Level 1 Guy: Chapter 387 – Just a little happy

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The town of Shikuro, my favourite bar, Villa De Edge.


Elsa, Ena, and Eri.

These four people were sitting in the corner seats facing the wall.


The reason we came here was for Eri’s rehabilitation.

Recently, if she clings to me, she’s fine whether in the dungeon or in the place where other adventurers come and go, so I went a little further and brought her to the bar.


The bar is double the noisiness than a dungeon.

She wouldn’t get away from my lap, but she wasn’t as scared as before.

In the end, she clung to me and fell asleep.


It’s a good trend.


“Another year has almost come to an end.” (Elza)


Elza muttered while tilting the glass.


“Time goes by quickly” 

“Yes, I just met Ryouta-san the other day.”

“Hmm, was it rather long that you came?” (Ena)


It was Ena who talked to her, and she was sending her eyes to Elza.


“I do not think so?” (Elza)

“I do think so though, she has grown so much that this cute little creature can finally invite Ryouta out for a meal.” (Ena)


Ena said while being sassy.


“Seriously, stop with that story!” (Elza)

“My bad, I was here at that time——He just came to Shikuro, so he couldn’t afford it because he didn’t know what to do.” (Ena)

“Ryouta-san did nothing wrong! Rather … it’s …” (Elza)


Elsa muttered something with her mouth completely in the glass.

I can’t hear what she’s saying at all.


While tilting my neck, I looked at Ena and pointed to Elza, who was screaming with beer.

Ena beckoned me a little bit, so I leaned forward and listened.


“Fu” (Ena)

“What the!” (Ryouta)


I was blown by my ears!


“What are you doing?” (Ryouta)

“Ahaha, it’s my thanks to you.” (Ena)


Ena has a sensational way of saying with a heart mark firmly attached to the end of the word.


“A thanks?” (Ryouta)

“Well, since we followed Ryouta, we also had the store we had longed for. That’s why we are grateful.” (Ena)

“Oh … I see. But you don’t have to blow my ears for that right.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, should I have hummed into your ears?” (Ena)

“Please don’t tease me like that.” (Ryouta)

“You seriously are dense.” (Ena)


While sighing, Ena poked at my chest plate.

Although a child usually has a lot of skinships like this, the tendency becomes stronger when alcohol is added.


“Hmm, delicious sake. Maybe I can’t do this anymore.” (Ena)

“What’s the matter, Ena?” (Elza)

“Where are you going?” (Ryouta)


I and Eza were surprised by Ena’s meaningful remarks.


“Hmm. That’s not the case, just Ryota-san–” (Ena)

“Uhmm! Are you Ryouta Satou-san?”

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


I often passed through the bar, but I heard a slightly raised voice.

When I turned around, a young adventurer who still had a little childhood on his face stood in front of me.


Both hands are attached to the side of the thigh with their fingers aligned. For some reason, I can see tension from his face.


“Yeah, that’s right?” (Ryouta)

“So it is! Can I shake hands?”

“Handshake!?” (Ryouta)


I was wondering what it was, but I was pushed by the young man’s eager gaze and gently extended my hand.


“Oh, I’m thrilled! I could shake hands with that Satou-san.” 

“Do you know me?” (Ryouta)

“Of course! You’re the first person in history to have the highest tax payment in the world at the agricultural city headquarters! We’re longing to meet you in person!” 

“Oh yeah … we?” (Ryouta)


If you look closely, there were some young people on the other side of the table, but there was a group of people who were enthusiastic about it.

Those young men wanted to come and say hi, but they can’t get enough courage.

It seems that they can’t come from the other side, so I asked in return.


“Are your friends over there?” (Ryouta)



Because I talked about it, young people over there came all the way.


“Oh, we too …”

“Is it okay to shake hands?”

“Sure.” (Ryouta)


I shook hands with all the young people who wanted it.

A group of college students shook hands one after another with the tension as if they suddenly met an entertainer.


After shaking hands, the young people returned to their table.


When I turned around, Elza was impressed and Ena had a mischievous smile on her face.


“Now I get it. Because we have a celebrity here, it’s hard to drink in such an open place.” (Ena)


I laughed bitterly at the connection with the story I had just before.


“This is just coincidence–” (Ryouta)


“Hello, are you free to talk right now?”

“Hm?” (Ryouta)


This time it was a calm voice.

When I turned around, a gray-haired and crumpled grandfather stood in front of me.


“Are you, Satou-san?”

“Yes……” (Ryouta)

“Grandmother is a big fan. Could you sign this?” 


With that said, the grandfather offered me Bromide.


It is “Ryo-sama’s majesty” that can summon Ryo-sama, a super handsome guy from Plumbum who looks like me when used.

Grandfather asked for my signature on it.


“Wow, I see … sure.” (Ryouta)


Suddenly I was told, for the time being, I could only write the signature when writing on the delivery slip.


“Thank you, grandmother will be glad to receive this.”


The grandfather happily thanked me with a gentle smile and left.

When I turned around, Ena was grinning even more.


“It wasn’t a coincidence.” (Ena)

“Mumumu” (Ryouta)

“What mumumu? Ryouta should be a little more aware that he is a celebrity.” (Ena)

“It looks like that”

“Hmm, it’s not a mess.”

“Mu” (Ryouta)


Honestly … well, that …


“… I’m a little happy.” (Ryouta)


It was a little embarrassing, but I thought it wasn’t bad.

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