Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 98

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Author’s Note: This is Volume 5.


The trip to the floating city MiaRak went on without incident.

Thanks to Amako’s precognition, fighting with monsters was avoided as much as possible, and there were no traps like in Neah, and food could be replenished in the village.

Have we got used to going on a journey? Then again, let’s enjoy the scenery around us, so we could afford to enjoy the trip so much——-that we couldn’t help but get into trouble at the very end of our trip.


“Why is this happening !!”




We are currently running now—– more specifically Bluerin and I are running and Aak-san is riding a horse, but that isn’t the problem now.

A flock of monsters is chasing behind us with great momentum.

Originally, it should be rare to encounter such a number of monsters, but it was a sudden event. A flock of demons of an inevitable scale appeared, even if Amako predicted it.


“Usato, look ahead! If you fall here, they’ll catch up!”

“Don’t forget that Amako and I are here okay !?”


When running with a daze, Neah was on my shoulder and Amako on my back screamed impatiently.

I want Neah to fly in the sky and run away normally, but in this situation, could this airhead girl even come up with that idea …?


“Usato-dono, we’re almost arriving Miarak soon! If you get on the boat, the monsters shouldn’t enter the lake!”


Aak-san answered while on the horse.


“Okay! I’ll stop when I’m about to catch up! At that time, I’ll leave Amako and Neah to you, Bluerin!”


“… I need your help! Don’t be crazy!”


If I ran with all my strength, I would leave both Bluerin and the horse behind.

Thus, my speed is adjusted so that it does not happen, but in case of emergency I will take on the monster. After all, if you hit the wild beast, they will lose their fighting spirit and return.

Even if it is impossible to turn back, if I stick to it, I should be able to hold down the hordes of monsters for a few minutes …


“But why are so many monsters attacking …?”


While running without disturbing my breathing, I look in the direction where Miarak would be.

This number is unusual.

It can be said that all the monsters in the area are gathered here.


“… Is that voice the cause?”


If you think about it, that “voice” that reached our ears may be the beginning of this uproar.

The voice was heard shortly before the trip that was going so smoothly; turned into an escape drama from monsters in an instant.



Lucas’s shocking remark.

Eva’s feelings are too straight.

And, support shooting from a distant senpai.

We jumped out of Samaria to escape from them, and we were heading to the next country to visit —– the water city of Miarak.


“Ah, what’s going on with me …”

“Usato, I’ve been saying the same thing all the time, but it’s better to give up.”


Two weeks after leaving Samaria.

I was muttering the same thing every time I remembered senpai’s article.


“But, are there such caricatures on the market? I’m scared to say that when they actually see me, it’s definitely different from their imagination …”

“You care too much. And the good thing about Usato is that you don’t look good.”


The follow-up can be understood in various ways, so I can’t be honestly pleased …….

If where we’re heading to, Miarak,has a strange impression, it may hinder the delivery of the letter or cause a great deal of mental damage to me.

In addition—,


“Pfffffft, it’s always a masterpiece! A smile with a glittering nose! It’s too funny that it doesn’t look like Usato at all!”



It is annoying that this owl is making fun of the article written about senpai and me dexterously with her wings.

Moreover, it has been like this for two weeks since we left Samaria.

Is she not even recognizing my existence right now?


“… Hmm!”

“Kyan !?”


Ah, Amako grabbed Neah.

Amako started turning her hand. The person being turned is screaming silently.

The quarrel (?) Between the two was familiar, so I turned my eyes to Aak-san, who was pulling a horse.


“Aak-san. Miarak is a city on a lake, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the city located on the lake in the center of the river that runs through this continent is Miarak.”


Miarak, the place where we are going to hand over the letter.

The image is like a city of water, but what about reality?

To reach the final destination, the beastman’s country, we have to go through Miarak, so we have to know even a little.


“Then, are there many ships?”

“Miarak is a place with a lot of fishing, so there are quite a few boats. Some of them focus on fighting monsters that live in the water. Safely in the land for beastmen. If you want to go to a certain opposite bank, it’s best to take a boat in Miarak. “

“Hey, isn’t it impossible to swim across normally? Or looking for a bridge …”


If you avoid the lake and swim in the river, or if you look for a bridge and cross it, wouldn’t we not have to bother boarding a boat to Miarak?

It’s a little simple, but it’s not impossible.

In my words, Aak-san slowly shook his head.


“In the water, humans cannot beat monsters. Even if they succeed in swimming and crossing the river, what is waiting ahead is the area where the demon king’s territory and the beast human race live, and humans must not step into their territory. Since it is a place, no bridge has been built. “


“The Demon Lord … No way, when they attacked the Kingdom of Lingle, they were building a large bridge …”

“That’s right. The bridge that connects the opposite banks wasn’t built in the first place.”


Indeed, the human side does not have to bother to enter the place where the Demon King territory and the beastmen live, so there is no need to build a bridge …

Anyway, I mentioned a little, but what kind of monster lives in the water?

Until now, I have only met monsters that live on land, so I would like to meet them even once.

Picturing things from earth, maybe it’sa kappa?


“Oh, that’s right. Miarak has a reputation for delicious fish dishes, right?”

“Is it a fish dish?”


So they have freshwater fish because it is called a lake?

No, it seems that it is close to the sea, so there may be saltwater fish. Maybe more towards sea bass or salmon in the original world.

There is no such thing as sashimi, but it’s still worth a shot.


After all, I ate only grilled river fish recently, so I rarely eat authentic fish dishes.

Aak-san, who saw my face, smiled gently, perhaps because he was excited about the fish dishes of Miarak.


“Would you like to go eat fish dishes when you visit Miarak? As far as I can tell, it seems that Miarak’s fish dishes are very delicious.”

“That would be fun. I’m gonna enjoy it thoroughly once we reach there.”

“Haha, I’m looking forward to it too.”


Ah, but what about Bluerin?

When I turned my gaze to the side, there was one bear with a hopeful look.


“Oh, I see. I’ll bring the fish to Bluerin later. The biggest one, okay?”

“Gururu ♪”


What a positive guy.

When I stroked Bluerin with a bitter smile, Neah who was covered with dust jumped on my shoulder with tears from behind.

Amako also lined up next to me while wiping her forehead with her hands.

While she smiled as if nothing had happened, she couldn’t hide the horror of winning Neah with one hand.


“Fuh. Usato, what were you talking about?”

“This fox, you act like nothing happened after bullying me !?”


Neah flutters her wings to protest against Amako’s remarks.


“Noisy, do you want to go round and round again?”

“Hiii!? Uughh, she does have that dangerous feeling from Usato!?”

“Oi. What’s my danger?”


I was told that it was a dangerous place for me.

What is a dangerous place? It hurts to be called dangerous.


“… I don’t mind. Even if I look like Usato.”

“I’m not though!? You say that after trying to shape my body into a human-shaped object !?”

“Hey, can you wrap it in more oblate?”


Although Neah is retorting to Amako who answers aptly, why does it cause the most damage to me who is not participating in the conversation?

Moreover, although it is said a lot, I am a person who has a history as a category, right?

It was just a little overtrained, right?


“So, Usato. About the question I just asked …”

“Hmm? Oh, I was talking about Miarak.”



Hmmm my ass, you’re not interested.


“It’s a good place. It’s a human city near the Beastman’s country, so there’s no explicit discrimination like Samaria …. There aren’t many, but Beastmen are coming and going.”

“Ooh, do you have any acquaintances?”

“No. I didn’t have much time to spare …”



Well, the first place she visited after leaving the Beastman’s Country was Miarak.

She couldn’t afford to look at the scenery around her because she wanted to save her mother.

‥ …… Maybe I was a little too insensitive.


“… I’m different from who I am last time”


Amako murmured.


“I’ve been alone all the time … but I met Kiriha and the people of the Lingle Kingdom … and now I’m with Usato, so it’s not a pain at all.”

“I see”



I also laughed at her with a small smile.

 Not alone.

I was relieved to hear that word.

She’s no more that lonely girl like when she was traveling alone. Right now, she’s with Aak-san, Neah, and Bluerin.

After this trip is over, I want her to be able to keep smiling …….



“What’s wrong with Amako? Suddenly stop”

“Someone is fighting …”


Amako stopped and placed her hands on her ears.

Someone is fighting?

Aak-san, who heard Amako’s words, put his hand on the handle of the sword and watched the surroundings.

I stopped, I checked the situation with Amako while watching the front.


“Is there a battle going on?”

“The sound of hitting iron … and the sound of something breaking …”

“Breaking where? The ground?”

“It’s a little different. It’s kind of like the sound of glass or ice breaking …”


I also listen, but I can’t hear anything unlike a beastman’s ears.

Is someone being attacked?

It’s possible that a travel merchant is being attacked by bandits, but … the scariest thing is that if it was a trap to lure us out to help.


“Neah, can you fly in the sky and see what’s going on?”

“… Can’t be helped.”


If she can fly in the sky, she can grasp the situation without danger.

Neah, who spread her wings wide, looked up at the sky and slowly began to flap.


――― Ooooooooooooooooooooo !!


“What !?”


Suddenly, something like a loud scream was heard from the front.

A beast-like, yet pressured voice shook the body, except for me and Aak-san.

Neah, who was about to fly in the sky, became rigid in the air and was about to fall head-on toward the ground, so I caught her in a hurry.


“Neah, what happened!?”

“… Well, the wave of magical power was released along with the screaming … It’s not just a living thing ahead!”

“Wave …?”


It doesn’t seem to be effective for me and Aak-san, but it seems that it is also affecting Bluerin, Neah, the horse, and Amako.

Only creatures that have a sharper sense than humans can understand … Is it something like ultrasonic waves?

I couldn’t hear it so I don’t really understand …


“Everyone, run …”



Amako with an astonishing look murmured with a trembling voice.

Along with her words, Bluerin, who turned to the back, glared at the depths of the forest and began to growl, so when I turned to that, I heard a lot of footsteps and monsters crying from the forest.

…… It ’s not a coincidence, right?


“The magical power that was put into the screaming earlier is causing the monsters around here to run away !?”

“What !? You mean they’re coming towards us!?”

“A monster with a strong will would be fine, but a monster that lives in the wild can’t resist this vibration! Go now!”


If so, does it mean that all the monsters around here are in a state of confusion !?

Moreover, it’s coming to us … No, there’s no time we have to run away!


“Everyone run !! Amako !?”



Looking next to me, I can see Amako hugging her body and trembling.

She can’t move because she’s afraid !?

Should I fight to save time !? No. Then the monsters that I couldn’t stop would attack Amako. In this situation where there’s Amako who can’t move, it’s almost impossible for me to stop all the monsters by myself.

 ……It can not be helped.


“Hold tight!”

“Cha !?”


I put Neah on my shoulder and started running with Amako.


“Aak-san! Please run away with the horse!”

“I understand!”


Aak-san who got on the horse pulled the reins and rode the horse vigorously.

Bluerin knew what I wanted to do from the beginning, so he followed me without worrying about the influence of the screaming.

A horde of monsters has already arrived from behind.

However, instead of a flock, various kinds of monsters are running, they’re only keeping only us in sight without fighting.

The eyes are also bloody, so I think they think we are food, but … no matter how much this is too abnormal.


“What the hell is going on …!”


Although I was frustrated by the apparently unusual situation, I had no choice but to carry Amako and go on the road.


Author’s Note:

Only Usato can naturally run with horses and bears.

He will be involved again this time.

Volume 4 wasn’t mainly about physical combat, but this time it’s going to be pretty tight.


* In the activity report, I wrote about the third volume store benefits.

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