Level 1 Guy: Chapter 382 – Stronger with weapon

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“If that’s true, that’ll be great. I want to give it a try.” (Ryouta)

“I ask people who can use water magic to cooperate desu.” (Emily)

“Yeah, it’ll be dangerous if we test it on a monster. But water magic….” (Ryouta)


Did we have someone we know……who uses water magic.


“Leave that to me!” (Alice)


Alice, who had been an interpreter until then, suddenly suggested herself.


“Meaning? Can Alice use water magic?” (Ryouta)

“Huh, it’s not me, but Gaugau who can.” (Alice)

“Gaugau?” (Ryouta)


Gaugau, one of the fellow monsters on Alice’s shoulders.

The existence of only one monster at the bottom of Bismuth dungeon, which is closer to a rare monster than a normal monster if you think about it.


Gaugau grew in size in response to Alice’s instructions.


A giant dragon——-but the form remains deformed.


It returned to the appearance of such a huge stuffed dragon.


“Can we start?” (Alice)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)


Emily agreed, and moved to a position where she faced Gaugau and did not involve other people.


Immediately after that, GauGau opens its mouth.

A magic circle was formed just in front of its mouth, and several arrows of fluid water flew toward Emily.


Emily didn’t defend or evade.

The water arrow hits Emily——–it bounced off.


Far from piercing her, Emily’s body did not get wet at all.


“Put more force into it, Gaugau.” (Alice)


Gau Gau nodded, and this time he created two magic circles in front of his body.

The magic released at the same time made a column of water from Emily’s feet and top of the head at the same time, pressing it to crush her up and down.


The water column, which had the image of a huge tooth biting it, hit it in the same way.


Meanwhile, Emily is not damaged and is not wet.


“Oh, amazing!” (Alice)

“Yes desu……” (Emily)


Emily is also surprised.


“Okay, then let’s use our secret move. Go gaugau.” (Alice)


Immediately after Alice instructed, a huge magic circle appeared at the feet of Gaugau.

The magic circle is larger than its huge body and covers the entire entrance hall.


Immediately after that, a tsunami appeared from nowhere and struck Emily.


Despite the overwhelming amount of water and pressure, Emily was standing in her original position with a surprised face.


After the water drained, I took Eri clinging and approached Emily with Alice.


“Wow, it’s completely blocked. Your body isn’t wet at all.” (Alice)

“Yes, I’m not wet at all desu.” (Emily)

“It’s very useful to completely block it.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)


Emily was originally a fighter who just attacks without any defense.

It is the greatest strength, but of course it is also a weakness.


Naturally, there are few dungeons where adventurers with only power can go, which is where Emily is right now, mainly active in Arsenic.


However, if there is a skill that completely invalidates the water attribute, her range of activities should expand.


Emily is wondering for some reason.


“What’s wrong with Emily?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu… Eri-chan” (Emily)


Emily crouches on the spot and adjusts the line of sight to Eli.


“Isn’t it possible to have another ability instead of this nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)


I was the one who spoke out.

Honestly… Surprisingly.


Emily said something like this.

It is quite surprising to place an order for what she received.


Eri, like me, is in trouble, no wait, is she going to cry?

I can understand that feeling.


Emily was impressed by the ability from her own hand, but Emily announced a change to it.

You can understand that you will want to cry at the current age of Eri’s spirit.


“What do you wish for?” (Ryouta)


First of all, I asked her so that we can be clear.


“I want Eri-chan’s water desu.” (Emily)

“Yes?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. The water in Eri-chan’s dungeon nanodesu.” (Emily)

“…?” (Eri)


Eri was confused and presented with her palm facing up.

Water appeared there.

Despite being fluid water, it is collected like one individual in the air.


“Wait a moment nanodesu.” (Emily)


Emily received it.

Maybe a mysterious force is working, the water did not collapse even after leaving Eri’s hand, and Emily took it away.


We see Emily running away.


“I wonder what Emily’s up to?” (Alice)

“I’m not sure, maybe something to do with water.” (Ryouta)


After a while, Emily came back.

There is a pot on top of her wagon and steam rises above it.


Sharing the contents of the pot in the same container, then presenting it to us.


“This is… sprouts soup” (Ryouta)

“That’s right, Please have some nodesu.” (Emily)


I don’t know what she means, but let’s drink Emily’s soup because it’s delicious.

I thought so and put it in my mouth ―I immediately opened my eyes.


“Wow! It’s good!” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu” (Emily)

“It’s the best ever!” (Alice)

“That’s right! It’s really delicious!” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod!)” (Eri)


Alice and Eri both were astonished as they opened their eyes like I did.


“What’s happening?” (Ryouta)

“I thought when I got it from Eri-chan earlier, Eri-chan’s water is normal, but it is a water that suits cooking well nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Is it better to use it for cooking?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu!” (Emily)

“I’m surprised… I understand that there is such a thing, but is it so different? (Ryouta)


While admiring, speak again while drinking it again.

Yeah, after all it is different.


I was surprised because it was my second taste, but it was still delicious.


“I want to be able to use Eri-chan’s water anytime desu.” (Emily)

“Well! I wanna ask too——–Meramera!” (Alice)


Alice gave Meramera a soup and then thrust it out in front of Eri.


“Persuasion go!” (Alice)


Meramera increased and decreased the momentum of its body flames.

Boh! Boh! Boh!

It seems as if he is emphasizing something.


Amazing, deliciousness that can be passed down to spirits——Is Eri surprised at the difference in taste in the first place?


Boney-chan and Slimey-san who did not participate in the persuasion flocked to the pot all at once.


“Please do it desu.” (Emily)


When Emily pleaded too, Eri was surprised but nodded.

She held up her hand and made water and presented it to Emily, just as when she gave her the ability to nullify water.


Emily drinks it up.


“Thank you nanodesu!” (Emily)


She hugged Eri.


Eri was confused but it was unavoidable.


In this way, with a surprising development, the grade of our home meal went up a notch.

Thus, everyone took a leap forward, and the yearly earnings were upgraded.

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