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First floor of Teruru.


I held hands with Eri and followed Alice.


“It’s here, Ryouta” (Alice)

“Oh, okay.” (Ryouta)


We proceed through the dungeon with Alice’s directions.

We passed by several adventurers along the way.

We bowed to the acquaintance adventurers and proceeded further.


Alice is comparing both in front of the three-way road.


“Hmm, this one——–I mean, if you take Eri-chan to the right, you’ll have a slower time than usual and you’ll have to fight on the way.” (Alice)

“Should I walk a little faster?” (Ryouta)

“No, if you go to the left, you’ll be fine. There won’t be any spawning for a while.” (Alice)

“Alright.” (Ryouta)


According to Alice’s instructions, we go to the left of the three-way intersection.


Walking in the familiar dungeon.

It feels like a picnic, taking Eri for a walk.


Eri has been holding my little finger and walking together.

Immediately after entering the dungeon, she seemed to be relieved just being with me, but her expression gradually became anxious.


 It’s natural.

We have already walked on the floor of Teruru for nearly an hour, but have never encountered a monster——-a.k.a Slime.


Eri was worried when she walked for an hour without encountering a monster.


“It’s okay, Eri-chan.” (Alice)


Alice also noticed Eri’s anxiety.

While leading, she turns around and approaches Eri.


“There are monsters right now, we’re just avoiding them.” (Ryouta)

“…?” (Eri)


Eri who looks up at me tilts her small neck.

What does that mean? That’s what her eyes are telling me.


“Alice is born in a dungeon. Thus, she knows the ins and outs of monsters in the dungeon. Where are they and when they are spawn.” (Ryouta)

“At first it would be off by a bit, but recently I’ve gained experience, and I’ve come to understand it perfectly.” (Alice)

“Just as expected” (Ryouta)

“Ehehe” (Alice)


Praising Alice, she smiles happily, then walks again.

While keeping up with Alice, we never encountered a monster.

The fact that monsters are not gone can be understood from the fact that adventurers who pass each other occasionally collect the bean sprouts that are the drop items here.

There are monsters, but we do not encounter them.


I glanced at Eri.

Eri is gazing at Alice.

Because it was Alice that’s leading the way, she became interested.


Then, let’s move to the next floor.


I walked around and asked Alice a purposeful question.


“What is it like to feel a monster?” (Ryouta)

“Let’s see, there’s a map around this part of my head.” (Alice)

“A map?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, a map of the dungeon. I wonder if the map is around here and that various places are shining brightly. I think there’s a monster right now, or a place that’s about to spawn.” (Alice)

“So that’s it” (Ryouta)


So it’s a type of map that displays the most details, something like an RPG map displaying items and magic?


It seems to have evolved from the story I heard before.

It means that it became easier to understand.


In this case―, I saw Eri.


Eri stared at Alice.

I thought she was really staring at her intently.


While pulling me ―—— to walk faster, she pulled me to catch up with Alice.

I stopped Alice thinking that she had something in mind.


“Wait, Alice.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah?” (Alice)

“…” (Eri)


Eri stood in front of Alice, reaching out and touching her.

Eventually, the place that was touched began to shine.


“Wow, what is this?” (Alice)

“It should be fine.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so?” (Alice)


She was surprised that her body glowed, but I told her to keep calm and watched what Eri did.


The light of Alice’s body gradually moves to Eri’s body.


Ability to copy.

She did the same thing that she did for Mike.


After a while, the light completely moved into Eli——essentially copied.


“You got it?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)


Eri nods cutely several times.


“Did you know where they are?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod nod)” (Eri)

“Then… close your eyes. I’ll spin you around, and you find where I am.” (Ryouta)

“… (Shake shake shake)” (Eri)

“It’s okay, if I’m about to disappear you can open your eyes immediately” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod)” (Eri)


In response to my persuasion, Eri released her hand and closed her eyes.


I silenced my presence and footsteps, and after a few meters, I went right behind Eri.


Eri slowly turned to me with her eyes closed.


Next, I tried moving 90 degrees to the left. I turned around and she turned to me.


I moved 90 degrees further, looked over while crossing Alice, and asked Alice to make a footstep on the other side.


Eri wasn’t fooled at all, and Eri turned to me firmly.


Eri copies Alice’s abilities as much as she needs.

It seems that she has the ability to feel my whereabouts like a radar at any time.


Eri opened her eyes, ran up to me, grabbed my little finger, and smiled.

While stroking Eri’s head, I turned to Alice.


“Thank you, Alice, I got the ability copied.” (Ryouta)

“It’s amazing, I’ve heard a lot of stories, but she can really copy it.” (Alice)

“Ah. I was relieved she was able to copy as I calculated.” (Ryouta)

“Is that so? (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“But I heard that Eri-chan has a warp ability that can fly to Ryouta anytime. If that’s the case, then won’t she not need my ability?” (Alice)

“No, it’s important to be able to feel my whereabouts.” (Ryouta)

“Why?” (Alice)

“If it makes her feel a little more secure, this ability will allow her to play around the mansion, away from me?” (Ryouta)

“Oh” (Alice)


Eri wants to stay as long with me as she wants, but even so, if she can move away from me and work with my trusted friends, she will have a wider range of life.


At least I want to do that in the mansion.


“Shyness… Amazing. Ryouta.” (Alice)

“Huh?” (Ryouta)

“Normally if someone behaves like Eri, I thought it would be better if we gave it to someone else to raise her.” (Alice)

“I don’t think Eri is fond of these people.” (Ryouta)

“You feel like you can do it better? It’s a big premise to stick to Ryouta, but when she sticks with you, you double the drop.” (Alice)

“So that’s it” (Ryouta)


I didn’t think about it, but I feel like I can do it.


I answer Alice while grasping Eri’s hand.


“I just want Eri to live with peace of mind. That’s all.” (Ryouta)

“After all, Ryouta is amazing to think of that.” (Alice)


I smiled at Alice, who praised me, and I thought further.

Eri can copy various abilities and recreate the Erythronium dungeon on the premise that “She feels safe near me”.


I could do more to relieve Eri.

I kept thinking about it.

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