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Author’s Note:

I was recreating the plot a little, so the update was delayed.

Sorry for making you wait.

It’s another side story, please enjoy.

“Ciel, what do you think a curse is?”


Suddenly, the Demon King asked me such a question from in front.

After taking care of everything, I thought seriously for a while before answering the question that was asked, where I was standing behind the throne where the Demon King sits.


“Isn’t a curse a grudge? It recognizes the person’s hatred, or something that is aimed at a certain object …”

“Hmm, it’s not an interesting answer, but … it’s a form of curse.”


It would be a problem if the Demon King expected it to be interesting, but I couldn’t say it even if my mouth was torn.

The Demon King is a generous person, so some misrepresentations will make him happy instead of closing his eyes, but I’m afraid that my boss will know that.

I’m scared of gossip.

Preaching from expressionlessness is painful.


“What happened? Showing such a stupefied face”

“Oh no. I was wondering why Demon King was suddenly talking about the curse …”


I wonder how he could understand my facial expression even though he shouldn’t have a glance at my face. After that, I wondered if I really was showing such a disgraceful face towards him.

I hurriedly replied to the Demon King who talked to me without looking at me.


“Didn’t I talk about the Wicked dragon a while ago?”


“I’m curious about the people who were there. The place where they predicted their destination leads to the story of the curse.”


The Wicked dragon.

The story of when a terrifying dragon revived in the world, albeit temporarily.

And a strange group of humans led by a healing magician defeated the wicked dragon.


“Samaria, a kingdom that is now called the land of prayer. From my point of view, it is certainly not a country with a noble name such as the land of prayer.”

“What does that mean?”

“Because that is the place I know that the hero gave the most powerful curse that could never be broken.”


A curse that never breaks?

The Demon King leaked his voice and put on a cheeky face, reminiscing the past while I tilt my head.


“The battle between the hero and the wicked dragon took place in Samaria. I said that right?”

“Yes, well … yes”

“For me at the time, it was clear that the game would end with the victory of the hero, because he was given powerful armor by the Shinryu. In addition, his mental state was extremely dangerous. From this, it was clear that the wicked dragon was extremely unlikely to win. “

“What was the dangerous situation?”

“He was desperate. A series of betrayals, heartless voices from the unsaved people — Whatever purpose of the guy who was “tilting” towards destroying humanity, and trying to save Samaria was a miracle in a sense. “


Harm can be done from the human side.

It was also the hero who fought for his life for humans.

Even I, who had little knowledge about the hero, could understand just how driven he was.


“As a result, he saved Samaria. It was a lot of gratitude to him who defeated the wicked dragon. Thanking him for saving their lives. Thanking him for defeating the wicked dragon. In his words, the wounded hero’s heart was slightly healed. “

“It’s not a happy story to think that the hero finds hope in humans and causes harm to the demons.”

“Huh …”


The Demon King smiled a little at my words.


“But that was just a deception. In the end, the saved humans were sacrificed by magic and died by the profane who were dazzled by the power of the hero.”

“That’s … terrible, isn’t it? Do humans betray even their own savior?”

“That’s human, but it gets worse from here.”


The content of the story itself is a hero’s unfortunate story, but the Demon King who is talking about it seems to be quite pleasant.


“Many pointless sacrifices have carved a curse that can never be solved by the hero.”

“Curse … is it magic?”

“No, it’s not that easy. Most magic works for him in the first place. If you want him to even take damage from magic, you have to release five or more magics in a row. If you do it half-heartedly, the magic would bounce back to its user. “

“How bad was it …”

“If it was that strong, wouldn’t it be possible to seal me?”


When I heard it again, I realized again that the hero who fought against the Demon King was really an abnormal existence.


“The story goes awry … The curse took on many forms. Expectations, hatred, jealousy, and emotions from others turn into burdens and wear out the mind. It was aimed at the hero. And — “


The Demon King who separated there stares at the void in a borish way.


“The hero was killed because of his own desire to save the human being, he was killed by the emptiness that the battle so far has become meaningless, and the human who cannot die because he was a hero. He was struck by the regret that he had done. It was a curse that he couldn’t leave no matter how much he shook it off. “


Certainly, Samaria may be called a country of curse.

However, why do humans who lived before the Demon King was sealed try to oppress their relatives in such a calm manner?


We, the demons, have some troubles, but that is not the case.

It may be because there is an absolute ruler named Demon King, but in any case, the human race cannot be understood.


“What happened to the hero after that?”

“He couldn’t do it anymore, and just shook off our demon army and fought against me, and won. That was the end of it.”




“Is that really all?”



Suddenly, I wondered if the Demon King was hiding something.

Of course, I’m not thinking that the Demon King would betray us as demons. In the first place, if this person has forsaken the demons, the demon territory will have already become a vacant lot.

In my words, the Demon King happily puts his hand on his mouth.


“I’m never bored conversing with you. I’m sure only you in this entire demon territory would dare to ask me, Ciel.”

“That is … I’m sorry for going too far …”

“No, you don’t have to lower your head.”


I raise my head after hearing the words of the Demon King.

When I think about it, it was a question that I didn’t hesitate to ask. Fortunately, the Demon King forgave me, but if the maid knew about it, she would suffer double pains of gossip and sermons.

If that happened — no, let’s stop imagining.

When her shoulders were shuddering behind the Demon King, the Demon King began to talk with the same cold tone.


“This is a little difficult to put into words. To put it simply — the hero had hope for the future of the human species, even those who are stupid and unbearable now. When the times change, people and thoughts change. Looking at the present, which is only despair, we are looking to the future. “

“The future is now?”

“Who knows? I don’t know that either. Because he carried a curse on his back, he can think about the future and the past, but he can’t do anything more …. No, maybe he could’ve done it if he’d put the heart to it. Well, now that he’s dead, there’s no way to confirm it. “



Honestly, I don’t understand much.

I tried to understand the hero, but I just couldn’t comprehend well even when I heard the words from the Demon King.

In the end, what did the hero think when he appeared in front of the Demon King, and why did he try to defeat him … But one thing I can say is …


“But in the end, he chose the humans …?”

“It’s a stupid thought from my point of view. The essence of human beings never changes, and the dreamed future of a man who has eaten up his life with fools is the same as before.”


At the end, the Demon King was sealed for the sake of humans.

No matter what the speculation, it is a fact that cannot be changed.


“… Either way, it doesn’t matter to you who is living now. The battle between us is already over. It is the history of the demons that I have built from the seal to the awakening. You are none other than you. All I have to do in this era is to win for the demons — that’s it. “


With that said, the Demon King slowly rises from the seat.

Although I tried to talk to him as if he was trying to do something, the Demon King turned to me before that.


“Ciel, call the Second Corps Commander.”

“Yes, but what are you going to do?”

“The battle between humans and demons is boring as it is. I’m thinking of giving them a chance to fight back.”

“… They?”


What on earth is he referring to?

At least it’s definitely not the humans and demons.


“Kukuku, what’s going on? I hope they haven’t lost their fangs after hundreds of years.”


The Demon King showed a cold smile but did not answer my question.

Looking at it from behind, it was rude of me to say, “I don’t understand what the Demon King is thinking,” but I arranged to call the Second Corps Commander as ordered.


Author’s Note:

We end Volume 4 with the Demon King.

Volume 5 will have a little more combat.

The next update is scheduled for Monday.


(I wrote the activity report of the person who released the book and the third volume.)

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Mio · 2nd October 2020 at 7:56 AM

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    The Demon King sees this war between humans and demons as just some sort of game. He himself doesn’t really care about whether he lives or dies, and the death of his subordinates would only serve to be minor inconveniences for him. He isn’t particularly attached to them either, and just seems to be getting bored after living for so long without much action or unexpected events.

    As for “them”, he might be referring to the dragonkind.

    [“… They?”]
    • They —> Them

Sami · 2nd October 2020 at 12:47 PM

Thanks for the chapter!
These conversations of the demon king and the maid are more interesting than it looks, we can see the personality of the demon king so he isnt just hidden and unknown. I dont think that this act of “giving them a chance” is very smart but it looks like he wants to have fun in this war, not just win, so that’s undestandable, im looking forward to see if this second unit will appear in the next arc.

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Seems like Usato is crushing the Hero’s regrets one by one.
Wonder if the “fangs” the Demon King is speaking about are the beastkin?

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