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Author’s Note:

What would Rose feel about what happened…


For me, she is a person I respect.

Regardless of the means, she was a teacher who showed me the way as a rescue squad to me who had vague thoughts and was thinking of helping Inukami senpai and Kazuki.

However, it is certain that she is also a person who is not good at being a respected person.

I don’t hate her personality.

Being trained directly by her, I know she wouldn’t like to do any sneak attacks. Whatever she said or did, her treatment was all essential to my growth.

Her kindness will surely be understood only by those who know her well.

The cause of that was rough and violent behavior, but overtime I understood that she cherishes and is precious to me.

Then, why do you think I’m bad with her?

Obviously because she’s the number 1 most incompatible opponent to face.

This is no longer whether I like or dislike her.

The snake, black knight, Harfa-san, wicked dragon, and the curse.

I’ve fought with the help of my friends, but I can’t think of any ways that could beat her, who is overwhelmingly superior in physical ability alone.

Because I started traveling and realizing my growth, I was able to understand again how much ability Rose has.


“I wonder if I can even last 10 seconds …..”

“Usato, is that your master? My instinct as a demon has been appealing to ‘run away now,’ and is it because of her doing it …?”


At the end of the mirror is Rose, who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Ah, she looks fine.

Yeah, it ’s natural that she’s fine because she’s showing a great smile.

She looks like she’s enjoying this, but deep down I know that is not the case …….


“Falga-sama, can they see us from there?”

“No, they shouldn’t be able to. Now they can only see it through space. The mirror appears only when it is activated.”


In other words, does this mean that Rose cannot see this mirror?

In the case of Rose, I was a little worried because she would immediately destroy it as if it was a threat.

‥ …… I wish that happened though.


“Usato, your eyes, your eyes look like they’re dead …”

“This is unexpected. For Rose-sama … Usato, if you talk to her about the situation, she might be…… impossible. I’m sorry, there seems to be no other way but to fight her.”


Even Arc-san has given up.

That’s right, when I heard that Rose would fight me, it wouldn’t be strange if she happily hit me while saying, “Oh, I’m just checking how you have grown.”

When I looked in the mirror while understanding that my eyes were losing vitality, I suddenly saw two figures lying under her feet.

Silver-haired and unique horns ――― That person is definitely Ferme. It seems that she is pretending to be dead because she is lying down not saying a word. However, such false acting won’t be overlooked by Rose as her body is trembling from top to bottom while being abused.

And the other black-haired boy —


“… I see. Haha …”


Nack, a healing wizard boy I met in Lukvis.

With my recommendation, he went to the rescue squad and was trained by Rose.

So you were able to safely reach the rescue squad huh, Nack. This is the best news today.

Normally, I would raise my hands and celebrate, but considering what will happen in the future, I can’t be happy with that.


“Guess I should……prepare myself…”


Let’s think of this with a different perspective.

From now on, it’s a game to show Rose how much I have grown during this trip.

It was a chance to let Rose blow a bubble.

Thinking so, I burned my fighting spirit, decided to fight Rose, and looked in the mirror.

However, at that moment, I could see Rose sticking out her fist in the mirror with no expression.




Bang! And a fist passes through the mirror.

However, Falga-sama, who is activating the mirror, and we, who had heard about his magic, had no choice but to be stunned when he saw Rose sticking her fist at the tip of the mirror.


“Falga-sama, didn’t you say that the other side couldn’t see the mirror from there …?”

“… That should be the case.”

“But that person can normally feel such abnormal presence …”



Please say something, Falga-sama.


[I don’t know what’s going on but … I could feel something.]


Moreover, the person at the end of the mirror feels the existence of the mirror just by intuition.

While feeling the burning fighting spirit disappearing, I once again recognize that my master is a ridiculous person.


“Usato … Who is she …?”


Leona-san, who had an unbelievable expression, asked me so.

Both Norn-sama and Falga-sama seem to want to know about her existence as well, so they both eagerly looked at me with answers.

I took a small deep breath and opened my mouth.


“She is Captain Rose, leader of the rescue squad in the Kingdom of Lingle. My teacher and also my boss … is an unreasonable person.”



There was no more appropriate word to describe her.


“Is she your master? Then that’s a relief.”


Falga-sama, who heard the introduction of Rose, muttered to convince himself.


“My magic exists without being perceived. If someone is sharp and sensitive to changes in their surroundings, they may notice the existence of magic. Though there are not many who could do that.”


It’s not a level you don’t notice, but it’s difficult to notice.

Unexpectedly, Rose was looking around, so I wonder if she was able to respond to slight changes in her surroundings?

In any case, it is certain that we are separated.

Nea, who heard Falga-sama’s story, looked at me with a slight pull.


“Uwaaa~ I knew that the master of a monster would be a monster herself. Moreover, the disciple is just like its master.”

“You do know that you’ll have to meet her someday right? Also, when we return to the Kingdom of Lingle, you’ll be in the custody of the rescue squad, so my familiar, you will also be squeezed by Rose.”

“I’m sorry. Don’t look at me with such listless eyes. Ah, eh … I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m with you. You’re not alone.”

“The situation and your behavior are not intertwined !? Your eyes aren’t laughing ….. They’re not laughing at all !?”


I smiled at Neah who was panicking.

She apologized with tears because she was frightened, but it is impossible to avoid ‘her’ squeezing because it has been decided that I’ll take her back since she’s my familiar.


“For me, it’s okay if I can see your ability. You can look for another person for that.”

“… No, you’ll do my best, with the captain.”


It is troublesome to fight another opponent now.

Besides, it’s too awkward to call Harfa-san and Fegnis-san here now.

Fegnis-san is not ready to fight now.

Personally, the reason he wasn’t reflected in the mirror, which I would have been most angry with, was probably because he wasn’t in a fighting mental state in the first place.


“You look ready. Then, I’ll call the existence that you have in your heart. It only takes three minutes.”

“I understand”


Light illuminates the mirror that reflects Rose, Ferme, and Nack.

I gulped my saliva and took a step forward, I stopped once on the spot and turned to Amako.


“Amako, even if I become a lump of meat … I will still help your mother …”

“Usato … I can’t laugh at that joke at all …”

“I hope you’re kidding”


The lump of meat is probably not real, but I may have to prepare for the bones and internal organs breaking.

She’s someone who would never cut corners and challenges.

I tightened my mind and clenched my fist, facing the mirror surrounded by light.


“The results of my daily training will be demonstrated here”


And I will survive another day ……!

With a negative thought, the mirror wrapped in light turned blue.

Then, Rose reflected in the mirror and my eyes standing in front of it met. And Nack, who was about to get up behind her, looked at me with a surprised expression and said something.

The space of Lingle Kingdom was connected here.

By connecting the spaces, the original effect of the mirror image magic is demonstrated.




The mirror shines even more, and a figure surrounded by light pops out from the mirror surface.

The figure appears as if it falls to the ground. The light gradually subsides, and the whole picture of the appearing figure becomes clear.


“Ughh… Damn, that violent woman … I’ll definitely get back someday … What the?”


What came out of the mirror was not Rose, but a girl with silver hair, red eyes, and sheep-like horns.


“… A demon !? Norn-sama, please get down !!”


Leona-san, who saw her and immediately recognized her as a demon, stepped out in front of Norn-sama and put her hand on the handle of the sword.

The girl who wiped her tears and looked around with a confused look before fixing her eyes on me.


“Why are you in front of me !?”

“That’s my line, Ferme.”


Ferme of the current rescue team belonging to the former Demon King Army.

For some reason, she was called to this place as my opponent.



It was not the demon leader, but the demon Ferme who belonged to the rescue team.

She had silver hair and horns, she looked at my face, distorted the corners of her mouth, and stood up with a smirk.


“Never would I’ve thought that you would appear in my dreams … I didn’t think the day would come when I’m lucky to be hit by Rose. Fufufu”

“Well, are you that happy to be knocked by the captain?”

“Obviously that’s not the case!!!”


When pulled blatantly, Ferme made her face bright red and yelled.


“Even if it’s my dream, your attitude hasn’t changed …! Be scared of me!!”

“… To be scared of you, uhhhh.”

“~~~ !!”


Ferme stomped the ground on the spot when she saw my reaction.

Leona-san and Norn-sama, who were wary of her, had a frightened face, and Falga-sama was observing the exchange between me and Ferme.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a dream or a hallucination!! Let me hit you once!!”

“Why are you so aggressive after being able to meet after a long time …?”


While paying attention to each reaction, Ferme, who abandoned thinking, clenched her fist and hit me.

I thought she had no intention of fighting, but she did.

Besides, she wouldn’t be the target of anger. After all, she is a black knight who has cornered Inukami senpai and Kazuki to the brink of death.

Well, we did call her without permission, so the bad one is overwhelmingly me. Let’s just take her fist here. If she can understand the situation around her, then …




“Bleerpgh !?”


I was irritated by her phrase as I reflexively counter her attack with a healing forehead flick.

After doing it unconsciously, there was a figure of Ferme holding her forehead and hitting it on the ground.

Feeling bad about it, I apologize immediately.


“Sorry Ferme”

“D-Don’t screw with me. Why is a healing magician aiming at my forehead …”


I don’t know why, but maybe it’s easier than actually hitting you?

Falga-sama saw the exchange between me and Ferme, and was squinting his eyes at her.


“— She’s been sealed. In addition, this wave …. Is it a dark magic user? It’s just right to be warlike …”

“Falga-sama …?”

“Usato, continue. If she’s a user of dark magic, she should have the appropriate ability. — I shall remove the restrictions.”

“Eh wait a minute —“


Before I could finish, Falga-sama activated magic on the ground, and the magical power wrapped around Ferme’s neck—– removing the sealed magic tool very easily.

Moreover, it is unlocked after the keyhole that has been carefully distorted is almost restored.

Ferme, whose magic tool that had sealed her magical power had come off, put her hand on her neck and got up.


“I don’t know what’s happening, but with this I can finally hit you …!”

“Eeeeh …”


Can you grasp the situation around you a little …….

I wonder why she only has her eyes on me…….

Ferme, who was full of fighting spirit, laughed invincibly and activated magic.

Then, from her shadow, a black fluid crawls up to form the shape of an armor.


“Dark magic … huh?”


A knight wearing armor that can make even two heroes drove to the brink of death.

It appeared in front of me again.

Her magical ability is reversal. It is an unreasonable technique to return the received attack to the opponent.


“Having my magic revived and passing through those hellish days, I will never lose…! Be prepared, Usato !!”


Ferme makes a rattling noise and charges towards me.

Certainly she was training in the rescue squad. In addition, she was being ‘watched’ by Rose. I’m sure she’s got a lot of training, if not as much as I do.

I can’t underestimate her, let’s use a healing punch.

The moment I tried to hold my fist with that in mind — Ferme, who was making a rattling noise, fell down on the spot with her legs pinched.

She slipped and her head was sliding right in front of me, and I was obediently wondering where to point this fist.


“Uh, ughhhh, shit, this is heavy !!”

“Eh, eh— …”


While getting up, I couldn’t help but be stunned by Ferme who complained so much.

She has become lighter now, but instead she can no longer fight in the same armor as before.

It may be natural in a sense.

Because of her ability, that way of fighting is naturally waiting. There is no option to wear light armor for her, who does not have to bother to set herself.


“No way, that black knight … even this scene is a bit complicated for me …”

“I mean there was a time … But now, she seems like a disappointing person …”

“Dark magic seems to be a powerful magic, but for now it doesn’t look like that.”


My friends also saw Ferme rising up while trembling with a subtle expression, and each muttered so.


“As if I can wear such a heavy armour!”

“Then you don’t have to force yourself to fight?”

“S-Shut up. I-If that’s the case …”


What is she going to do now?

The armor of Ferme that stood up flowed and returned to her own shadow ….. No, not all returned. The shape of her armor gradually shifted and then changed to another.

Is she remaking the armor into the best shape for her current light-weight? Even so, the armor is quite thin … It’s more like a cloak or coat than armor.




When I saw Ferme’s “armor” approaching its finished form, she noticed that I was naturally smiling.

Ferme saw me laughing and thought I was belittling her.


“W-What’s wrong !?”

“Ah nooo, it’s not like I’m making fun of you…… But what you’re wearing now is …”


It was black clothes, not armor.

The appearance is reminiscent of a thick coat and the hood covered on the head with black gloves.


“It’s the rescue squad’s outfit, and it’s the same as what I’m wearing.”

“What? That’s why … I’m wearing lighter armor … Wh- What’s wrong with that !?”


She laughed in denial and looked at her armor, she opened her eyes and began to be upset while her face went bright red.

Ferme newly created the rescue squad’s clothing.

It’s like dyeing the clothes I was wearing in black.


“Y-You’re mistaken, this is …”


“D-Don’t laugh at me! D-Damnit, why can’t I get it back !?”


Ferme’s black garment trembles, but its shape does not change as if it were fixed.

Falga-sama was sighing astonishingly, but from my point of view, I was wondering why the magic under her control couldn’t move as expected.


“I-it’s not returning …! In that case, I’ll fight as is!”


Ferme, who gave up on changing the black clothes, raised her fist and swung it at me.

The movement changed to a fast and sharp one, unlike when she wore the rugged black knight’s armor. A quick glance at her movements gave me an idea of ​​how much training she had done over the last few months.

Even if it was forced, it was none other than Ferme’s strength that kept it going.

That’s why I caught her fist head-on with my left palm coated with healing magic.


“— !?”

“It’s a nice punch, Ferme. It looks like you’ve done your best so far.”


Strong fist. I was so happy that I struck Ferme with my hand with healing magic and knocked her unconscious.

Ferme collapsed with a regrettable expression.

The black clothes that covered her body disappeared, melting into the ground.



“… Usato, your hands are all black?”

“Eh? … Uwoo !?”


I was surprised when hearing Neah’s words.

My hands were covered with the magic that covered Ferme’s body. Ferme’s magical power, which had melted into her hands and sleeves of her clothes, quickly returned to her, but I was quite surprised that my hands were suddenly dyed black.

It may have disappeared because the healing magic was released, but when I fought her before, this was not the case.

What the hell happened …


“… It looks like it’s over. And it’s about time. Let’s return the demon there to their original place.”

“Oh, can you fix her magic tool?”

“That’s no problem”


It is unlikely that the current Ferme will cause damage to the surroundings, but for the safety of the people of the Lingle Kingdom, magical tools must be attached.

When I saw the magic tool wrapped around Ferme’s neck again, I carried her to the front of the mirror.




At that moment, three minutes passed, and Ferme’s body was wrapped in light again.

The mirror in front of me shines, and the appearance of Rose and Nack is reflected again.

Rose only closed her eyes and folded her arms, but Nack was waiting for the next mirror to appear, staring at the place where the mirror would appear.

The moment Ferme was drawn to the mirror surface with the light, Rose opened her eyes wide open and threw something at us.

Something that flew at a tremendous speed entered the mirror surface at the same time as the mirror appeared, and jumped into the space where I was.


“——Oops, that was dangerous. Hahaha, that flew like a shuriken.”

“Uhhh, just now… did something fly out?”

“Yeah, it looks like the captain threw something …. It’s a folded paper and … a letter?”


A suspicious line of sight pierced me from the surroundings when I caught it normally.

I want you to stop looking at me as if I caught the letter without incident … Anyway, why did Rose throw that letter?

When I opened the letter while tilting my head, I saw a concise sentence.


[I’m not worried about you, but don’t neglect your training.]


For some reason, this one sentence made me feel uneasy.

I was happy with just that many sentences. It wasn’t shy or anything like that, and I was usually happy.


“The other is … a letter from Nack?”


This seems a little long to read here, so let’s read it slowly later.

I kept the letter and looked up at Falga-sama while releasing the tension.


“That fight just now was kinda…… should we fight again?”


For me, I was happy to see the growth of my juniors, but the previous one was too horrible to even consider it a fight.

However, Falga-sama slowly shook his head to my words.


“No need. I have understood your power.”

“… Um”

“Dark magic is a special magic that reflects the spirit of the user. Originally, most users who follow a lonely fate do not allow anyone to heart and are confined to their own hearts. Therefore, many dark magicians are good at strong defenses, which means not showing their hearts to others, and counters, which means refusal to others. “


‥ …… I don’t understand the meaning at all, but do you want to say that the magic of the dark system is special?


“The one you called trusted you, albeit violently. That is, you did enough to do it. You opened her heart to those in the darkness — that alone was enough proof. That will be enough to measure your ability. “

“Ferme has open to me …?”


I feel like I was told to drop dead just a moment ago, but is that the way Ferme opens her heart?


“… That’s radical.”

“I don’t think it’s more radical than it can be straightforward, right?”

“I do not think so?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m sure.”


Amako nods with a smile.

Is it just not possible to be honest?

If I think about it, it does seem like her to do that.


“Usato, there is another reason why I tested you besides confirming your power.”


“It’s about finding out whether you should have that Katana.”


To determine if I should have the hero’s knife?

No, I shouldn’t have this. Because I’m not the hero.


“I’ll give this back to you, the creator, because I’m not the original owner of this, and I can’t handle the power of this sword.”

“No, you took the right test and pulled it out of his heart. From that point on, you are the only owner of the sole. — After that, all you have to do is dedicate it to you. “

“…! Falga-sama !! Your body is no longer …”


Norn-sama, who heard Falga-sama’s words, tried to stop him in a hurry.

However, Falga-sama turned her sharp gaze toward Norn-sama and silenced her.


“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to use the other two wings here. I’m not making weapons, I’m recreating them. I don’t have to separate my body, after all, there’s the ‘one wing’ in Usato’s hands. “

“What on earth does that mean?”


I don’t understand the meaning of his words.

It sounded like it was related to Falga-sama’s life, and I wouldn’t want him to make a weapon if that were the case …


“Every armor I create uses a part of my body. The cane that that inexperienced girl uses is my ‘claw’ and ‘scale’, and the “cane” that Karon has is my “tail”. And the two swords handled by the previous hero use two of my four ‘wings’. “

“… In other words, the one wing you say is literally a part of your body …”

“Yes. Originally a part of me, it’s easy to remake after hundreds of years.”


Armor made using a part of a god dragon’s body.

The reason why two of the two pairs of wings on Falga-sama’s back are torn off is probably because they have been used as a material for the hero’s weapon.

It was decided that it would exert tremendous power.


“The final shape is up to you. I just take that katana back to its previous stage, but it also takes time, maybe three to five days.”

“… I understand. Thank you.”


It’s true that it’s hard to deal with Karon-san.

Moreover, if the armor he handles is known to be handled by a hero, I will not be able to compete unless I reach the same level as him.

I present the knife to Falga-sama.


“Umu, I did receive it. Inexperienced girl, I will start work immediately. It may be painful, but try to maintain the barrier. If you feel unconscious, rely on Usato, the healing magician. “

“I understand. I will definitely protect it.”


Norn-sama clasped the cane tightly.

I could see an extraordinary determination in her eyes.

Falga-sama turned his gaze towards Leona-san.


“You on the other hand shall have training with Usato. You are a capable knight, but there are too many things missing.”



Leona-san replied with a heavy voice, perhaps she understood herself.

Falga-sama, who squinted at her reaction, continued to speak.


“If you don’t agree with your position, your situation, everything, you’ll definitely be killed by Karon in the next battle. This isn’t a threat, if you don’t change, that will likely be the outcome.”

“… But I am”


Falga-sama silenced Leona-san who tried to argue, and said the following words with a feeling of intimidation.


“Let me say this to the stubborn ‘Hero Leona’. A knight who seeks and depends on others for the significance of existence and cannot affirm herself. Understand that if you cannot acknowledge your existence, you will die a horrible death “

“……! ……Yes”


She nodded with a bitter expression and looked at me for a moment.

The face was as if she didn’t want others to be told that she was a hero.


“A hero?”


I thought Karon was supposed to be the hero?

Leona-san, a knight who denied being a hero.

Norn, the queen who is struggling to protect the city.

And, Falga-sama, the god dragon that makes a pair with the wicked dragon.

In the face of two peculiar faces and the problems they had, I couldn’t help but foresee that not all of the events that would occur in the future would end well.


Afterthought by the Author:

To be honest, if Rose came in the current situation, it would collapse in various ways, so I thought of Ferme to come instead.

And finally, the hero’s sword becomes Usato’s in the true sense of the word.

I’m looking forward to seeing what it will look like in the future.


There were some ideas that Karon could be defeated by calling Rose.

And that’s why they’re underground (no intention)

No matter how strong she is, it takes more than three minutes to get to the surface …

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