Level 1 Guy: Chapter 395 – I’m always thinking about you

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The salon at night, a lively moment where friends gathered after returning home.


“Ryouta! And Emily’s! Combined Cooking!” (Alice)


Alice was excited to show off something grandly.


We had a meeting in advance, and I pointed the muzzle at the soup prepared by Emily and triggered it.


The next moment, the soup burns with the bowl.


“Oh, it’s a mysterious flame.” (Celeste)


It was Celeste who noticed the strange phenomenon.

When it came to flames, she was the best in the family, and on the contrary, she was quite an expert among all adventurers.


Cold flame.


She immediately noticed that the flame was a little higher than human skin.


“Try touching it.” (Ryouta)

“Yes … it’s warm.” (Celeste)


Perhaps because she knew it, Celeste did not hesitate at all and touched the burning vessel.


“A burning soup, somehow it has a nice ring to it?” (Alice)

“Is it?” (Ryouta)

“Soup is good, but wouldn’t it be better with alcohol?” (Aurum)


It was Aurum who pointed out.

The horns growing from the head on her jet-black dress.

The demon princess, the spirit of standing with a feeling of appearance, smiled menacingly on her young face.


“Having a burning alcohol toppled with moon viewing is definitely a better option.” (Aurum)

“Oh, that sounds good. Emily, can I get a warm kanzake?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu” (Emily)


Ena turned to Aurum, and Emily ran into the kitchen.

With almost no waiting, Emily returned with a warm kanzake and Ochoko set on the tray.


“Yoda-san” (Emily)

“Ah” (Ryouta)


I repacked the flaming and frozen bullets and fired cold flames.

Emily pours sake there, and Aurum and Ena get it and put it in their mouth.


Aurum in a dress and Ena with a rich adult sex appeal.


“Both of them have an overwhelming sense of strength.” (Ryouta)

“It’s exactly what I said.” (Aurum)

“This is good, it’s going to get addictive.” (Ena)


The two drank liquor that burned satisfactorily.

Some dishes dare to use high-frequency alcohol and ignite to remove the alcohol content, but it seems that there is a merit that makes a clear distinction from that.


While Aurum and Ena enjoyed the mature taste, Celeste stared at my hand and the gun I was holding.


“You’ve put two bullets just now, right?” (Celeste)

“That’s right.” (Ryouta)

“Is it different from a fusion bullet?” (Celeste)

“It looks different” (Ryouta)

“Are there other things that can be combined?” (Celeste)

“I tried it all, but this was the most interesting.” (Ryouta)


I said so, I took out two Speed Up bullets, loaded them into Vanadium bullets, and pointed the muzzle at Celeste.


“Are you going to use it on me?” (Celeste)

“Yeah, it’s going to last roughly ten seconds.” (Ryouta)

“… I understand.” (Celeste)


Although she tilted her head slightly, Celeste nodded immediately.

She correctly received my silent message.


I fired.

The moment it hit, Celeste disappeared.


“Wow? What was that?” (Alice)

“Celeste-san is gone desu.” (Emily)


Alice and Emily were surprised.

Immediately after, Celeste opened the door and returned to the salon from the corridor.


“Eh? Did you just go out into the corridor?” (Alice)

“What just happened nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Celeste seems to already know what’s going on.” (Ryouta)

“… Is that really the case?” (Celeste)


Celeste still looks shocked  even after actually experiencing it.


“I thought I was being pranked too.” (Ryouta)

“I couldn’t do anything in ten seconds. It was so sudden.” (Celeste)

“Is that so?” (Ryouta)

“Hey, what are you guys talking about?” (Alice)


Alice asked for an answer. Emily also stared straight at me.


“It’s time stop. Double the Speed Up bullets——no, it may be squaring them.” (Ryouta)

“Whaaaaaaaat!?” (Alice)

“I-Is that even possible nanodesu?” (Emily)

“I was surprised when I first did it. But, well, the time-stopping in AV is 90% fake, so it isn’t that surprising?” (Ryouta)

“Haaae…” (Alice)

“Yoda-san is getting stronger and stronger desu.” (Emily)


I laughed bitterly, a little bit sad.

It was nice to try saying it out, but I was embarrassed because they couldn’t understand the story of earth at all.


“Hey, Ryouta. Can you do it one more time, for me?” (Alice)

“I mean sure, but….” (Ryouta)


While wondering why she was so excited, I fired it at Alice again with two Speed Up bullets.


“Eh?” (Emily)

“Awawa” (Celeste)

“She’s quick in adapting to it” (Ryouta)


Celeste who raised her voice and I who smiled.

Celeste is turned to the back, and Emily’s tray is placed on her head.

The revolver I had in my right hand was held in my left hand.


Alice seemed to enjoy herself to the fullest for 10 seconds using the time stop for mischief.


“Wow, this is amazing Ryouta” (Alice)

“I think Alice, who can use it right away, is even more amazing.” (Ryouta)

“Fufu, but of course, since I’ve been thinking about Ryouta every single day.” (Alice)

“” Eh !? “” (Elza and Celeste)


Celeste and Elza fell from their chair out of surprise.

The two shouted at the same time and grandly.


“T-To think of him everyday.” (Celeste)

“Maybe Alice-chan …?” (Elza)

“Also?” (Celeste)


On the other hand, Alice tilted her neck.


“Is it different?” (Elza)

“What do you mean by think?” (Celeste)

“It’s Ryochin. In order to use Ryochin well, I have to think about Ryouta properly and understand him, right?” (Alice)

“Oh, oh …” (Elza)

“So that was the case …” (Celeste)


Celeste and Elsa were relieved to hear that.


But is that so? Ryochin?

About me——She was always thinking about how to fight, so she was able to take advantage of the time stop immediately.


“Hmm, this made me stronger too. Thank you, Ryouta.” (Alice)


Alice innocently laughs and thanks me.


“You should thank Vanadium too.” (Ryouta)

“Oh! Thank you EriEri. Alright, Meramera tackle.” (Alice)


Alice ordered Meramera to play with tVanadium that was still clinging to me.


Not just me. It made me even more happy when I realized that Alice had become stronger.

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