Level 1 Guy: Chapter 370 – Eri-chan

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I crouched and adjusted my line of sight with the girl.


Since she was clinging to my foot, I was in a slightly uncomfortable position, but I tried to speak as gently as possible so as not to scare her.


“Don’t worry, I’m with you.” (Ryouta)



Despite crouching, the girl’s head is lower than mine.

Her eyes sway with anxiety while looking at me.


I stroked her head.

Silently, I continued stroking her head.


Without a word.

I continued to stroke until she felt secure.


I’m not good at calming children, but I am confident in my patience.


I waited until the other side calmed down.




Approximately three minutes. The time it took for the girl to settle down.

The girl stopped clinging to my legs and she grasped my thumb of the hand which I used to stroke her head with her little finger.


She grasped the two fingers with both hands.

It was childlike behavior, but it was cute.


“Oh, there’s Yoda-san nanodesu.” (Emily)

“Really. Where have you been?” (Alice)

“… Can you see me now?” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu, of course I can see you desu?” (Emily)

“You said I looked like I just disappeared out of nowhere right?” (Ryouta)


Emily and Alice nod.


I thought.

I could be seen almost at the same time when she stopped clinging.

After changing to grasping my finger.


After that.

Is it only when she’s clinging to me that they can’t see or recognize my existence? Or is it only when this child is frightened?


I wanted to confirm it, but I suddenly knew the truth.


“Let’s have breakfast first desu. The energy of the day comes from breakfast nanodesu.” (Emily)

“I know right.” (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


According to Emily, no matter what happens, we have to eat breakfast——when I stand up, the girl clings again.


A little different from the last time, she wasn’t frightened.

Don’t go. Her eyes swaying with the accumulated tears insisted strongly.


“Eh? Ryouta’s gone again.” (Alice)

“That child’s not here either nanodesu.” (emily)


Emily and Alice both lost sight of us again.

They looked around to find me.


Unlike before, I noticed that I had a little extra space for the second time.


Her companions riding on her shoulders.

Boney-chan, Puru Puru, Bon Bon, Spike, Gau Gau-and Meramera.


Like Alice’s fellow monsters, she looks around and looks around like her.

She has Meramera = Phosphorus.

It seems that they can’t see us.


While stroking the girl’s head, she was talking to Meraamera.


Mera-mera who looked like a human soul was blown away a little by it, but only had a mysterious look.


“What’s wrong Mera-mera?” (Alice)

“Yoda-san…is close by desu.” (Emily)

“Eh? Ah you’re right, he’s kind of transparent.” (Alice)


According to Emily’s words, Alice was also relieved.

Strictly speaking, I’m not just transparent.


They don’t even notice it even if I touch them.


I suddenly looked at the window.

A faint image of me was reflected in the window.


This is a system whose existence itself is not recognized.


Immediately after calming her down, the girl grabbed my finger again.


The view reflected by the window did not change, but Emily and Alice all caught up at me and stared at me.


I mean, when you cling to me, they can’t recognize my existence, and when she’s not, I turn back to normal.


“Hey hey, what is this? Transparent? Are you a transparent person?” (Alice)


 Alice was very interested.


“So is Ryouta going to peek in the bathroom?” (Alice)

“Why is that the first thing you thought of?” (Ryouta)


I bitterly laughed at Alice’s idea.


“Isn’t that a man’s romance.” (Alice)

“…Yoda-san” (Emily)


A little darkness dwelled in Emily’s eyes.


Ryo-chan, a copy of me called by the magic of All Might.

It was as if I had done such a thing.


Well, I don’t know anything about invisible humans → taking a bath.


I don’t know at all…


“I won’t do that.” (Ryouta)

“For real?” (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


Yeah, I said as I pat the girl’s head.

If this was a special bullet effect, it might be possible to use it in such a case, but this is not there.


I can’t just activate the ability to cling to me and not be recognized by others.

Completely, this child’s ability to connect to the genealogy of the Erythronium dungeon.


If so, it should be used to protect this child.


“Eh? I see Meramera.” (Alice)


Alice was surprised to hear something from Meramera on her shoulder.

The content is recognizable.


“Ryouta, is that child Erythronium?” (Alice)

“Is it so nanodesu?” (Emily)


I silently presented the egg shell.

The egg shells brought back from Erythronium that everyone saw yesterday.


If Meramera says that, then this child is Erythronium.


But, for now.


“Let’s keep her secret that she is Erythronium.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, you’re right.” (Alice)

“I agree nanodesu.” (Emily)


I crouched and adjusted the line of sight to the girl again.


“Let’s give her a name. How about Eri?” (Ryouta)


She was hugging my fingers for awhile, then she hugged me by putting her hands around my neck.

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