Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 109

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The night of the day after I fought with Leona-san.

I was still training alone at the training ground.

The training was not so intense, it was quiet and slow, which was different from my usual method.


“Strike without wasting unnecessary movement.”


The legs should be half a step away, the sides should be tightened, and the fists should stick out not only with the arms but with the whole body.

Muttering to myself, I slowly and powerfully stick out my fist.


[Usato-dono, you should start by fully grasping your power.]


Ark-san and Leona-san told me that I was using too much power.

Certainly, I must have been swayed by power.

Until now, I didn’t think that was a problem because I had defeated the opponent only with pure raw strength, but for opponents like Leona-san who are toying with me only with pure techniques, I’m as good as a sitting duck.


“… No matter how I look at it, it’s a straight fist thrust.”


In the end, it became a stance like a straight fist thrust used in karate, but Ark-san says that it is this position that can make the strongest blow.


“Put your feet on the ground? Easier said than done.”


With the image of transmitting power by twisting the body, finally hit with a fist.

Ark-san compared my fist to a mallet.

Although it’s large and powerful, it was an attack to blow away people.

And what I should aim for from now on is a blow like a spear that pierces.

Attack that “sticks” into the opponent’s core instead of spreading.


[Don’t just make your opponent fly. One blow, that’s all you should ideally do.]


The other party will surely lose consciousness, and even the defense will be easily destroyed … That’s my current ideal attack.


“Fuh …”


However, that is difficult.

It is impossible to change what I’ve been doing in a short period of time without changing my mentality.

Of course, I don’t think I can do it well from the beginning.

In the first place, my talent for fighting and swords seems to be average, and I still have to do it steadily as before.


“Well, everything’s a challenge … right.”


There is no shortcut to training.

There is no waste in the accumulated training.

The trained muscles do not betray me.

In other words, what I can do now is to continue to train honestly.

When I took a deep breath again and tried to hold my fist again, something fell from the sky on my shoulder.


“Hmm? Neah?”

“You sure are training in a relaxing manner.”


When I looked over my shoulder, there was Neah who had transformed into a black owl.

Looking at her with her wings folded, I took a breather and put in my fist.


“What’s wrong? I thought you would hole yourself in the library after dinner …”

“Ah, uh, yeah. I found Usato on the way, so I came to see you. Since you’ll be training alone.”

“Oh my bad for being such a loner.”


I said with a little sting in mind.


“… So what are you doing?”

“What? Obviously I’m training.”

“O rather, I’m asking what kind of training you’re doing.”


A rare Neah was interested in my training.

Although she’s usually interested in it, what caught her attention?


“A training to………..correct my posture I guess? The mystery to win is to acquire a one-point intensive healing punch, so I’m returning to the basics to acquire that magical fist … I think.”

“Uwah, what kind of awesome name is that … Concentrate on one point, in other words, the other person will die. Specifically, there’ll be a huge hole in the place where you hit. What kind of technique is that? One where you kill and revive the opponent immediately?”

“Of course not !!”


What kind of god-like technique that transcends all sorts of things!

It’s too scary!


“This is also a training that seeks to control my strength, so it is also to eliminate such worries.”

“Control of power huh. Well … your order is all messed up. From my point of view, isn’t that the first thing you should be learning?”

“… Well, when it comes to me”

“Your eyes are swimming around …”

“Ugh …”


I was more like training to run, not to fight, so I just couldn’t come up with the idea of ​​controlling power.

While making excuses inwardly, I take a deep breath and squeeze my fist to my waist.

Take the left leg one step forward and take a half-body stance.




While exhaling, I stick out my right arm squeezed to the waist.

The fist drawn out from the waist position makes a half turn and cuts the wind.




I slowly pulled back my fist and pulled my leg, and I released my tension.

Neah, who was watching me like that on her shoulder, nodded in a meaningful way.


“I’m not sure how to put it, but it doesn’t look like brute force anymore.”

“I wish that were the case, but I still have a long way off …”


What we are doing now is mainly to correct my posture. Eventually, I should be able to do this even in combat.


“Oh, how strong does Usato want to be in the end? If you don’t weigh yourself, you’ll become an even higher monster than a monster.”

“What is a thing above the thing …”


Rather, I’m already a monster …

I had never thought about it in the end. After all, as a goal, I want to grow to the extent that Rose recognizes it, but if I were to combine it with the current training ….

“I want to be able to attack by reasoning according to the situation.”


If I can’t break through with just my strength, I’ll punch them once after seeing the opponent’s attack with my eyes, and if my opponent can’t understand just by reason, punch them with all my strength.

In other words, it would be good if I could use them properly and fight.

In my words, Neah places wings on her mouth as if thinking.


“It should never be compatible …”

“Isn’t it impossible?”


For that purpose, I have to be able to do another training with Leona-san.

It’s not difficult because that person has some experience.


“Well, you’ll have to do that much if you want to be able to win against that dragon man called Karon.”

“That’s right, but I don’t think I can win alone.”


I’m not proud.

No matter how far I went, I was just a person whose physical ability deviated. For me, there are many things I can’t do.


“I have friends I can rely on.”

“Is that including me?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Why are you even asking that question?”



After putting it into words, I regretted it.

It was because I realized that I had said something quite embarrassing to my partner.

Why does my mouth move in reflex?



“… Ne-Neah?”


Neah, who was a little down in my words, went down from my shoulder and stared straight at me in the form of her vampire girl with black hair and red eyes.


“What’s wrong?”

“After all, I thought I had to say this …”



What would you say again? I have no idea at all.

No way, does Neah not even think of me as a companion, was that the case? If so, it would be quite a shock …


“Thank you”


However, contrary to my belief, the words she said or more precisely muttered were to thank me.

I couldn’t understand the meaning of her words and was bewildered.



“Though I’m the cause of this, please take responsibility for me.”



I ruminate her words in my head, I approached her silently and put my hand on her head.



“U-Usato …?”


Aside from her embarrassment, I poured healing magic with a stern look so as to wrap her head.

Neah’s eyes lifted up as her cheeks were burning red.


“Wha-! I don’t have any fever!! You seriously are rude !!”


“Why are you the one who’s surprised !!”


Neah shook my hand away and resented her anger with nowhere to go.

Maybe she honestly wanted to thank me ……?


“No, I was surprised that you were able to thank me honestly … I thought maybe something was wrong with you …”

“To worry about me in a roundabout manner really pisses me off …”

“Ah, I’m sorry, it’s my bad.”


When I apologized to her, she crossed her arms and turned to me, perhaps because she was in a good mood.

However, the day will come when I will be grateful to Neah.

Because she’s not a straightforward child, I thought she would never say such a word, but did she grow up as she traveled?


“Rather, did you think I was someone who would abandon you? It’s a little out of my mind.”

“That’s not true, but Usato has an important trip, and Amako has the purpose of helping her mother … it was best to abandon me there …”

“That’s a bad move. I’ll never move forward if I have to cut ties with my friends.”


If I had abandoned Neah there, I would definitely regret it.

Probably she feels guilty enough to drag her for the rest of my life.

I don’t like that, and I’ve already thought of her as a member of our traveling companion.


“And I think Falga-sama knew everything?”

“I got a feeling too. It seemed almost meaningless to hide in front of him …”


Falga-sama let me choose.

I don’t know what that means, but I can say for sure that he didn’t force me to fight to the end.


“Well, if you eat poison, you’ll get blood. As long as you’re a friend, or as your servant, must take responsibility.”

“What’s that … I’m poisonous you say?”

“It’s all about accepting you, including all your problems.”


When I said that, Neah became silent leaving me with those words.

Eh? Is the meaning different in the first place?

Well, it must have been transmitted in terms of nuances, so I guess it’s fine?

I stretched back on the spot and relaxed my arms. Even though I had dinner, I was tired of doing the same training from noon.


“Nnnn, I’m about done anyways, let’s head back to the castle.”

“… Ahh, yeah.”



For some reason, tilting my head and wondering Neah’s words at that time, we proceeded toward the castle.

Then, before I knew it, Neah had transformed into an owl and flew silently over my shoulder. I’m a little about her quiet demeanor, but I didn’t let it bother me so I entered the castle with Neah.

While walking silently along the passage of the castle for a while, I found a maid holding a wooden box from the front.


“Oh, Usato-sama, and Neah-san, right? Good evening.”

“Good evening. What are you doing?”


We exchange greetings and watch her wooden box.

It looks like there are a lot of empty bottles in it, wait … are those potions?

The maid has a slightly depressed look from my doubtful look.


“It’s an empty potion bottle. I’m disposing of what Norn-sama used.”

“Is Norn-sama alright?”


Only Norn-sama can play the role of maintaining the barrier of Mia Rak.

She took first aid with my healing magic, but it wasn’t perfect.


“She’s a person who has a stronger sense of responsibility than anyone else … She’ll complain in a soft tone, but she’ll never actually give up. Actually, the effect of the potion is insignificant. Before Usato-sama came, she was really close to her limit. “



When I first met Norn-sama yesterday, she certainly looked in a terrible state.

Her face was lifeless and the dark circles were under the eyes that I can’t believe she could still stand.


“I can’t do anything about it. Norn-sama’s will is solid … so all I can do now is take care of her surroundings.”

“… Why did you stay here?”


Why didn’t this person run away like the rest?

The same can be said for the people who remain in this castle other than the maid.


“Simply put, I couldn’t leave Norn-sama and Leona-sama alone … I was told to run away with everyone, but I noticed that I have to remain here.”

“Did Norn-sama and Leona-san initially intend to fight here alone …”


There’s also Falga-sama, so it’s probably three people, but it’s still reckless.

Did Falga-sama know that we were coming from that point? …… It’s possible, it’s okay for him to wait in advance.


“They are too stubborn. They would have relied on us who are a little closer to them, but they said they could do it all on their own … Leona-sama is even more reckless than Norn-sama … “


The maid who got angry enough that I can hear a “pun pun” onomatopoeia. However, that anger was also purely worrisome to Norn-sama and Leona-san.

‥ …… Is Leona overdoing it?

Maybe it has something to do with Falga-sama calling her “Hero Leona” yesterday. Why did Leona, who holds the title of hero, say that Karon was supposed to be a hero … At present, it’s a topic that I, an outsider, can’t get involved … … Hmm.


“Oh, that’s right! I was thinking of asking you the next time I met you!”

“Yes? What is it?”


The maid talked to me if she remembered something when she saw me groaning annoyedly.

For the time being, she nodded and pulled out a piece of paper from her skirt pocket with a smile on her face.

It was a slightly brownish paper.

The letters were written tightly, and in the middle of it was a large letter, with big fonts… something …

…… This is …… !?

This “article”, if I’m not mistaken, had a big impact on my heart.


“Oh my, I feel a little sick, so I’ll head back to my room okay…!?”


Amako’s precognition magic also grasped the situation at a deep blue speed and tried to withdraw, but at the same time my body was tied up by the restraint magic activated by Neah on my shoulder.

I suddenly got stuck, I was so upset that I couldn’t break the restraint magic and became rigid.


“Let’s hear a little more. Right, Usato~”

“Ne-Neah … You betrayer …!”

“Eh? What ever could you be saying? Anyways, what does the maid want to ask Usato about?”


Looking over my shoulder, I saw an owl with a sinister face.

The maid was inclined to our exchanges, but she returned to a smile with a single voice of Neah and showed me the carefully folded paper.


“I found it this morning! This is Usato-sama! A healing magician who vowed her future with a hero! The caricature was completely different, but I’m very interested in it!”


The maid’s words that did not make me feel any evil pierced my spirit deeply.

The article that was shown was an example of Inugami senpai and myself.

When I was being shown head-on, I was so shocked and embarrassed that it repeatedly made my face deep blue and bright red.


“Ha ha ha…, it’s just a rumor. I’m not suited to the hero.”

“… Uuuun. Is that so … let’s leave it at that for the time being.”


Although I could barely deceive her, the maid still stared at me with suspicious eyes, and the next moment she returned to a smile and politely held the article in her hand.

Did- Did I manage to fool her …?

How dare you senpai, attacking me directly from a far distant place …….

Moreover, there are some strange rumors such as “I swore my future to him”!

What is this? Has this already been known all over the continent? It was too embarrassing and I have the urge to roll around the place !?


What does senpai in distant places think about this?

I exchanged light words and broke up with the maid, and with a small sigh, I walked down the aisle illuminated by the light of the magic tool.


At the same time, it seems that there was senpai who was rolling on the ground and writhing with a grudge voice saying “Dammit …!”.



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