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Author’s Note:

Happy new year.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

This is the first chapter this year.


I took a walk in the city of Mia Rak with Burlin on my back at night.

After finishing the training with Ark-san in the afternoon, I was thinking about today’s training while resting on the sofa placed in the center of my room.

My training is proceeding smoothly for the time being.

The dodge training with Leona-san has a solid foundation, so that wasn’t difficult. However, I will not be able to learn it overnight because I still need a lot of time to correct my posture during battle.

Certainly, I won’t have enough preparation to fight Karon.

Until now, my body has been attached to the movements that I imagined in my head, but when the technical aspect is added to this image, the difficulty jumps up at once.

Although it is progressing smoothly in the long run, it is almost impossible to learn in a short period of time.

Regarding this, let’s train without rushing.


“The rest is my strengthening system.”


After seeing Leona-san’s system strengthening, I reviewed mine once more.

The system strengthening that I had been practicing since I left the Kingdom of Lingle has become quite stable in the last few months.

It is now possible to maintain my magic in a strong state, and my hands are no longer full of scratches.


“It should be almost completed, but …”


However, I didn’t have the consciousness that this was strengthening my healing magic.

Something is different.

My healing magic is not the beautiful green healing magic I saw at the clinic in the Kingdom of Lingle like Olga-san. The colours are pretty close, but something is missing.

I lit a healing magic light on my palm and stared at it.


“I asked Leona-san, but I didn’t get an answer.”


Today, I asked Leona-san about system strengthening.

Leona-san, who saw my immature system reinforcement saying, “I’m about to lose confidence …” while calming down, but when I asked her how she was practicing system reinforcement, her expression turned blue.


[Your one is crazy to say the least !?]


I don’t really care about Leona-san’s straightforward words.

According to her, system strengthening is something that you learn with the utmost care, and you aren’t just forced to practice with the effects of healing magic like I do.

She said with a bitter smile, “That’s just crazy” as she turns and looks at somewhere else.

In the end, when Leona-san saw my healing magic system enhancement, she didn’t know what was missing. Rather, from her point of view, my system strengthening seems to be almost successful, but I’m not convinced.


“… It’s still far from being perfect.”


The thing that comes to my mind is my master in the Kingdom of Lingle.

For Rose, I was only halfway there, and I have not yet become her ideal healing magician.

Recognizing and admitting that fact, I get up from the sofa and slap my cheeks.


“I have to work harder!”


It’s unbecoming of me to sulk.

What I learned from the rescue squad is to be positive

For me, who has overcome the training with the paradoxical idea that there is peace ahead of hell, this degree of adversity is not flatulence.


“I think Usato is trying too hard …”

“Hmm !?”


I was surprised by the voice from behind.

Looking back, Amako stood in front of the door behind with a stunned expression.


“You surprised me. Knock next time …”

“I did. Usato was the one who didn’t notice.”


Was I that absorbed in thinking?

For the time being, I get up from the sofa and let Amako in the room.


“So what happened?”

“I was worried that Usato was a little strange, but … it looks like you’re doing well.”


Is she worried about me?

Amako sat on the chair and said it made me a little happy.


“Well, there’s no point in worrying if I don’t start from somewhere. I just thought I’d do what I could do. I’d like to train my body.”

“I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish but … yeah, that’s more like Usato.”

“Like me …”


What kind of recognition do I have from Amako?

While laughing awkwardly, I swallowed the question that came out of my throat, and diverted the story to another topic.

Amako apparently came to see me, and when she knew I wasn’t worried, she relaxed her shoulders and gave me a friendly chat.


“So, is Leona-san all right?”


During the conversation, Amako suddenly asked me such a question.

Opening my eyes to her unexpected question, I asked her what she meant by that.


“Okay as in?”

“She also seems to have a hard time …”


Is it?

Certainly she is suffering from various problems.

Karon-san, the hero…. She is suffering more than I think.


“Falga-sama said that Leona-san will be killed by Karon-san if she doesn’t know what she has to change, but I think it shouldn’t be ignored …”



I remember the warning that Falga-sama gave to Leona-san in the basement of the castle.


“Knights who seek and depend on others for their raison d’etre and cannot affirm themselves. Understand that if you cannot acknowledge your existence, you will die an awful death.”


A deep and emotional voice.

A knight who cannot affirm herself.

It is certain that it was Leona-san who could not recognize herself as a hero …


“… I can’t do anything about it.”


I am a healing magician so I don’t have the power to solve people’s worries or heal my emotional wounds.

For some reason, I often get such consultations and talks during my travels, but I have never led to a solution based on my own thoughts.


“I don’t think you have to try.”



I instinctively answered back to Amako’s words.


“Usato is good as is.”

“Amako …”


I just need to be myself.

Being told that, I felt happy.

Yeah, it’s better to be yourself …….


“Sometimes Usato doesn’t think before he acts, sometimes insensitive and dense, but those parts are both bad and good.”

“Aren’t those all bad!”


What part of ‘good’ are those !?

How is being insensitive and being dense good !?

The other day I was told about being insensitive, but being rash and insensitive isn’t good!?



“Y-Yeah. Why are you looking at me like that …”


Looking at me and trembling, my expression was cramped by Amako with a mysterious expression. Did she already come to a conclusion that I’m just an insensitive man?

I have to explain this well and change my perception of Amako …….

Clearing my throat intentionally, I turned to Amako.

However, at that time, the door of my room was tapped lightly.

Who is this time … Neah or Ark-san?


“Usato-san, are you there !?”


It’s the voice of the maid.

While being surprised by the panicked voice that doesn’t suit her gentle personality, I opened the door.


“What’s wrong?”

“This is bad!”


At the end of the door is a maid who was a little out of breath.

What on earth happened?

I couldn’t hear anything from outside…….

Aside from my confusion, she took a small deep breath and calmed her breath and she took my hand and approached me.


“R-Ride …”



What will I ride?

I tilt my head to the words of the maid who is out of breath.


“Norn-sama has fallen!”

“Eh !?”


Norn, the Queen of Mia Rak, has fallen.

The collapse of Norn-sama means that the barrier that has protected Mia Rak from Karon will disappear.

If the barrier disappeared, Karon would come here.

If that happens, we will have to fight in a state where we are not ready.

I came to understand that, I was frustrated and asked the maid to guide me to the place where Norn-sama was.



When I learned that Norn-sama had fallen, Amako and I hurried with the maid to the hall where she had fallen.

Originally, Leona-san should also be called, but the situation is sudden, so it’s better to find someone that can help her.


“Seriously, this is just an exaggeration …”


In front of us when we arrived at the hall was Norn-sama holding her forehead with a stunned expression.

I thought that she was in a critical condition, but she was sitting on the throne with a stern face, so I suddenly missed the beat.


“I’m glad you’re worried, but at least listen to me … Even though I’ve fallen, I’ve just stumbled, but you’re already rushing and calling for help … “

“I’m sorry …”


Speaking only of the result, it was the maid’s misunderstanding that Norn-sama had collapsed.

No, there was a fall, but in the case of her, she just stumbled and fell, and the maid who happened to see the scene misunderstood that Norn-sama had fallen because of overwork. She hurriedly asked for help from me.


“I’m sorry for worrying Usato-san and Amako-san.”

“No, I was relieved that Norn-sama was safe.”

“It doesn’t concern me.”


Amako and I waved to the maid who bowed deeply. I was expecting a situation in the unlikely event, so I’m glad she was safe even if it was a waste of time.

Besides, even though she stumbled and fell, she has been in insomniac for days and has maintained the barrier. She wasn’t just careless and she stumbled.

In fact, Norn-sama’s complexion is bad.

My healing magic should have cured her body’s abnormalities, but she’s somehow messed up. It may seem that she is sick because she is mentally exhausted, not because of her physical abnormality.

‥ …… Is it better to apply healing magic for the time being? 


“Norn-sama, should I cast healing magic? I can at least heal the tiredness of your body …”

“… Yeah, sorry for troubling you.”


Norn-sama acknowledged her tiredness and extended her hand to me with a slow motion.

I touched the hand as little as possible and applied healing magic to Norn-sama. My green magic light wraps around her body and heals her tired body.

Norn-sama was somewhat appalled by my healing magic, opened her mouth a little awkwardly as she looked at the maid, who was still worried.


“You can go back to your job. I’m fine so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“! Yes!”


The maid replied with a smile, bowed politely and walked out of the hall a little faster.

Norn-sama quietly saw her off, then turned towards me and muttered.


“She does most of the work in this castle.”

“… Almost all?”

“Of course not all, but I’m sure she’s doing the bare essentials to maintain this castle …… and all the remaining castles are here for me, who tried to protect the country alone. “


She tried to protect the country alone.

I can’t imagine how prepared it is.

It is not an ordinary mental strength to spare time to sleep and still protect the country.


“I didn’t want them to stay in the castle. To tell you the truth, even Leona too.”

“Are you trying to fight it alone?”

“I knew it wasn’t possible, but I’m not a “fighter” no matter how much I can handle the magical tools that Falga-sama gave me. I can’t hold a sword or a spear. The only way was to just create a barrier at the place and keep the status quo … “


Norn-sama had a self-deprecating smile when she saw the cane in her hand.

She dropped her shoulders and sighed, “Ah,” and rested her body on her throne.

Her appearance seemed more like an ordinary woman everywhere than a queen.


“If this happened, I should have studied a little more and practiced the sword. I didn’t think I would regret not having received the super-troublesome education of the castle.”

“Eh, ah yeah …”


I don’t know how to answer even if someone says something like a student before their exam.

Rather, as a former high school student, I can sympathize with her, so it was slightly troublesome


“At that time, I didn’t really understand what a queen was, but when I came to it … I could understand it.”

“What would that be?”

“I have to protect everyone. I used to say that if my position changes, my consciousness will change. I became a queen with those half-hearted feelings, and I saw the cityscape of Mia Rak from the castle. Finally, I realized the weight of the role of a queen. “

“Role, weight …”


Although the position was different, I had a similar experience.

When I ran through the battlefield as a rescue squad, I was burdened with the lives of the knights fighting on the battlefield on my shoulders.

I’m sure Norn-sama is in such a situation now.


“I was informed by Falga-sama that I’ll become a queen.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Falga-sama’s existence is only revealed to the Queen and those of special status. Originally, you, who are from other countries, cannot meet him.”


Certainly, a dragon with the same power as the Wicked dragon should be kept secret.


“When I first heard Falga-sama’s voice, I thought I was crazy. If I was resting on the throne like I am now, he’d say, “Oh immature one, it’s okay to have some spare time, but behave like a queen.” as I heard a voice out of nowhere. “

“Haha, that’s amazing.”


Is it a feeling that resonates in my head from nowhere?

No matter how you hear it, anyone will be surprised if you hear a voice out of nowhere.


“But I’ve worked so hard thanks to Falga-sama’s help. When I’m maintaining the barrier and I’m about to break my heart, Falga-sama always speaks to me. But if I think about the harsh words being said, I notice that everyone is saying it for my sake. “


…… I was slightly impressed.

Why did Norn-sama continue to maintain the barrier until I visited here?

There is a limit to the potion. Nonetheless, she was able to endure it probably because Falga-sama was helping Norn.


“Usato, I’m fine now. Thank you.”

“Yes, how are you doing?”

“Thanks to you, I’m much better.”


Nodding to Norn-sama’s words with a faint smile, I let go of her hand.

I only healed her physical fatigue, but her facial expression has returned to some brightness.


“I’ve told you a little bit of my bitterness.”

“No, I had a lot of things to think about, and I was worried that I would be the one to talk to.”

“That’s not the case. Like your healing magic, just talking like this has helped me enough.”


Currently, Norn-sama is doing her best to maintain the barrier, and casting healing magic and talking to her helps.

It would be nice if it helped.


“Well, Amako, let’s get back to the room soon.”

“Yeah, I’m getting sleepy too.”


Amako and I exchange words.

I thought I’d go to bed for tomorrow, and when I tried to turn back, I noticed that she was looking at me and Amako.


“Why are you traveling with a beastman?”

“You mean Amako?”


Suddenly, Norn-sama asked.

Norn-sama groaned at the words and had a surprised expression on what she said.


“Don’t be offended, I’m just curious about the beastmen traveling with humans.”

“Oh, is that so?”


Certainly, if you’re just a passerby, you will doubt that Amako and I are travelling together.


“Uhhm, Amako”

“It’s okay to talk about it.”


Amako decided that I could explain, so she told Norn-sama that one of the purposes of this trip was to “go to the Beastman’s Land to help Amako’s mother.”

Norn-sama, who heard the purpose of our trip, opened her eyes in surprise.


“The country of beastmen … I can see your intention, but I can’t recommend it.”

“Is it too dangerous for me as a human being to go?”

“Although there is that … The behavior of the beastmen these days is strange.”


Mia Rak is the closest human country to the Beastman country.

I was a little worried about the words of Norn-sama, who governs such a place.


“What has happened to them?”

“Beasts who had never left their country before suddenly have a human appear before them.”

“Suddenly …? You mean visiting a human all of a sudden?”

“It seems that they don’t interfere with humans so much, but there were reports that it was like looking for something.”


Are they trying to find something?

Being aware of the danger of being caught by bandits and slave traders, when it came to working in the human realm …

I was thinking with my arms folded, but when Amako grabbed my free hand, I returned to myself.

Amako often pulls on the hem of my clothes, but it’s rare for her to hold my hand, so I looked at Amako a little surprised.


“What’s wrong Amako … Amako?”



Amako was staring down while holding my hand.

She was sleepy and held my hand …… I don’t think that’s the case. Her shoulders are trembling, and above all, her hand is holding my hand.

Perhaps the beastmen were looking for—–


“……Ah no.”


It’s about Amako now.

It may not be good for her to talk about the country of beastmen.



“Wait a minute”



Norn-sama held her temples as she tried to cut Amako’s story.

With her eyes closed and silent, she nods at someone. She’s probably hearing something from Falga-sama.

Somehow, as she watched my hand holding Amako’s, she opened her eyes and looked at me with a serious expression and opened her mouth.


“… Usato. Falga-sama has completed your armor.”



I was surprised at the words of Norn-sama who lowered her voice.

The hero’s sword that was given to Falga-sama will come back as my own armor.

What kind of shape it is

What kind of power does it have?

When I think about it again, feelings of anxiety crept up to me more than I expected.


Author’s Note:

First of all, I’m sorry for the slow update.

It’s 2017, but we will continue to update it, so please continue to support this novel.

Postscript: Information about Volume 4 has been updated in the activity report.

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