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“Repetition!” (Ryouta)


Erythronium dungeon, second floor.

Immediately after getting off from the entrance hall, the fluffy rogue monster is killed using repetition.


The fluff burst and turned into light, then wrapped the entire floor.


[Please specify the dungeon and its floor.]

“Uooo!” (Ryouta)


It’s the same voice I heard as when I first entered the transportation room of the mansion.

This is the voice of the announcement in the room.


It is good that she could reproduce the characteristics of the reject crystal, but I was a little worried whether it would properly turn into a transportation room.

But it seems like it can be done.


“Let’s move for now. Eri, where do you want to go?” (Ryouta)

“… (Shake shake)” (Eri)


Eri shook her head and clung to my feet with a force to bury her face.


“I’m not leaving you. We’re going together.” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eri)


Her clinging eased, but instead she tilts her head.

She thought about it, but can’t think of anywhere to go.


“Then I’ll decide. It doesn’t really matter where it is since it’s just a test run.” (Ryouta)


Should we head to Teruru for now?

――Thinking so, I specified the first basement floor of Teruru.


“Eh? Nothing’s happening.” (Ryouta)


When I designated it as how I did it in the mansion, a swirl of light immediately appeared, but there was no reaction at all.


[Please specify the dungeon and floor.]


Instead, I just heard the same voice again.


So, are the conditions different?


I tried to specify various dungeons for trial purposes.

Silicon, Arsenic, Selenium, Aurum, Nihonium–


I tried to specify all the dungeons, but nothing happened.

I was wondering if it was not working, and at the moment when I designated it as the first floor of Erythronium, the same transfer gate as in the mansion appeared.

The appearance is the same vortex of light.


“Why only Erythronium?… So it works as an elevator instead?” (Ryouta)


Thinking so, I entered the whirlpool for the time being.

Then, I returned to the upper floor, the first floor of Erythronium, which is the entrance hall of the mansion.


The gate seems to work for the time being.


“…Eri, Eri’s room, and the spirit’s room still exist?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)

“Alright.” (Ryouta)


I jumped into the whirlpool of light and returned to the second floor.


[Please specify the dungeon and floor]


“Erythronium, Room of the Spirit” (Ryouta)





There was no reaction.


“Eri, can you make me the third floor?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)


Eri crouched and touched the ground while holding my pants.

Poof! At the moment when the feeling of saying was transmitted down the ground, the stairs that continued below appeared.


“Thank you——then my destination is to the 3rd floor of Erythronium” (Ryouta)


I specify the destination in the room while stroking Eri’s head.

As before, it didn’t respond.


This was clear—– but let me confirm one last time just in case.


I get down and immediately come back and designate the transportation room to the third floor.

This time, the gate appeared properly.


“My assumptions were right, it’s like putting a new bookmark.” (Ryouta)


I went to the basement floor of Erythronium, which was right above me.

I couldn’t go to the other dungeons, the room of the erythronium spirit, or the third floor, but I could use it once I stepped on the third floor and came back immediately.


It seems that you can start over from the bookmark of the destination from the beginning.

If so——–it’s safe to say that the problem has been resolved.



After the transportation room was done, I wanted to leave the dungeon. Then, Cell came to visit.


Cell was trying to go to the mansion in the dusk, but he found me and came over here.


“Are you conquering a dungeon, Satou-sama?” (Cell)


Holding onto me ― I glanced at Eri, who was a little frightened by the appearance of Cell and hiding behind my back, and asked.


“No, I guess you could say I’m reforming.” (Ryouta)

“Reform” (Cell)


I explained the current situation roughly to Cell.

I explained the fact that the mansion room was full and I was trying to use the Erythronium dungeon instead.


Cell, who was listening to it silently, had a delicate face.


“What’s wrong?” (Ryouta)


“Satou-sama did report that adventurers aren’t allowed, but the dungeon is a property of the city.” (Cell)




Listening to Cell’s words, Eri’s clinging power became stronger.


“It’s going to be a tad bit difficult to transfer ownership.” (Cell)

“So that’s it” (Ryouta)

“In addition, when Satou-sama and his friends are constantly coming in and out, the other adventurers would then think that there’s something valuable in the dungeon, and enters—” (Cell)

“Eri won’t allow anyone in except the ones she allows.” (Ryouta)


I blocked the words of Cell.

Eri’s frightening refusal.


I know it all.

I can’t put in bad guys until Eri feels more comfortable about it.


“Hmm.” (Cell)

“I’ll do anything for that” (Ryouta)

“…If so, I have no choice but to take the form of a dungeon lease.” (Cell)

“Lease?” (Ryouta)

“From the point of view of the dungeon association, that is, from the city’s point of view, the question is whether or not to get taxes.” (Cell)

“Oh” (Ryouta)

“If you pay the expected tax of the dungeon, you can monopolize it for the duration of the loan.” (Cell)

“I see, you get a certain amount of money, and you can save the city.” (Ryouta)


Cell clearly nodded.


For example, Silicon.

The amount of production will change depending on a magical storm.

Even if you throw out the expected tax, the actual tax will be lower if there are many magical storms.


Dungeons and adventurers are intricately entwined with various changing factors.

Is there a form like this for the Dungeon Association?


“However, the annual forecast for Erythronium will be 1.5 billion–” (Cell)

“I’ll pay.” (Ryouta)


I answered immediately.

No hesitation, I stared at Cell and answered immediately.


“…Satou-sama. That’s an immediate answer.” (Cell)

“Money’s not an issue here.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, let’s do that.” (Cell)


Cell said so, returned and left.


When I saw him off, Eri held onto me even tighter.


When facing down, there was Eri’s eyes looking up.

Eri fluttered her eyes and then buried her face in my feet again.


 Thank you.


Was what I felt.


I stroked Eri’s head.

¥1.5 billion a year, just a little over 100 million a month?


Rent is a little expensive, but if Eri feels relieved, it’s worth it.

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SFcipher · 12th September 2020 at 7:20 AM

Thanks for the treat.

DMR · 12th September 2020 at 7:51 AM

That’s BS… nobody could go in anyways, as such, it’s void… what law can you apply when it’s the dungeon itself that bans people?

This is a stupid problem. Plus, there is no actual reward for the dungeon….

It just sucks… don’t add a needless clause for no reason. Plus, it’s IN HIS HOME..

So 3 factors together mean it should be fine…

random · 12th September 2020 at 3:01 PM

I am kind of miffed at how he just solves problems with money…

* Buying people out of slavery instead of crushing a black company…
* Paying exorbitant taxes instead to challenging the city to re-evaluate it to prove that it’s normally impossible for them to earn any taxes from this dungeon…

He is literally funding corruption rather than fighting it.
It’s less troublesome for him to pay a bribe or ransom – he doesn’t care that he’s literally empowering the bad people to do more bad things by giving in to them.

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