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Author’s Note:

Sorry for the wait.

This is Volume 4’s Epilogue.



After breaking the curse, I went to sleep just after returning from the altar to the hall with the throne, probably because of fatigue.

Next thing I woke up, it was the sixth night.

When I woke up, there was Amako who looked into my face anxiously by the bed, and Arc-san and Neah who were sitting a little away.

Apparently, after that, Amako and my friends seemed to be allowed to enter the castle, and they kept watching me in the room where I was sleeping.

I’m glad that breaking the bell doesn’t seem to be a crime.

However, Amako started preaching: “You’re too crazy,” or “Don’t be overconfident, no matter how sturdy you are.”

Certainly I realized that I had done a lot this time, so I obediently accepted her words and firmly apologized to Amako and Arc-san.


“Really, I owe it to you so much that I couldn’t thank you enough.”

“I did it on my own accord.”


We were in the throne hall the morning after waking up.

The wall I broke was hidden by a cloth, and Lucas-sama was sitting on the throne in front of it, with Eva next to him.

The reason we are here is because we are departing from Samaria today to the next country — the floating city of Mialark.

Amako and Arkc-san lined up on both sides of me, and wondering whether she’s bored or something, Neah was sleeping on my shoulder as an ow.


“Is Lucas-sama going to face difficulty in the future?”


I would like to say that the people who suffer from the curse will be gone and thus, a happy end, but it was not the case that the whole curse was destroyed by breaking the big curse.

The Fegnis family and those who were inspired by it — For example, unless you manage the knights of Fegnis’ subordinates, similar things may repeat.


“Hahaha, this is much easier than ever. I caught Fegnis, who was the chief curse keeper, and his knights. After that, roast the people in a potato-growing ceremony..”

“Fegnis… What is he doing now?”


A person who relied so much on curses.

What kind of reaction will he take when he learns that it was destroyed?


“…He was like a shell, saying that the curse had been destroyed, and, terribly, knowing that every cause was his countless souls of his ancestors. He was shocked and has been imprisoned in the dungeon now, but I think only time will tell for him to recover.”

“Is that so……”


Lucas-sama is having it hard too.

The person who he has trusted for many years must be treated as a traitor who has deceived himself overnight.


“… Let’s change the story. Regarding the letter, Samaria will be cooperating with the Kingdom of Lingle, as I said at the beginning. Together we will protect the continent from the Demon King.”

“Thank you!”


Somehow I felt happier than when I first received the letter.

Maybe because we knew Lucas-sama’s personality in the last seven days, or was I sincerely pleased with his sincere words?

Either way, I was able to successfully fulfill one of my roles.


“Usato, thanks to you I haven’t lost Eva. If you weren’t there, maybe I would have been abandoned and cast my duties as king. Thank you very much.”

“I’ve done what I want to do”


I didn’t seek anything in return.

I really did what I wanted to do.


“Don’t be humble, it’s all on you. Hhhmm, yeah, that’s what I want. Yeah, I can rest assured if it’s you.”

“… Leave what?”


I wonder what is this uneasy feeling I’m getting…

What does he mean by leaving it to me…

Lucas-sama, who nodded all the while, relaxed his shoulders and looked at me after looking at Eva.


“So Usato, this is the main subject…”

“Thank you for the last seven days. I’m going to travel soon, so I’ll see—–“


I knew it.

I thought that I was amazing.

When I sensed a crisis in various ways, I smiled and smiled and bowed back.

Amako and Arc-san who were next to me looked at me in puzzlement, but now I was in a hurry so that I could not answer their questions.

However, maybe Lucas-sama was expecting that, he snaps his fingers, and the maids stand in front of me.


“No, Usato. You don’t have to rush. Isn’t it better to hear the story until the end?”

“In my world, there is a saying that time is money. That is, treat time as worth money.”

“Well, that’s a good quote, but the story we’re going to talk about is well worth it.”


I try to pass between the maids while explaining the proverbs that I remember, but the maids cut in before me with a smile.

What drives them so far?

If these people were knights, I could forcibly go ahead…….

Tsk, as expected of Lucas-sama. He really has all sorts of countermeasures after knowing my personality…!


“Hey Usato. What happened?”

“Amako, please help me. If we lose this battle, it may turn out worse than being cursed.”

“What? What are you talking about?”


 That’s right. If you hear such a thing, you’ll tilt your head, isn’t it?

When Amako tilted her head, Lucas-sama who came down the throne spoke to me.


“Usato, I talked about pulling you into my country, but I won’t do that.”



Oh, it’s different from what I expected…?

Stopping his footsteps and turning to me, he smiles and raises his fist.


“Isn’t Usato going to be the son-in-law of Eva, and willingly following my footsteps?”




“…I’m sorry if what I’m about to say is rude, but what on earth are you thinking!?”

“I used to be one of the knights. Don’t worry about it. I usually manage politics with courage and charisma! Rather, I’ll only allow someone to have her if they have such courage as you!”

“Isn’t it illegal for the king to force someone!?”

“Hey, I’m the proof in front of you.”


His talk is getting stranger.

Why did you ask me to succeed after you, and the story jumped so much that I became confused.

Amako pulled the hem of my robe when I was muddy without knowing how to react.


“Hey Usato. What do you mean? What the hell are you talking about? Explain properly.”

“Keep calm and be Amako”

“I’m calm. I’m really calm, This is my clamest moment of my life.”


Amako looked up with no expression and I was too scared to say anything.


“Ha ha ha. You’ll do it right, Usato.”


Arkc-san is just laughing.

Don’t make it sound like it’s another person’s affair… I can’t laugh because I feel like I’m being pushed more and more.



“E, Eva. Please tell them something too!? You would dislike having an engagement so suddenly, right!?”

“Does Usato-san hate me?”



Are you also taking advantage of this!?

I am even more confused when she asks me with a very uneasy look.

Honestly, I’m happy by their goodwill, but in her case there are dangerous parts in various ways, so it’s too risky to accept it…!

The sharp line of sight from Amako and the hopeful line of sight of Lucas-sama are only getting stronger.


“But it’s alright.”



She entwined her fingers in front of her chest and smiled like a flower.


“You don’t have to mind me, my mind will not change.”

“Won’t change?”


What is this deja vu?


“I will do my best until you like me. That is the solution.”


Far from being solved, it seems that I will enter the labyrinth of the graveyard of life.

Rather than going around, it seems like a confession that looks like a man.


“Actually, I want to accompany Usato-san on a trip, and I want to see various things together. But that is annoying for Usato-san. So, it’s goodbye for now. When we meet next time, I will also I want to touch various things that I haven’t touched until now, and to grow even more.”


Her words and smile made me wonder what to do.

The memories of several days spent at the same place as her and various thoughts spin around.

Confused, I deeply bow to Eva who is smiling.


“So, let’s be friends!!”


What is this confession from a guy and the girl refuses.

Her straightforward personality is not unpleasant.

However, as a result of considering the future development that I had been engaged with now and the mission I am now carrying out, I had no choice but to give such a chicken answer.

While I am self-deprecating as a cowardly guy, I also want to be just a suspension bridge effective distraction.


“Yeah, it’s insane to suddenly get engaged. It’s important to start with something small. If we have to start by being friends… I don’t mind.”


What is she even saying?

It feels like a predator aiming for a prey.

Lucas-sama also murmured with a distant eye, “Ah, after all it, she is Eliza’s child.”


“S-So anyways, we have to get going now!”

“Oh, wait a minute Usato!”


After being unable to bear various things, I bowed deeply to Eva and Lucas-sama, and then, using a serious step, I passed through the maid’s gap and tried to get out of the throne quickly.


“This is bad Lucas-sama!”


However, before that, Eiri-san, the butler, enters the throne with a few sheets of paper from the entrance.

At that time, my shoulders hit him, probably because I was in a hurry, and the paper softly slipped from his hands and fell to my feet.

When I picked it up and tried to give it to Eiri-san, I saw a letter on the paper that was marked as big.


“Wh- What the hell is thiiiiiisssssss!?”


I raise a loud voice that is not like me, and hold on to the paper.

Amako and the others in the background see my anomaly, panicking and looking into the paper in my hands, and they become rigid like me.

The text that surprised us was–


――― Refusing the prince’s courtship!? The rumored female hero wanted Usato, the healing magician!?―――


It was a support shot from a distance of Inugami-senpai.

Superbly, it helped accelerate my crisis.


“What are you doing, senpai…”


What are you doing, senpai! Seriously?!

No matter how much you don’t want to get married, why did you give my name!? I know this feeling because I am in the same situation!?

I can already see senpai’s face with a “Tehepero☆” in my mind.


“And this is me!? What the hell is this!?”


A portrait was drawn under the heading that was written as big.

However, it is the only thing that fits my hair style, and the bottom of the hair is shaped into a surprisingly beautiful shape. The hell is this, someone holding a rose, seems to make a hole in the wall because his nose is too sharp.

Moreover, even though it’s my trademark, the uniform is decorated with decorations that look like an aristocrat, and there are almost no prototypes left…


“If the leader or rescue squad sees this…”


Moreover, Nack is in the rescue squad now.

If he sees this as well.

My dignity as a teacher.

Rose will absolutely grin when she sees this.


“Ah, ha ha ha ha…”

“U, Usato, it’s okay. I like the current Usato more. This picture doesn’t look ferocious at all, it’s just a human being.”


Is Amako really following up with this?

I think that the one who drew me like a demon was the correct answer in a roundabout way.


“Hoho, this is quite the development Eva, apparently you’ll have to defeat your rivals to get him.”

“Still, I will do my best!”

“Hahaha, that’s the spirit! I will spare no cooperation.”


Maybe Lucas-sama, who looked through the other piece of paper, escalated as if he received it from Eiri-san, in a form that demonstrates stupidity.


“Hmm, you guys are noisy…I’m still tired, so don’t make so much noise… Hmm? Usato, what is that paper?”

“Mini healing magic bullet!”



Shooting healing magic bullets that hit Neah’s forehead, it stunned her.

This is bad, I can’t let her see this portrait of me.


“I can’t stay here anymore…”


I can’t stand this anymore, time to run from the castle and escape from there.

From behind, Lucas-sama and Eva waving their hands with a bright smile and seeing us off. I’m glad that they both smiled from the bottom of their heart, but the feelings of engagement and succession at the end made me feel like I was in a hurry.


“What should I do now—!”

“Usato! Neah is peeling off the white eyes and sticking to Usato’s clothes, is she alright!? Hey!?”


There are things I can’t do even if I break a curse that lasted for hundreds of years with my friends.

I jumped out of the castle and looked up at the sky, and I realized it.


Author’s Note:

Usato is in a pickle.

No matter how strong he is mentally, Usato himself is still a high school boy in his original world, so he is vulnerable to such development.

With respect to his senpai, it is not her intention that the case for refusing to seek marriage has spread.

Far from being happy, he’ll be writhing in red.

I would like to write about that area in another side story.


After updating the side story about 2 or 3 chapters, I will move on to Volume 5.

By the way, this is the 100th chapter including the main story and the side story.

It’s a coincidence, but I’m glad I was able to finish Volume 4 in the 100th chapter.

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    [Amako and Arkc-san lined up on both sides of me, and wondering whether she’s bored or something, Neah was sleeping on my shoulder as an ow.]
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    [“Keep calm and be Amako”]
    * Amako —> Amako.

    [Arkc-san is just laughing.]
    * Arkc-san —> Ark-san

    [When we meet next time, I will also I want to touch various things that I haven’t touched until now, and to grow even more.]
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    [Lucas-sama also murmured with a distant eye, “Ah, after all it, she is Eliza’s child.”]
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