Level 1 Guy: Chapter 390 – Voice of Erironium

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After cooperating and thanking everyone who captured the Mimic, all of them returned.


I was alone with Eri and faced a mountain of Mimic.


“Alright, should we try it at once?” (Ryouta)


When I mumbled, Eri gently took a distance and took a small guts pose to cheer me on.


“Yeah, I’ll do my best” (Ryouta)


Eri smiled back and I held my revolver.

I shoot one of the Mimic that is placed directly on the ground.


Growth bullet.

A bullet whose power increases with each shot and hit.

Now, 99% of normal monsters have gone to a point where they can be defeated with a single shot.


It’s a powerful and practically one-shot weapon, but it’s a bit half-finished compared to Repetition, and if you place them side by side to Repetition, it’s sometimes troublesome, so I’m not actually using it. ..


Since the mimic has been detained, so I’m shooting to further grow the bullet.

The shot mimic flew away and dropped something like a gatan and an iron box.


“This is an oven … no, a microwave?” (Ryouta)


I approach the box and open the vertically opening door.

It is a high-performance type microwave oven that does not have a rotating plate.


“… (Pulls)” (Eri)


Eri came by me, pulled my sleeves and shook her neck.


“Oh, it’s a convenient home appliance where I was. It’s used with electricity.” (Ryouta)


After answering Eri, I look at the microwave again.


It’s been a while since I came to this world.

Emily’s superhuman housework skills rarely make me realize, but I thought again that microwave ovens are actually amazing things.

The food warms up with a single switch, and if you want to do it, water will spring up (although it is dangerous after that).


It was very useful because you can cook bag noodles without burning them.


“Well, it’s just a box right now.” (Ryouta)

“…?” (Eri)

“You can’t use it without electricity. Well, Japan is special in the world beyond that it has a stable AC power supply.” (Ryouta)


Eri is still tilting her head.

It’s not a story to explain in depth, so I picked up the microwave oven, which is just a box, and stood up.

I looked at the remaining Mimic mountain.


“It’s true that it won’t be this easy….” (Ryouta)


The large number of Mimic that everyone has collected is not a small number, but it is not enough to “pull until it comes out”.

I have to think about some other way.


“Should we ask Alice?” (Ryouta)

“… (Pulls)” (Eri)

“What’s wrong, Eri?” (Ryouta)


Eri proudly strikes her chest.


“Do you mean you can call Alice?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)

“I see. Thank you, Eri. Please.” (Ryouta)


Eri rushed happily with a gorgeous face and jumped into Erironium dungeon—–the new mansion.

The appearance made me a little happy.

Although it’s a companion of mine, I was happy to see Eri moving to call her.

As soon as I was immersed in that feeling, Eri came back with Alice.


“Wow! What’s this, it’s amazing! What’s with all these?” (Alice)

“Everyone gathered this for Eri.” (Ryouta)

“For Erieri?” (Alice)

“So, I’d like to ask you something, do you know the timing of the drop?” (Ryouta)

“Yup” (Alice)

“What kind of feeling is that?” (Ryouta)


Alice puts her index finger on her chin and thinks “Hmm”.

When she thought about it, she folded her arms this time and started humming, “Hmmmm.”


“Hmmm, it’s like a box.” (Alice)

“Box?” (Ryouta)

“Well, there are several boxes, and it feels like there’s only one item inside.” (Alice)

“Ah” (Ryouta)


While nodding, I imagined the situation that Alice said.


“Well, when I look at it, it feels like there is a” hit “written on the outside of the box?” (Alice)

“I see” (Ryouta)


I don’t really understand, but there’s one thing I understand.


“I can’t do what you did.” (Ryouta)

“Because I was born in a dungeon” (Alice)

“In the first place, the compatibility between me and mimic is the worst.” (Ryouta)

“Eh? Why?” (Alice)

“My ability is purely 100% drop, and it drops the best quality. My ability is to drop even monsters who do not actually drop …” (Ryouta)

“Hmm——oh, I see now. mimic also drops outside the dungeon.” (Alice)

“Yes, that’s why it doesn’t go well … it doesn’t make sense. With the mimic drop, it doesn’t have an advantage.” (Ryouta)

“Oh … hmm” (Alice)


Alice started to wonder again.

Looking at a pile of mimic, she approached and stared at one, or looking away from a bird’s-eye view of the whole.


“… Ahhhh! I don’t know. I can’t understand what Ryouta wants! I’m looking at it, but they all look the same.” (Alice)

“I see … hmm” (Ryouta)


I asked for some advice, but it seems that it was no good after all.

I tried to shoot another mimic again.


The mimic was defeated with a single blow, and it dropped——


“A table?” (Alice)

“It’s a kotatsu. It’s the strongest item in winter, but again, we don’t have electricity.” (Ryouta)


It’s no good after all.

I don’t feel like it’s getting anywhere.


“Is there any other way? I’d like to make a quick decision here for Eri.” (Ryouta)

“You can do it Ryouta! But it’s a very high level of trouble.” (Alice)

“High level?” (Ryouta)

“A normal person doesn’t even worry about helping spirits, let alone helping people.” (Alice)

“It doesn’t make much difference, though.” (Ryouta)


For me at least.


“At the time Meramera helped me, but … Is there anything that Erieri can cooperate with Ryouta?” (Alice)

“I want to help her, but—-Hmm?” (Ryouta)

“What’s wrong, Ryouta.” (Alice)

“Wait a minute!” (Ryouta)


I held my hand, interrupted Alice’s words, and desperately gathered my memory.

Something came to my mind for a moment.


I was inspired.


Inspired, but desperately trying to find out what it was that passed by at a tremendous speed.

In such a case, I repeat the same action and remember by associating.


Reverse the behavior.

I look at Alice, look at the dropped kotatsu, and look at the pile of mimic.


I pulled out my revolver and fired——-a growth bullet! ??

No, it’s a repetition!


In practice, it is almost upward compatible with growth bullets, and is repetition.

The strongest magic that unconditionally kills a monster once defeated.

It was the one given by Nihonium.

The magic needed to meet Nihonium was the magic she gave me to guide me.


The spirit is for the spirit itself.


“Eri! Follow me” (Ryouta)

“… (Nods.)” (Eri)


I pulled Eri’s hand, jumped into the dungeon, and warped into Nihonium’s room using the transportation room.


The woman with a kimono was quietly standing in the center of the room.


“What happened? Ryouta-san” (Nihonium)

“Tell me Nihonium, how did you guide me to obtain Repetition?” (Ryouta)

“At the time for Repetition?” (Nihonium)

“Yeah, you needed me, so didn;t you lead me to obtain Repetition for that? How did you do that?” (Ryouta)

“Is it for her?” (Nihonium)


Nihonium saw Eri.

By bringing her, she understood the situation smoothly.


“It’s hard to explain.” (Nihonium)


Nihonium said so and presented it to Eri with her palm facing up.

Eri took the hand of Nihonium, a spirit of the same family, without any hesitation.


I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s certain that something is going on.

I waited patiently, it felt like forever——-and kept waiting.



“Eh?” (Ryouta)


I heard a voice.

A voice close to mishearing, and not a physical one.

It was a voice I had heard before.




When I listened carefully, I could hear it clearly.

Eri——no, the voice of Erythronium, who once asked me for help.


I return to the mansion from the gate and jump out into the garden, guided by the voice.


“Wow!” (Alice)


Alice was still there, but she was surprised.


“This is it……” (Ryouta)


In my eyes, there was one mimic.

On top of that, I saw a small woman——–a woman that looked like Eri as an adult.

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