Level 1 Guy: Chapter 397 – Two girls

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“Then I’m off.” (Ryouta)

“Be safe nanodesu!” (Emily)


After being sent off by Emily, I went out from the new mansion, Vanadium Dungeon.

After going out to the garden and see the little girl next door.



The little girl is pushing the magic cart, which is larger than her body, with a good mood.


“Are you okay? Isn’t it heavy?” (Ryouta)

“… (nod nod shakes head)” (Vanadium)


She showed her nonverbal gestures saying that she’s fine and it isn’t heavy, but I was a little nervous about the mixed reply.


“Then, let’s go” (Ryouta)

“… (nod nod)” (Vanadium)


Taking Vanadium, we leave the garden of the mansion, and walk in the city of Shikuro.

Shikuro in the early morning was almost empty and quiet.


“It’s an ideal cityscape” (Ryouta)

“…?” (Vanadium)

“In this world, garbage quickly becomes rogue monsters, so wherever you go, there is no trash around so it’s really clean.” (Ryouta)


It stands out even more when it is not crowded in the early morning.

The cityscape and plots are messy, but no trash has fallen.


Even in Japan, there is overwhelmingly less garbage than overseas.

In Europe and the United States, trash could be seen on the road, and high heels were born so as not to step on it.


Japan is also pretty beautiful, but even so, fine dust could fall in places with cigarette butts.

In a city with a certain number of people in this world it is extremely clean.

If there was garbage, it would become a rogue monster and would attack the city.


Well, that’s the same meaning.

We invent High heels to prevent stepping on filth, and zero garbage cityscape to prevent being attacked by monsters.

The essence of both may be the same.


Walking along such a beautiful and quiet city with Vanadium, we head for Teruru dungeon.


This is for Vanadium’s rehabilitation.


Because of Vanadium, whose human phobia gradually healed, I decided to walk around the city together and head for the dungeon instead of using the Transportation Room.

When I came up with the idea, I wondered what she would think when I proposed it, but I wondered if Vanadium was happy to help her. But she showed a sweet and loveable smile as she walked along.


“Thank you” (Ryouta)

“… (smile)” (Vanadium)


When I stroked her head, she smiled back.

While doing so, the two of us walked slowly and went to work in Teruru dungeon.

The first floor of the Teruru Dungeon in the morning.

It’s extremely quiet.


“Good morning”

“Oh, good morning. Rode-san.” (Ryouta)


The person who entered the dungeon talked to us was a short old man with gray hair.

The number of deep wrinkles engraved on the face seems to indicate that he’s easily over 80 years old.


“I’m in your care today.” (Rode)


That said, Grandpa Rode looks at the Slime.


Rode-san moves like a Tai Chi in Kenpo, and he is killing the slime that attacks.


Instinctively, innocently, earnestly.

No intention of defeating it, just moving around with it.


While standing upright and charming, the slime with a very angry look was being played around.

In the dungeon, with slime, it looked like gymnastics in the morning park.


Rode-san does this every day.

He comes in early morning when it there’s less people.

Some people recognized him as a famous grandfather.


“If you don’t move your body, it will be out of shape.” (Rode)

“If you can move this much, can’t you still be active?” (Ryouta)

“No, old people like me shouldn’t take the place of the young ones.” (Rode)

“I don’t think that’s the case.” (Ryouta)

“I’m not motivated anymore. People who aren’t motivated shouldn’t occupy their place forever. It would be unpleasant if a private room in the toilet was occupied even though there’s someone who needs it.” (Rode)

“It’s a unique way of phrasing it.” (Ryouta)


At first glance, Rode-san, who talks while playing with slime, looks like just a good old man.

However, someone who can play around with Slime for half an hour to an hour definitely has considerable ability as an adventurer.


I was a little interested in that way of life.


“By the way, what about that child? Is that Ryouta’s daughter?” (Rode)

“Oh no. I’m living with Vanadium for some reason, Vanadium is this child.” (Ryouta)

“I see. Oh right Vanadium-chan, do you fancy sweets?” (Rode)


Rode-san rushed out the slime and swept it away with that momentum, then put his hand in his pocket, took out some individually wrapped candy balls, and presented them to Vanadium.


Vanadium looked at it for a while and looked up at me.


“Oh?” (Ryouta)


A voice came out unintentionally.

The eyes that Vanadium looked up at me were not the same as when I first met her.


“Is it really okay to take it?” (Ryouta)


It looks like what she’s asking.


“Of course you can.” (Ryouta)

“… (smiles!)” (Vanadium)


Vanadium nodded, got a candy ball, and returned a smile to Rode-san.



After Rode-san finished his routine and went out of the dungeon, we sat down on the ground.

Vanadium sat on my lap sitting cross-legged, broke the packaging with a stubborn hand, and put the candy in her mouth.

She showed a “delicious!” face which makes me smile as soon as I see it.

Getting candy from others.

It made me a little happy that today is another step forward.


“Oh, you were here nano.”

“Hmm? Isn’t it Mao?” (Ryouta)


When I raised my face to a young voice that sounded familiar, there was a figure of Mao Mi, the director of the Flint’s Dungeon Association.

Probably the youngest among all the association presidents. Nevertheless, her scent on sake is extremely high that cannot be overlooked by others.

Mao approached me.


“What’s wrong, coming all the way here?” (Ryouta)

“When I went to the mansion, you weren’t there, or rather, I couldn’t enter the mansion, so I thought I’d look for you outside.” (Mao)

“I see” (Ryouta)

“Is that Mao’s seat nano?” (Mao)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)


Suddenly, thinking of what she’s saying, Mao sat on the other side of Vanadium, my other knee which was vacant.

I sat cross-legged, and two people, Vanadium and Mao, got on my knees.


“Are you competing?” (Ryouta)


I laughed bitterly.

By the way, she’s been sitting on my lap since I first met her.


“I’m not. When I meet you, I sit where I like, that’s all nano.” (Mao)

“Really” (Ryouta)


Is it really that or she’s just stubborn?

Although she is usually an adult, as she looks, she is a young Mao, so I was a little surprised at her actions.


Vanadium saw such Mao and thought about something for a while.


“… (Reach)” (Vanadium)


One of the candy balls she received earlier was placed on the palm of her hand and presented to Mao.


“Oh?” (Ryouta)

“Are you dividing it to share with Mao?” (Mao)

“… (Nod nod)” (Vanadium)

“Uuu …” (Mao)


After all, there must have been a part that was stubborn.

Vanadium innocently offered the candy, and Mao was clearly upset.


Vanadium was confused and tilted her neck.

Prompted by that, Mao slowly received the candy ball.


“… Such a good girl” (Mao)

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)

“Huh. It’s different! … Don’t think you’ve won nano!” (Mao)


Mao jumped up while muttering some words and ran away like a rabbit.


“… That’s not it.” (Mao)


Mao’s reaction was smiling.

On the other hand, I stroked Vanadium’s head.


“That was great of you to do that” (Ryouta)

“… (smiles)” (Vanadium)


While stroking her head it seemed to tickle, but she pressed her head comfortably.

Thank you Mao.

I don’t know what kind of change, but thanks to Mao, I felt that the rehabilitation of Vanadium went one step further.


In that way, while stroking Vanadium, she came back thinking that I would have to thank Mao later.


“What’s wrong, is there something—–?” (Ryouta)

“Thank you!” (Mao)


Mao ran away again, saying so with a red face.


I laughed.

I thought of visiting her later.

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