Level 1 Guy: Chapter 409 – Three matching people

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Carbon 3rd floor.


Emily, Alice, and Eve came here.

Of the three people who came down from the upper floor, Emily and Alice looked around.


“Yoda-san and the rest aren’t here desu.” (Emily)

“That’s weird, they should be able to come over here soon.” (Alice)

“Did something happen at the mansion nodesu?” (Emily)

“Maybe?” (Alice)


Emily and Alice shrugged their shoulders.

They separated with Ryouta, Celeste, and Vanadium on the first floor.


The reason is that they didn’t want to let Vanadium pass through the second floor.


Therefore, after parting on the first floor, Ryouta and his friends used the transfer gate to return to the mansion and go straight to the third floor.

With Alice’s suggestion, the three of them decided to walk to the third floor.


They promised to meet up on the 3rd floor, but they can’t see Ryouta and others who should have come earlier when using the transportation room.


“Well, since Ryouta’s there, nothing would happen if anything happens. Let’s go on our ways to hunt the monsters..” (Alice)

“You’re right desu.” (Emily)


Having absolute trust in Ryota, neither Emily, Alice, nor Eve were worried.

The three walked slowly and proceeded through the dungeon that glowed pale.


“But Emily’s trauma was strong. You had a good match with that dragon, Gaugau. Still, she couldn’t match with Emily.” (Alice)

“When I met the dragon a long time ago, I had no choice but to run away desu.” (Emily)   

“That’s certainly going to cause a trauma.” (Alice)

“……Yes desu.” (Emily)

“Is that so” (Alice)


Alice nods.


“That’s why I understand why Yoda-san doesn’t want to take Vanadium to the upper floors desu.” (emily)

“That’s right———oh, it came out again.” (Alice)


The three encountered a monster.

Emily held a hammer, and Alice had fellow monsters standing up from her shoulders.


The encounter was the same monster as the two floors above.


“Is it Emily again?” (Alice)


Before the monster transforms, the target person can be known.

From there, the target person transforms into a “person you’re thinking of”.


It is easy to defeat before transformation, but it is completely meaningless because they don’t drop anything.

The three were ready for battle and waited for the monsters to transform completely.


“Yoda-san !?” (Emily)

“Ku! Ryo-chin!” (Alice)


It was Ryouta’s appearance that the monster turned into.

Ryouta Satou, who is now the strongest class among all adventurers.


Alice chanted All Might out of reflex and summoned Ryo-chin.


Ryochin instantly killed Ryouta Fake with a single blow the moment he came out of the dimensional rift.


“……Eh?” (Alice)

“Low level No. 2, died fast.” (Eve)

“Eh? Ah” (Alice)

“Yes, the monsters here looked the same, but they’re weaker than the original. Even if they try to masquerade low level, they’re much weaker than low level.” (Eve)

“I see~, you’re right since we already knew about this on previous floors. Ah~ I’ve done it. I used it once a day.” (Alice)

“It can’t be helped desu, We get impatient when we think of Yoda-san as an opponent desu.” (Emily)


Comforted by Emily, the three continued venturing in the dungeon.

After a while, another monster appeared, and this time it changed based on Alice’s thoughts.


The appearance of the monster——.


“It’s Yoda-san again nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Me as well? Well it’s fine, go Gaugau” (Alice)


Gaugau—–The master dragon returns to its original size and bites the fake Ryouta from his head.

Although weak, Ryouta Fake fired a gun from zero distance to counter, but when Gaugau put more effort into his mouth, his head was smashed and chewed.


“This here is also low level” (Eve)

“Eh?” (Alice)

“IIt’s the third Yoda-san desu!” (Emily)


Alice and Emily turn around and are surprised.

The opponent Eve was fighting against was Ryouta Fake again.


Eve quickly beat Ryouta Fake.

Her hand sword flashed sideways, and Ryouta Fake’s neck broke up with the torso.


The dungeon became peaceful for the time being.


“Are we all getting Ryouta?” (Alice)

“It looks like it nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Maybe the person we’re thinking is someone like a leader?” (Alice)

“Maybe desu.” (Emily)


“Eh? You guys are the only one here?” 


Along with a familiar voice, three members of the Neptune family appeared.


“Where is he?” (Neptune)

“He is not here yet desu.” (Emily)

“I see, but man this is a good place.” (Neptune)

“What do you mean?” (Alice)

“That’s—–Ah look over there.” (Neptune)


The monster appeared again.

Neptune went and approached himself to be the subject of change.


The monster has changed.

Somehow, the monster changed into Ran and Lil.


“There are two nanodesu!” (Emily)

“What’s the meaning of this?” (Alice)

“Somehow, they seem to change to one you like the most.” (Neptune)

“…” (Emily)

“…” (Alice)


Emily and Alice were lost for words, turned their cheeks, looking at each other and smiling.


“I see … that’s what it is.” (Alice)

“I’m satisfied nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Eh? But that means—–” (Alice)


Alice turned around, remembering something.

Eve should have been there just awhile ago———wasn’t there.


Eve who had her monster changed to Ryouta disappeared before they knew it.


Emily and Alice stared at each other and laughed as if they hit the target.

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