Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 96

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Author’s Note:

Here’s chapter 96.


When I was woken up by the skeletons, the next thing I saw, my entire vision was in a pure white space.

The people of Samaria who stood to surround me were standing in the center of the white space, grunting and groaning.

Then, when I heard the voice of the grudge, what was shown was the memory of the Samaria people reflected in a pile. I was forced to see the sight of those who are burnt by fire, hunger, cry in the rubble, and tremble in the fear of death.

I can’t take my eyes off the sight of all these visions hitting directly into my head, and I suffer from a headache while clenching my teeth.


“Gu, u…”


The first shown was the memory of a man suffering from poison.

The man who sucked the poison of the wicked dragon, rotted his lungs, and could not breathe and suffered, and finally sacrificed and emptied off his soul when he saw the signs of healing and could return to his family.


[I wanted to live longer, and see… my family]



Next, I was shown the memory of a woman who witnessed the death of her beloved family in front of her.

She lost her important things and lost the hope of living, and all she wanted to do was see her loving family.


[I just wanted to see you…]

“Aaah, gu…”


Next is the memory of the knight who fought to protect the people from the wicked dragon.

He who was exposed to the wicked dragon’s poison from the front without any attacks, miraculously survived his life, but he was soulless by the ruthless king and the magician.


[I was finally saved. That’s what I thought…]



The skeleton’s grudge voices are piled one after another in my head.

Memory of people who were seriously injured by the attack of the wicked dragon.

The memory that the soul is pulled out by the outrageous king and the magician.

An everyday memory that would have been happy turns into hell in an instant.

Due to the suffering, the scene changes.

A pile of debris that fills my field of view, and a small hand with soot.

The sight in front of me——the girl cries silently.




The shout of the wicked dragon that shakes the air.

When the girl who fell down due to shock looked at the tip of her voice, the wicked dragon with a stronger and dreadful appearance than in my memory exhaled poison. Then, my view was blocked by a silhouette of a man. It was a man who wore clothes and armor that looked like an adventurer and had a longsword and a small sword in a sheath disproportionate to their appearance, and was facing each other without hesitation at the screaming wicked dragon.





The wicked dragon swings its big tail sideways to the silent man.

The tail that approaches with tremendous momentum while transforming the surrounding buildings into rubble.

On the other hand, the man pulled out the same sword that I had from his waist and headed towards the tail, which would contain the evil power.

The tail shocked the entire surrounding, creating dust and wind soaring everywhere. With that hit, the tail would have hit the man directly and struck the stunned girl who had stood still.

In the sight of a girl who rolled on the ground with so much shock, the figure of the man caught the tail of the wicked dragon with his fist holding a small sword and jumped into the field of view.



――― Strengthening up, sealing.


When the man muttered so, the blade of the small sword poof… and a sphere like Kazuki’s magic bullet emerged softly. When the sphere returned to the blade of the small sword again, the blade itself took on a golden light this time.

Then, the man, holding the light sword in his hand, pierced his abdomen as is.




At the same time, he pulls out the left sword from the belly, and somehow there is no scar or blood mark.




Without warning, the man runs to the wicked dragon.

The speed is so fast that you can’t even imagine a slim body could do that, and every time he steps, the ground is greatly scooped.

The Wicked Dragon opens its big mouth to the approaching man and exhales a deadly poison.


――― Sealed.


However, the poison disappeared so that the hero could suck it up simply by pointing the handle end of the long sword on his waist.

The hero hit the chest of the astonishing wicked Dragon with his left hand holding a small sword.

The large body of the wicked dragon flew away in the air with a fist with no magical power.



――― Rot with your own poison, monster.


The hero who holds the small sword pulls out the long sword, grasps it with both hands and holds it in the upper stage.




With his shout, his sword shook and a violent shock wave of purple ran from his sword blade, engulfing one wing of the wicked dragon flying in the air, cutting through the clouds and disappearing into the sky.

The girl who was watching the blow of the man who even broke through the dark cloudy sky fell asleep while holding the emotion similar to fear and admiration, and never woke up.


[Hey, who’s at fault? The King? That scary dragon? Or… was it the hero?]



Skeleton——-No, they are the ones who are living and suffering from my life.

Some people still wanted to live, some people who wanted to meet important people, a grudge that left their important family dead — my head, who has been forced to hear the hundreds of regrettable voices.


“””Want to live”””


“”It’s all your fault””



“”Atone for your sins””


The voice of the grudge that is poured from the surroundings becomes stronger.

Accordingly, my headache becomes stronger and I cannot stand properly. So much so that I had to put my knees and hands on the ground, and my hands and feet slowly filled the white ground.


“If I sleep as is…Will they supposedly be released…haha”


I don’t feel like I can bear it anymore.

My head seems like it was about to burst, and I don’t even know if I’m looking forward or downward.

I was made to see the scenes of dead corpses over and over again and again, and every time I was listening to the grudge, my spirit was tattered.

I thought that it would be nice to give up and be comfortable, such an idea was growing in my mind.



“——Oh, shut up”


It’s not a good reason to fall now.

Ignoring the skeletons, I forcibly pull my sinking limbs from the ground, staggering and standing up.


――― Wh!?


The skeletons were upset by my words.

It may be surprising that I, who was a dead body until a while ago, suddenly stood up.

Certainly I feel like dying. My head hurts and my consciousness is blurred.

While focusing on my legs that were about to collapse, I slowly glanced at my surroundings and spit out my full voice I can give to myself.


“Why are you showing me this? Did you want to be sympathized? Do you want to say that you should be captivated quietly? Don’t be ridiculous…! That’s not a good reason to harm Eva!”


My head is so painful that I can’t even understand what I am talking about.

Despite that, I honestly say what I thought.


“She…Eva…doesn’t know anything yet…! She has spent her entire life in such a narrow barrier, and was divided by the rest of the world! Still, with a smile…!”


She actually doesn’t want to disappear.

She wants to live more.

And yet, trying to accept it unreasonably…Is that reasonable?


“I wanted that child to know the outside world! It’s not just a few trees planted! There isn’t just a flower in a small flower bed! There’s not just a fish swimming in a pond! The world she came from was very small…!! The outside is so much bigger, I want her to know that I’m breaking the curse that binds her down!!”


I understand because I came from another world.

This world is amazing. Swords and magic, monsters, various unknowns are roaming around. I was worried because there were so many things I didn’t know, but I was really excited to think that I was waiting for something amazing that I would never be able to experience in the original world.


So that’s why—–


“To not die and not to end without knowing the outside…! I will help her! And that’s why I will destroy all the curses that have afflicted her…”


I raised my fist slowly and gripped it tightly.


“So shut up and be saved by me!”


When I screamed and slammed my fist on the white ground, the Samarima people who surrounded me were scratched away, and the white space itself shattered like glass from the crushed ground.

I then woke up from my consciousness to rise above the surface of the water.

I removed the hand holding my head and opened my closed eyes, and at the same time, I thrust my arm vigorously to shake off the skeletons attached to my body.



Immediately after waking up, I crushed the head of a suspicious skeleton, and looked down at the skeleton while waving my hands.


“It’s okay for me to say that this guy must be the one behind the scenes because he has a cane and is wearing a robe, isn’t he Neah?”


When I point to the skeleton that is restoring the skull and ask Neah, she takes a step back, frightened for some reason.




“Eh, yeah. It’s the magician who causes the curse…”


…………Why is she using honorific with me, anyways this was the guy that fits.

It was a different feeling from other skeletons, and above all, I felt that the malicious intention was stronger than the grudge, but I wondered.

When I heard from Neah about the identity of the skeleton in this robe, Lucas who’s holding Eva walks up to the side of Neah.


“Usato-san! You’re safe!”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you alright, Lucas-sama?”

“Oh, thanks to Neah and her, there’s no injury.”

“I see… um, her…?”


Is he referring to the translucent figures that’s around Neah?

They look more scary because they look more like ghosts more than skeletons.


“They are the Samaria royals that are bound by the curse.”

“……So that’s it”


I gaze my eyes on the words of Neah and move to a woman who looks exactly like Eva. When I move near here, she shows a cheerful smile similar to her.

When I heard from Eva, I was expecting that the royal people who had been erased by the curse would protect Eva, so I was not surprised.


[Shit… how…]



Did his skeletal head recover from me crushing it as the skeleton in a robe staggered——the magician was trying to stand up.

According to the story I heard from Neah, it seems that he was bound to curse his soul by being executed. He really was able to go on for that long.

The feeling of dismay rather than anger comes out…….

The magician pointed at me holding his forehead and shaking his teeth.


[Why, how could you endure it!? You must have been in a nightmare that an ordinary person could never endure!]

“…Do you mean the memory that the Samaria people showed? I don’t know what purpose you showed it to me, but there’s no meaning. I just shut them up. That’s all”

“No no no no, how can you just shut them up just like that. What did you do…”


But it’s true that I’ve summarized it briefly.

Returning to the shape of an owl, I laughed bitterly at Neah who jumped on my shoulder.

As if not understanding my words, the scratched-up magician is confused and looks around at the skeletons around me.


[Let’s do it again! Go! Dead people!! Break their hearts!]


The chain linked to the skeletons’ necks is pulled strongly.

However, the skeletons remain weak and do not move. As if ignoring the magician’s command, they gently keep their hands down and watch the situation.


“What’s wrong? Can’t move?”

[Why aren’t you guys moving, and why aren’t my orders working!? Don’t you want to release your soul!?]


The chain becomes larger, but the skeleton does not obey the magician’s orders.


“I think everyone finally understood. That what you told them was a lie…”

[Do- Don’t screw with me!! How can that happen?!! As if they can speak to you!?” As long as they’re caught in the curse, they’re just handpieces that wield hatred. ! They can’t be willing to refuse my order!]



I have learnt from their voice and memory.

Not just hate. Everyone wanted to be free from suffering, so they wanted to get someone to notice. It was so painful asking for help, and they couldn’t do anything about this suffering themself, so they kept obeying orders.


“They aren’t able to communicate from the outside, what they’re doing now is because Usato was drawn into the same spiritual world as them and made some change to them there. It’s not a decent way to risk breaking his own heart. As expected of Usato.”



I didn’t have any intention of doing that, so it would be a problem to say that it’s just a matter of fact.

However, it seems that it was not a bad thing for me to be captivated by skeletons, albeit at a time.


“There is no soul to follow you anymore. Break the curse here and save Eva and all the trapped souls…. Neah, let’s do this.”

“Yes, let’s finish this.”


I grip my fist and gaze at the magician sharply.

The magician who received my gaze receded back, but when he shook his body, he jumped at me with a roar like a beast.


[If I can get your body, then everything will be fineeeeee!!!!!]

“Usato-san, it’s dangerous!!”



I put my right hand to the side so as to reassure Eva and Lucas-sama who were panicked by the sudden attack of the magician, and I grabbed the magician’s neck vigorously.

At the same time, I have a dull pain in my head, but since it is a trivial thing now, I ignored it and lifted the magician with one hand.


“That degree of mental aggression, I’ve got used to it”

[…Hhhng, this, this monster…!!!]

“I’m used to being told that as well.”


The magician who entangles both arms to escape from my right hand, but his strength is weak.


[Body, even just the body…!!]

“My body is mine. If you want, train yourself in the next life. It should be a lot easier than preparing for hundreds of years.”


As I said that, I grabbed his neck, and threw it to the front.

I took out the hero’s knife from the waist and covered the blade with healing magic and restraint magic.

I clenched the handle strongly and threw it at the altar, aiming at the flying magician.



“If you want such a hero, I’ll give it to you!”


The small sword that drew a green locus flew while rotating, hit the forehead of the magician with no problem, and stabbed him with the momentum as if to sew it to the crystal of the altar behind.


“I’ll get back everything that was robbed! Magician!”


I hold my right fist and make a big step toward the altar.

Seeing me approaching, the immovable magician shakes his body as if to plead.


[I don’t like that. I still…I don’t want to disappear…I don’t want it to end]

“It’s too late to regret it now!! There must have been many opportunities to regret it! If you’re the originator of this curse, let’s share that curse and fate until the end!”

[No, no no no no!!]



My fist straightly hits the handle of a small sword that pierced the magician’s forehead, and shreds the magician’s head together with the crystal.

At that moment, a lot of human spirits are released to the hall with the overflowing light from the broken crystals.

Looking back, the chains connected to the necks of the skeletons all over the room also shatter into pieces, turning into human souls like other souls and disappearing.




The shattered magician’s body changes into a human soul.

When I saw the human soul rising to the ceiling while making a cry, I smiled.


“If you can retrain yourself and be reborn,”

“Are you going to put it in parenthesis? You seriously don’t have a great sense?”



The fellow retort to me is cold…….

Depressingly so.

Neah stared at me with a blind eye, relieved the tension and took a rest.


“Well, let’s just say to Amako the words from Usato, so that’s one case.”

“…No, it’s not so yet.”



Saying so, I turn to Eva and Lucas-sama.

The two were looking up at one blue-haired woman.

As the souls of other royal families disappeared one after another, a blue-haired woman—-Elisa-sama, with a smile that did not make her part ..




Then, light spills into Eva from the hand stroking her head.

Looking at Eva who is keeping an eye on what happened to herself, Eliza who grinned and smiled muttered something small, turned into a human soul and returned to heaven.


“Father, me… my body…”



In a hurry to Eva’s words, Lucas-sama lowered her to a nearby light and illuminated its shadow, and all the shadows that had been lost by more than half before coming here were all restored.

After seeing her shadow restored, Eva sat down on the ground and touched the floor where the shadow was inserted.


“Mom helped me…..She was always watching over me…..I wasn’t unhappy at all. Father and mother were with me all the time. ……”

“Tha… Yeah, you’re right. You’re not unhappy. You can live like other people…”


Eva and Lucas-sama trembled with joy and wept.

I was looking at such two from a distance, and I fell down on the floor while relieving myself.

Finally, one case is settled down.

Eva and the souls of Samarial people have been saved.


“Neah, everything was saved thanks to you. And thank you for protecting Lucas-sama and Eva while I couldn’t move.”

“Fufufu, praise me more. Ah, yeah. Could you give me that kind of feeling of thanks? Specifically, with blood.”

“Hahaha, I got it.”


I’ve really exhausted myself this time.

Psychically it may be more than the time of the wicked dragon.


“…I’m glad I was saved…”


Eva was laughing with a reasonable smile, which made up for everything that I’ve done.


Author’s Note:

The next chapter will be the epilogue.

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    [Memory of people who were seriously injured by the attack of the wicked dragon.
    The memory that the soul is pulled out by the outrageous king and the magician.]
    * Memory —> Memories
    * that the soul —> of the soul

    [When the man muttered so, the blade of the small sword poof… and a sphere like Kazuki’s magic bullet emerged softly.]
    * poof —> went *poof*

    [“——Oh, shut up”]
    * up —> up.

    [Did you want to be sympathized? Do you want to say that you should be captivated quietly?]
    * sympathized —> sympathized with
    * you should —> I should

    [When I screamed and slammed my fist on the white ground, the Samarima people who surrounded me were scratched away, and the white space itself shattered like glass from the crushed ground.]
    * Samarima —> Samaria

    [“……So that’s it”]
    * it —> it.

    [When I move near here, she shows a cheerful smile similar to her.]
    * here —> there

    [I just shut them up. That’s all]
    * all —> all.

    [As long as they’re caught in the curse, they’re just handpieces that wield hatred. !]
    * hatred. ! —> hatred!

    [It was so painful asking for help, and they couldn’t do anything about this suffering themself, so they kept obeying orders.]
    * themself —> themselves

    [“That degree of mental aggression, I’ve got used to it”]
    * it —> it.

    [ [I don’t like that. I still…I don’t want to disappear…I don’t want it to end] ]
    * end —> end.

    [Are you going to put it in parenthesis?]
    * parenthesis —> parentheses

    [Eva and the souls of Samarial people have been saved.]
    * of Samarial —> of the Samarian people

    [“Neah, everything was saved thanks to you. And thank you for protecting Lucas-sama and Eva while I couldn’t move.”]
    * everything —> everyone

    [Psychically it may be more than the time of the wicked dragon.]
    * of —> with

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