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“— Welcome, younguns. Thank you for taking care of my other half.”


Different from the wicked dragon, this blue old dragon has a calm atmosphere.

The clear blue eyes stare at me.

It felt one-sided—.

The first thing that came to my mind with that word was the appearance of the wicked dragon.

A monster that we were able to finally defeat together after being sealed for hundreds of years.


“Mine name is God Dragon Falga. A dragon that loves harmony and peace.”


The old dragon, who called himself Falga, shook his soaked body, and then came ashore with a slow motion.

Isn’t he a little bigger than the wicked dragon?

From the perspective of us human beings, it is quite large.


“You don’t have to camouflage in front of me. There are no calculations of hurting you one bit.”

“… Amako, Neah”


Falga … No, I understand the meaning of Falga-sama’s words, and tell Amako and Neah undo their disguise.

There’s Norn-sama and Leona-san here, but for the time being, I decided that it was better to follow Falga-sama’s words.


Amako removes her cloak and Neah transforms back from the village girl to her original demon figure.

Norn-sama and Leona-san are astonished by their appearance.


“What … what —“

“Do not be so surprised by such an appearance.”

“A-Anyone would be surprised !?”

“What a joke, that’s why you’re an inexperienced girl. An innocent little girl. How long do you intend to be like a princess?”

“Uuuu …”


Norn-sama was depressed because of his dry words.

Leona-san, on the other hand, was surprised, but immediately nodded as if she comprehended it.


“I see, I understand why Usato had extraordinary power … In other words, you too—–“

“A-Ah no no, I’m a perfectly normal human being.”

“… Eh? Is that so?”


Instantly answering back, but she showed me a, “What on earth is he even saying?”

Sigh, I somehow predicted that this would happen …


“E-Ehem. As you can see, he is a god dragon, Falga-sama, who wanted to see you.”


Norn-sama, who had been depressed some time ago, introduced us to Falga-sama.

Falga-sama, who was listening to her introduction silently, started speaking without interruption as her words ended.


“Usato. I was waiting for you to come.”

“You were … waiting for me?”

“Yes, what’s happening here isn’t irrelevant to you.”

“Is it …?”


Falga-sama’s words made Norn-sama look suspicious.

Is it something he hasn’t told her?

No, more than that … How is this situation unrelated to us?

Either way, it seems like we are indeed involved with this mess.


“First of all, let’s confirm that you have defeated my half.”

“… Yes, that’s right. Though not alone, we defeated the wicked dragon. As evidence —“


I take out the hero’s sword in the scabbard from my waist and show it to Falga-sama.

Probably, this was created by him, so he should know at a glance.


“Is it the sword I created for him? I’m sure … it’s a Katana. The fact that one of the two pieces is here is undeniably proof that you defeated it. But still, it’s hard to believe to overthrow my other half with a human body … “


The old dragon shifts his gaze from the knife to me and observes me with interest.


“There is no special background, no outstanding talent other than healing magic, no special bloodline. However, what made you overthrow my other half is your spirit—— I see, the spirit that never gives up is your power. “

“I’m not as strong as you are suggesting. In the end, my fist didn’t deal much to the wicked dragon … I was able to defeat the wicked dragon because I worked together with my friends.”


I don’t feel like telling him that my mental strength was stained with ghosts, but I wanted to make it clear that defeating the wicked dragon was not something I did alone.

Although it was weakened, it was still a powerful dragon. It was thanks to my friends that I was able to confront it and win.

He nodded deeply when I said and looked straight at the old dragon.


“That’s not the case. Precisely because it was a strong opponent that you could unite and overcome it. In retrospect, you are better than that “youngster”.”

“Youngster …?”

“It’s the owner of that Katana.”


With those words, I look at the knife.

To call the former hero a youngster …….



“What is it, inexperienced girl.”


While looking at the knife, Norn-sama talked to Falga-sama with reluctance.

Her expression seemed to be confused.


“What is this wicked dragon …? I heard that you were separated in half … Don’t tell me that there’s another one of you out there?”


Falga-sama nods to Norn-sama’s words.


“Oh, yes, and he’s deeply involved in this matter.”

“Why then, until now …”

“Even if you know it, it only creates useless impatience. Impatience blunts your judgment and puts your surroundings at risk. Until today, all you have to do is protect the city and let the powerless people escape. That’s it. “



Norn-sama silently listens.

After a little silence, she looked up with anxiety.


“… Is this the reason why Karon’s dragon factor went out of control?”

“You’re not wrong, but the cause of the runaway lies in the difference between internal and external factors.”


The cause of Karon’s runaway is the dragon factor …?

Wait a minute, then does that mean Karon grew tails and horns due to the influence of this so-called dragon factor hidden in him?

However, if that’s the case —.



“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.”


Neah noticed something and began to move.

Only I was aware of her suddenness, the old dragon continued to speak.


“The dragon that dwells in Karon did not wake up spontaneously. He was strongly influenced by something outside and was forced to wake up. That was a month ago.”



I understand now.

The reason for Neah fidgeting. Because she was part of the cause.

Because about a month ago, when Karon started to run away — we were fighting the wicked dragon.


“It was my other half. Karon was forcibly awakened by the vibrations emitted with the awakening of the wicked dragon.”


Norn-sama and Leona-san were surprised by the words of the old dragon, but Amako and Ark-san both looked at Neah next to me.

The face of Neah who received the eyes of three people including me was deep blue.



So the wicked dragon was awakened by the power of the necromancer.

At one point, the lives of many people were about to be endangered, but before that, we had to defeat the dragon, and it was supposed to end there.


“The wicked dragon … that was the reason why Karon went out of control …”

“Not exactly”


Falga-sama denies Norn-sama’s muttering.


“The trigger was definitely caused by the wicked dragon. However, the factor of the dragon that sleeps in Karon is not easily awakened. The power of the dragon isn’t so weak that it could be awakened with the roar of a weakened dragon.”

“Then why did he run berserk?”


The trigger is the wicked dragon, but there is another cause.

It might be another entity with some influence other than the wicked dragon that influenced him.

Perhaps Falga-sama? No, there is no reason for this person to do such a thing.

Then, what are the possibilities?


“… Is it the resurrection of the Demon King?”

“Yes. At the same time as the awakening of a person with power, the dragon factor of Karon awakened. However, even if I say that it awakened, it is in the correct form. He was supposed to master it, but there was an abnormal situation where the wicked dragon awoke. “


Karon-san, who couldn’t stand it because he did what he should have been accustomed to slowly, went out of control …?


“Now, Karon is driven by the same urge to destroy as the wicked dragon. At present, it is directed only to the city, but if it is directed to somewhere else … disaster is inevitable. “



The cause was the resurrection of the Demon King, but this would not have happened unless the dragon was resurrected.

Rather, if the wicked dragon did not revive, Karon could have been a trump card against the Demon King. The power of the dragon and the possession of a powerful armor — And it was Neah who revived the wicked dragon with a carefree feeling.


“… Sigh …”


If we keep it silent, this child may not be held responsible.

However, Falga-sama knows that it was Neah who revived the wicked dragon.

Even so, I don’t know the reason why he didn’t say anything, but we have to do something about it.


“……Before that”


I turn my eyes to Ark-san and Amako.

Amako sighed as if she knew what I was trying to do, and Ark-san nodded with the same smile as usual.

I’m really grateful that they understood my unreasonableness …….


“Norn-sama, Leona-san. This case is our fault.”

“… Usato?”

“What are you saying …”


Neah glanced at me.

Although she was occasionally cheeky and annoying and troublesome, I was helped by her many times.

Without her, I might not have been here now.

It was thanks to her that she saved Eva.

Therefore, there is no way to impose responsibility on her anymore.


“We defeated the wicked dragon, but in the first place, one of our current friends revived the wicked dragon lightly in order to catch us.”

“That is……”

“It’s this girl Neah, who is next to me now.”


Neah’s face turned blue in response to my words.

Norn-sama had a face as she could not understand what’s going on, but Leona-san had a stern look.


“But now she’s my companion, so I can’t let this one take all the responsibility.”

“What would you do? Usato”


Here, Falga-sama asked that.

I answered the question clearly as if I had expected it.


“Let us help you stop Karon-san”


In the first place, it is impossible to ignore the situation where Karon could become the second wicked dragon.


“Fumu, inexperienced girl. He has said it, do you accept it?

“Eh, ah … I’ll take it. Please help us.”


Norn-sama, who was stunned, returned from consciousness.

Falga-sama sighs at her and shifts his gaze.


“Usato. Karon’s berserk is definitely due to your companion, but I want to thank you.”



Although we were the ones to blame, there should be no so-called gratitude.

Speaking of his other half, I have defeated the existence that can be called Falga-sama’s brother.


“Originally, the time when he woke up would have been 300 years later. It seems that he had been sealed so strongly. If the seal was broken, I couldn’t even stop it. No, I can’t be sure that there is something in this world 300 years later that can completely defeat him before he turns it into a complete disaster. Worse case,  there’s the possibility that two-thirds of the land’s creatures would be killed. “



Both Norn-sama and Leona-san’s faces turned pale.

Having actually met the wicked dragon, thinking that he might have rampaged without reason, I shook my face.

Probably because his consciousness and intellect remained here, there was only destruction in mind.

What if the destruction continues indiscriminately in the true sense?

What if he were to sprinkle poison everywhere?

What if he were to assault the country with unrivaled strength and scales of an iron wall that could not be hit?

I’m sure no one can beat the wicked dragon.


“And … he’s fallen into evil, but he’s half of me. It’s not a very pleasant story to have only the soul tied to the world like that. He must sleep peacefully——and so does the one who has done all the evil. “


Falga-sama’s words about the wicked dragon were somewhat sad.


“For what purpose did that youngster bind his soul to the world? I understand the reason, but in any case it is not a good reason for the living to play with the dead.”

“Do you know why the hero bound the soul of the wicked dragon to the world?”


At this point, Neah, who had finally regained composure, asked.

It seems that she was also interested in the actions of the hero.


“Of course, but I’m not kind enough to teach you that. It doesn’t make sense to teach the youngster here what he’s trying to do. No … even what he does as a hero will be meaningless to explain. “


…‥ In other words, he has nothing to say about the hero?

However, if the time when the wicked dragon wakes up from the seal is 300 years later — what the hero was trying to do may have had an impact on the future.


“You don’t have to understand it now. You’ll know it as long as you face the threat of the Demon King. Moreover….”


Falga-sama returned his eyes to me.


“There is one thing I want to make sure when you stop Karon.”

“What would that be?”

“I do not know how much you have fought with Karon. I do know that you and your companions have defeated the wicked dragon, but I want to confirm the power of each of you.”

“… Alright, so how would you want to do that?”

“Then, should I be the partner of Usato?”


When I asked what format he would like to test my abilities, Leona-san came up as my opponent.


“In my opinion, he has a power that ordinary knights can’t compete with. I may not have enough power, but if you look at a part of his ability —“

“No, you are not Usato’s opponent”


Leona-san’s words were interrupted.

Falga-sama, who was rugged somewhere, stared at Leona-san.


“It is true that you are the best partner for Usato. However, just being the best is not the best. If you have doubts about your position and are at a loss in your heart, you will not be able to demonstrate your true abilities.”

“That is……”

“If it’s a match, you’ll win. But if it’s an actual battle, you’ll definitely lose. You have to be convinced of the “position” you’re in right now and try to fulfill your responsibilities as that position. “



Falga-sama looked at me when Leona-san went silent.

Is Leona-san wondering? I was surprised at the fact that she, who was able to fight against Karon, is still not showing more power than she can.


“Let’s prepare your opponent with my magic”

“You can create opponents with magic …?”

“No, no. It’s not ‘creating’. It’s ‘calling’.”


…… Hmmmmm? I have a very bad feeling about this.

My sixth sense is tingling.

Regardless of me who couldn’t stop sweating, Falga-sama quietly activated magic from his big hand and let the tip of his cracked nail touch the fountain.

Then, the water from the spring forms a circle and emerges from the surface of the water.


“This is a [mirror image magic]. It is magic that reflects the object, and it is a magic that calls the person reflected in the subject’s mind to this place for three minutes.”

“… Magic that acts on space-time … What power…”


Neah looks in the mirror stunningly and mutters such a thing.

However, Falga-sama snorts as though he’s not impressed.


“If the wicked dragon is a dragon that controls power, I am a dragon that controls wisdom. I can’t directly fight with power, but the many magics that I learned through my wisdom are the greatest weapons. So something like this is easy for me. “


Although it was limited to only 3 minutes, the magic of calling someone from a distance was certainly a feat.

Because he’s a god dragon, his lifespan is many times longer — no, it will be dozens of times longer, so it would not be strange for him to remember countless magics.


“Let’s limit what we are calling from now on”

“Wait, limited? So I don’t get to choose?”

“What a joke, that wouldn’t have any meaning. It doesn’t make sense unless someone can fight you to some extent.”


That’s true, but …

Well, even if my opponent is a monster, what I do is the same. Fortunately, I don’t use much magical power, and it’s okay to fight for about three minutes.

For the time being, I took a deep breath, calming my mind and strengthening myself so as not to panic.


“The conditions are limited to——– ‘the ones you fought and the most angry’, but those who have already died or are not willing to fight shall be excluded from the conditions.”


The most angry person ……? The person who is willing to fight ……?

There are no wicked dragons or snakes anymore, and Ferme probably … has no intention of fighting me … Fegnis-san is the same.

Well, wait a minute, only one person has an idea.


“What’s wrong Usato … Your face is starting to pale …?”

“Neah, if you don’t help me now, I’ll be beaten to a pulp.”

“Huh !? I can’t imagine you being beaten up though !?”


You can say that because you don’t know her.

At least she is much stronger than me and has no mercy.

No, she’s been forgiving and adjusting, but even if I include it, it’s still a strength that I can’t compete with.


“Usato, are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, Amako”


Amako and Ark-san, who saw the person who would come out from now on, looked at me with anxiety.

A person who will meet all the conditions.

I was hit by her training many times ―――,

I turned my anger many times during training ―――,

So speaking of people who are willing to fight …


“Then I’ll call that person. Are you ready?”

“Eh !?”


Isn’t it too early !?

Please wait. If I didn’t anticipate, there could be an unspeakable level of genocide, let alone a mock combat !?

When Falga-sama puts magical power into the mirror, light is emitted from the surface of the transparent mirror.

When the light subsided, a landscape different from the view of the dim cave was projected on the mirror.


“— Ah, ahhhh shit …”


At the end of the mirror ―――.

A familiar black-haired boy and a familiar silver-haired girl was lying down on the ground.

And there stood the figure of my master, my boss, the rescue squad leader Rose, looking down at them with a terrible smile.


TLN Note: Shit’s about to get real up in this.


Author’s Note:

Summary of this story: The Demon King is bad.

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