Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 113 – 5 second quiz challenge

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TL Note: Apparently this is the last chapter before they stopped in the web novel. I would have to see whether they have continued in the light novel. If not, I’ll focus more on level 1 guy and Chiyu Mahou from now on.


-Summary of the last chapter-

We were challenged with a speed quiz, which we had to answer one question within five seconds.

If you do not answer correctly 7 out of 10 questions, splash!, in the shark pond we go.

 Let’s do our best.

-And now, back to our daily schedule-


<Then on to question two! >




<50 warriors gathered and fought in tournaments.

Which match should be the last one to be decided?

Given that there is no rematch or third place match.

5, 4……>


I said.


「49th game」

「Is that so?」

「Since the tournaments end in one game.

If there are 50 people gathering, the 49th game will decide the last one.’」


<That is correct…>


The guardian makes a regrettable voice.



Which is the correct answer, 788×28?

Number 1! 284. Number 2! 22064. Number 3! 25594>


「Wait a minute! I can’t solve such a difficult problem by mental arithmetic!」

「It’s exactly what Laura says zena! This is an unfair problem zena!」

「I can solve it, but in about 5 seconds…」

「Let me see……」


Lolona and Femille were calculating while Laura and Lindis were screaming.

The countdown starts.


<5, 4, 3, 2…>


I answered.


「The correct answer is number 2.」


<That is correct…>


「How did you know?」

「The answer for 800×30 was 24000.

So by process of elimination, the first answer is not enough, and the third, is more than 24000.

Thus, the 2nd one is the answer.’」

「Instead of thinking about the answer, you look at the other answers.」

「As expected…」


<Next! This is a quiz that was told by a spacetime wanderer who came from another world long ago! 〉


「From a different world…」



Look at the following string and answer the hidden cipher!

The answer is very simple!






There was an illustration of a raccoon dog at the bottom right of the text.

Lolona was confused as she asked.


「What is the peculiar animal drawn in the lower right of that…?」

<The name of this drawing is called a “raccoon dog”! 〉


「There’s an unusual amount of “TA” in that word, but an animal named raccoon…? In other words, if you take out the “TA”…」


<5, 4, 3, 2…>


「5 seconds is not enough!」

「Isn’t the answer so easy?」

「But 5 seconds is not enough!」

「No, he did mention that the answer is “very easy”.」


「On the second line of the question, he said that the answer is “very easy”, right?

So the answer is that.」

<That is correct…..>

「Since the raccoon dog image appeared, I thought we should read it without the tag…..!」

「I thought so as well. So the cipher text is just a dummy?」

「How could you know…?」


「It’s difficult to read in 5 seconds.

Like the calculation just made, the five-second quiz must be solved within five seconds.」


On the contrary, if there was no time limit, I would also read the text without “TA”.

Like that, I answered the quiz and said.


<Next question! What question are we in now? !! 〉


I immediately answered “It’s the sixth question.”


「How is that even a question?!」

「It’s a free question.」


And the seventh question.



What was the name of the country created by Marmon, the hero angel of the Shinma War 680 years ago? !! 〉

「Isn’t this a freebie!

Even though I don’t know what the answer is either!」


Laura screamed and nodded at Lolona and Femille.

Then she looks at me for the answer.


<5, 4, 3……>

「I don’t know the history by the way.」

「 「 「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!!」 」 」


The voices of the three people echoed.


<Zero! >



The soap bubbles burst and we fall.

Despite returning in a short time, we were dropped quite a distance.


「Did we rely too much on Keima-dono?!」

「The next time a question comes up, I’ll answer it!」


Lolona bites her teeth, and Femille shouts.

And the guardian——gave an evil smile.

Femille was becoming more serious, and the eighth question was dropped.


「If I have time, I can solve it with my power…!」


Laura’s power to access the fountain of knowledge that the memory of the past is stored———-in short, an old library——-is useless in five seconds.


<Then——–the ninth question! >


Everyone tense.


<2 questions left!

But you guys have already made a mistake twice!

If you make a mistake the next time, down you go at the bottom with cannibal sharks!

But I’m a nice person, so I allow you to give up from here!

We can choose a smarter option. >


「Challenge to the death or get off safely right now…」

「I think we should give up! If it’s a test, we can just try again next year!」

「It’s true that it might be more dangerous as we go on zena…」

「See see see! Even Lindis-chan is saying that! No matter how you think about it, giving up is wise!

The keeper also says that we can choose the smarter one! “

「He’s right…」


I said and thought for a moment.


「The answer is NO!

I choose to continue!」

「Huh?! Is there a chance of winning?!」


I deliberately looked far away and answered.


「I can hear——–a voice.

The wisest and most beautiful goddess in the world said, “You are not supposed to die here.」


Laura then shouted.


「I didn’t say that!!!!」


「We’re not talking about you———-!」


It’s amazing to say that at this time!


<How is it?

So you’re not giving up and moving on to the problem——–Is it okay? 〉

「Do it」


I said, the keeper laughed.

The soap bubble breaks.


「What’s happening?! Isn’t the problem going forward?!」

<It’s different! The question is “The Ninth question—–make a wise decision”!

I can’t say that it’s a smart choice to continue making mistakes and continue! 〉


「It was a fraud!

Demon! Devil! Devil!

Your level is next to Keima, the devil! !! !!」


We were falling.

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Mio · 27th August 2020 at 7:03 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Mio · 28th August 2020 at 6:12 AM

    What a cliff to end the novel on…

    At least finish the arc, damn it.

    [「Since the tournaments end in one game.
    If there are 50 people gathering, the 49th game will decide the last one.’」]
    * one.’ —> one.

    [「See see see! Even Lindis-chan is saying that! No matter how you think about it, giving up is wise!

    The keeper also says that we can choose the smarter one! “]
    * one! “ —> one!」

Bob Bobfry · 27th August 2020 at 2:41 PM

So if he proves it was a wise choice would he not be able to continue? Since he can handle the sharks without danger, then the choice he made was not unwise.

GAUTAM · 6th January 2021 at 9:23 PM

Wait, is the web novel finished or dropped or simply on hiatus for a while?

aditnome · 14th February 2022 at 12:58 PM

hello? did the author drop this series?

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