Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 100

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“He was supposed to be a hero …!?”


The first thing that came to mind in the words of the person in armor was the appearance of senpai and Kazuki.

However, I immediately deny that idea.

The physique, body, and magic that are separated from that person clearly do not apply to humans on earth. Rather, the thickness of the skin and superhuman strength aren’t possible overnight.

In the first place, if someone had such a superhuman strength in the same world as me, I would be surprised.


“By hero you mean that he was chosen by this country?”

“… Yeah, that’s right.”


There’s two interpretations of hero in this world.

The first; A person with the qualities of a hero summoned from another world like a senpai and Kazuki.

The second; The country gives one individual the title of hero and therefore that person becomes a hero.

In this case, this long-haired man — Karon is the latter.


“Even so, he … Karon’s power is beyond the scope of humans …”

“I don’t want you to be saying that of all people …”


Shut up.

However, the problem is what to do in this current situation.


“I want to withdraw from here … but it doesn’t look like he’ll let us do that …!”


I spread my legs half a step and look at Karon who is carrying an ax and glaring at me.

Let’s see, if I turn my back on this person, the icicle just before will fly. However, even if I stay here, he’ll just attack.

While doing so, Karon puts his hands on the icy ground like a beast.


“He’s coming……!”

“You, Usato right! Please leave me behind !! I don’t want to get in your way !!”


The person in armor, Leo-san was it ……? The voice was a little high and husky, but judging from his name, it was a man.

His injuries were completely healed, so I let him down.


“I don’t know you very well and I’m also worried about the strange creature on your shoulder whom you were talking to… but I can see that you’re not a villain.”

“What do you mean by strange !? I’m an owl !?”


No, you’re a vampire.

While looking inwardly, I look at the person in armor who moved a little behind me.


“I’ll talk about what happened with him in Miarak later. First, help me overcome this situation.”


Leo turned his palm toward Karon with his armor.

There’s no weapons, is he planning to fight with magic?

‥ …… The person who was fighting him alone until a while ago, it would be reliable if we could fight together.


“… Thank you. I’m counting on you.”

“!? You’re counting on me … me … reliable…?”

“Hmm? ……!”


For a moment, I felt that he was displaying a disappointing and strange feeling, but when I saw Karon put effort into his legs, I switched my thoughts and jumped forward.

The first move was overwhelmingly faster than me!

A healing restraint bullet was released under Karon’s feet, and he hurried on as much as he could to close the distance. Karon is about to fly, perhaps trying to intercept me as he approaches, but my healing restraint hits his unsuspecting right foot directly, causing him to lose his posture.


“If you’re a heavy opponent, then you’re not used to this!”


Basically heavy guys do not defend!

I’ve learned in the battle with the Wicked dragon!


“Neah! You’re gonna lose consciousness if you don’t focus!”



We continued tossing punches with extreme speed.

Continuously hitting him with the healing restraint fist to block the movement ―――,




However, I feel a terrible cold air from Karon’s ax and immediately withdraw my protruding arm.

At the next moment, the ax swung around by force passing where my arm was.


“That was dangerous, I was taken aback just now !!”

“Ooooooooooo !!”

“Ku …”


It’s like there’s no weight―――as I avoid the onslaught of attacks from Karon who wields his ax as if swinging a wooden stick.

If I was hit by it, I would be seriously injured, and if I’m careful, I would die instantly.

Moreover, in addition to the slashing, another troublesome thing is this cold. I’ve managed to control it with healing magic now, but if I continue to be exposed to cold air, I can’t move properly.

Every time the ax was swung around, a strong cold air was released and robbed me of my body temperature.


“Neah … a magic of resistance …!”

“For the cold !? Or slash —“


The axe was swung in front of my face. It didn’t hit me but… that chilled my entire body.

Neah, who is at the same height as my face, felt the coldness as her face was showing a deep blue colour.


“Slash, the slash!”

“Hoot … slash is it !?”


Because the resistance spell was activated, the slashing did not work for me — but honestly, I do not want to receive an ax on my face, so let’s attack when there’s a gap.

When holding a fist and trying to restrain the opponent, ice gravel popped out from behind and hit Karon’s hand holding the ax directly.

The gravel of ice spread widely contrary to its appearance, and Karon’s hands and the ground were sewn with ice.



“Usato, now !!”


Looking behind, Leo holds his palm.

Did he accurately aim only at the handle of the ax that was swung around !?

Ice gravel ――― No, he compressed the magical power of ice with both hands, and shot two magical bullets of ice in a row, hitting Karon’s legs, and further strengthening the restraint.


“That helped! Neah! Accumulate all of the magic restraint at once !!”

“Yeah yeah, I’ve already witnessed your rash actions one too many times!!”


A fist with restraint magic.

The binding force of each blow is insignificant, but if you hit it continuously, it will become a considerable binding force!

I stepped on Karon who was about to start moving while crushing the ice, and waved my fist.




Eighteen fists were struck simultaneously.

I couldn’t do more than that because there was a risk of damaging Karon’s body.

However, it seems that the restraint spell worked by itself, and Karon’s limbs that were beaten by me had multiple layers of restraint spell.


“Phew —…”

“Well, uh, should I admire this guy who has been getting hit by this monster’s fist?”


I was worried that I had overdo as what Neah pointed out.

The feeling that remains on my fist felt like hitting the scales of the wicked dragon—  but the damage itself does not seem to pass much …


“Let’s get into Miarak early. If we don’t leave soon, this person will start rampaging immediately, honestly, we can only suppress it now.”

“… It’s unusual of you to look at this situation rationally. You didn’t just insanely rush in and …”


That’s rude of you to call me that.

While being wary of Karon who did not move, we went back and urged the person in armor to enter Miarak.



“… Ooo …”


“! He is still able to move !?”

“Usato, I will support you again! Once more —“

“Ooooooooooooooo …!”


A roar that was strong enough to shake the air.

The voice made me feel something extraordinary was about to happen.

Along with that, something like a horn grows from the man’s head.


“What the …!? Horns !?”

“A tail is also growing !?”


Karon has two white horns from the temporal region and a blue dragon-like tail from the waist.

Karon screamed as if in response to his transformation.


“That’s a dragon !? How could humans transform into a dragon !?”

“That’s too early …! There should still be time!”

“What do you mean!?”


I asked Leo-san, but I didn’t get a response because he was upset by the sudden situation.

While doing so, Karon, who finished the transformation, swings up an ax with a stronger cold air than before.

In the torrent of tremendous magical power that can be felt on the skin, Neah thrust into the bosom of my uniform. At that time, I heard a voice saying “Pugyafu”, but I ignored her and stand in front of Leo who was upset as I protect my face and abdomen with both arms.

The next moment, the wind and cold air blew away from the ax that was swung down, which felt like a snowstorm.



“Hyaah ~~~!”


Fortunately or unfortunately, I was blown away and was struck from my back against the icy ground near the gate of Miarak.

Neah is screaming in my inner pocket, so she’s safe, but ….. I’m not.


“Damn, who’s that person …! IThat’s not normal to blow someone off with just cold air …!”


My body got cold and I couldn’t move well.

It doesn’t feel like I’m freezing, but it’s so cold that my limbs isn’t moving well..


“… Leo …”


He was blown away with me and fell just behind me.

I want to rescue him right away, but first of all I need to heal my body ―――


“Ooooooooo !!”

“Tsk, so you are still chasing me!”


The ax was swung up and Karon was catching up, and his cheeks cramped.

It would be fatal if he attacked in this situation, but no matter how much healing magic I applied, the coldness wouldn’t stop.

What’s more, there’s no time for Neah to apply resistance to the cold air.

At this rate, a certain death is waiting.


“As if I’ll die in such a place … !!”


Forcibly apply healing magic to my legs that aren’t moving in the cold, I tried to stand up.

If I couldn’t move completely in this cold weather, I would have died long ago …… !!

Thinking so, when I stood up scolding my trembling body and looked up, Karon had already begun to swing down his ax.

On top … I’ll show you a counter attack!!

I hold my fist with the resistant magic as much as I can and swing it.


――― Clink!


“―――― !?”



However, before Karon’s fist came into contact with my fist, the ax that Karon swung down was blocked by something and was flipped.

Karon, who landed on the ground, continued to swing his ax, but everything was blocked by something like a transparent wall, and the attack did not pass.


“Is this a barrier?”


Looking closely, there is a translucent light blue barrier between me and Karon, which was deployed not only in front of me but also to cover Mia Rak.

The barrier that trapped Eva in tSamaria was not as big as this.

Who on earth …


“Usato-dono !!”



Ark-san comes down from the wall near the castle gate.

Amako and Bluerin … Did you leave them in Miarak?


“Are you okay !? Warm up with my flames now !!”

“No, I’m okay. Rather than that, you should treat that person over there …”


Karon can’t handle us anymore.

The barrier is stronger than it looks, so there’s no need to be afraid. The problem is Leo-san, who was blown away with me. I’m still paralyzed by the cold, but now that I’m able to move a lot, I lift Leo-san, who has fainted, and cast healing magic.

Ark-san, who moved next to me when he was shedding magical power while looking at the coldness of his armor, created a flame in his palm.


“Ark-san …”

“Usato always has a bad habit of holding it in. Please rely on me a little more.”

“……Thank you”


The heat of the flame warms my cold body.

I looked at Ark-san and smiled and we moved to the gate of Mia Rak, where Ark-san seems to have come out.

During that time, a black owl jumped out of my clothes.


“Puha, Usato! Are you trying to suffocate me !?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot about you.”

“So terrible !?”


For the time being, it all worked out.

Surely, if I had eaten that snowstorm, I might have been blown far away rather than frozen.

In the first place, what’s going on in MiaRak.

Karon, a man with horns and a tail.

Leo-san is wearing armor that covers the whole body.

And, the strange tranquility of Miarak who does not show up even in such a disaster.


“……In any case”


Look at Karon, who is outside the barrier.

There is a reflection of him glaring at me and groaning like a beast.

Honestly, I was the one who would have lost if I continued as it was. I was saved by being blocked by a barrier by chance, but I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been for that.


“I’m not good at brawls …”


If possible, I wouldn’t want to fight him again.

On the other hand, I had a feeling that I had to fight with Karon again, even if I didn’t like it.



When I entered the floating city of Miarak and joined with Amako and Bluerin, what I saw was a very quiet cityscape.

There are no stores open and no people.

While feeling unpleasant at the deserted scene, I asked Ark-san who was next to me.


“This is …”

“Yes, for some reason there are no people.”


No way, the people here were killed by Karon …? No, then there should be blood and traces of being devastated.


“Amako, the smell of blood …”

“Yeah, not at all”


That is not Karon’s work.

Then why? In this situation, there may be no one in the castle beyond sight.


“… Guru”

“Bluerin also said that there are no signs of people here.”



This may not be just a simple handling of letters …

If Miarak is to be handed over in such a situation, it seems meaningless to hand over the letter.


“Usato-dono, why don’t you look for the person who created the barrier?”


“Even if it is due to such a wide range of barriers and magic tools, it will take human hands to bring out the effect to that extent. If you look for that person, you may solve this mysterious situation.”

“Yeah. As Ark says, first look for the person who created the barrier. At the moment, this person, who seems to be the only person involved in Miarak, has fainted in the last blow.”


Neah, who is now in the form of the village girl, agreed with Ark-san’s words and glanced at the person in the armor.

Certainly what we should do now is to grasp the situation.

Well, if we have Nea, Amako, and Bluerin who have a better sense than humans, we will find them soon.


“No need to do that”



A muffled voice echoed from the back.

Apparently Leo-san woke up.

For the time being, when I lowered him, I saw his armor full of dents.


“I’m sorry. I was helped again.”

“Are you okay? Is there anything that hurts?”

“No, strangely there’s none. I’m surprised that I’m not even tired. I’m sorry I’ve been despising healing magic until now …. I’m really grateful to you.”


He felt a little embarrassed and bowed his head.

However, the words of Leo, who raised his head next, startled me.


“But the skilled healing magician is really awesome! I never thought he would hit him with his fist, let alone take a punch that easily!”

“A- Ahahaha, it’s not a big deal …”


Leo-san’s words made me squeeze my cheeks.

I’m sorry, ordinary healing magicians aren’t good at hand-to-hand fighting. Rather, it’s strange to go for a hit.

And oi, the fox and the owl behind me. You seem to be desperately holding back, but you know I can hear you laughing?


“But I’m sorry …”

“Emotions rise and fall sharply …”


Is he emotionally unstable?

Is he younger under the armor? His height is a little taller than mine, and he may be unexpectedly close to my age.


“So Leo-san”

“… Are you referring to me?”



Did I make a mistake in his name?

No, but I feel like he introduced himself as Leo.


“… Oh, is it because we’ve met for the first time, but after fighting together, we call them each other by nickname … Is that so?”

“No, that”

“Don’t mind it. Just call me Usato, because it’s easier to call me that than to change it right now.”

“Ah, that’s right.”


It’s too much trouble, so let’s leave the name behind.

Because he was wearing a helmet, I don’t know his facial expression, but I think he’s very happy as I see him nodding with his arms folded.

It wasn’t intended for me.


“You guys want to know what the situation is for Miarak now.”


“… I’ll tell you more about it at the castle, because I have to report it as well.”

“In the castle? Is there still a person here?”


Leo-san nods to Ark-san’s words.


“Oh, but the number isn’t that big …. Follow me and I’ll guide you to the castle.”

“Bluerin … Is it okay to take this blue grizzly along?”

“… Is the bear there a monster? And is it a blue grizzly … I don’t mind if it doesn’t attack people … but he can’t enter the castle.”



Bluerin growled.

I somehow understood what he was saying, so I spoke to Leo-san for Burlin.


“Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

“Oh, is that so …”


Leo-san, who was slightly backtracked, turned awkwardly and started walking toward the castle, making a rattling noise.

When we followed him, Amako who had moved next to me looked up at me.


“Usato, are you aware?”

“Hmm? What …?”

“That person……”


Amako’s line of sight turns to Leo-san.

What are you aware of? Is it something important?


“What happened to him?”

“He … oh, ah no, no. Yeah, it’s nothing.”


What are you really worried about?

Amako smiled a little and walked next to me, looking forward to seeing what I was saying.

I don’t know what you mean at all … Well, if you say it’s okay, then it’s okay.

I was following Leo-san with my friends, still feeling uncomfortable.


Author’s Note:

This is Usato’s first defeat.

It is by design that Leo’s (temporary) first person speech is referred to as “I(私)”.

In addition, he (temporary) is not the Queen of Miarak.

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