Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 110 – Versus the Goddess of Book, Metis~Femille will challenge first~

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 The trial of the third floor has commenced.

 Here’s an overview.


・You choose a specific book, then ask a question based on that book.

・If the Goddess of Book, Metis, answers correctly, she wins. If she can’t answer, then it’s our win.

・She has 10 minutes to answer.


 And with that, everyone scattered about to come out with a question.

 Since we’re inside a library, there’s a bunch of interesting books laying around, and we took some books which could give us some interesting questions.

 Then, we placed all of those books onto a table.


「What sort of question would be good……?」

「It feels like she’ll know all of the normal books, so we can start with some picture books……」


「Eh, what’s wrong Keima?」

「The books in this library are books obtained from this library, right?」


「If that’s the case, won’t she be able to answer all the questions we give from these books, since it’s her library after all.」


 I picked up the picture book.


「Tell me the average length, weight and the source of food of a hornfish.」

「How should I know that!」

「Use your powers……」

「Ah, I see!」


 She’s normally stupid, but she is still a goddess.

Since she can access to the『Fountain of Wisdom』,she should be able to obtain information.


「The average length of a hornfish is 4 metres. If you remove the horns, it’s 2 metres.

 It’s weight is about 3 tons……And it’s main source of food is, jellyfish!」



 I pat her head.



「And that’s why.

 If we can’t even beat this lowest amount of information, we would never be able to defeat the goddess over there.」

「If you think about it that way, this trial is extremely difficult……!」


「Rather, I feel that the hurdle has increased to about 2 cm zena……」

「No……Well, I guess so……」

「What does that even mean?!」


 Laura protested, but Lolona and Femille were determined to win this.

 But there’s one thing you’re wrong Laura.

 Your ability is impressive, your ability that is.

 It’s like a brain with no master.




 It seems like everyone has their own thoughts.




 Marine yawned as she looked bored.


「Are you tired, Marine-chan?」


「Do you want me to read a picture book for you?」



 Doing something goddess-like, Laura reads a book to Marine.

 Looks like she deals well with kids.


「Let’s see, a book for children…………」


 Metis hurriedly puts a book on the table.


「Thanks! Metis-chan!」



 Maybe because she was shy, Metis immediately moves back with her face bright red.

 We quietly planned our attack.


「I’m sorry……Keima-dono. I can’t think of anything……」


 Lolona, who’s bad at these challenges, felt genuinely sorry.


「Don’t mind Lolona-san!

 I will take over your part!

 Or more like this is finally my time to shine……!

I feel like things wouldn’t change much be it air or grass!!」


「I don’t think that’s the case here?!

 To me, you are a precious friend of mine!」

「If you put it that way, then I will definitely not lose!」

「Fufufu……please do?」


「My question would be――――from the Super Gourmet Guidebook!

 A book that describes how to make bread skin cheap in my town, a town where edible grass grows, and a place where many stones look like meat!

 Basically, it’s my diary!」


 Femille has been sharpening herself.


There’s no end when a『stone that looks like meat』can be in a gourmet book.

 Metis muttered.


「But stones aren’t edible……?」

「A meal means enjoying it with your imagination! Looking at it is one third of the enjoyment!

 Just by looking at the meat-like stone, I have already ate ⅓ of said meat!」

「What sort of crimes have you commit in your previous life to deserve this……?」


 Metis was shocked beyond belief.


「T-T-T-The book also explains how to look at the meat-like stone and enjoy it without actually eating it okay!」

「That sounds more like a philosophy book……」


 Even Lindis is confused.

 Lolona chipped in.


「But the idea of the problem is by no means bad.

 Though it’s a personal diary, but it’s still considered a book by definition.」

「As expected of Keima! 

 Because of Keima’s cunning method of having asked what her definition of a book is, we can use such a method!」

「Please don’t say as though I’m going to cheat. I just wanted to know what’s categorized as a book.」


 Lolona and co were proud of it.

 However, Metis face was full of leeway.


「I know what the book is……。

 Now tell me, what is your question……」

「Among all the meat-like stones I’ve written in my diary, which is considered my most favourite of them all!」

「Isn’t it the same as my question?!」

「I see……」


 Ignoring Laura, Metis thought for a moment.


「Why is that okay?!

 Even though you rejected mine! Even Keima was mad at me for it!」


 Metis looks at Laura pitifully.


「Based on your book……。

 Your favourite stone would be……」


 Then, she gave an eerie smile to Femille.


「One that looks like pork……So it’s a pork-like stone.

 I don’t know the official name but……『That’s what your book says』

 Due to the sands covering the pork-like stone, it looks like there’s pepper being seasoned on the stone.……。

 And since there’s many stalls selling pork skewers, you can taste the scent of pork all you want……。

 It’ll be the perfect ingredient if licking it would taste like pork……!

 What a devilish description……」



「That’s so sad zenaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

「To think that that’s an ingredient! Femille-dono!!!!」

「Even though you have sharpened yourself, your opponent has defeated you!」

「This is…….just a little bit……」


 Lindis and the rest cried out、and Metis even took some money out from her wallet.


「Keima! You mustn’t, alright!

 No matter how poor we are, you can’t neglect Femille-chan like that!」


 Even Laura was empathizing along with such powerful words.


「I-I-I-I’m fine alright!!!

 I’ve been using that pork-like stone as food for a really long time!!」


(((That’s not what we meant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))


It was at that moment, when everyone’s hearts, including the enemy, unite.

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