Level 1 Guy: Chapter 411 – Dark history

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Carbon dungeon, 4th floor.


Alice Emily and Celeste and I came down to this floor.


When I came down, I turned around and looked upstairs.

Neptune and co remained over there.

When asked why, he said, “I have something I want to confirm.”


“What do they want to make sure of? I’m sure they’ll already figure out if they’ve confirmed it …” (Ryouta)


When I muttered mysteriously, for some reason all three of my teammates came together.


“There are circumstances over there nodesu.” (Emily)

“Yeah, you shouldn’t snoop deeply.” (Celeste)

“Never invade privacy” (Alice)


All said in unison as they approached me.


“Oh, okay.” (Ryouta)


I don’t understand why the three are so desperate, even Vanadium holding hands with me also nods.


“Anyway, stop prying about it anymore. And when you go on the third floor, go solo.” (Alice)

“Well, that’s better.” (Celeste)

“I agree nodesu.” (Emily)


Emily and Celeste accept Alice’s proposal.

It made me feel like I was pinched by a fox.


I remember what Eve said when I was on the first floor of Carbon.


Everyone in the family had trained in group battles and how to fight when forming a party in order to dive into the dungeon, but everyone accepted the claim that solo was good.


It’s a situation I don’t really understand.


“… (Pulls)” (Vanadium)

“What’s wrong Vanadium———-enemy?” (Ryouta)


When my sleeves were pulled and I turned to the other side, the monster on the 4th floor oozes from the wall of the pale dungeon.


It targeted me and started to transform.


“What is it this time?” (Ryouta)


I pull out the gun and get ready.

In my experience so far, it is highly likely that it will not drop even if it is defeated before transformation, so I waited until the transformation was completed.


“……Eh?” (Ryouta)


When I saw the monster transformed, I got stuck for a moment.


Clothes that were fully clothed black, coordinated with belts and chains everywhere, bandages on the arms and eye patches that cover one eye.

And an upside-down cross carried on the back.


What was transformed was—–.


“Yoda-san when you were young—–” (Emily)

“A failure!” (Ryouta)


Before Emily finished saying, I shot a Speed bullet at myself and defeated the black history itself.


The monster collapsed and dropped eggplant.


“Fuhhh …” (Ryouta)

“Yoda-san?” (Emily)

“What happened suddenly” (Alice)

“It’s the younger version of Ryouta-san just now right—–” (Celeste)

“Aaaa-and stop.” (Ryouta)


I approached Celeste and closed her mouth with my palm.


“Everyone didn’t see anything okay?” (Ryouta)


Celest, whose mouth was blocked, nodded.

So I let go of my palm.


“What do you mean nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Come on, no matter how you look at it—–isn’t it?” (Alice)

“I wonder if something is wrong” (Celeste)


My friends are secretly wondering what the monster did to me.


This is the worst floor so far.

Let’s go to the next one.


“Celeste-san, behind you nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Eh-oh!” (Celeste)


Celeste turned to the back when Emily told her.

A new monster appeared there and began to transform with Celeste as the target.


Starting with Celeste, the three are ready for battle.

Although I had a bad feeling, I watched for the time being.


After the transformation was over, it was a clever looking and smaller version of Celeste.

Eh? Wasn’t the monster here a reproduction of your dark past?


“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!” (Celeste)


At that moment, a scream arose from Celeste.


A myriad of bicorn horns operated with thread headed toward the young Celeste, surrounded in all directions and fired fireballs all at once.


I thought that the monster had fallen, but the young Celeste dropped something.

It’s a notebook.


“Don’t look!” (Celeste)


With further screaming, all the bicorn horns fired at the notebook all at once.

The density of firepower is higher than that of the monster itself.


“Haah…haaah…” (Celeste)

“What’s wrong nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Your face is bright red.” (Alice)

“No, it’s nothing.” (Celeste)


The two were worried and Celeste lied and brushed it off with a dry laugh.

I came from behind.


Approaching Celeste, I whispered into her ear.


“Is it a poem?” (Ryouta)


“–!?” (Celeste)


Celeste turned to me with a deadly surprised face.


“Ho … How how how …” (Celeste)

“Um … It happened to me too just now.” (Ryouta)

“——Huh!” (Celeste)


With a bitter smile and scratching her cheeks, Celeste was relieved to remember that.


“T-That’s how it is.” (Celeste)

“It looks like that” (Ryouta)

“It’s dangerous here, it’s extremely dangerous.” (Celeste)

“Agreed, let’s go down quickly” (Ryouta)


Celeste and I went ahead in tune.

Emily and Alice followed behind it.


“What do you mean by danger nanodesu?” (Emily)

“The both of them looked desperate to escape” (Alice)


The two were tilting their necks.


I tried to go through the 4th floor to the 5th floor as it was, but it didn’t go smoothly, so we encountered a monster on the way and it was Emily this time.

If I was much calmer, I could’ve asked Alice to tell me the safest route, but I encountered it because Celeste and I were in a hurry.


However, I was interested in it.

Celeste makes eye contact with me.


Emily’s black history.

The mother of the family, Our Lady, an angel.

What is her black history?


Thinking so, we stopped and watched.


Then, it was Emily, the Demon King, who appeared.


“This is … me desu?” (Emily)


Even Emily was confused when she looked at the Demon King-looking Emily.

It was like a certain humanoid general-purpose decisive weapon, it went out of control, swung a hammer, and started attacking indiscriminately.


“It’s really dangerous, isn’t it?” (Alice)


Alice mutters such an impression while hesitating to attack.

No, that’s not the case …

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