Level 1 Guy: Chapter 396 – I want to be stronger than myself

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Erythronium changed, Vanadium 3rd floor.


With the ability to change the terrain in the dungeon, it was remade into a space almost the same as the garden of the mansion, and I was facing Alice.


At a distance, Emily stands side by side with Vanadium, watching over us with a serious expression.


“Then I’ll start.” (Alice)

“Anytime.” (Ryouta)

“Okay … one two, Ryochin!” (Alice)


Snap! Alice snaps her fingers.

Summon magic, All Might Ryochin.


From the rift in the space, an existence that could be called my alter ego was summoned.


I was the first player to take the initiative.

Before Ryochin came out completely, I fired a normal bullet with my right hand revolver and set a barrage.

The barrage was likened to a wall and rushed toward Ryochin.


Bang bang bang!


Ryochin also fired a gun in rapid succession.

In the same way, he greets with normal bullets. The bullets struck in the air, scattered sparks, and flew away.


From there, I went one step further, sneaked into Ryochin’s blindspot, and swept from a low position.

Ryochin did a small jump and pulled his leg quickly while reloading bullets into the revolver on his right hand and sticking the muzzle to my head.

I twisted my body to dodge. The launched bullet hit the ground and created an icicle.


With the momentum, I turn my body 180 degrees, kick the icicle, and flick it toward Ryochin.




The vibration was so impactful that the air trembled.

The kicks that were released toward the icicles smashed the icicles at the same time, and the kicks collided with each other.

As a result, the icicles exploded, and in reaction to that, we were pushed out of each other’s space.


“Phew … Ryouta sure showed a fine display.” (Alice)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)

“But why don’t they both use their left-handed revolver? There’s the new bullet in there, right?” (Alice)

“There is a big chance for a sure-fire blow nodesu.” (Emily)

“What?” (Alice)

“I used to get hit by Slime to slow them down before attacking. If the opponent has the same ability, the chances after the attack would be more deadly.” (Emily)

“Naru-the-hodo. Are they both aiming for that?” (Alice)


Emily and Alice discussed at a distance.

The words of the two did not come to my ears.


I couldn’t afford to deal with Ryochin with exactly the same strength as myself whilst paying attention to what they’re saying.


Both me and Ryochin lack a decisive factor.

And neither tried to shoot the left-handed revolver.

It is clear that what is put in there is a trump card for each other.


The exchange of bullets from a close range. There were also scenes in which the act of pulling itself was blocked in an attempt to pull the trigger.

The trump card is in an antagonistic state with an extremely high possibility of misfire if it tries to shoot it.

The time is ticking.


My left hand moved reflexively.


After 30 seconds, Ryochin will disappear due to timeout, so we have to settle by then.

If I try dragging time in order to win my opponent, it’ll leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Therefore, my left hand moved a little——on the other hand, I knew that it was still early.


It created a momentary gap, and Ryochin did not miss it and pointed the left muzzle at himself.


 Time Stop.

I tried to shoot the time-stopping bullet using a double Speed Up bullet at myself.

If the time was stopped, the winner would be confirmed, and that was the trump card for Ryochin.


And that was what I’m waiting for.

Ryochin’s attention withdrew from me to myself.

In terms of time, a short time of less than one hundredth of a second. But surely, Ryochin’s consciousness was far from me.


I pulled the trigger on my left hand.


The trigger itself was close to the same timing as Ryochin.

I was reading the opponent’s movement.

I read that the other side would come using time stop, so when Ryochin shot to the left, I decided to pull at the spinal reflex level as well.

Therefore, I closed at the same time.


And Ryochin’s left hand flew away.


The time-stop bullet fired from the gun was struck into the ground and had no effect.


“It’s a combination of speed up and an iron wall.” (Ryouta)


Speed Up bullet that increases speed, iron wall bullet that penetrate the slowest of all bullets without being interfered by anything.


When the two were put into Vanadium bullet, the speed disappeared.

It was neither early nor late.

The slow factor was rid, leaving only the result of a hit.

For bullets that exceeded the speed of light, the gun was shot before the time-stop bullet was shot at a close range.


As I had read so far, I quickly stepped in and pointed the muzzle at Ryochin’s forehead.


“Checkmate” (Ryouta)

“…” (Ryochin)


Ryochin laughed with the stuffed toy’s face, raised both hands and posed for surrender.

And 30 seconds.


The time was up and Ryochin disappeared.


“Fuuuh… Wow!” (Ryouta)

“… (smiles)!” (Vanadium)


As soon as the battle was over, Vanadium hugged me and smiled at me.


Along with that, Alice and Emily are approaching.


“That was impressive Yoda-san, I didn’t understand half of the fight desu.” (Emily)

“Thank you, I managed to win by a tiny margin.” (Ryouta)

“Maybe Ryochin will use it from now on.” (Alice)

“Whether to read the lies and deal with it, or read my moves 3 times ahead. It is troublesome to have the same specifications as myself.” (Ryouta)

“But you won” (Alice)

“Somehow… By the way Alice.” (Ryouta)

“Hmm?” (Alice)

“Could you lend me Ryochin the days when you don’t use him?” (Ryouta)

“Sure. But Ryochin is a trump card, so I’m sorry if I have to use him on some days.” (Alice)

“Of course” (Ryouta)


I managed to win against myself using Vanadium bullets.


I stroked the head of young vanadium.


Ryochin is big for Alice, but it’s becoming more difficult and important for me.


I’m just a little bit stronger than he is now.

Always a little more than myself.


It leads to growth.


Also, I wanted to improve my ability to prevent a child like Vanadium’s past from appearing.

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