Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 106

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We returned to the castle from the basement with the fountain after finishing the conversation with Falga-sama and accepting the request to help fight with Karon-san.

Norn-sama, who is trying to protect the city, and Leona-san, who is depressed in contrast to her made me feel uneasy, but for the time being we were assigned room for each of us, so I decided to take a rest.


“As expected, the guest room of the castle is also luxurious …”


The room given to me was huge and luxurious.

I was accustomed to the rustic room back in the rescue squad’s dormitory, Kiriha’s dormitory, and a house in the barrier where Eva lives, so I couldn’t settle down in such a luxurious room.


“… Well, I’m going to be here for some time, so I just have to get used to it.”


Falga-sama will remake the hero’s sword to suit me in the span of 3-5 days.

The shape and ability of the weapon was decided by me ….. I say that but it seems that it will change to a weapon that is most suitable for me, like Karon-san’s weapon.


“A weapon suitable for me, huh?”


…… Maybe a blunt weapon?

Or something that makes the most of the speed of my feet?

If I personally want it ―――,


“I want something that can protect me.”


It is easy to fight with any weapon, but it is difficult to defend against any attack.

In particular, Karon-san’s attack is a powerful one that can be fatal. It is not a good idea to challenge him head-on.


“Before that, I have to think about how I’m going to face Karon-san.”


CQC with him is literally fierce.

I’m confident that I can earn as much time as I can if I try to avoid and intercept, but I can’t beat him.

The most ideal is to toss him at a short distance, deal a powerful blow and deprive him of his consciousness.

A half-baked blow would not go through his body.

Probably, the decisive hit against him is to get a serious hit like I did for the wicked dragon. His body is as hard as the wicked dragon, but not to that extent. That’s what I actually felt when I landed a hit at him.

However, is it okay for me to hit him as a human with a serious fist that I used on the Wicked Dragon?


“… It’s too dangerous to throw an attack without adjusting.”

If I do poorly, it will be irreparable.

There is a possibility that he will die before he is completely cured by healing magic.

Wait a second, can I even deal such a big blow while avoiding his attack in the first place? It seems unlikely that Karon-san will allow me to accumulate power in a situation where a momentary gap is fatal.


“There is still time. Let’s think about countermeasures while training.”


For the time being, starting from tomorrow, let’s do some evasion training while doing some image training against Karon-san’s attack and controlling my power.

Having made plans for tomorrow, when I lay down on the bed and tried to rest my body, the door to my room was suddenly knocked.


“Usato, are you awake?”

“Hmm, I’m awake”


It’s Amako’s voice.

I get up from the bed and invite Amako into the room.

When asked, “What’s wrong?” while preparing a chair for her to sit on, Amako simply answered, “I was free.”


“And I felt uneasy in such a large room.”

“Haha, I understand that feeling.”


If the room was too large, it would be uncomfortable.

While laughing at her words, I also sat in the chair I placed.


“Did you see Neah and Ark-san when you came here?”

“Ark-san was maintaining his sword and Neah was already sleeping.”

“Isn’t she going to bed early?”


Although she’s a vampire, I feel that it’s becoming a routine for her to sleep early and wake up early.

Normally night is her activity time, but recently Neah has longer activity time during the day. Somehow, she has an ambiguous expression on her, who is gradually obtaining a healthy lifestyle.


“Are you tired after all?”

“Well, you may be right. I may have been tired from traveling, but there was also today.”


During the battle with Karon-san, Neah helped me.

To be honest, it would have been dangerous without her resistant magic.

‥…… Because there is no way to deal with cold air, so I could still rely on Neah’s magic.


“… I will help you this time too.”


Amako suddenly said that to me while I was thinking.

I immediately understood what she meant when she said that she would join the fight with Karon-san.


“… Amako”

“It’s okay. I’m not in danger, I’m just trying to do what I can. And Usato is … just crazy … So I’m really worried.”


Certainly, it may be unreasonable this time as well.

Seen from the edge, I’m really doing a tightrope walk.

The time with the Wicked dragon, I fought alone and got a painful blow, and when I was cursed by Samaria, I was taken into the spiritual world by the souls bound by the curse without noticing the existence of the magician and almost destroyed my heart.

The more I thought about it, the more I was doing things that worried her.


“Haha, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“… Yeah. Usato should take good care of himself. No matter how strong you think you are, you’ll be ruined someday …… maybe?”


Why did you give me such a convincing speech and ended it with a ‘maybe’ followed by a question mark?

Amako, who was worried about whether it would really happen in her own words, looked at me with a delicate expression.


“I want Usato to help my mother, but I don’t want Usato to sacrifice himself for that.”

“I won’t sacrifice my life because I still have a lot to do.”


Save Amako’s mother, finish the trip safely, and reunite with Inugami-senpai and Kazuki in the Kingdom of Lingle.

There are still others, but I can’t fall down until I achieve it.


“And starting tomorrow, I’ll be training to prepare my fight with Karon-san. Ark-san will participate and Leona-san will do it together, so we should be able to expect some results.”

“I hope so …”

“Is there anything you’re worried about?”


When asking Amako with a delicate expression, she seemed to have a hard time turning her gaze diagonally.


“I feel like…………they’re still hiding something from us.”

“What would that be?”

“I don’t know what that is …”


‥ …… Hiding?

Leona-san and the others are hiding something.

It’s possible that they don’t want us to know seeing that we’re from different countries, but what is that? It’s definitely related to Karon-san … Hmm? Oh right…


“Why did Karon-san have a dragon factor?”


It was explained that he was not an ordinary person. I accepted that for the time being, but in the end they couldn’t tell me why he had the dragon factor.

It may not be a very important part, but if Falga-sama and co intentionally hide the source of his power … Even I’ll be a little worried.


“Amako, is it even possible for a person to transform into another race?”

“… No. I’ve never heard of that, so it’s pretty weird that Karon is transformed into a dragon.”

“It’s strange isn’t it?”

“It might be a form of curse, or … maybe it has something to do with his kin. If his ancestors were mixed with subhuman blood, then a few generations later, that subhuman blood would appear to be strong.”

“… Hmm”


That means that Karon-san’s blood relatives were dragons.

It’s straight out of a myth or a fairy tale.


“Well, no matter what Karon-san’s lineage is, we’re still fighting. Norn-sama will tell us what they’re hiding in the future, so don’t worry too much.”

“That’s right.”


Amako nods with a smile.

Yes, there is no need to know why Karon-san currently has a dragon factor.

The problem is that his body has been strengthened by transforming into a dragon’s body. Perhaps his body turned into a dragon, triggered by a runaway night when the wicked dragon awoke.

When he woke up, he got the dragon’s “violence”, and when he left prison, he wore the dragon’s “superhuman strength” and robust “scales”.

And today — as an obvious change, he awaken to the dragon’s tail and horns.


“… Either way, it’s a bad idea to prolong it.”


If we do so, we might not be able to defeat him.


“By the way. That demon called from the Kingdom of Lingle just now … Was she the so-called Black Knight?”

“Hmm? Oh, that’s right.”


Amako asked me, who had been thinking a little.

Amako had seen the Black Knight in precognition, but never met Ferme, the true form of the Black Knight.


“Somehow, it wasn’t what I expected.”

“Haha, I thought so when I talked to her too.”

“What kind of person is she? As far as I can see today, she seems like a strong person …”


I talked to Amako about Ferme.

I briefly explained that I fought her on the battlefield as the black knight, exchanged words in prison after being caught, and how she joined the rescue squad.


“She’s a mad kid who can leave any injuries alone. Well, I was a little worried if she was doing well in the rescue squad because she’s also my junior. After meeting her for the first time in a while, I could see that she’s doing well. “


Moreover, I didn’t think that the shape of the armor would transform into the shape of the rescue squad’s clothes.

Although the person said she hates it, I wonder if it means that she didn’t hate the rescue squad that much?





Amako was suspiciously staring at me when I was happy that Ferme is doing well.


“… Usato is”


“Unexpectedly, a womanizer.”

“Wait a minute. Where did you learn those words? I won’t be angry so tell me.”


Although I was so upset that I was in a commanding tone, I leaned forward and protested.

I don’t mind when my senpai says that as a joke, but it’s pretty shocking to hear that from Amako.

I’m about to cry.

No, I was already crying.

In the first place, even though I had never persuaded the opposite sex, I was not convinced that I was a womanizer.


“Because that’s the only conclusion.”

“No no no no, why must it end there? Rather, I want to be the one asking back why I’m called as such!?”


Amako has a sharp mouth.

I desperately excused myself, but her eyes did not change.

Then I tried to prove my innocence by gesturing, but in the end, the story ended with Amako giving me the disgraceful title of “Usato the dunce”.



The day after visiting Mia Rak.

I rested in a large room I wasn’t used to, and after having breakfast prepared by the maid, I went to the training ground of the castle of Mia Rak.

Only me and Ark-san are in the training ground, Amako went to give Bluerin food, and Neah does not want to go out, so she asked the maid to guide her to the library where the book of Mia Rak is stored.

The training ground of Miarak was made wider than expected, and when I stood there, I started a light preparatory exercise.




I wasn’t wearing the rescue squad uniform, but clothes for training.

For training, the uniform can get dirty, so wearing these clothes could make me move however I want.


“Well, I’ll always do it on the street … I can’t really get the feel of it, so I have to set a proper goal.”


Instead of having those hellish training sessions, this time I’ll set some clear guidelines.

Karon-san is not a sweet opponent who can win with appropriate measures. The easy idea of ​​training my muscle to out-win him is not a viable strategy.

…… The problem right now is that I don’t know what to do first.



“What is it, Ark-san?”


Ark-san called out to me, who called out to me while twisting his neck.

Because of his usual training, he wore simple clothes like me and had a wooden sword in his hand.


“It seems like you’re worried, so I thought I’d give you one piece of advice.”

“That helps. I can do it if I train, but I don’t know what to do if I assume that I will fight …”


My way of fighting is only a combination of bare amateur fighting and sudden hits using healing magic bullets.

There is no solid technique.


“No, in the case of Usato-dono, there is a way to fight, but you didn’t learn any fighting techniques, so it can’t be helped in a sense.”

“What so?”

“Yes, but the battle with the wicked dragon, and the curse of Samaria … The battle with Karon this time might not be as simple as that. To protect Usato-dono, you need to have the skills to fight. “


Certainly, our next destination is the land of beastmen.

It is a country of subhumans who dislike humans. There is no reason why nothing will happen to us going to such a country.

Even at that time, it is not always possible to survive only with a fighting method that is biased toward physical ability.


“Ark-san, please teach me how to fight.”


Ark-san nods to my words.

He is a first-class knight. It’s definitely better to study under him than to train myself.


“Then, first of all, I want to check the movement of Usato-san, so try hitting me.”

“Wait, so suddenly?”

“Yes, I won’t know what to look for.”


‥ …… If I think about it, it’s the second time I’ve fought against Ark-san.

The first time was when Neah manipulated him, but it was not possible to measure his ability because Ark-san’s original ability was not demonstrated.


“Using magic is allowed, so please be as serious as possible. Otherwise it is meaningless.”

“Uhh, are you really okay?”

“In case of emergency, Usato-dono will cure me.”


Ark-san jokingly said that, but the fact that there is a use of magic means that Ark-san would also use fire.

His ability backed by solid experience and skill will be considerable.

Don’t let your guard down here, let’s challenge with the intention of actually winning.

I took a small deep breath, and I looked at Ark-san, who was checking the condition of the wooden sword, and moved to the center of the training ground where there was no damage around him.


“—Wait please”



However, when we tried to move to the center of the training ground, a woman appeared from the castle.


“Eh, Leona-san?”

“… I’m sorry for suddenly interrupting.”

She walked up to this place while shaking her blonde hair that was tied together — Leona-san glanced at me with a slightly thoughtful expression and then spoke to Ark-san.


“Ark-dono, that role … can you leave it to me?”



So Leona-san is going to par against me?

I wondered why she made such a proposal, but I remembered what Falga-sama said to Leona-san yesterday and thought that was the reason.


“For me, I do not mind such a suggestion as a fellow knight … What about Usato-dono?”

“I don’t mind”


Both I and Ark-san know that Leona-san is a strong person. There can be no shortage of her who can fight Karon-san head-on.

‥ …… And it’s my personal feeling, but I feel the danger that I can’t leave this person.

I don’t know what kind of problem she has, but it doesn’t start without first stepping on it.


“Thank you for listening to such an unreasonable wish.”


She bowed beautifully and walked to the center of the training ground with the wooden sword she already had.

Ark-san talked to me who was seeing off the situation.


“She is quite capable. There is no doubt that she is more experienced and skilled than Usato-dono. Stay alert and fight the best you can.”

“My way of fighting … yes, I understand.”


It may be a good opportunity to see how well my fighting style is understood in the current situation.

Unlike the first time, the other party was not Ark-san, but it may be a good partner to spar because we still don’t know Leona-san’s movement at all.


“Well, wouldn’t know unless we tried right?”


Muttering so, I headed to the center of the training ground where Leona-san was.

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