Level 1 Guy: Chapter 372 – Worrying about others

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The following day.

I stayed inside the salon instead of going to the dungeon.


The large mansion is occupied by me and Eri.


Not long ago, Eliza and Ena would be at the branch office of “Swallow’s Repayment”, and the mansion was fluttering even when everyone was working during the day, but the two became independent and became “The Money Tree”. After starting up, the mansion was basically unattended during the daytime.


Eri and I were the only ones in the salon of the silent mansion.


I was sitting on the sofa, and Eri was leaning on me while pinching my pants.


“Come Eri, you can sit down with me instead of standing there?” (Ryouta)

“(Shake shake)” (Eri)


I recommended the sofa, but Eri shook her head.


I’m not sure if she’s still anxious as she still doesn’t have the confidence to sit next to me.

Somehow I thought as such.


“Hmm, I see.” (Ryouta)


Without approving or denying, the reaction was only to the point of gently stroking Eri’s head.


Since she has the figure and behaviour of a child, we have to be more careful than Nihonium.

That’s what I thought.


“Is anyone here~?” 

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


Suddenly I heard a voice from the front door.

A young and characteristic tone.


I got up and left the salon.




Following from behind, Eri hugged behind me.

She was desperately trying to grab onto me to the point where she was about to fall.


“It’s alright, I can wait.” (Ryouta)


I stopped and waited for Eri.

Eri catches up with me and pulls the bottom of my pants.


“If you want to walk, we can do this instead.” (Ryouta)


I held my hand out.

Eri was hesitant at first, then grabbed my index finger.


To hold hands, the size of my hands and Eri are too different.

Even if I put out my hand, she will only be able to grab one of my fingers.


In such a state, we went to the entrance together.


“Is no one home~?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming now, please wait for a bit.” (Ryouta)


While raising my voice, I keep walking at a slower pace..

I was adjusting to Eri’s speed.


Thus, it takes more than double the time to reach the entrance.


There’s only one person I could imagine with this voice and accent.


Mao Mi.

A girl looking like an elementary school girl, and is characterized with a mature expression and a twin tail that is as long as her height.


At the same time, she is also a person who has a high position, being the director of the Flint’s Dungeon Association.


“It’s been a long time, Mao” (Ryouta)

“It’s been a long time nano. I came to play today~” (Mao)


Mao said with high enthusiasm and hugged my waist.

I don’t hate skinship, it represents dearness.




At the same time, I felt breathing from the lower position of the small Mao.


“Who is this child nano? Oh-ho, is this perhaps one of your hidden children?” (Mao)

“Who has a hidden child now!” (Ryouta)


I immediately retorted to her act.


“Am I wrong nano?” (Mao)

“I have some stuff going on at the moment.” (Ryouta)

“Ahhh nano.” (Mao)


Mao walked away from me and stared at Eri with a slight humor.

Eri felt a little frightened and hurriedly hid behind my back.


“Ooh, she’s a shy one nano.” (Mao)

“My bad, she is a little frightened when it comes to others.” (Ryouta)

“I see nano. My name is Mao, Mao Mi nano.” (Mao)

“(Shake shake)” (Eri)


In response to Mao’s friendly self-introduction, Eri, who is hiding behind my back and clinging, just shakes her head.


“I’m really sorry. Let’s go to the salon and I’ll prepare a drink for you.” (Ryouta)

“Okay nano~” (Mao)


Mao said so and headed to the salon with light footsteps.

After she went off, I reached my hand to Eri.


“Let’s go too.” (Ryouta)


Mao was gone and Eri was a little relieved, so she grabbed my finger again.

The two of us head to the kitchen.


I then prepared a drink.


Mao Mi.

She is the president of Flint Dungeon Association, who works as a sommelier for sake, but she has the “looks of a child, brain of an adult,” and is the so-called ‘loli baba’.


She said it herself.


“You don’t have to be overwhelmed, Mao is as young as she looks, so you would be able to converse with her.” (Ryouta)


Was accurate, as she’s about 10 years old.


Therefore, the appraisal of sake is done only by scent and appearance.

Despite that, she can judge better than any adult, hence why the position of the director of Dungeon Association.


I decided to prepare orange juice for her.


I’m glad that Emily squeezed the orange from Teruru and I just have to pour it into a glass.

It’s a first-class product, it’s just juice, but it is also a delicious tasty thing with a strange addiction.


I pour it into a glass and place it on the tray.


Then I realized that Eri was gazing at me.

She has the look of curiosity.


She’s looking at the poured juice with an intriguing eye.


I took another small cup, poured some juice and presented it to Eri.


“Wanna try some?” (Ryouta)

“…” (Eri)


Eri was surprised and confused at the same time.

Comparing my face and the juice alternately..


I didn’t say anything and waited.


I waited without hurry, and eventually Eri moved by her own will and grabbed the cup.

When she puts her mouth on it――


“…!” (Eri)


Her face suddenly shone, and nodded to me.


“Isn’t it? The juice made by Emily is the best in the world.” (Ryouta)

“(Nod nod nod)” (Eri)


This is the most emotional she’d shown so far.

I was relieved to see it and became happy.


Not only can you be frightened, you can also have this kind of expression.

I was happy and had hope.


In that way, I warmly watched Eri drink the juice.


“Oh, it’s juice!” (Mao)


Mao appeared at the entrance of the kitchen.

She got tired of waiting and checked what’s going on.


“Mao wants some too nano!” (Mao)

“…!” (Eri)


Mao’s momentum made her so shocked that Eli hid again on my back.

I also understand that she’s trembling a little.


Mao has no malicious intent.

So it’s fine.


I hope Eri will not be afraid of this energy someday.

For that purpose——




After spending time with friends who came home and everyone went to bed in their own room.


I was in the salon.

Eri who was clinging to me after everyone came back was tired and slept.

On my lap, she made a stain with her drool that was larger than the plate.


I patted her head while not letting her wake up.

 After a while.


“Good evening.”


From the dark corridor, Margaret appeared with an elegant demeanor.


Under the Ryouta family, the boss of the Margaret family.

Margaret herself appeared without a sound.


“That was quick.” (Ryouta)

“Hearing your request, I went in a hurry.” (Margaret)


She said so and put a bottle on the table.

The bottle, which was placed quietly so as not to cause any sound, has her face drawn on the label.


“A new product?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, it’s a bottle version of the Pandora box. It’s filled with water.” (Margaret)

“It seems to be a better product than Margaret’s dropped water or air box.” (Ryouta)


I picked it up, stared at it seriously, then put it on the table without making any noise.


“So how was it? —- Chrome” (Ryouta)


What is in the bottle is Chrome Dungeon’s water.


Chrome that produces delicious water.

I asked Margaret, who is famous for air boxes, to go there.


I asked her to investigate for me.


“About that… Rat, Sosha, Play, Builder” (Margaret)


Margaret looked a little embarrassed and then gently said the names of the four ninja knights.

Then something appeared from the darkness and whispered in her ear.


Even if she can’t do it yourself, the four ninja knights will find it for you.

Rather, Margaret did nothing, as she just dealt the final blow.


After a while, Margaret answers my question.


“As Ryouta-san says, People lost interest in Erythronium because it does not drop water, so they rather focus on Chrome instead.” (Margaret)

“I see, that’s good news.” (Ryouta)


Maybe they will chase after Erythronium.

Thinking about that possibility, I asked Margaret to move.


Apparently, it seems that I don’t have to worry about it.

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