Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 111 – Goddess of Book Metis, Final showdown

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“Even though I was going to show you my strong points…”


Femille, who was defeated, fell down.


“It was a good question…



_ Metis laughs invincibly.


“Who’s….. next?”

(Pitter patter.)


A young girl, Marine, rushed over with a 三(*´ワ`)ノ face.

She was holding three books.


(101 piglets vs 1 wolf-the wolf has no tomorrow~)

(7 Ninjas vs 1 Wolf ~Wolf has no tomorrow~)

(Cyborg Little Red Riding Hood vs One Wolf ~Wolf has no tomorrow~)


I was worried about the contents.

The wolf seriously has no tomorrows at all.


“Do you want me to read…?”


“Then… only one book…”


It’s not even a question anymore, but Marin seemed satisfied.

(*´ワ`*) as she smiled.


“Fufufu, is the story over zena?!”


“Then, let’s go for my ultimate question!”


“It’s from the 300 pages of this Genesis, the Seven Archangels zena!”


“The world of Genesis and the Seven Archangels within this 300 page — How many characters are there zena?”


“That’s my question zena! I wish I could tell you how many characters there are in this complicated 300-page book!”


Laura asked about the terrible question.


“Wait a minute, Lindis-chan! Do you know the answer?!”


“I don’t know!”


It was an immediate answer.

However, Lindis said without any hindrance.


“That’s why I’m counting on you from now on!

Metis must answer before the hourglass falls.

However, I have no time limit.

That is what it means! “


It’s quite awful, an inhumane answers.



“How cowardly! Amazing!”


Laura was very impressed.

After all, she’s a goddess disguised as an evil god.


“I wish I could praise more!”


Lindis smiles cynically and whispers.


(Even if you don’t count it seriously, I can just say that my memories are fuzzy when it comes to how many characters there are!

I don’t even know the other person, so there’s no problem zena! )


It’s a terribly evil wisdom.


“If the other party doesn’t know the correct answer, it doesn’t matter if the issuer doesn’t know the correct answer.”


Ethically there is nothing other than a problem, but it is a perfect battle.

Since I’m (Formally) a follower of Laura, I’m also a very evil man.



“What’s wrong, Keima-san? You’re making a difficult face.”

“It’s a very questionable question, and I think she might be able to win.

But precisely why unless you’re prepared to lose, the mental damage when you lose will be huge.”

“Well, don’t say things that aren’t lucky zena!”


Lindis says so, but you should always think about things ahead of time.

Then, as if to affirm my anxiety, Metis laughed lightly.


“World Genesis-The Seven Archangels—The number of characters is…


168,265 characters…………”


“If you doubt it… Can you count it?”



Lindis started counting half-crying.


“By the way… The number of characters in Chapter 1 is 6208.

561 characters on the first page…

605 characters on the second page…”


Lindis said after counting for a while.


“The first and second pages. The number of characters in Chapter 1 matches…

“It was a good question, but it was too easy…

 for me…….

Including books from the “outside” world…

I have knowledge of 1,083,620,000 books…”


(Pit pat pit pat) 三(*´ワ`)ノ


Marine, who does not understand the atmosphere, took the picture book to Metis and was happy to read it.

I said.


“So it’s also okay to ask questions based on books from the “outside” world?”


However, if the answer is lost, you must prove that it is lost…….

If it isn’t… it’s a watering theory…”

“It’s ok. I won’t go that far.”


I nodded and told Metis.


“Now my question is from a book titled, Nonstop pervert~I can’t stop my hands from rubbing these lustrous tits~”



“It’s Nonstop pervert~I can’t stop my hands from rubbing these lustrous tits~”


“It’s not…….


 that is……”


“You didn’t say that——erotic books aren’t allowed according to your rules right?”



Yes, but…”


“Answer the 800 characters of the climax erotic scene that decorates the end of Nonstop pervert~I can’t stop my hands from rubbing these lustrous tits~”



“Huh, what happened? Is there any reason you can’t answer?”

“Th- Th- Th-, that’s… it’s…


“What’s happening? If you don’t do it soon, the time limit will run out?”

“Keima-san…that’s a little bit overboard…”

“Be clear about it!! Don’t stutter!”

“You can’t listen okay Marine-dono! Never ever listen to it!?!”


Femille and Lindis pulled out, and Lolona covered Marine’s ears.


“It is amazing……!

This is already at the level of blasphemous wicked violence…!

It’s like preparing 150 machine guns, grenades and nuclear missiles against rabbits…! “


Laura praises it.

After all we’re all evil deep within ourselves.

Matis squeezed her voice as she turned bright red.


“No- No- You cant~~~…

My- My my~~ nippp……. niiipppp……”

“Hey, I can’t hear that? Be more clear! Louder!”


“You can’t!!!!

You can’t touch my nipples! “


“It’s okay! Release the lewdness within you!”

Why are your “nipples” going to be “bad”? ! “

“M- My nippl………”


Metis murmured.

She can’t speak out and trembles, holding her head and tingling.


“Forgive me…….


 I’ll do…….



——- Victory!

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This result was within expectations. I just knew Keima was going to take advantage of her personality somehow.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it and relished in her humiliation.

[It’s not even a question anymore, but Marin seemed satisfied.]
* Marin —> Marine

[Matis squeezed her voice as she turned bright red.]
* Matis —> Metis

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