Level 1 Guy: Chapter 384 – Dark History

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At night, in the dining room.

I was the only one left in the cafeteria while my friends moved to the salon one after another.


Emily used to clean up after eating, but Eri is helping her out.

It might seem dangerous at first glance, but she’s smiling while doing it.


“They look like a real parent and child.” (Alice)


Alice, who did not move to the salon, is in charge of the cleaning group said such a thing.


“They look more like sisters to me.” (Ryouta)

“It’s still sweet, isn’t it?” (Alice)


Alice closed her eyes and said with a grin.


“They seriously look like mother and daughter.” (Ryouta)

“Tsk tsk tsk, you’re still too naive Ryouta. Use your heart to see it.” (Alice)


I laughed bitterly, but Alice protested strongly.


“Look at it! We’re at the dungeon, and Eri-rin is the spirit. You can see Eri-rin even if you close your eyes!” (Alice)

“You were born from a dungeon, so that’s to be expect……Wait, isn’t Eri still Eri even after looking at her?” (Ryouta)

“…Tehe” (Alice)


Alice stuck her tongue out and tilted her head.


“Hmm” (Alice)

“What is it.” (Ryouta)

“No, it’s true that they look like mother and daughter, but Emily is so tiny, right? I thought it would be cute to see Emily when she was a little child.” (Alice)

“I see… I wondered when she was able to hold that hammer.” (Ryouta)

“I feel like she’s had it for almost the same time as Eri-rin.” (Alice)

“… What a deep understanding.” (Ryouta)


I can honestly believe if I was told that Eri was able to carry a hammer that far exceeded 100 kilometers at about three years old.


“Well, I was wondering what kind of child Ryouta was.” (Alice)

“Ah I see” (Ryouta)


Hmm, when I was a kid?


“Honestly, I don’t remember much.” (Ryouta)

“How did you look?” (Alice)

“How…” (Ryouta)


I tried to remember it, but my childhood appearance memories were vague.


“Well, I wonder if Ryo-chin can show me.” (Alice)


Ryo-chin, a summon magic called All Might.

Alice calls me Ryo-chin because it’s a magic that summons an alter ego of the same ability as me, and the one who summoned looks like a stuffed animal version of me.


“Do you want to try it?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, I’ll try it in the dungeon tomorrow.” (Alice)


By the way, it is limited to once a day, and she has already used it today.


“Ah” (Alice)

“What is it this time?” (Ryouta)

“A monster came out of the toilet” (Alice)

“Monster?” (Ryouta)


I and Alice saw Eri at the same time.

Eri is still helping out.


The place is set by Eri so that normally no monsters appear when converting Erythronium into a mansion.


It can’t come out.


“Let’s take a look” (Alice)

“I’ll follow as well” (Ryouta)


The two of us left the dining room and moved toward the toilet.

Then, there was a box-shaped monster with jagged teeth on the edge.


“Isn’t that just a treasure chest.” (Alice)

“That’s unusual” (Ryouta)


A treasure chest monster.

A relatively irregular presence in this world.

It appears in the dungeon and in the city, and if you defeat it, something interesting will drop.


It is said to drop something that does not exist in this world, or an item that is remembered when you defeat it.


“Should we defeat it?” (Alice)

“Yeah, it’s in the house and we can’t leave it alone.” (Ryouta)


I stuck out my hand and chanted “Repetition”.

Magic that instantly kills a monster that has been defeated once.

The mimic chest, who had defeated several times before, died immediately without doing anything.


Pon, something dropped and fell on the ground.


“A book?” (Alice)


Alice heads for the dropped item while bowing her head.


She picked it up and flipped it around.


“Let me see….there are various pictures.” (Alice)

“Which one… isn’t this a graduation album?” (Ryouta)

“Grad- Al-?”

“Short for graduation album. And this… was when I was in elementary school.” (Ryouta)


I understood immediately from the page that opened.


“Um…which means? This is Ryouta’s?” (Alice)

“It’s a memory of my childhood.” (Ryouta)


I gave a brief explanation to Alice, who did not understand the photo.


“Heh… Eh?” (Alice)

“What now?” (Ryouta)

“Is this Ryouta’s childhood?” (Alice)

“…………” (Ryouta)


I shut my mouth.

I didn’t want to admit.


The elementary school student in the picture has a pose that has a long sword with three straws connected.


Something like a coat of arms is handwritten on the palm.


My dark history.

It is a dangerous dark history.


“No, this is—-” (Ryouta)

“I see, so this is Ryouta when he’s young.” (Alice)

“No, this is–” (Ryouta)

“Everyone, Ryouta as a child looks funny!” (Alice)


Alice rushed to the salon with the graduation album.


“You little! You can’t show that! Return it this instance!” (Ryouta)

“Ryo-chin!” (Alice)


Alice turned around and used All Might.

A deformed like a stuffed animal of me was summoned from the crevice in space.


“Ah! Haven’t you used it already?!” (Ryouta)

“I didn’t say that, but it was just a waste if I used it just now~” (Alice)

“Kuh!” (Ryouta)


Ryo-chin came to me, I tried to stop Alice through Ryo-chin, but…

That’s because my ability was “exactly the same”.


So I could not get out of it, and after I had a foothold for the summoning time, I approached the terrifying salon.



“What is this cute?”

“Ryota-san… There was such a time…”


The pictures that Alice brought in, and the friends were excited.

The excitement… There are a lot of things in that graduation.


Kuh, I can’t believe that kind of thing would drop.


I decided that I would be careful if another mimic appeared again next time.

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