Level 1 Guy: Chapter 401 – Prying open the entrance

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I sat in front of Carbon.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground and staring at the dungeon with no entrance. 


The number of people around me has decreased considerably.


The situation has not been resolved, but thanks to Nihonium, at least I was in a lull.

That was the trigger, and the crowd gradually left.


By the way, I wondered if Vanadium felt something as she was sitting next to me at a distance of reach.


“What’s on your mind?” (Nihonium)


Nihonium came next to me and asked in a calm tone.


“I was just thinking about how I am going to get inside or open the entrance.” (Ryouta)

“Isn’t it okay after doing that?” (Nihonium)

“It’s just a temporary solution for the time being so I have to solve it quickly. As we are stopping Selenium’s drop as well. The dungeon for the tenth floor has more than ten times as many adventurers, and considering the merchants and consumers beyond that, the impact is of the thousands, 10,000 units if it’s severe.” (Ryouta)

“Yes … and?” (Nihonium)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)

“You were saying.” (Nihonium)

“Oh, that’s right. Carbon is now a closed space where you can’t escape. It’s also a kind of extreme state. Humans lose their spirits when they are left in such an extreme state for a long time. Worst …” (Ryouta)

“Worst?” (Nihonium)

“It’s really the worst of the worst, but adventurers can start killing each other.” (Ryouta)


I can’t escape, I’m isolated from the outside world, and I can’t see the future.

The current adventurers in Carbon should be in such a situation.


“And that can actually be a negative factor.” (Ryouta)


With that said, a ghostly woman stood at a distance.

It pointed to the Nihonium Dungeon Master issued by Nihonium.


“What do you mean by that?” (Nihonium)

“The humans inside don’t know what’s going on outside, maybe. That’s why people inside think that the monster has disappeared for unknown reasons. Humans are most scared of unexplained incidents.” (Ryouta)

“Even though I was the cause of it?” (Nihonium)


“That’s in Shikuro dungeon, and that’s because your dungeon was nearby, so even if it’s under the jurisdiction of Shikuro, it’s far from the city as well.” (Ryouta)

“Is there a possibility that Celeste will explain? She looks at you a lot, so won’t she consider it that possibility?” (Nihonium)

“It’s dangerous, if adventurers say that when they’re panicking, they can be hung up as mavericks.” (Ryouta)

“Meaning they’re desperate.” (Nihonium)

“Yeah, tsk if only we have the Do***mon’s door? If it was that door. I could have flown to a place I had never been to.” (Ryouta)


There are things that aren’t there, and escapism is also included.

Because I could understand it myself, I was frustrated and grinded my teeth.


“You wish you had the ability to fly where your most dearest one is.” (Nihonium)

“Oh … there are bullets that fly to the target person.” (Ryouta)


I took out one tracking bullet, put it in a gun and hit it toward the sky.

The aim is Celeste. Celeste is now trapped in carbon.

However, the tracking bullet did not work.

It went straight up, reached the top and fell as it was.


“It didn’t work.” (Ryouta)

“What if there are two?” (Nihonium)

“Huh?” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Nihonium)

“… Oh you meant Vanadium bullet?” (Ryouta)


My eyes were wide open.


Vanadium bullet.

A special bullet that is released after the two bullets are fused in advance.

The effect is to dramatically improve the characteristics of the bullets to be synthesized.

With two Speed-Up bullets, it became possible to stop time, which can be said to be the ultimate acceleration.


If it was two tracking bullets ……?


Taking out Vanadium bullet, putting in two tracking bullets, and holding the revolver.

Just now the shot doesn’t feel like it was proper. A serious shooting method in which the hand holding the revolver sticks out straight and the other hand is attached as an aid.


“… Please.” (Ryouta)


I put my feelings together and pulled the trigger.

The shot double tracking bullet flies straight.


“Ah, I knew it.” (Ryouta)

“You’re wrong.” (Nihonium)


Nihonium denied.

Immediately after, Crack! There was a sound like glass breaking.

The double tracking bullet broke.


It was flying straight, breaking something and proceeding further, as if there was glass in the empty air.


I saw a small rift in the air and a scenery beyond that that I had never seen before.


“It’s a dungeon!” (Ryouta)

“Carbon. No, it’s closing.” (Nihonium)

“It’s alright!” (Ryouta)


It was my first experience to pry open a non-existent entrance, so I was worried a while ago, but I have experience in keeping things that are closed open.


I loaded an iron wall bullet into two revolvers and hit the iron wall bullet one at the inside and the outside of the rift in the closing space.


No matter what happened, just move forward.

It is extremely slow, but it is a Trash bullet that repels everything and moves forward.


“——-Alright!” (Ryouta)


The closing space was maintained with the Iron wall bullet.

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