Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 107

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No matter how strong the enemy is, never back down but confront it.

Believe in your strength and push forward.

A warrior with noble and indistinguishable kindness.

That was the figure of the hero I envisioned.

Originally, that should have been a title suitable for Karon.

Unlike a knight who is dexterous like me, he is the strongest and best knight in Mia Rak, who has a beautiful sword skill that combines boldness and delicacy, plus he has an outstanding command ability.

The title that was supposed to be given to him has been given to me.

The honour of being a hero was only a burden to me.

I knew well that it was an unavoidable story.

In a situation where Karon, who is already one of the best in Mia Rak, awakens to the power of the dragon, runs away, and no one can handle him, someone other than Karon must support Mia Rak.

Besides, I was selected as his next candidate.

I was chosen because I was just dexterous. ――― That’s the story.


A boy is standing in front of me now.

Usato, a messenger from the Kingdom of Lingle.

He faced me without any weapons and looked like your stereotypical adolescent boy you see.

When I first saw him, I was on the verge of being stabbed by Karon. At that time, I was only aware that he was a boy who had been involved in the battle, and I warned him to escape immediately, but my perception of him changed immediately.

He hit Karon with his fist.

I know best how unusual it is to hit Karon with the power of a dragon. I would’ve been convinced if it was a big and muscular person, but I was astonished and awe-inspired that a boy younger than me did it.


[He sees something different from you.]


Those were the words that Falga-sama said after Usato and his friends had arrived yesterday.

I had no choice but to oblige to his words.


[If you don’t understand the meaning of my words, fight. He’s the best way to get rid of your hesitation. But don’t think you can take him easy. A person that overthrew the other half of my body even though the opponent was weakened. It’s not strange to be conscious of a moment of carelessness.]


Fight with Usato.

What can I gain by fighting with him?

What does he put in his fist?

I wanted to know that, and thus I decided to fight him and I am standing here now.


“Leona-san. I will now explain the rules, is that okay?”

“Eh? Ah, ah”


I nodded to Ark-san who started speaking.

When he nodded to my reply, he stood in the middle of me and Usato.


“Basically, weapons are allowed. You can also use magic. It is desirable to fight seriously, but please do not do so where serious injuries may occur. Usato is particularly indifferent to injuries.”

“Yeah got it.”


“Then, I will give you a signal. If I decide that it is dangerous, I will stop it, so please be able to hold both sides at that time.”


Ark-san, who said so walked a little further away from us..

Be serious….

It was my first time fighting a healing magician, but I didn’t think I would be so nervous. His fist is so powerful that if an ordinary person gets hit by it, their consciousness will fly with a single blow. And given that it’s released with incredible agility, it’s clear that it’s not a vigilant opponent.

But —,


“It’s not that I can’t handle it.”


I was watching his movements nearby, albeit temporarily, and immediately noticed.

The fragile part that he lacks and can be called a weak point.

Probably it would be difficult to explain by mouth. It is not something that can be supplemented overnight, but something that you will acquire after training and actual battles.


“Please take care of me, Leona-san.”

“Oh, likewise.”


After giving a bow to each other, Usato held his fist and pulled his leg half a step back.

I also replied to him, clasped the wooden sword with both hands, and held it horizontally with the tip facing him.


“Then —“


Ark-san’s voice echoes in the quiet training ground.

Usato’s eyes change to sharp ones.

Because of his spirit, which changed from an ordinary boy to a fighter, I also put my strength into both hands holding the handle.

Ark-san, who saw us alternately at the training ground where the air gradually became tense, slowly raised his hand up ―――,




―――― He swung down powerfully as it was.

At the moment, Usato was already raising his fist in front of me when I was about to fight.




He closed in with one breath !?

The overwhelming speed of initial movement, his extraordinary reflexes made my spine cold.




In a sense, I could have expected this to happen.

I avoid by stepping diagonally as if sliding the fist that was pushing forward to pierce my torso accurately.


“Oh, in front !?”



He who is overwhelmingly superior in reflexes cannot afford to swing up a wooden sword.

While holding the wooden sword, I hit my shoulder against his fisted body and lost his posture. An astonishing expression appears on Usato’s face, which narrows to the point of sighing.

I pushed Usato with momentum and pierced him who was about to fall sideways.


“Wow …!? T-that’s dangerous !?”

“So you were able to avoid it.”


However, even after losing his posture, he can avoid it by leaning his body sideways.

It is difficult to catch him with a normal attack … If so, there is no choice but to use magic.

I change my stances from holding both hands to the right hand, hide the left hand behind him so that he cannot see it, and swing the wooden sword in the right hand to him.

He flips my sword with his fist and tries to sneak into my back again, but at the same time I threw ice magic hidden behind him at his feet from outside his field of vision.


“What !? Since when !?”


After landing and solidifying his feet with ice, his movement finally stopped.

I swung the wooden sword that was swung up to the top to him so as to pierce the momentary gap. With this it’s decided, and swing down with such thoughts ——,


“This is just !!”

“Huh !? Did you pull out the whole ground !?”


Surprisingly, Usato pulled out his legs along with the ground sown with ice, avoiding my wooden sword just before hitting it, and distanced himself from me in the form of backflip.


“Phew … I knew Leona-san is strong …”

“That’s my line here. If you’re not good, you would’ve lost in the first move.”


Amazing physical ability and reflexes.

His ability that I saw up close can be concluded as just tremendous. What’s more, his power is not easily obtained, but endless amount of bloody training.


“… What a waste..”


Naturally, I muttered so.

Usato’s fighting style is close to that of an amateur.

Approach and attack, avoid when an attack comes. His way of fighting has no skill and it’s easy for me to read.

When avoiding my attack, his movement was a little too exaggerated.

If he has dynamic eyesight and reflexes enough to flip a sword with his fist, he should be able to avoid it with minimum movement without having to move so exaggeratedly.


“And …”


The most wasteful thing is his fist.

The attack that was unleashed by his physical ability certainly has tremendous power, but not all of that power can be held in his fist.

Because of the loosely swung arms, legs, and disordered posture during the attack, the power was not concentrated on the fists and some of his power leaked out.

He would be able to defeat an average knight with no problem, but with such a gap-filled behaviour and fist, he won’t be able to defeat Karon.




The worst possibility I can imagine.

It is that the opponent he will fight in the future will see his weaknesses like me, and then hit a deadly counterattack at the best timing.

Karon who has lost all reasoning, is no exception.

Even if he loses his reasoning, the possibility of fighting with his insight and skill before he loses his reason is not zero.



“… Ah, let’s continue”


Let’s continue working with him now.

I generate multiple magic bullets on the left hand and look at Usato.


“Fighting close combat with you is chilling. Let me take a little distance.”

“Then I’ll just get closer to you.”


Usato holding his fist in the same position as before.

I shake the magic bullet on my left hand as if it were a sword, and fix it so that it floats in the air in front of me. The magic bullet fixed in the air changes its shape as it turns into an ice dagger.


“I know you’re going to crush these blades, but it’ll hurt when you hit it!”


At the same time as it descended backwards, five ice daggers fired at Usato.

A major feature of ice magic is that it can be applied.

It can be shot as a magic bullet that freezes the opponent, or it can be generated and shot as a dagger as it is now.


“So magic can do this …!”


Usato avoided the shot ice dagger by jumping sideways.

Usato moves fast, but is easy to read.

While changing the location so as not to get close to this, we will limit the escape location by releasing the dagger first to the place where he will jump out ……!


“You’re still avoiding it … it’s really awesome!”

“I’m desperately avoiding it though!”


Usato who dropped a dagger that could not be avoided in time with a knife rushed in here with tremendous force.

Frighteningly, he is trying to approach while knocking down all the approaching ice daggers.


“I’ll end this at once!”

“I can’t expect you to come that way !!”


At the moment, Usato’s right arm, which looked as if he had knocked down a dagger, freezes.


“I don’t just shoot daggers!”


By interweaving magic bullets in a myriad of daggers, I pierced the emptiness of his interception behavior.

I’m sorry, but I’ll let you be restrained with ice at this opportunity.


“Ku, Damn … Hmm? No, I can go !!”


However, Usato acted beyond my expectations.

He was stunned for a moment with his hands hardened with ice, but when he immediately turned his eyes to me, he started running again with his frozen right arm.


“Wha- !?”


Instead of stopping, I continued to shoot daggers and magic bullets at him, who is annoyed by the momentum, but he is worried that the ice that covers his hands with magic bullets is getting bigger. As if it weren’t there, he proceeded here while preventing the dagger and magic bullets with his frozen right arm.


“Eh, eh !? Even I can’t predict that from happening !? Rather, how are you still moving!?”


Although it should have been hardened so as to cover the tip from the elbow, he was swinging his arm around and trying to hit me.

I decided that it was impossible to stop with more magic bullets, I held my sword and greeted him.




The stick of the wooden sword catches the protruding ice-covered fist.


“Guu …!”


While looking at the wooden sword that made a creaking noise, he managed to throw his fist behind.

Although his hand was numb due to a momentary impact, he was already in front of me with his unfrozen left fist in the right reservoir.


“Let’s go, Leona-san!”



Feeling an uneasy premonition, he pushed out a punch with all his strength with his numb hands.

However, at this moment, I notice that his gaze is focused on the protruding wooden sword instead of me.


“I will destroy that!”

“Wha …”


His left fist, which was shaken off, accurately smashed the central part of the wooden sword that had become brittle with the previous blow.

I leaked out amazement at the skill of him not being afraid of the incoming wooden sword and instead destroyed it.


“With this—“

“No, it’s not over yet! Usato !!”


I’m not an easy opponent that I’ll lose my fighting spirit when I run out of weapons.

I immediately throw the broken wooden sword in front of him and step into his back.

He was caught for a moment by the wooden sword thrown in front of him, and he hurriedly swung the wooden sword away with his left arm.




A magic bullet was hit against his left arm and the torso and left arm were sewn with ice.

Yes, he would be able to release that restraint ――― But that would be enough opportunity for me !!


“Cold!? …… As if I’ll let you do that!!”


He avoided by lowering his right arm that was sticking out in pain.

Without stopping the momentum to move forward, I put my hand on his right arm while passing each other, and at the same time, put my foot on his foot.


“If you get knocked out, no matter how much you …!”


Firmly holding his right arm with both arms, I hit him against the ground, and pressed his back with his body.

Usato who is completely solidified with his right arm and pressed against the ground so that he cannot move. He was so surprised at the technique I had applied to him.


“A joint lock technique !?”

“I don’t know what that is, but this is one of the interpersonal fights I use when I lose my sword.”

“I see …”


When he said so while I was resting on Usato’s back, he responded awkwardly with his cheeks slightly red.

Was it a little too strong?

However, if I put more strength into it, his shoulders may dislocate, so please be patient.


“I’m glad I managed to hold you down … I couldn’t stop you without this …”


If I made a mistake, I was the one who would’ve fallen to the ground.

Contrary to my fake calmed tone, I desperately calmed my premature heartbeat.

His technique of breaking a wooden sword.

Perhaps he can do the same with an iron sword. Otherwise, he won’t be confident in his technique.


“No, it’s not over yet.”



Usato’s words detained under me made a stunned voice.

‥ …… Is Usato still trying to continue in this situation? Although someone wouldn’t normally think they would continue in this situation, he is still burning in fighting spirit.


“Because I’m serious about it, I can’t lose at this level, Ark-san hasn’t stopped us, so the fight is still ongoing.”

“Wait a minute, if you continue in this state, your shoulder bones will come off !?”

“I’m used to it popping off.”


Usato crushed the ice on his left arm and placed his hand on the ground while being restrained.

He should have had a terrible pain on his stiff shoulder, but he squeezed my cheeks as he gradually raised his body without expressing it.

At that time, I remembered Falga-sama’s words.


[If it’s a match, you’ll win. However, if it is an actual battle, you will definitely lose.]


When he was suppressed, I won the match.

However, this is not a match, but a match in which he and I seriously fight. Even if he is suppressed by my technique, the fight will continue if he has the power to manage this situation.




The right arm, which should not be strong, returns to the front.

He is not only strong in physical and reflexes. What was truly scary was a strong mental strength that could withstand any pain.




He stood up to the middle waist and swung his right arm that I was holding.

I decided that no further restraint was possible, so I gave up and let go of my right arm and jumped off him. Usato, who checked his condition while turning his free right arm, smiled ferociously and held his fist.


“Now, let’s continue.”


The smile was enough to remind me of the smile of a woman called Rose, which was projected by Falga-sama’s magic yesterday.


Author’s Note:

This time I tried to reveal the weaknesses of Usato in the current situation.


In addition, it seems that even if the arm joints are extremely weak, they will rise up normally like any fighting cartoon character.

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