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Author’s Note:

Sorry for making you wait.

This time, it’s a side story of Suzune and Kazuki.


When making an irreparable mistake, people give up thinking.

The only way for people who couldn’t think of anything and couldn’t pull back later, is to move forward while abandoning their thoughts.

Even if you make a mistake, you mustn’t stop moving forward.

Because if you don’t proceed, the situation will only get worse.

The words being said cannot be erased or returned. My feelings for him, known to many, cannot be deceived.


 What should I do?

Really, what should I do …?


“Suzune-san. Stop messing around and get a move on. Today is the day of departure.”

“Kurumia, I’m at the bottom of my disappointment right now, so please leave me be for a little while longer.”


Responding to the voice calling me, I was thinking of a poem that translates to me escaping reality, and I replied with my face pressed against the pillow.

Currently, I am in an inn in a country called Calm Helio.

I made a big mistake in that country where they had a strong faith in the heroes of the previous generation.

Specifically, the fact that I have a feeling for Usato has spread not only in this country, but throughout the continent.

However, it is not intentional.

My mouth slipped, or it just became a little uncontrollable and came out in various loud voices …….


“Uwaaaaa, it’s so embarrassed just remembering, I wonder why I said that!”

“Huh …”


In the first place, this whole thing started with the desire to subdue the huge demon cow that was trying to break the wall covering Calm Helio.

Although the demon cow itself gave us a hard time, I was able to defeat it, but it was difficult after that.

Kyle Lark, the prince of Calm Helio, has offered me an engagement. Moreover, in the middle of the country of Calm Helio — in the midst of many people’s eyes.


“That’s why you say that, even if you talk with your face pressed against the pillow, that disappointment is not conveyed at all.”


I was lying on my bed face down, and the only female knight to accompany me — Kurumia was amazed.

Since we’re only almost a year apart, she’s easy to talk to, unlike other knights, but it seems that she doesn’t have the heart to comfort me, who is injured.


“Seriously, how long are you going to sulk here? As a knight I admire your words, seeing your refusal was refreshing.”

“Even if you feel refreshed, I’ve been in shame ever since I noticed my mistake !?”

“You reap what you sow.”

“H- How can you say that …!? You’re a knight !? Can’t you just comfort or worry about me for a moment !?”

“I thought that it was impossible.”




Eh, somehow I was refused …….


“Anyway, the city has regained their composure, so now is the best opportunity.”


“Don’t you believe me? His Majesty’s has forgave you in the first place, so there shouldn’t be any problem in getting out … Rather, he was happy? That prince was always wandering around the city. It seems that he was doing whatever he wanted. “


That’s true.

But I’m glad it didn’t matter.

If I was forced to get engaged, I was going to resist it seriously, but it was really good that the king in question didn’t matter.


“But, aren’t children pointing at me like,’Oh, you’re the one who declined the Prince?’”

“What kind of child is that? Please move.”

“Uuuuuuh, but …”


Now, articles scattered by reporters from this country are posted everywhere outside.

Moreover, for some reason, there are caricatures of Usato-kun that don’t look like this …

Kurumia sighed at me, who was still wrapped in a futon, muttered “Can’t be helped” and cleared her throat intentionally.


“Ehem … But still, I do feel sorry for the marriage proposal after he made a situation where you couldn’t easily refuse it, but I think it’s a pity to refuse it. What was it that you said again? Was it “I have made a promise to an important person for my future?” Or something along the lines. It’s passionate. “



I screamed at the top of my lungs at Kurumia’s words.

How can you repeat what I just said!!!


” [My heart has been taken by him, so much that I couldn’t look at other men other than him.] or something like that”


“[He only talks about Healing magic. His strongest part is his unbreakable heart and kindness. I guess that’s why I was attracted to him.]”



My face turned bright red and I was rolling around the bed.

When I was suffering from the overflowing shame while flinging the futon and pillow, the smiling Kurumia continued to open her mouth.


“[If the sword that defeats the enemy is us heroes, the shield that protects our friends is Usato!] That phrase was also cool. “



Stop it, stop it ……!

No matter if it’s me, it’s a considerable dark history ……!

Finally, I fell off the bed, crashed into the wall, and stopped without force while wrapped in a futon.


“He’s not suitable for me because he’s not a healing magician, or he’s better than that weak guy, so I just said a tad bit much!”

“That’s the same feeling for us.”


Kurumia, who pulled off the futon from me when she stopped, wondered if she remembered the words of the prince at that time.


“Usato-dono, no, the rescue squad is special to us knights. Without them, our friends and colleagues would not have returned. It’s unacceptable if people just say that it’s [only a healing magic].”


Kurumia said so with a serious expression.

Usato saved many knights in the battle with the Demon King Army.

And now, he is traveling with the same duties as me and Kazuki.



“… Oh, did you just think of him?”

“That’s right. Given that Usato and Kazuki are doing their best right now, I can’t stop at such a place.”

“…[Right now, I am his]'”

“Can you not rub it in from the side after I’ve recovered !?”


Even if my mouth is torn, I must not say those lines in front of the person ……!


“Isn’t it different in another sense? Mainly among women.”

“I didn’t want you to talk about it … Maybe Usato’s painting was like that nobleman …”

“Maybe it’s because they beautified the original Usato-dono to be received by women.”

“… I don’t like that they dressed Usato …”


The first time I saw his painting, I felt a little unpleasant. Somehow, I felt that his charm was filled with useless decorations.

Kurumia has a moody look on me when I’m in a bad mood.


“From my point of view, I think it suits him? It doesn’t matter if that feeling is conveyed to Usato-dono. Suzune-san, when you say that to Usato-dono, I don’t know whether it’s a joke, or you’re being serious.. “

“I can’t say this in front of Usato unless I put in a phrase.”

“Oh, you’re quite a maiden unexpectedly.”

“I’m always a maiden though !?”



Why do you look like that unexpectedly !?

When I got up in surprise, Kurumia giggled and smiled.


“Well, it seems that you have recovered anyway. Above all, please prepare, because we will leave in the high days.”

“… I packed my luggage in advance, so it won’t take long … sigh …”


We’re stepping and moving.

Kurumia becomes a child who is very silent during battle and shoots a bow and arrow, but in normal times she loves to make fun of people.

When I saw Kurumia leaving the room with a smile, I sighed and I changed my clothes and grabbed the doorknob of the door.


“… Alright.”


I can’t pull back anymore.

The fact that I refused to propose to the prince because of Usato, went widespread throughout the continent, and that fact cannot be changed.

Honestly, I still feel embarrassed and want to go around, but I think about it the other way around.

―――― I should just push it through as it is.


“Go, You can do it Suzune. I won’t be depressed anymore …!”


I decided to do so and opened the door.


“[I’m in love with Usato !!]”


“Didn’t I tell you to stop!?”


The words of Kurumia, who was ambushing me next door, made me collapse forward.

The determination I swore earlier shook strongly.

Although I was prepared to be fooled by this story for a while, I was throwing up an electric shock chop of sanctions on the giggling Kurumia.



“Haha, senpai really loves doing bold things.”


Just when leaving the country where I first visited, I broke my cheeks when I saw the letters written on the paper delivered to the inn.

I was also involved in various things such as duel tournaments, but my senpais are also in trouble in many ways.


“Usato sure has it hard.”

“Do you think so too, Hilt?”



Hilt, a large knight walking in front of me.

He is a reliable companion who plays an avant-garde in any situation and does not let the opponent touch with a skillful spear handling that can not be imagined from a large body.

Besides, his personality was bright, and he has helped me many times with his softness and personality during this trip.

When he saw the article I had, he laughed cheerfully.


“Is it because senpai is finally getting serious?”

“I’m not very familiar with the colours of love, but isn’t this what she intended?”

“… True. Senpai does portray herself as someone bold.”


Because she was a little playful when talking to Usato all the time, it seems that Usato also took it as a joke.


“Well, from my point of view, it’s funny.”

“I think he’s the only one who doesn’t notice.”


When me and Hilt smiled, the knights who were following behind also smiled bitterly.


“Though it’s a bit terrible for Suzune, but … Usato is likely to be liked by women. Someone who shows it in action, not in appearance. From the perspective of a man himself, he as a rescue squad, can be respected “


I’m convinced by Hilt’s words.

Usato’s behavior is cool.

When he said he would do it, he’ll get through it no matter what, and when I learned that he was training to help Nack who was suffering from bullying at Lukvis, I thought it was really really cool.


“Well, I don’t think I need to speak badly about the future for senpai and Usato. No matter what the ending is, I’m still a friend of Usato and senpai …”

“It’s great to have a friend who can take care of your back. Both Usato-dono and Suzune-dono will think the same thing as Kazuki-dono.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m sure”


I scratch my cheeks with a gentle smile as I hear the words of Hilt.

When talking about Usato and senpai for a while, Hirth turned around while riding a horse as if he suddenly remembered.


“For Kazuki-dono. How far has your relationship with the princess progressed?”

“Again with that story …”

“Isn’t it okay? We shouldn’t be bothered by the floating story with His Majesty’s daughter, the knight of the Kingdom of Lingle.”


When asked before, I managed to move the topic, but this time it ’s difficult.

I was embarrassed and scratched my cheeks.


“No, no … I just promised to come back safely …”

“I see”

“Why are you grinning! The people behind as well!”


Hilt is a reliable friend who will travel together in the future, but it is really troublesome at such times.

While my cheeks were hot from Hilt and the knights behind him, who began to grin as if to guess something, I desperately began to find excuses that there was nothing with her.


Author’s Note:

This time, we released about two new characters.

One for Kazuki and Suzune each.


By the way, in this work, the heroine is not with other characters, so please be assured of that point.


Next, we are planning a side story between Nack and Ferme.

I would like to update the next chapter at 19:00 tomorrow, but it may be the day after tomorrow.

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