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I went around the first basement floor of Carbon and defeated monsters to collect information.


After doing so for a while, I suddenly remembered something.


“Now that we’re here, wasn’t Carbon located somewhere else before?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, it was..” (Neptune)

“… Was it because the previous dungeon died and was reborn elsewhere?” (Ryouta)

“It doesn’t always die, but precisely because we need to confirm whether the owner of the dungeon is dead that we’re investigating.” (Neptune)

“What do you mean by that?” (Ryouta)

“For example, Phosphorus” (Neptune)




“So in a dungeon that moves on its own accord, nothing changes when the place changes, but when the dungeon reaches the end of its life and dies and is reborn after that, almost everything changes from within.” (Neptune)

“So we want to investigate that abnormality?” (Ryouta)

“That’s right. There is little information on why it changes, but according to the fragmentary information obtained from other spirits so far, it seems that it will change depending on the cause of death.” (Neptune)

“Meaning?” (Ryouta)

“Say they starved to death, then the dungeon will have more monsters that will bite and kill intruders.” (Neptune)


The word evolution came to mind … but I saw Vanadium gripping onto my pants.

And I thought of Nihonium, which is not here now.


Vanadium——Formerly known as Erythronium was (probably) unreasonably killed and thus rejected level 2 and above humans. And in the dungeon, there were only monsters that responded to hostility.


Nihonium does not drop anything, and the Dungeon Master has the ability to erase monsters instead of dropping——–the ability to affect other dungeons.


Furthermore, although he wasn’t dead, Plumbum had more “Ryo-sama cards” in his drop because he got to know me.


If you think about them together, it’s more like they’ve evolved.


“… I think what you said makes sense.” (Ryouta)

“Heh, you sure trust what I said.” (Neptune)

“Oh, of course not 100%.” (Ryouta)

“I would rather you keep that to yourself.” (Neptune)

“Why?” (Ryouta)


When I saw Neptune, he was laughing.


“Some people may believe in you based on your current influence. The moment you say something, everyone will believe in controlling the dungeon and the spirits in a good way.” (Neptune)

“Isn’t that just abuse?” (Ryouta)

“The reason this kid can be calm now is because she was miraculously by your side.” (Neptune)


Neptune said while pointing at Vanadium.


I don’t really know the full details about Vanadium, but based on rumors about the rebirth of the dungeon, I can sorta guess what happened.


“Makes sense, yeah I won’t say anything.” (Ryouta)

“That’s good to hear.” (Neptune)


Neptune returned to a smiling face again.

Suddenly, I saw Lil in a bad mood behind him.


“What’s wrong … Lil?” (Neptune)


Neptune turned around and also noticed Lil’s expression.


“What’s wrong?” (Neptune)

“No, it’s nothing.” (Lil)

“You always make that face when you’re not fie Ah, maybe because Ryouta and I are on good terms–” (Neptune)

“T-That’s not it! This is … yes, it’s annoying! Because his apple is tastier than you.” (Lil)

“Ah, that can’t be helped.” (Neptune)


Neptune laughed at Lil’s unclear phrasing.

The apple I dropped is more delicious.

The quality and quantity of drops will change depending on the status of the drops.

Up to this point, both Neptune and I had 1 drop per monster, but my drop seems to be sweeter and tastier.

There is a wall that cannot be exceeded with Drop S and Drop A.


Neptune pretended to be teasing and soothed Lil who used it as an excuse, and Ran joined there, and the three began to flirt.


After doing so for a while, Lil’s mood subsided.


“Shall we go down one floor.” (Neptune)


Neptune proposed.


“You’re right, I want to know if the monsters are aligned by race or by characteristics.” (Ryouta)


The dungeon is usually “aligned” with something.


Mostly a race of monsters.

For example, Teruru’s Slime or Nihonium’s undead.


There are also places where the characteristics are arranged by chance.

In this case it was a debuff for the old Erythronium.

So we can confirm this by going to another floor.


We nodded and went down to the second floor together.


Similar to the first floor, such a dungeon where the walls made by stacking stones glow pale.

After walking for a while, something white appeared as if it had melted.

The white clay or wax is gradually changing, just like on the first floor.


Since we’re investigating, it’s better not to make the first move.

Waiting until it changed, what appeared was——-


“It’s a Bicorn!” (Ryouta)


A double-horned white horse with a stagnant aura.


Selenium’s Dungeon Master, Bicorn.


“That’s bad, my ability is decreasing.” (Neptune)

“Mine as well.” (Lil)

“Me too” (Ran)


Neptune and the two seem to be influenced by the special ability of Bicorn.


“Repetition” (Ryouta)


It was a monster that I defeated before, so I chanted Repetition but nothing happened.


“In other words, it’s a different monster.” (Neptune)

“Seems that way.” (Ryouta)


The Bicorn did not look up at the heavens, but rushed out with two horns.


Neptune and the two avoided to the left, and I hugged the scared Vanadium and jumped to the right.


“What’s it’s status?” (Neptune)

“As far as the current rush is seen, it is almost the same as the original.” (Ryouta)

“That’s annoying.” (Neptune)


Bicorn aimed at Neptune and others.


Lil and Ran entered fighting mode.

Neptune’s union technique, an attack in which two people sing, give power to Neptune, and release a big skill.


They’re debuffed, but they can beat it.



“Throw it to me.” (Ryouta)

“You seem to have some idea, alright.” (Neptune)


Lil and Ran sang further, white and black, a pair of wings grew on the back of Neptune.

Neptune grabbed the two horns of the rushed Bicorn and threw it over here.


“He’s going to you!” (Neptune)

“So strong!” (Ryouta)


While saying so, I shot an iron wall bullet at the flying bicorn.

Double iron wall bullets, bullets that are slower and more durable than the regular iron wall bullets.

A net made of double iron wall bullets on one side.

The Bicorn was hit by it and stopped.


Trusting the strength of the Double iron wall bullet and turned backwards almost at the same time as the bicorn hit the Double iron wall bullet, and shot the Double iron wall bullet behind me.

Front and back, and left and right.

I also shot a Double iron wall bullet there.


Furthermore, the Double iron wall bullets are steadily filling the gaps.


The whole body of the Bicorn was covered with an iron wall bullet that could not move forward.

As a result, the movement of the Bicorn was completely blocked.


“Wow, you gained a new technique again after not seeing you for some time.” (Neptune)

“……Hmmph.” (Lil)

“… Uu” (Ran)


Neptune admired me.

On the other hand, this time, not only Lil but also Ran became a little sullen.

I immediately understood that they don’t like me getting the spotlight.

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