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Author’s Note: This is the second side story.



Where are you now?

Are you in Samaria now? Or have you arrived at Miarak?

Either way, I sincerely hope that your journey will end successfully. However, I believe that Usato-san can easily overcome any adversity and hardship.

Like when you reached out to me when I was at my lowest and helped me to stand up alone …….

Anyway, about a month has passed since I joined the rescue squad as an apprentice.

The daily life of the rescue squad was harsh and at the same time, fulfilling for me.

Alex and co were scary at first, but when I got to know them, they were very nice people who were kind to me as a junior.

I often talk to Ururu-san who sometimes comes to the rescue squad.

But every time I meet, I’m asked, “Are you okay? Your personality hasn’t changed? You’re not like Usato?” To be honest, I want to ask you how Usato came to be like that … like really.

And also, about Rose-san.

‥ …… I finally understood it after receiving the training from that person.

Usato-san was super kind compared to her …!

She’s messed up ……!

Once when I was dropped with Ferme-san in the monster infested forest, I was really prepared to die.

I got out of the forest in three days, but I couldn’t hide the horror from the fact that Usato-san was in the forest for ten days and was seriously trying to hunt the grand grizzly bear.

In addition—


“Hey, what are you writing?”


Someone called out to me who was writing a letter near the rescue squad’s dormitory.

When I turned around, there was Ferme-san, a colleague of the rescue squad who was staring at me.


“Ah, this is a letter to Usato-san. It seems the HooBird will come to convey us whenever Usato-san arrives at the destination country, so I’d like to send him one as well.”

“Hmm, you really admire him.”

“Yes, because he is.”


If he wasn’t there to save me, I wouldn’t be here now.


“Then, shouldn’t you respect your senpai’s here as well, like me?”

“Huh? Please stop with your sleep talk.”




Ferme-san and I stood up with the letter in my pocket.


“As- I- Say-! You are my junior, so you should pay homage to me!”

“What kind of senpai replaces their juniors with Rose-san !? Alex and the rest might be, but I would never pay respect to you!”

“What is it!”


I often quarrel with Ferme-san—–a demon who is four years older than me.

At first, I was scared of a demon with horns, but as she was struck by Rose-san over and over again, I no longer felt afraid of this person. ..

Rather, there is no fear other than Rose-san.

Now, I’m so scared that I can’t even go against her.


“This youngster!”

“Shut up! You horn shape like a sheep!”

“She- sheep …!? How dare you call my horns a sheep!”

“Oh yeah! The twisted horns seem to represent that sexual root !!”

“Muukiiiii —! I won’t forgive you anymore! Even though you’re younger than me, you just won’t shut up !! I’ll engrave the fear of the Black Knight !!”


Ferme and I started a stand.

However, Ferme’s physical abilities other than leg strength are overwhelmingly superior, so she can grab and pull my cheeks without any hesitation.

I also grabbed her cheek without losing.


“Gu, Gyuu… Ret gyoo …”

“Kyuu ashhh we~~ll …”


The both did not retreat and neither pulled.

However, neither I nor Ferme-san will let go.

This is because it is a pain that can be tolerated compared to Rose-san’s punishment. However, that is the same for Ferme-san — so this is a struggle to decide which one will break.

I’ll never lose —,


“Oi, you guys are noisy.”

“I !?”

“Wha- !?”


At that moment, I heard a terrifying demon voice near me and Ferme-san, and at the same time, a terrible blow fell on my head.

Ferme-san, who was in front of me, was holding her head with tears when she crouched down, making a soundless noise.

This, fist without even realising the presence……!


“” Ro, Rose-san … “”

“Don’t quarrel about crap. What’s our motto?”

“” Fighting is a law! “”

“There is no next time.”



The fear of Rose-san was soaked in my body, and Ferme-san and I couldn’t resist and apologized in unison.

Rose-san sighed as if she was amazed, took out something like a paper from her bosom and presented it to me.


“I brought you something interesting.”


“What …? Is that?”

“You’ll understand once you see it. Anyways, I’m going back inside. Don’t make a noise.”


Rose-san, who is in a good mood, handed the paper over.

When I received it, Rose-san walked toward the rescue squad’s dormitory with a small smile.


“What is this?”

“That woman laughs and hands it over. It must be something scary.”


It cannot be said that there is no possibility.

Maybe there is a training menu that will hit us into hell from now on.

When I looked over the paper that was handed over, there was Usato-san’s name.


“… Eh, refuse the proposal of the prince? The rumored female hero’s soul is with the healing magician? Usato-san !? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH !?”


No way, the female hero is Suzune-san !?

Usato-san and Suzune-san seemed to be good friends even though I had met only a few times, but I was surprised that she had a feeling for Usato-san …….

What does Usato-san think when he sees this?

Because it was that person, he wouldn’t hate her, but I think he would be in trouble.


“But …”


Under the heading, something that looks like a portrait of Usato-san is drawn …


“But what is this? It doesn’t look like Usato-san at all.”


Usato-san looks more like a demon if you want to make a portrait.

He’s not like this noble-like person.


“Ferme-san. What do you think of this? It’s not Usato-san by any means.”

“… Hmm”



Ferme-san, who took the paper from my hand for a while, tore it into pieces with momentum.

I was in a hurry when I saw pieces of paper falling on the ground.


“Eeeehhh!? What are you doing !? I was thinking of saving it because it was Usato-san’s article !?”

“I was irritated, that’s why.”

“What is the reason !? Ah, it’s all over the ground …”

“Shut up. I hate when the guy who’s traveling gracefully and I’m suffering now.”


A sigh was made from Ferme-san, who turned away with a dissatisfied expression.

Though that isn’t a reason to tear it …


“Usato-san isn’t going out just to play though?”

“I don’t know about humans. I’m a demon.”


From the perspective of the demon Ferme-san, it may not have anything to do with Usato-san’s mission, which is working for human peace, but … I think this person is different.


“Maybe you’re lonely?”

“Huh !?”


Ferme-san was shocked.

Certainly, according to the story I heard from Tong-san, Ferme-san was a soldier of the former Demon King Army, and it seems that she was also a very scary person called the Black Knight. Usato-san caught it in a lumpy manner until now … Looking at her attitude toward Usato-san, she looked more like a child who was left alone than hated.


“After all. Usato-san seems to be taken by Suzune-san, so that’s why you’re irritated”


“Gee !?”


Ferme-san headbutt me in the head directly.

Her head, which is eating Rose-san’s fist more than anyone else, is very hard, and stars were flying around my field of view.


“Listen here, I haven’t forgotten what he did.”

“~~~! It can’t be helped because you both were originally enemies … But how long are you going to be this troublesome.”

“… Hey, after getting hit by Rose-san, what do you think would happen if you get hit again?”

“I’ll be a chunk of meat, right?”


What kind of obvious thing are you saying?

Ferme-san looks straight when she says so while holding down her forehead.


“I was done by Usato.”

“I’m sorry. I think I can empathise with you.”


I felt that I could hear Usato-san’s voice screaming “Oooi!?” in a distant place.


“After that, I want to know more about him.”

“Why? Wouldn’t you hate him because of his attitude …”


At least I thought she wouldn’t like him, but apparently that’s not it.

In my words, Ferme-san became more moody.


“He’s an incomprehensible person. He heals my enemy, and after that he came to me in a cage with a light feeling and talked to me. When I entered here, he treated me normally. Isn’t he afraid? …… It’s natural that you want to know about such a person who was killing each other. “



Usato-san killing each other ……?

No, it will be different.


“I don’t think it’s killing each other for Usato-san.”


“He wasn’t running around the battlefield doing that. He came to help a lot of people in this place, according to the rescue squad’s philosophy. I don’t know what happened when Ferme and Usato fought, but Usato-san fought to help someone … maybe … no, I think it is. “


Usato-san cannot use his power to kill his opponent.

If that was the case, Ferme-san may not be living here now.

Thinking normally, Usato-san’s fist, if it does not have healing magic, is dangerous to human opponents …….


“What does that mean? Did you mean that we weren’t eye to eye in the first place?”

“No, I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Ku, Kukuku … If that’s the case, I can understand that attitude of not putting me on my teeth. He didn’t know what I was feeling, he was … playfully, that thing! Damn! , I’ll definitely get back when I meet him next time! “

“… She’s hopeless”


Ferme-san, who was completely bleeding in her head, was talking a grudge against Usato-san while stepping on the groundwork.

She seems to be having fun, but above all, if you make more noise ――――,

When I thought about stopping Ferme-san, someone suddenly landed behind us.


“” … “”


Ferme and I stopped moving.

There is someone behind.

No, I can understand without looking. This is because a silhouette that is too familiar to us was projected in the shadow created by the sunlight shining from behind.

The moment I looked behind me, a hand, which was sticking out so quickly that I couldn’t follow it, grabbed me and Ferme-san’s head.


“How many times did I say not to make noise? Do you have a learning disability? Or do you want to spend your holidays training? Such a good heart. Do you want to do it five times as much as you want?”

“Huh, no, that is … oh, you’re grabbing my head a little toooo—–.”

“I have nothing to do with thiiiiiii—– !?”

“If you don’t understand, it’s best to show.”


She’s kind of scary and dominating, but ow ow ow ow ow !?

Ferme-san and I showed a face as if to make up as our heads were being grabbed.

Rose-san who couldn’t moderately adjust her strength.


“Now, we’re going to have some fun and lovely training. Aren’t you happy?”


…… Usato-san.

This is the daily life of my rescue squad.

Certainly this was a ridiculous place.

But what is it?

If you live here, you will be able to become a different person from yourself — this is what I felt.


Author’s Note:

I wanted to make it a diary, but this time I changed my mind and made it like a letter.


Later, after updating the one-story side story, I would like to enter Volume5.

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