Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 108

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Author’s Note:

* The content has been slightly revised.


Sparring with Leona-san.

As for the results so far, I was at the mercy of her movements.

‥ …… No, I didn’t think I could keep up with someone who has trained in their techniques for years.


“I won’t be able to hit just by punching randomly.”


While crushing the ice on my right arm with a knife, I looked at Leona-san in front of me.

Leona-san’s fighting style is tricky using ice magic and swordsmanship.

Probably, when she fought against Karon, she used the same tactic as she does now and surpassed his attack.


“I didn’t mean to look down on you …”


She was stronger than I expected, that’s probably what it was.

I took a small deep breath and calmed my mind then opened my free right hand.

If I hit and kick like I was doing before, I won’t be able to win.


“Leona-san, I’m glad I was able to fight with you today.”

“Wh-what’s with you all of a sudden?”


Leona-san was confused and frowned at my sudden words.


“After all, I have a lot to learn. I haven’t trained enough, and I don’t know any fighting techniques at all. Until now, my fighting style has been nothing more than brute force and the power of a trained body.”


Even if I was about to lose, I was able to overcome it together with my friends.

However, there may be times when I’ll have to fight alone without relying on my friends.


“I noticed my immaturity. All I have to do now is make up for it.”

“… You sure are positive …”

“Otherwise, I won’t be here.”


If I’m not positive, I would have a broken heart somewhere along the road.

In my words, Leona-san moved her lips a little as if to say something. It looks like she’s muttering something, but I couldn’t hear it because of the distance.


‥ …… I was a little worried, but let’s hear about it later.

I changed my feelings and held my fist.


“Currently my attack is being read, so it would be counterproductive to go along with it.”


There is nothing more dangerous than a sticking blade.

Therefore, I will break her reason by breaking through the front without any tricks.

Leona-san is poised for me, who is a little low. I don’t have any weapons in my hand, but I’m not so disdainful of a person.


“I’m coming……!”


I kick the ground with all my might and head towards Leona-san.

It’ll be good to end this with a close-combat fight. Thus I have the intention of defeating her with a single blow!


“I won’t hesitate to use my power either!”



Leona-san shook her fist and swung her ice sword.

The big sword that emits something like frost approaches me at a speed that does not seem plausible from her thin arms.


“I’ll just break them again even if you remake it!”

“Try it if you can!!”


The size does not matter even if the material changes.

While trying to break the sword with my fist——At the moment when my fist touched the big sword, the blade popped like a balloon, 


“!? This is …”


The blade popped, a large amount of frost covered my upper body, and my field of vision was dyed white.

…… Tsk, the sword is just a decoy! The purpose is not to attack, but to block my view!

The moment I came to that conclusion, I could hear the sound of something hitting on top of my head.


“Catch my sword!”


Something came down from above my head with the voice.

With my view covered in white, when I jumped backwards, a sword made of ice fell on the ground in front of me with a rattling noise.

She blinded and restrained me to block my movement ……!

This person’s skill is too versatile!


“This is not the time to rest! Usato!”

“I understand!”


Leona-san who grabbed the ice sword created from her palm started slashing.

I hold my fist to intercept her immediately, but when I see the three ice swords floating from her back, my smile cramps.


“This is the least I have to do against you …!”



At the same time I was avoiding her slash, three ice swords attacked me as if homing after me.

The movement was monotonous, but it still attacked at different timings, so it was quite distracting.


“I can’t believe you can still respond to this!”

“I’m getting desperate, though!”


Right now, I have to deal with four swords.

The real threat is Leona-san, but the floating ice swords that’re attacking me with a time lag do not give me a chance to fight back.

Somehow, while handling the attack, I smashed the ice sword that Leona-san swung down, but it was soon repaired from the broken part.

I know right. It’s ice, so she can fix it right away.

I’ll stop destroying her sword and hit Leona-san directly. At this rate, I can’t do anything and I’m likely to be pushed back.




I crush one of the ice swords with a powerful fist and hit Leona-san on the main body.

I jumped up from the spot and avoided the remaining two, I made a half turn in the air to match the attack of Leona-san who pierced in accordance with the jump, and dropped the heel with momentum.

However, the ice sword that I crushed earlier transformed into a circle and was deployed as a shield in front of Leona-san, blocking my kick.


“Hmm !?”

“Such force!”


It was only a moment that was blocked.

However, Leona-san used that momentary gap and stepped into this place at once, making a direct hit on my empty torso.

Although I grabbed the tip of the ice sword, the momentum did not stop and it pierced my solar plexus and I was blown backwards in the air without being able to move.


“… Ughhh!”


Although I barely defended in time, I landed while making one revolution on the ground without killing the momentum of the thrust.

It’s the magic bullets that Kazuki showed at Lukvis.

It was done with three swords …… and she herself was fighting as well.

Kazuki is stronger, but when it comes to techniques, Leona-san is better than senpai and Kazuki…!


“Th-That was dangerous …..Really”


Raising my face, a number of ice swords are falling down.

I avoided by rolling sideways and the ice sword continued to fall toward me without giving me a break.


“You’re seriously trying to beat me …! Leona-san!”

As it is not clear as it is, I generate a large healing magic bullet with my palm, throw it at the ice sword that is pouring down here, and knock it down all at once.


“…! It broke !?”

“I have no regrets here either!”


I threw a healing magic bullet at Leona-san, who was upset at me breaking the ice sword in the air.

Even if an ordinary opponent gets hit by it Leona-san would easily prevent it. In fact, that was the case with Fegnis, the captain of Samaria.

Therefore, I fought with her using a healing magic bullet without any restraints.


“Magic bullets …!?”


Using the healing magic bullets to destroy the Ice swords, she created an additional ice sword and shot it.

It is certain that the ice sword that will be pouring down from now on is woven with magic bullets that stop my movement. Besides, unlike the dagger I mentioned earlier, it is falling so that it will be drawn to me.

In order to get closer to Leona-san without being able to stop moving ―――,


“It’s just a matter of avoiding everything!”


I have trained my eyes and body.

Then, I should just believe in myself and move forward.

Instead of hesitating, I stepped further forward.


“Oooh …!”


I looked at the ice sword that was falling like rain with my eyes and avoided it while running.

Leona-san showed an astonishing expression as I was rushing towards her, as the ground was scooped out and ice fragments were flying in the air.



“I’ve caught you!”


The cold air was removed by hand, and I held my fist near her waist.

The fist was blocked by the ice shields piled up in the air, but regardless of that, I shook my fist and hit Leona-san with the shield directly.


“Dang …”

“It’s too shallow …!”


Did she jump back to lessen the blow! If so, let’s hit directly next!

I raise my fist and try to charge again.

Leona-san, who looked at me painfully while landing on the ground, throws away the broken ice sword from the middle that she would have used for defense and closes her eyes.


“I guess there’s no choice but to use it …”


She muttered and began to put magical power in both palms.

It’s not just about storing magical power like before. The clear and beautiful light blue magical power becomes darker as magic is poured.


“— Let’s do it!”


That alone made me understand what she was trying to do.

That’s why I had to stop her at once.

At the moment when I tried to kick the ground with all my strength and close the distance at once, the colour of her magical power changed to a dense one at a speed that was incomparable to me.




Before something is done, I’ll have to put a stop to it.

At the moment I swung my fist down, Leona-san put her hands on the ground with a surprisingly calm movement, muttering the words with a voice that I could barely hear.


“— System strengthening”


At that moment, a wall that gave off a strong cold air appeared between me and Leona-san.



Strengthening herself with ice magic.

The hero, Leona-san created an ice wall by strengthening herself.

The ice wall was so transparent that it was hard to tell if there was a wall there.

However, I could immediately understand that it was not just a wall because of the intense cold air that was emitted.


“——This looks bad!? …… Guuh”


Before even thinking about punching the ice wall that appeared before me, I applied the brakes on my feet and stopped.

Although I had a strong pain in my leg, I managed to stop just before I hit the ice wall.




I don’t think it’ll just only hurt if I punch such a wall! At worst I’ll be blown away from my consciousness!

How could she do this with such timing!?

Leona-san who is at the end of the clear ice, breathes on her shoulder and looks at me regrettably.


“… With this, it’s decided …?”


‥ …… If I can find a way to go around this, I can defeat Leona-san.

The game has already been decided.

She failed in the final bet with the technique of strengthening herself.

‥… If I want to win, I have to go directly to Leona-san …….


“It’s different …!”


There is no way I can make a detour here.

This is Leona-san’s trump card.

That’s why my current power is … She wants to know how well my fists can communicate …!


“I’m going! Leona-san !!”

“…!? Usato, what ——-“


In front of the wall, I wasn’t concerned about winning as I put my fist up.

I slammed a serious fist that I could put out in my current position against the ice wall.


“Oraaaaaaaaaaa !!”


The intense sound of metal noise echoes in the training ground.

The coldness of the ice wall made my exhaled breath white, and the fist felt like freezing coldness.

The serious punch I released.

Then, slowly release my right hand and look at the struck place.

There —–,


“…! Haha …”


The ice wall that I struck as hard as I could had no cracks.

It’s different from the time with the Wicked dragon. This wall was so hard that I could even be sure that I could never break it.

Strengthening magic.

The strengthening used by Leona-san is to create an ice wall that no one can break.

No,someone as skilled as her would make a wall as troublesome as this. In fact, because her opponent was me, I would’ve been injured if she timed it right as I was punching.


“I still don’t have enough training …”


While recognizing my immaturity once again, I saw Leona-san who did not move with both hands on the ground.

She can be seen through the ice wall, she shook her upper body and was about to collapse.


“Leona-san !?”


When I rushed to her sideways and supported her in a hurry, she looked apologetic with a little out of focus.

Ark-san rushed to this place like me while supporting her, and was informed of the end of the sparring.


“Leona-san, are you okay?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry … my magical power is running out. It seems that I’ve overdone it a little … It should improve after a while …”


Certainly, if you use that much magic, it wouldn’t be strange if the magical power was exhausted.

Besides, system strengthening uses more magical power than ordinary magic.

For the time being, I apply healing magic to cure her fatigue.


“It’s amazing. Leona-san’s system strengthened. I didn’t think it would prevent even my best punch.”

“Haha, it can’t be broken even by Karon. It’s also the only technique I can be proud of …. but I failed that too.”


While looking up at the ice wall that still exists, when she said that, who had become much more complex, laughed powerlessly.


“If I hit that wall with my strength head-on, it was Leona-san who won.”

“… But I didn’t even land a hit on you.”

“Well, I stopped it with brute force.”


Honestly, the moment I stopped, there was a considerable load on my legs.

It’s okay to heal immediately with healing magic, but if I make a mistake, I may have lost consciousness due to the impact of hitting the wall.

‥ …… I couldn’t even joke or laugh at the shock I rushed into …….


“Are you okay!?”

“Yeah, I’m out of light magic … Thank you Usato, I’m fine …”


Leona-san, who said that to Ark-san who ran up, stood up by herself while wandering.

Ark-san confirmed that Leona-san and I were not seriously injured, and relaxed his shoulders.


“Well, I was wondering when to stop. When Usato-dono wanted to punch Leona-dono in the form of a demon, I was always ready to stop, but it seems that I didn’t need that either. “

“Did I have such a scary face?”


In the form of a demon, I’m becoming more and more of a monster …

Ark-san showed a bitter smile at me, looked sideways at the ice wall created by Leona-san’s system strengthening and let out a voice of admiration.


“Is it a system strengthening that excels in defense? Apparently, it has produced ice that does not contain any impurities, is that correct?”

“Ah yeah. You seem to know about it …”


Leona-san affirms Ark-san who considered that while stroking his chin.

Ice without any impurities? I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it’s a substance that is stronger than I think because it was made with magical power.


“To prevent even Usato’s fist …”

“Oh yeah, it didn’t feel like it’s going to break at all. It’s the first time I felt like this.”

“As expected of the knight that Mia Rak is proud of.”


Leona-san looks a little bad at the complimenting words of Ark-san.

Ark-san stopped talking to her as to what she had guessed, and turned her gaze toward me.


“Well, Usato-dono. Did you get anything from sparring with Leona-dono?”


What did I get?

I nod to Ark-san’s words.


“I have power, but I’m not utilizing it. When I fought with Leona-san, I was keenly aware of how much I was fighting with my senses and power.”

“It’s enough to understand that, because it’s important to be aware of everything you do.”


I am an amateur when it comes to fighting.

However, I can’t be an amateur forever.


“There’s not much time to train. I will ask Usato-dono to learn only the basics of fighting. In your case, if you can properly prepare your posture and attitude, you will be stronger than ever.”

“Posture and attitude”

“Usato-dono is a little overpowered. First, we must be able to control your own power.”


Control my strength.

Is that what I need to be stronger than I am now?

I have no choice but to learn it. I’m sure it will be necessary for future trips.


“I will cooperate. I will do my best to fill in what I lack within this period.”

“If Leona-san’s power is added, it will be like going against100 people. I can really rely on her.”

“Well, being told like that…”


I nodded to her, which she turned a little red, I struck my cheeks and face her again and bowed down.


“Thank you!”


The last few days until the special armor was made.

I will retrain to gain new strength in this place.



Author’s Note:

That was the match …

If it was a match with rules, she would’ve won when she was holding down Usato …

However, as a result, the final victory is Usato, who has a lot of spare capacity left.

* The postscript has been partially revised.


TL Note:

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!








(Art by Tony Bazinga)



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