Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 101

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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the delay in updating.

And I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

Here’s chapter 101.


The road to the castle of Mia Rak was terribly quiet.

There were no people, and even the items for sale were left unattended … It was as if people had disappeared at a certain time, and it felt disturbing




Walking with Ark-san and others in a city dominated by silence, I called out to Leo, a man in armor who was walking in front of us.


“Yes, what is it?”

“Why don’t you take off your helmet?”



From a while ago, I was a little worried about him who never tried to remove his helmet.

When he heard my words, he suddenly held his head in his hand.


“Oh, it was rude to keep my face hidden forever. I’m sorry, I’ll remove it now.”


Leo tries to take off his helmet immediately.

However, contrary to expectations, the helmet does not come off as if it was caught by something.


“Ah, Eh? I can’t get it? Mmm, Mmm …!”


Leo grabs his own head and tries to pull it up.

Probably the armor was distorted during the battle with Karon, and he was caught in the helmet and could not be removed.

Leo, who started jumping up on the spot, turned around as after noticing our line of sight.

His voice seemed to tremble.


“I-I will remove it at the castle.”

“Well, that’s better …”


Leo, who was embarrassed, turned to the front and started walking again.

Somehow, he muttered something like “I’ve done it …” or “Maybe it’s no good anymore” or something like that.

Since he said that he has to report the contents to the castle so I thought he seems to be serious.


“Is he a more playful person than I expected?”

“That’s right. It’s very rare to have a personality that feels naturally familiar like that.”


Ark-san nods to my words.

I just met Leo, but I had various impressions.

Reliable, serious, kindness that cared about others more than himself, and a friendly personality … I could feel he’s a little unfortunate, but I’m sure that it’s just me.

Not all the people I meet are unfortunate people every time.


“If we’re talking about people who are unfortunate …”

“… What?”


When I casually glance at Neah walking diagonally in front of me, I was returned with a jerky eye.



“Sigh …”

“Hey !? It’s terrible to sigh when you see a person’s face !? I didn’t even do anything !?”

“No, it’s just that … you’re kinda unfortunate …”

“I don’t want to be told by the most unfortunate guy! This devil and brain for muscle desensitized man!”

“I’m shocked that you can throw all the taunts you can think of.”


I have no choice but to complain about the bad words.

It was insensitive.

Aside from the devil and the brain muscles, I’m proud that I have reached an area that is too sharp for reflexes.


“If you’re talking about pain, I’m usually in pain. I’m just putting up with it. The point is, if I’m enthusiastic I can stand it and I can’t stand it if I don’t feel like it.”

“I wonder if you’ll notice that something is strange when you can put up with it …”

“Humans are creatures that get stronger every time they overcome pain …”


Terrible muscle pain during training.

Pain that continued to be abused, ignoring the screaming muscles.

Injury and poison in the battle with the snake.

Avoiding training just to be unilaterally beaten by Rose.

Injury in the battle with the wicked dragon.

Mental attack in Samaria.

It wasn’t all half-baked, but I endured it and got over it.


“After all that, did you still think you were human?”


However, the vampire who’s hiding as the skin of the village girl returned with such a reaction, perhaps in my words.


“Your reaction is hurting me.”

“No, because … think about it in common sense … because ordinary humans don’t punch an ogre with a single blow … and only a monster could withstand hundreds of years of mental attack?”


It’s not like she’s making fun of me.

But it still stings to hear it …!? I was almost crying because of the reaction.


“Stop it Neah. Can’t you see that Usato’s hurt?”

“Amako …!”


I knew you were on my side, Amako.

Amako hugging my arm with both arms glared at Neah.


“Usato is still human. Still.”

“Hey, why did you say it twice?”


It makes sense, but I’m a human being, right?

It’s not like I’d transform into another creature at a certain time, right?

Amako tilted her head cutely to my appealing line of sight.



“No, don’t tilt your head. And don’t act as though you don’t get what I’m saying?”


Amako didn’t follow up.

I think it’s different.

Stepping on and being kicked would mean exactly this.


“We’re about to arrive at the castle …. Oh, Usato, what’s wrong? No way, did you get hurt somewhere in the previous battle !?”

“My body’s fine, but my heart hurts …”


Although my mental strength should have become stronger in Samaria, a normal shock would hurt so much more.

I told Leo, who cried out in a hurry, that it was okay as he misunderstood what I was doing, and I turned to the nearby castle of Mia Rak.

It looks like a castle made in the same way as the Kingdom of Lingle and Samaria. But the colour is a little light blue?

There is a person here that Leo wants to meet.


“Well, we also have a lot to ask as well.”


The water around Mia Rak is frozen.

Why is Karon, a mysterious man, out of control?

And we have to ask about what is happening to Karon-san.



We were guided by Leon and we arrived at the castle.

When I moved to the front of the castle gate, a person who seemed to be a maid of the castle welcomed Leo and us. However, no one comes out of the castle except her.

As soon as she saw Leo, she changed her face and rushed to him.


“— Are you alright !?”

“Yeah, as you can see, there are no injuries.”

“Aren’t you tattered !?”

“Oh no, I’m intact inside.”

“Well, is that so … What about those people?”


The maid was relieved, but when she noticed us, she looked suspicious.

Probably because there is a monster, Bluerin. He’s usually docile, but from the perspective of ordinary people, it’s a ferocious monster, the blue grizzly, so it’s reasonable to be wary.


“They helped me in danger. I can guarantee that they’re not an enemy.”


Leo immediately told the maid about us, there was nothing to be wary of.


“Usato, let her guide you, because I have to remove this armor.”

“Oh, yes. I understand.”

“Well, I’ll see you soon.”


Leo, who put his hand on my shoulder, smiled and walked toward the castle.

The maid who saw off Leo turned around and thanked him reverently.


“Then, everyone. Please follow me. Ah your, familiar … familiar? … May I have the blue grizzly bear be in the stables?”


“Yes, it is okay”


For the time being, we put Bluerin in the stable on the premises of the castle, and then ask the maid to guide us into the castle.

The inside of the castle was the same as outside.


“Is there nobody here …?”

“I don’t think that that’s the case? It may look like there’s nobody, but there seem to be some.”


Listening to Neah’s words, I look around the castle.

I don’t understand even more. It’s the same outside, but it’s strange to think that there aren’t many people. It’s still convincing if the people of Mia Rak were erased by Karon’s hands outside, but can he do that much with the ice manipulator?


“Why did you come to Mia Rak?”

“We came from the Kingdom of Lingle for a mission, but when we came, the water around Mia Rak was frozen and an unidentified man was rampaging … what happened? ? “



Yes, when Ark-san asked the maid, she became silent.

After a while of silence, she hesitated but opened her mouth.


“I … I don’t understand the details. I don’t … but it started about a month ago.”

“A month……”


Was it around the time before we arrived at Samaria?

It means that the turmoil had begun from that time.


“One night, a knight suddenly rampaged. He began to attack those around him as if he had lost consciousness, and he was immediately taken over by the knights around him and put in prison.”


Probably, the knight is Karon.

But what does it mean to suddenly rampage?


“After a while, he went back to normal and his usual peaceful life returned … Was what we thought so, but he never returned to his sanity, and his power from that day seemed to be increasing day by day … and — “

“… and?”

“Just two weeks ago, he broke the cage and escaped. He robbed Mia Rak of his powerful armor and quickly neutralized the knights and tried to destroy them.”

“Isn’t it just the power of that ax …”


Karon’s ax — It was coated with a strong cold air, so I thought that was the cause of changing him into a strange shape, but he had changed before that.

Moreover, two weeks ago …

It was around that time when we left Samaria, so we went straight ahead without noticing the abnormal situation of Mia Rak.

Hmmm, it’s a very unlucky story.


“So the people here were …?”

“No. People living in Mia Rak have fled to neighboring countries.”



So they managed to escape while Karon was rampaging outside?

Is that possible …?

When I couldn’t understand the maid’s explanation, she stopped walking in front of me and turned around. There is a big door on our side, and she puts her palm on that door.


“For more details, the Queen shall attend to it.”

“Queen …?”


Saying so she opened the door.

A woman was sitting on the throne at the back of the hall that was visible in front of the door.

Is she the same age or maybe older than Rose? However, due to her tired expression and the dark circles floating around her eyes, she seems older than she is.

A royal costume based on blue and a cane that was transparent like ice. The woman, who turned her eyes squinting, stared at us with interest.


“You guys … no, so you were the ones he was talking about, right?”



Looking at me, I was confused by what she said.

It was as if she knew me. What’s more, this time it didn’t feel like I had been researched in advance like in Samaria.

The queen slowly stood up from the throne, who opened her eyes astonishingly.


“Welcome to Mia Rak, I am Norn Erad Mia Rak, Queen of Mia Rak. First of all, I — We can’t really welcome you.”


A clear refusal of the Queen, Norn Erad Miarak.

The words made me convinced that the delivery of this letter would not be so easy.



“I know we’re not welcome, but it seems like we were involved for no apparent reason. First of all, could you talk about what is happening? “


After receiving a clear refusal, Ark-san was talking to Norn-sama instead of me who did not know how to cut to the chase.

In his words, Norn-sama opened her mouth small when she dropped her shoulders so that it would hang down.

The voice was weak and did not make you feel any dignity.


“I know. I think we should welcome you … but it’s too late. I’m sorry to say it harshly …”


Norn-sama made a shadow on her facial expression and slowly lowered her arms.

It should be said that the appearance was more like a salaryman who was tired of work than a queen. Confused by the difference between what I expected and the Queen in front of me, I waited for her next words.


“I haven’t slept properly for about a week, and honestly I can’t think well…”

“Eh, eh …”


Even if you were in a bad mood for a reason that was lower than expected …

She casually laid the expensive cane on her side and sat roughly in the throne, holding her eyes to prevent her from sleeping. If you look closely, there is something like a bottle lying beside the throne.

…… What, that …… Is it alcohol?

When I was staring at the empty bottle, Nea and Amako next to me held my nose and grabbed my face.


“Uh, Usato … that’s a potion. And this strong smell … it’s the one that has the effect of removing drowsiness …”

“Wow, potions should be expensive, but that’s a great way to use them …”


I heard about potions for the first time, but is it like an energy drink?

Hearing Amako’s words, the queen smiled empty and empty, grabbed the bottle with the contents beside her and drank it with a trumpet.

When I saw Norn-sama, the maid behind me rushed up.


“No-Norn-sama! How many times do you know that overdose of potions is bad for your health !? It’s okay even if it’s 3 hours, so please sleep!”

“No, I don’t like it! I will never wake up in three hours! I can’t sleep even for a day to get rid of the problematic child who is rampaging outside! Gulp gulp gulp!”

“Ah, all at once !? That’s no good!”


A queen who gulps a potion and a maid who tries to stop the assault while keeping her calm.

Honestly, to me, who met the kings like Lucas-sama and Lloyd-sama, the young Norn-sama in front of me looked quite strange.

Rather, she’s quite odd.


“I haven’t been a queen that long and I have to be on the verge of extinction …


Finally, even though we were there, she started whining.

It can’t be helped even if it’s troublesome, so I sighed and decided to go forward.


“Uhmm, I’m sorry.”

“What is it …”


I call out to her like a ghost who ruins everything, including the dignity she first felt.

Actually, I think she is a very beautiful person but it’s ruined because of the dark circles and tiredness.


“Shall I use healing magic?”

“… Huh !?”


What did you say?! Was what she thought as that was another solution.

When I saw Norn-sama and the maid looking at me as if they had found a savior, I was tired for some reason.

It seems that it will be a while before we hear about the situation.


Author’s Note:

We have the appearance of the hard-working queen and the hard-working maid.


Sorry for the delay in updating.

Busy days will continue until around the 20th, so it may not be possible to update until then.

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