Level 1 Guy: Chapter 385 – Cell hesitating

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“Satou-sama …” (Cell)


Inside the Shikuro Dungeon Association Chairman’s Office.

I was called because he wanted to talk to me, and what I saw was Cell showing a disheartened look.


“What happened again?” (Ryouta)


On the other hand, I was relatively calm.

Something must’ve happened that I have to be called by him.

I’m completely used to the flow.


“This is one of my most difficult decisions. In some cases, it may defile Satou-sama’s name. I can’t make that decision too much.” (Cell)

“My name? It’s not a big deal to get my name dirty, but … what happened?” (Ryouta)

“It’s time to give awards at the end of the year again this year.” (Cell)

“Award at the end of the year? Aaaaaaaah that” (Ryouta)


I felt nostalgic for the word that came out after a long time.

It’s a once in a year occasion, so it’s natural that it’s been a while.


“Satou-sama’s family is all up. Hammer and magician are ☆ 3, magic user is ☆ 2, princess, the ordinary people, the servants and mini sage are both ☆ 1.” (Cell)

“Oh, everyone is up. Who are the princesses, ordinary people, and servants?” (Ryouta)

“Um? Well, didn’t you say the names were Margaret and Cliff? The servant is Leia.” (Cell)

“Ah!” (Ryouta)


I clap my hand. Yes, Margaret and Cliff?

Although they each have a family, they are treated as being under my umbrella.


“Will those two be commended?” (Ryouta)

“That’s right.” (Cell)

“Eh? How about Eve?” (Ryouta)

“Rabbits went down by one, down from 5 to 4 last year.” (Cell)

“Why did it go down?” (Ryouta)

“Because she didn’t do anything” (Cell)


Hmm, that’s sad.

It doesn’t mean that Eve hasn’t done anything either.

Rather, she was recognized by Calcium, and she became one of the spirits who could become Eve Calcium.


But well … it may be said that she hasn’t achieved anything that seems to be achievements.

Compared to before becoming a friend, it was noticeable that she did nothing in particular.

The lowered assessment would be unavoidable.


The person herself wouldn’t even notice such a thing.


“Well, are almost everyone up then?” (Ryouta)

“About that …” (Cell)

“……Hmm?” (Ryouta)


I noticed that Cell had a very complicated look.


“I see, so it was a difficult decision in the first place …. But why would it tarnish my name?” (Ryouta)


I completely forgot about the good news of my friends, but in the first place I was called by Cell because of this.

When I asked Cell again.


“Actually, Satou-sama was placed ☆ 7 this year as well.” (Cell)

“Really” (Ryouta)

“However, considering the achievements that Satou-sama has made over the past year, it’s not a fuss about ☆ 7. One case was Selenium, the breeding improvement with Flint. Garbage disposal by creating a unique monster village. Disposal of Phosphorus. Plumbum’s entanglement and Bromide. Construction of the dungeon city of Tennessine. Regeneration of Hasemi and Calcium. And Erythronium. ” (Cell)

“Oh wow……” (Ryouta)


Cell counts without stagnation.

I’ve done various things this year.


“There are many other details. Now, Satou-sama’s existence is an unreasonable deterrent. To such Satou-sama, ☆ 7 is beyond rude.” (Cell)

“Isn’t it okay? If it stays stuck on the ceiling, that’s it.” (Ryouta)

“However, there are other ☆ 7, but their achievements are more like a child’s play compared to Satou-sama. I think that Satou-sama should be awarded with something else.” (Cell)

“Separately?” (Ryouta)

“Whether to build a new ☆ 8 or enter the Hall of Fame” (Cell)

“Uhuh.” (Ryouta)


So you even thought about that.


“… Are you dissatisfied with both of them?” (Ryouta)

“No, I like both of them, but I didn’t do it just for that.” (Cell)


My achievements this year read by Cell.

Most of them were because they were unreasonable or I was asked for help.


Even though I didn’t do it to be commended, I didn’t want to differentiate myself from others.


“You can do anything about it, I don’t really mind. Oh, why don’t you just select?” (Ryouta)

“What?” (Cell)

“Isn’t it a special thing not to care? Are you worried about breaking the rules of establishing ☆8?” (Ryouta)

“… Hm.” (Cell)

“Let’s see, I’ll decline. So, if I was awarded, I’ll hide how many ☆. Then it’s okay?” (Ryouta)

“… I see, the mystery goes up by keeping it a secret.” (Cell)

“There is also such an aspect.” (Ryouta)

“… Are you sure you don’t mind it, Satou-sama?” (Cell)

“Oh, I don’t care about that, because I’m not doing it for fame.” (Ryouta)

“Okay. I’m sorry for saying something strange. I feel like I’m completely lost.” (Cell)

“No, I’m always indebted to you.” (Ryouta)


I stood up, put out my hand and asked for a handshake.


“Thank you for your continued support.” (Ryouta)

“Likewise” (Cell)


Cell obediently held my hand.


I thought something was wrong, but I’m glad that nothing happened.


However, a few days later, on the published awards list, I was the only newly established ☆ 8.

When I saw the list, I laughed a bit as if it had blown out there.

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