Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 102

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The person who was waiting for us at the castle of Mia Rak was the Queen who was chugging on potions.

At first, I was taken aback, but considering the situation surrounding her and the country, it was kinda justifiable.

After applying healing magic to her, we introduced ourselves again in front of Norn-sama as before.


“I’m sorry for being rude.”

“No, given the situation we understand.”


Norn-sama changed from the exhausted expression she had earlier to a satisfying face.

Maybe the healing magic worked well, though the dark circles still remained, but the tired feeling had completely disappeared.


“But healing magic was a blind spot on our part. I never imagined it would be such useful magic … I wonder if I could continue working without sleep and rest? Healed after this turmoil. Collect the magicians … “

“Even if you can heal your body, you cannot heal your mind. No matter how much you move, if the spirit that supports it becomes exhausted, you will eventually collapse.”


The healing magic is kind to the body, but not to the heart.

If you forcibly heal your body with healing magic and continue to work without sleep, you will become crazy.

In my words, the Queen was disappointed, and she played with the potion beside her with her palm.


“I thought I didn’t have to rely on potions anymore, but I think I still need it.”

“Norn-sama, you’d better stay away from the potion than look for a healing magician first.”


Although the maid who was waiting behind advised Norn-sama, she did not listen at all and took good care of the potion.

Is this person seriously addicted to potions?

I think it’s too late to leave potions away.


“Well then, I can assume that you’re messengers from the Kingdom of Lingle?”

“Yes. We came to Mia Rak for a certain purpose …. If you would, Usato-san.”


Prompted by Ark-san, I took out the letter from my pocket and handed it to Norn-sama, even though it was awkward.

She opened the letter and silently read the letter and sighed a little.


“… Demon King”


It might be impossible to get cooperation from them this time. It’s not like they want to refuse but they can’t afford to do anything with their problem right now.

However, I handed over the letter because I wanted to convey that the threat of the Demon King was approaching.


“A boy in white clothes visits … It’s as he said.”


“I’ll put this answer on hold.”


On hold? So she’s not refusing?

I expected her to refuse immediately, but what was the intention of putting it on hold?

Looking beside me, Ark-san seems to be confused as well.


“We are currently facing a crisis. It is no coincidence that you came at such a time. You have arrived, and I also hope you will come. I already knew that”


“But I didn’t believe it. Now that he’s rampaging outside, no one can think of joining Mia Rak, because if he were, he would be frozen and breathless by this time.”


In her words, it was as if they had expected us to come before we visited here.

What’s more, it sounds like someone else was foreseeing this, not herself.


“Still, you’ve come this far. That’s why I have to tell you who have come so far. The tragedy that suddenly attacked the man with the power of a dragon at the beginning of the disaster that occurred in this city. —— “


Norn-sama, who made such words, continues after taking a breath.


“The one who is rampaging outside is originally a knight of Mia Rak. His name is Karon …. From the looks of it, you’ve already heard this story from her, right?”


She? Oh, you mean from the maid?

Coming up with that conclusion and nodding to Norn-sama’s words.


“Since the rough explanation is over, let’s talk about him in detail first.”


Hmm, she nodded and resumed the explanation.


“Until recently, he was just a young man who didn’t have that kind of dragon-like power.”

“So he was a normal person?”

“That’s not the case. He’s not a normal person. That young man had a complicated circumstance.”


Complicated circumstances?

It’s an ambiguous way of saying …


“He was a good knight. He was armed, thoughtful, and even had the potential to become a hero of the city. In fact, he and another candidate, the hero of honour. It became a fuss as to who would be the hero.”


Was it Leo-san who was supposed to be the hero?

But if he was such a powerful person, why did he run out of control?

Tilting my head and wondering, Norn-sama continued the following words.


“At that time, something went wrong with him——he held his head to endure something and was so confused that he injured a nearby knight.”

“So that’s why he was in prison?”

“Yes, it took me a long time to lock him in, which even a few people couldn’t hold back, but I managed to confine him to Mia Rak’s toughest cage, but that cage was after all. … only to buy time. “


Exactly two weeks ago — If he was supposed to be imprisoned for a month, Karon would have escaped from Mia Rak in half a month.


“He escaped from prison and headed for the treasure trove as if he was drawn to something, where he picked up the treasure of Mia Rak–the hero who overthrew the Demon King. The strongest and flexible weapon in the world, with power and potential comparable to the hero’s sword. “

“Equivalent to the hero’s weapon …!?”


I unconsciously reach my hand to the hero’s sword that is attached to the waist.

Nowadays, it has been used a lot, such as cutting fruits and sticking into the forehead of grudges, but I know who the original user of this is.

The battle between the hero and the wicked dragon shown by the ghost of Samaria.

The predecessor hero was strengthening himself by sticking a knife into his body. What’s more, by strengthening that principle, it showed a mysterious power that surpassed the power of the wicked dragon in its heyday.

Does Karon have a weapon that exerts such ridiculous power?


“Is that axe like that …”

“That’s not an axe. When he’s using it, it’s shaped like an axe, but the original shape is just a stick. The maker said that —“This is a bow, a sword, It’s also a whip. It’s an ice “cane” that transforms into the optimal shape of the bearer. “

“So a cane, not an axe”


The current shape of the axe is that it is the most suitable shape of armour for Karon now.

That power is convincing. Rather than a half-baked sword or spear, the blow of an axe trying to smash it with force cooled my liver.


“It’s great that he handles weapons that can only be handled by the bearer of his choice, but I can’t be happy if he’s in that state. On the contrary, he’s out of control.”

“So did he freeze the water around Mia Rak?”


Norn-sama nods to Ark-san’s question.

It freezes that much water. I’m glad I didn’t get hit by it when Leo was fighting. It wouldn’t have been unscathed if I received something of that scale head-on.

…… No, maybe it was an attack like a snowstorm that was unleashed after Karon’s body transformed? So maybe it must not have been powerful enough to freeze the lake.


“It was he himself who froze the area around the city, but that was just the result of the overflow of power he had left over. It shouldn’t be that powerful during a normal runaway. Yeah …. unless his power is released to the next stage. “


“Well, we can afford half a month for “him “, so it’s still okay.”


We look at Norn, who smiles as if to be relieved.

Maybe when fighting with me — it can be seen that his horns and tail were released to the next stage. The power of the blizzard wasn’t enough to freeze the surrounding water, because he had only thrown a lot of icicles at us before that.

…… But it’s really hard to say.

It’s probably bad if I say that Karon has already awakened to the next stage to her who was so sick before I cast healing magic.


“Usato, say it”

“Usato, tell her”

“Usato-dono, if you would please.”


It’s painful because my friends throw the whole responsibility to me.

Ark-san knows that I should report when I fight, but Neah and Amako seem to be annoyed just by thinking about it.



“Yes? What is wrong Usato, showing such a mysterious face.”

“It maybe that Karon has already awakened. Now he has horns on his head and a dragon’s tail on his hips. So … it’s a pretty bad situation.”



Norn-sama, who had settled tightly, her voice trembled.


“He- He has already awakened?”



When I nodded, she held her head.


“Calm down, calm down Norn-sama. It’s okay. He shouldn’t be untouched yet. If I can manage him by then, I’ll still be able to recover …”


Norn-sama, who started muttering something, felt a strange melancholy.

However, not only her but we are worried too. Whether we are in this country or not, we cannot avoid a conflict with Karon.

When that happens, can I stand up against him who has awakened to the next level?

In addition, he has a weapon comparable to the weapon of the hero.

For the time being, I also have a hero’s weapon, but it is meaningless because the bearer of this is not me in the first place.

No, there are many unclear points in Norn-sama’s story.

Where does Karon’s power come from in the first place? His magic is beyond the scope of being supplemented by one person’s magical power anymore. The magical power that caused a snowstorm and froze all the surrounding water was out of the standard I know — it was more powerful than senpai and Kazuki.


[— Knight Leona, I’m late, but I’m back from the battlefield!]



A familiar voice echoed from the door of the hall.

Norn-sama, who heard the voice, raised her face and smiled as if she was welcoming a person outside the door.





The door opened quietly and I was a little confused when I saw the person who came in.

I thought it was Leo from the voice, but it was a woman who betrayed my expectations and came in.

A woman with beautiful blonde hair that stretches to the waist and tied together, and eyes that are sharp like a hawk.

The woman who came into the hall wearing light armor and a long skirt walked up to us when she bowed politely and naturally.


“Huh …”



She smiled and tapped my shoulder, then walked up to the throne where Norn-sama was sitting and bent her knees.

Suddenly, I was hit on the shoulder and I tilted my head out of surprise.

What’s this, she’s a very friendly person. It was as easy as greeting a friend.

Is that normal in this city?


“I’m glad you came back safely.”

“Your words are unworthy for me.”

“You are the only knight who can take on Karon. Now, if you lose you, no one can fight him. So good job on returning. Knight Leona.”


So that’s Leona-san?

The fact that she was dealing with Karon means she’s a fairly strong knight.

…… Hmm wait a minute? Just a while ago, the only person fighting Karon-san was me and Leo-san. If she was there, I would’ve spotted her, but was this person also fighting?


“He has achieved the awakening of power.”

“I heard from Usato. How strong is Karon in your eyes?”

“It seems that his violence has increased and the strength has increased accordingly …. I’m sorry, I was instantly defeated immediately after the awakening, so my information only goes as far as my analysis …”

“A knight like you in an instant … this is bad.”


Norn-sama who listened to Leona-san’s report looked up.

Leona-san, who raised her face with her knees bent, glanced at me for a moment.


“To be honest, I was defending myself even when trying to defeat Karon before he awakened.”

“Is he that strong?”

“Yes, and I can live and stand here because of him here — Usato.”



Why does my name pop out of Leona-san’s mouth?


“Thanks to him, what do you mean? He must be a healing magician, so there should be no way to fight …”

“No, he crossed over with Karon only with healing magic and his physical strength, and even helped me who had fainted.”

“… Usato, is that true … Usato?”


Norn-sama was talking to me, but my confused head couldn’t recognize her words.

With my confused look, I once again stared at Leona-san.

She tilted her head to my eyes.


“That, wait are you Leo …?”

“Mu, what’s up now —“

“Wait, you were a woman?”



Norn-sama and the maid who were in front of Leo-san got stuck in a daze.

Leo — Leona-san also stiffened her expression with a smile.

Leo-san, who slowly approached us after a while of silence, grabbed my shoulder with all one’s might.


“Did you misunderstand me as a man? Until now?”

“Well, you were tall, and your voice was muffled through your armor, so it wasn’t clear …”

“Tall … Wait, then why did you call me Leo?”

“Well, I thought it was your name.”


Speaking of which, Leo — Leona-san releases her hand from my shoulder without force.

For the time being, when I first tried to apologize, she squeezed out her voice while shaking her shoulders.


“It’s okay. Usato”

“Ah no, that is …”

“It was I who misunderstood. Yes, that’s right. If someone is taller than you and wearing full-body armor, you can easily mistake it for a man. Moreover, with such a non-feminine tone, a manly personality. That’s why … So you don’t have to apologize. Yes, I was the only one who was dancing in your palms.”


Looking diagonally below, I don’t know what to say to Leona-san, who is laughing humbly with a crying face.

Sadly, this emotionally unstable reaction made me convinced that this person was Leo-san, so I don’t think it’s bad.

I feel that the eyes of Norn-sama and the maid have become stricter.

Looking behind, Neah and Ark-san sent a gaze like, “Wait, didn’t you notice?”

And —


“Amako, did you know about it all this time?”



If you knew about it, then tell me …….

No, I’m the one who misunderstood it so it was my fault.

Everyone was staring at me, but now I was thinking about how to apologize to Leona-san.


Author’s Note:

Leo was actually Leona …! 

Though she acts and behaves like a man, but mentally she’s quite struck and weak.

My errands are over for the time being, so I would like to restore the update speed.

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