (Alice)

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)

“Do you feel this?” (Alice)


Alice came with a smile and summoned and changed Boney-chan to her original form.


The size is the original, but it is a deformed and lovely skeleton.

It stood in front of me and walked backwards at the same speed as me.


“I see, you’re talking about what we’ve said just now before we entered the bar?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, all of them are different from ordinary monsters, isn’t it?” (Alice)

“Sure, even if they are defeated, they can revive immediately, and they can go in and out of the dungeon and go through floors.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, and I can understand and distinguish between them.” (Alice)

“I see?” (Ryouta)

“Ordinary monsters have red dots and everyone has blue dots?” (Alice)

“So that’s it” (Ryouta)


It’s somewhat understood and not understood.


“Let’s try and see.” (Ryouta)


I closed my eyes and focused my consciousness on my new ability.

My eyes were closed because they felt more clear than when they were open.

If I open my eyes, I’m being distracted by other things, thus dropping my concentration


So I closed my eyes and tried to imagine a map projected on the back of my retina.

I couldn’t feel the sign of Boney-chan——-but.


“What?” (Ryouta)

“What’s wrong?” (Alice)


I stopped.

Alice and Boney-chan talking stopped first, and Emily, Celeste, and Eve who noticed immediately after that also stopped and turned around.


Everyone got together and looked at me with a face asking, “What happened?”


I was looking at the map through everyone’s appearance.

The feeling of discomfort like a small bone caught in the throat gradually increased.


“The vacant lot just before” (Ryouta)

“Are you there?” (Alice)

“Is it the place to be demolished yesterday nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Yeah, there’s something in that vacant lot.” (Ryouta)

“What is that something?” (Alice)

“I don’t know, but something. It’s not a monster, but something very familiar.” (Ryouta)

“Maybe: carrot?” (Eve)

“I’m sure that’s too far fetched.” (Ryouta)


I laugh bitterly.

It should not be such a pinpoint detection.


“……Let’s head there.” (Celeste)


With a little thought, Celeste suggested.


“I’m curious about Ryouta-san’s “something very familiar”.” (Celeste)

“Well, let’s go!” (Alice)


Alice first went along with Celeste’s opinion and started walking first.

There was no other dissenting opinion, and everyone followed Alice.


Alice took the lead by going around the night road.

After a while, a vacant lot opened at the end of the road.


“Look at that!” (Celeste)


Suddenly, Celeste shouted.

When I looked into the vacant lot she pointed to, with a screaming voice, there was a bonsai lying down there, and the bonsai was just in the process of hatching into a rogue monster.


A stone giant with a size of about 10 meters in height and wide in width.


“It’s a golem nanodesu!” (Emily)

“This is bad, it’s about to start rampaging” (Ryouta)

“I’ll stop it!” (Celeste)


Celeste cast magic.

At the same time, Eve also jumped with a carrot on her mouth, holding a hand sword that was lined up.

Alice summons fellow monsters all at once, first surrounds the golem, and surrounds it so that the attack does not cause damage to the city.


Meanwhile, Emily, who left her weapon at home, approached me.


“Yoda-san, did you feel this nanodesu?” (Emily)

“It’s a little different, it kind of is, but it’s not.” (Ryouta)

“What does that mean nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Strictly speaking, I think it was a sign that a rogue monster was about to hatch.” (Ryouta)


After closing my eyes for a moment and feeling a sign, I answer Emily.

There was no sign of a golem in front of me, but I felt something like a residue.


The sign that I felt familiar with was the sign that a rogue monster hatched.

Probably because I witnessed the most of the moment when a rogue monster hatched in this world … I thought that maybe that was the cause of it.


While thinking such, my three friends defeated the golem.

It was quite strong, but it felt like it was overwhelmed by the haste of the three.

Because of the rampage, the ground of the vacant lot became bumpy.


“Yoda-san’s power didn’t cause any damage to the people around him desu.” (Emily)


Emily said and Alice replied.


“Lookie look, did you notice this? That’s amazing Ryouta.” (Alice)

“It’s slightly different, though.” (Ryouta)


I explained to my friends who came back with a bitter smile.

It wasn’t the rogue monster itself, but the possibility of a sign of hatching.


Then Alice said.


“What’s that, that’s even more amazing” (Alice)


It made her eyes shine.

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