Level 1 Guy: Chapter 415 – Awakened

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The sensation gradually opened up.


When walking in the city for the first time, I open the map and match it with the actual scenery.

The map was in my head and it felt extremely clear.


“I see, so this is how you understand the structure of the dungeon itself.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, you can tell too!” (Alice)


Alice nodded happily.


“It’s like a huge map, and I can see where we are.” (Ryouta)

“Yeap yeap.” (Alice)

“I know where the monsters are and how to avoid them.” (Ryouta)

“I don’t understand where the monsters are.” (Alice)

“Is that so?” (Ryouta)


Alice tilts her neck this time.


“But, maybe that was the case when I met Ryouta.” (Alice)


Alice narrows her eyes as if she is reminiscent of the past.


“I see, will my ability grow from here?” (Ryouta)

“That’s what it was for me.” (Alice)

“Really” (Ryouta)

“…?” (Alice)


The power of the hand connecting with me became a little stronger.

Vanadium looked up at me mysteriously, and I stroked her head.


“Thanks to Vanadium” (Ryouta)

“…?” (Vanadium)

“I’m thanking you” (Ryouta)


Vanadium shook her head mysteriously, but after that she smiled.


I don’t know who she is, but she helped me a lot.

If I didn’t remember my daily life with Vanadium, it’s possible that I couldn’t come back here, let alone my ability.

If I think about it, it’s all thanks to her.


“Would you like to go back to everyone?” (Ryouta)

“Yup” (Alice)


Alice and Vanadium went back to our friends.

We met with our friends waiting at the closed entrance, pry open the entrance with an iron wall bullet and go outside.


“Yo, judging by that face, it looks like there was a harvest.” (Neptune)


Neptune and co were waiting outside.

The man who always smiled was brimming even more.


“Yeah I guess. But I understand why the entrance closes.” (Ryouta)

“Amazing, as usual. So why does it close?” (Neptune)


I carefully explained to Neptune the conditions that were found.


“So you can’t pull back on your way home. It’s bad for an indecisive person.” (Neptune)

“Why do you say that?” (Ryouta)


Lil’s thrust flew from behind him.

As usual, there is no mercy in plunging.


“I’m not indecisive, because you guys are good.” (Neptune)

“……Hmmph” (Lil)


Lil turned away, but her face was red.

Hmmm, this is a very advanced flirting.


“For the time being, we will retreat for now.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so?” (Neptune)

“Yeah, if the entrance doesn’t disappear, it’s better to leave it to everyone.” (Ryouta)

“It’s nice that you can withdraw from here.” (Neptune)

“Then, if the situation changes again, please contact me.” (Ryouta)

“Yup” (Neptune)


We left this place to Neptune, we entered the dungeon and returned to the mansion at the transfer gate.

Everyone came back to the mansion and in front of the living room.


“Thank you for your hard work nanodesu.” (Emily)


Emily said with a warm smile.

Emily, who is one of the members, works for us with a compassionate smile.


“Thank you everybody.” (Ryouta)

“I haven’t done much” (Celeste)

“Yeah yeah, but it was fun.” (Alice)


“I’ll go prepare our dinner nodesu, so everyone please rest until then nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Ah, let’s eat outside instead.” (Ryouta)


Rolling up my arms, I stopped Emily trying to go to the kitchen.

Because I got home first, I became more motivated to work for Emily.


“Is it okay desu?” (Emily)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)


Emily will surely have no trouble and will quickly cook a gorgeous and delicious dish for everyone.

That is Emily.


However, just because she can pull it off without difficulty does not mean that I do not have to express my gratitude.


I stared straight at Emily and insisted on eating outside.


“I agree” (Alice)

“Sometimes it’s nice to go outside.” (Celeste)


Alice and Celeste have been shooting to support.

Only Eve was the one saying, “If there’s carrot”…but she followed the flow of the conversation.


“……Okay desu.” (Emily)


Although she seemed a little lost, Emily nodded with a smile.


Thus we decided to eat out.


My friends returned to their room once.

Emily left a hammer and said that she would prepare for going out instead of fighting.

I went out from the front door and waited for everyone while holding hands with Vanadium.

Outside Vanadium dungeon, the garden of the old mansion.

I was confused by the change.


“… What is this?” (Ryouta)


Things that suddenly flow into my head.

The sensation was strongly stimulated and something like a headache occurred.


No, it’s not a headache.

I just feel that it may hurt.


While I was confused by that feeling, it gradually subsided.


Then———–something new has spread.


“Is this … the city of Shikuro?” (Ryouta)


I was able to understand the cityscape of Shikuro with almost the same feeling as I could feel the structure of the dungeon.

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