Chiyu Mahou: Character Introduction of Volume 4

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Since there was a request, I made a character introduction for every volume.

If you haven’t read Volume 4, we recommend that you don’t look at it, as there will contain spoilers.


Name: Lucas Urd Samaria

System: Not yet

King of the Samaria Kingdom.


A little different from Lloyd of the Lingle Kingdom, he is a realist and thoughtful person, but he is also a strange king in that he speaks friendly without feeling a formal atmosphere.

While evaluating Lloyd as “a king who can speak and realize his ideals,” he describes himself as “a king who stands even when being cut,” and has an enviable side to him.

Worried that her daughter, Eva, would eventually disappear due to the curse, she was moving in the shadows to create fun memories for her. In reality, she couldn’t accept the reality that Eva would disappear, and when she disappeared, he intended to step down as King of Samaria.


Originally a knight who served the royal family, he fell in love with Eliza, the princess of the time, and experienced a reverse Cinderella story in which he became king after causing a fuss that shook the country.

He’s planning to do the same with Usato.


Name Eva Urd Samaria

System: Not available

Princess of the Kingdom of Samaria.


The ephemeral, weakness of her pure white hair—–is just an appearance, and in fact, a girl who behaves very aggressively.

She has been deprived of her existence by the curse that erodes the royal family of Samaria, and is destined to disappear without a trace as the curse progresses.

She understands it and accepts that it can’t be helped.


From the day she was born, her world was limited to the house built in the garden and the barriers that surround it, as if she went out of the castle she would die from a curse.

Perhaps because she learned only at face value rather than learning common sense, she often takes common sense to an extreme level, and those who visited Lucas and set foot in her house took less than half a day. 


Now that Usato and his friends are able to live freely, she is finally able to live a normal life as a person.


Name Eiri

System: Not available

Butler of the Kingdom of Samaria.


A veteran butler who is taking care of Eva.

A person who remembers Eva’s mother, Eliza, before she disappeared, he has been watching her growth since she was a child.

He felt helpless because he could only watch Eva disappearing due to the curse, and was thinking so much that he fell into self-loathing.


His future job as a butler will be swayed by Eva, who lives as a normal girl, but … that’s what Eiri himself desperately wanted and must be most pleased with.


Name Fegnis

System: Not available


Knight Chief of the Kingdom of Samaria.

A person who can be said to be Lucas’ right arm, possessing a special sword that reveals the appearance of a person who disguises themselves.

On face value, he’s a model of a knight who swore allegiance to the king and performed his duties seriously, but his true identity was a descendant of a magician who was fascinated by his predecessor, who defended the curse that eroded the Samaria royal family.

However, unlike the magician who drowned in the charm of power and ran into a violent act and the king at that time, his principle of action was “all for the Kingdom of Samaria”.

If they had a hero, they could protect Samaria from any disaster.

If there is a hero, many people can live happily without bleeding.

His life, which was originally a good human being, has been distorted by the delusional heroic beliefs of magicians.

In that sense, it may be said that the Fegnis family was distorted by the existence of a magician.


For Fegnis, the allegiance he swore to Lucas was true, and his friendship and unmistakable authenticity.


Name Eliza Urd Samaria

System: Not available

Former Queen of the Kingdom of Samaria.


When Eva was born, Lucas’ wife had lost her body to control the cursed souls.

Being a soul only, she was bound by a curse like everyone else, but nevertheless she protects her beloved daughter, Eva, from the soul that is trying to undermine her.

In the battle with the magician, she appeared, rejected the soul-bound Samaria people who were trying to attack Eva, and finally returned everything that Eva had stolen, and was able to rest peacefully.


Even though she lost her body and was tied up with her soul, she continued to watch over the growth of her beloved daughter as a mother.

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