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Here’s chapter 93.


The big bell is burning in front of my eyes.

My mouth opened wide open at the spectacle.





Currently, me, Ark-san and Bluerin are at the top of the tower, where a big silver bell hangs.

Watching the melting and burning of the silver bells on Bluerin’s back, I spoke to Ark-san, who was a little far away from the fire as he put the sword in his sheath.


“…Is this all right? I broke the important tower bell…”

“Hahaha, we’re probably in big trouble. So, what should we do?”


I laughed because we’re in trouble, I dropped my shoulder and took off the cloak I was wearing.

What we did tonight was the destruction of the bells set up in the Samaria tower. To be honest, I was suspicious at first because it was Neah’s suggestion, but I decided to cooperate because it was necessary for Usato to curse and destroy him.

What we did was simple.

First of all, we need strength, so we left the inn and brought Bluerin from the stable while using clairyovance so that nobody would notice.

As I look ahead to the actions of the knights who had guarded the tower in advance, we destroy the bell.

Finally, when everything is ready, Ark-san cuts the bell with intense magic of fire.

Neah was convinced that the plan was successful when Ark-san sheathes his flaming sword.


“I’ll leave this to you. I still have something to do with Usato.”


I flew to the palace.


“I’m about to leave this place…”


We who have destroyed the bell must leave this place. That’s because the guards outside cannot notice the bell in the center of the kingdom that has been destroyed at night.

When I tried to talk to Ark-san to get ready to escape, he looked at the bell, which was still red and hot, and looked down on him.


“…Ark-san, you don’t really like using the flames for that sake…?”

“Yeah. I don’t mean to be selfish, but my flame is too dangerous.”


After Ark-san was being manipulated by Neah, he said that he didn’t really like to use the flame.


“If it converges and is released, it will easily burn even the bones of living things — I was fortunate that when I was being manipulated by Neah-san, it was just a fire.”


Indeed, it seems that the flames that he fired weren’t severe, unlike when he was being manipulated by Neah, which seemed to concentrate the flame onto the sword to the limit.

……Rather, it’s clear at a glance how powerful it is at the time when you can easily cut off such a big bell.

I also feel that Ark-san doesn’t want to use his flames due to his gentle personality.




He stood up and lifted the sheath in which the sword was housed and lifted his mouth open with a gentle smile.


“If my strength is needed to help others, I’ll be happy to do it.”

“Well… don’t overdo it okay?”

“Haha, please tell Usato that instead.”


Replying to Ark-san’s words, I smiled as well.

I’m sure… No, Usato is crazy.

He always does whatever he likes, like when he fought with the Wickedl Dragon.



“Yeah, I know. Usato is fine.”


While stroking Bluerin’s head, I glanced at the palace not far from here.

Usato is over there now.


“All we can do is pray for Usato to come back safely.”


I muttered to him trying to help someone in a remote place.



“What did you do……!?”


Fegnis who was stunned, pulled the sword and turned the point.


“Can’t you tell just by looking at it? My friends broke the cornerstone of the Samaria tower.”

“That’s not the case! We’re keeping an eye on your friends!”


I shrugged my shoulder as if amazed by the words of Fegnis, who had lost his polite tone.


“You keep watch of that? That’s a really funny joke. Isn’t your lookout team too simple?”


Actually, I didn’t ask how Neah was going to break the bell, so I was confused.

But I showed a fearless smile so that he wouldn’t realize it, and when I said those words, he had a bitter look.


“That should be………!”



However, when he saw Neah on my shoulder with a quick look, he pulled out the sword on his waist.

Then, with the sword in his opposite hand, he puts his hand on the sphere of the handle and points it here.


“Sword! Uncover the falsehood of his person!”


With the chant, the ball at the bottom of the handle emits a dazzling light.

The owl, illuminated by the light, slowly turned away from my shoulder and turned into a black-haired, red-eyed vampire girl with a shattering sound.


“Oh, it looks like the transformation has been deduced!”



Everyone on the spot opened their eyes and looked at the black-haired, red-eyed girl — which was Neah.

……I see, so it can revert her transformation that quickly? I’m glad I didn’t meet Fegnis when I was working with her.


“Ne, Ne- Ne- Ne- Neah-chan has become a human!?”

“Fu, Fu fu fu! I’m not surprised anymore. Well, the owl has turned into a person… it’s not at all strange that a person turned into an owl.”


I will explain later to the two parents and children who are confused behind me, so let’s concentrate on Fegnis for the time being.


“Human…no demons!? And moreover, the appearance is a girl called Neah who was a friend of Usato!?”

“You finally noticed. Are you guys seriously underestimating me? I wonder if you even knew a half beast, a magic knight, a girl, and a monster in our party.”


Oh, is that so? Was there a monster in my group?

Fegnis laughs at Neah who dismayed as if they were fake.

Maybe he couldn’t stand it, Fegnis regretfully shakes his shoulders and shifts his gaze from Neah to me.


“There shouldn’t be any demons that turn into humans! Usato-san, what did you bring to this palace!”

“What? It’s just a familiar, as you can see? What else?

“A monster with a high intelligence can’t possibly be a familiar! I’m not insane enough to not know that!?”


Well, that’s exactly what Fegnis says.

I was thinking that I should answer appropriately because it is troublesome, But Neah, listening to Fegnis’s words, put her arm in front and came out just before me.


“You still don’t get it, do you? What on earth did you see in him, huh? Usato is beyond human.”


That’s rude okay.

How can you call me that when you were the one who made this contract without my consent.


“Anyway, you’re just trying to make me fall into your trap by saying that Usato doesn’t categorize as common sense, right?”


“The source of the curse is outside, so Usato can’t do it alone? Despite how strong he is, this brain-muscle healing magician is a child, so if he separates himself from his friends, he can only sprint.”


No matter I’m a 17 year old kid, I’m not so stupid.


“Well, that’s true, though.”



Why do you admit to it so easily?!


“Oh, but it’s impossible for Usato to get caught in a vicious curse because I’m here. In other words, Usato can do nothing without me!?”

“That’s too much.”

“~~~~~ Ouch! And I think flicking my head is too much!?”


Neah was holding her forehead with tearful eyes.

For the time being, she should be alright since the flick was pretty tame and there’s healing magic, but… She loves talking big huh.

Fegnis shakes his shoulders as Neah was groaning at me.


“…The bell… do you know what the bell is for?! It’s the hope for this country!”

“It’s not a hope. It’s just a device that collects magical power and sends it to the curse. I can’t believe you can be this delusional after so long.”



Fegnis, frightened by the words of Neah who said that while rubbing his forehead.


“Wait a minute… what do you mean collecting magic power?”


Lucas-sama, who was behind, asked Neah.

Neah shrugged once more, then answered.


“That’s right. That tower was the one responsible for supplying magic to the curse.”

“To think that that tower that we kept believing… had afflicted the royal family… Eliza and Eva… But where does that magic power come from? It must’ve come from somewhere, right?”


 Neah nodded at his words and responded boringly.




“If you pray to that, it will be sucked up by a little magical force and collected by the bell at the top of the tower. It is called the country of prayer because the people of Samaria pray for the future of the kingdom. But here’s the irony, as the people were supplying a curse that would undermine the royal family.”


Absorbing a small amount of magical power from a prayer using magic tools or something, and supplying it to the curse.

A large amount of magical power is required for the curse that binds the souls of hundreds of people to continue functioning. To make up for it, the tower was worshiped and the people of Samaria were prayed as a symbol of hope.

As Neah says, it’s an ironic story.


“How did you notice…?”


Not expecting this to be exposed, Fegnis was startled.


“Huh? Immediately when I heard your story from Usato, I realized that the bell had some hidden agenda when I first heard it.”


――So when you came here, you looked at that tower and felt uncomfortable?

In the end, Neah helped out the most.

I will thank you after this matter is cleared up, but now let’s manage Fegnis in front of me.

I calmed down and asked him in a slow tone.


“The curse will eventually disappear when the source bell is destroyed, but then Eva’s stolen life and body are unlikely to return. To help Eva, we have no choice but to go directly to destroy the curse.”


We can’t waste time and magic with unnecessary fights.

When the tower was destroyed, there was a time limit before the curse disappeared.


“-This is the final warning. If you still have a conscience, go through it.”



According to my words, Fegnis slowly raises his right hand silently without moving his expression at all.

Along with the signal, the knights of his subordinates pull out their swords and turn their enmity toward them.


“So you won’t budge?”


Since you turn your swords toward us, let us take appropriate measures.


“Sigh… Lucas-sama”

“…I don’t care. He’s no longer a knight who serves the country. A traitor obsessed with delusions. Feel free to beat him up.”


Getting the final verdict from Lucas-sama behind me, and I look at Neah next to me.

She smiles in a good mood, and transforms back into an owl with a popping sound, jumps on my shoulder and activates magic.


“Let’s do it. Neah.”

“They sure are stupid, thinking that they could defeat me when I have a monster beside?”

“Please stop treating me like that so naturally…”



After activating my healing magic, A green aura and a purple pattern covering it appear on both hands

Since I took a day off, I was in good physical condition together with magic.

These opponents who we will fight from now on are those who play a part in the cause that created the current situation. If those people interfere with us, there is no choice but to break through with force.




Whoever attacks first wins!

I took a long, slow breath and punched one of the knights who wasn’t ready yet.

The several knights didn’t expect that I would suddenly plunge into them.


“Huh, what!?”

“Too slow!”



I strike with my fist against the abdomen of the knight who is trying to hold his sword in a hurry.

The knight restrained his abdomen and stripped off his white eyes, and was unable to move due to the effects of restraint magic, and fell down quivering and shaking.

Restriction magic and healing punch,Healing restraint punch……No, let’s name it healing restraint fist because of the bad vocabulary.


“That’s one… down?”

“” “…”””


The remaining four knights stopped moving and looked at me as if they were frightened.

What is that gaze like looking at a vicious monster?

The fallen one did have serious injury, but he’s intact? Rather, he may be healthier than before because of healing magic.


“Please be relieved. The punch I’m about to deal isn’t life threatening. So please be relieved and be beaten.”

“The words and actions are completely like what a villain would say… I thought I had been tainted by evil for a long time, but this is one a whole new level.”


Ignoring what Neah is saying, the knights once again hold their swords and hold their fists.


“Don’t fight alone! Enclose and limit your movements!!”


Fegnis holds his sword from behind gave instructions, and the four knights spread out to surround me.

I’m not that easy to be surrounded by, so I jumped forward in a way that would benefit me.


“No matter how good your physical ability is!”

“With this number!”


Two people who jumped to the left and right, and two people who came from the front to attract my attention.

I suddenly approached the two people in front of me and grabbed one of the knight’s elbows and breastplate and shook them around with force. At the same time, the other knight, who was surprised next to him, hits the floor with a throw, but I’ve already activated my Healing and restraint magic before he suffered too much damage.



“Uh, goo!?”

“Healing throw, healing restraint throw… And that’s three people”




This time, the two knights rushed to me by themselves.

I calmly created a healing bullet and fired it at the knight coming from the left.



“Wow!? What is this blinding… huh!?”



What is it? It’s nice to have a healing blindness, but wasn’t it unnaturally rigid?


“Such cowardice!”


The fifth knight who shook his body on the left tried piercing me while my eyes were on the other knight.


“Sorry, but I’m not a knight.”


I avoided the piercing in a half-body shape all while speaking, and counter back with a healing restraint fist.

I looked down at the knight falling from his knees and turned around as it was.

A while ago, the knight who received my healing bullet…


“…He has already fainted.”


Somehow he was covering his face with white eyes and fell. Moreover, it’s covered with tears and runny nose.

What does that mean? This person just received a healing bullet, so he should have been able to fight.

……No way, even for healing bullets —,





Because I was distracted by the knight who fainted for some reason, I was late to notice Fegnis’s attack.

I immediately back down, and holding a fist, Neah, who was on the shoulder, was angry while hitting my cheeks.


“Usato, what were you hooting at?! I don’t care if you get hit, but I’m weak to physical damage okay!?”

“No way, even I would get hurt if I was cut with a sword.”

“It wouldn’t just be painful!? You idiot!”


Since I’ve dodged it, you don’t have to be so angry at me…

I quench the angry Neah and turn to Fegnis.


“You are the last”



Fegnis muttered something with a small voice.



“Why! You have such power, but you want to become the rescue squad for the Kingdom of Lingle!? If you put yourself in a proper position, you should be able to achieve great results! You should be able to help many people.”


He desperately said and somehow sighed.

Most of the people he says are for the sake of the Samaria people, and nothing else. The attitude of thinking only about the people in my own country is great, but for me, the words sound awful and selfish.


“After all, you don’t understand.”


“I’m in the rescue squad because it’s my house. It doesn’t matter what the position is, the reason I act is always simple.”


I glance at Lucas-sama and Eva at the back, as they look forward and laugh while being shy.


“I’m here because I wanted to help, because she doesn’t want to disappear.”


While in the war with the Demon King, Kazuki, Senpai, Amako, Naak, and Neah, all acted in the same way.

I don’t need any more reasons.




Fegnis, listening to my words, looked like he had given up somewhere.

In the meantime, I used healing magic and created a healing bullet in my right hand.

As Neah subsequently released the magic of restraint, I understood why the knight who received the healing magic bullet had fallen.


“Let’s end this.”

“I’m not weak enough to be defeated so easily…!”


No, you’re finished without doing anything.

I cast a healing magic bullet at Fegnis, and at the same time I start running at him.


“I know that technique! If I can read the orbit!


He swung his sword to the side and accurately cut the healing bullet.


“I can see that.”


You’re called the Captain for a reason, you can cut off as much of the healing bullet as I threw. Moreover, since it is a mass of healing magic, it will recover you.

But that’s the story if the healing bullet was normal.


“——–Ugh, what!?”


His arms which are holding onto the sword and cutting off the healing bullet are wrapped in the light of the healing magic and at the same time they are bound by the technique of restraint.


“I told you. I’m not alone…!”

“Curse youuuu!”


Fegnis, who can’t move his arms and makes a distressing voice, strikes the healing restraint fist three times.

Fegnis, whose movement was completely blocked by the magic of restraint for three shots, stopped moving while standing upright.


“Did he faint?”


The royal family seeking a hero continued to suffer from a dreadful curse, and the magician family seeking a hero continued to protect the curse for the next hero for hundreds of years.

Depending on how you think, this person may have been trapped in the curse of Samaria.


“Hey, Usato”

“What? What happened?”


While looking at Fegnis, who had fainted while standing, I was thinking about it for a while, and Neah, who was pulling a little, came to me.


“No way, you… have you added magical properties to the healing bullets?”

“I was doing it unconsciously… Well, I can do it if I try.”


I did what I did, I just added the effect of restraint magic to the healing bullet.

If you hit the target, the healing bullet with the restraint magic that has landed can limit the movement of the opponent for a short time.

Perhaps that knight who fainted without knowing, was struck by a healing bullet with magical effect on his face and fainted with fear that his face did not move at all.

I have devised an extremely naive technique.


“Wow, I didn’t know it because I didn’t use magic, but…Usato really does a slant above his expectations…I’m not overwhelmed by the idea that the other person is incapacitated.”

“But it’s okay because the other party is still intact.”

“Eh… I didn’t think of that…”


It’s not an admiration, but rather an unreasonable feeling from her.

Well, it feels familiar to someone. Anyway, in addition to the healing restraint fist and the healing restraint throw, I made a new technique again.

This should have a new name…!


“Let’s name it….. healing restraint bullet, how about that?”

“Usato has no catastrophic naming sense…”


I was slightly hurt by her retort.

But with this, we can finally confront the curse.


“…Okay. Is Lucas-sama and Eva injured?”


While fighting with Fegnis and others, I look back to see if the two people behind have been hurt. The two people in the back had a stunned look, but when Eva, who was held up by Lucas-sama, had her eyes glittering.


“Usato-san really is far from being human! It’s really amazing!”


“Oh, hey Eva! No matter how honest you are, you can’t say that!?”


I just noticed.

Rather than being distracted and being told that I’m far from human, it is more deeply pierced to my heart when being told with respected eyes.

Flicking the laughing Neah on my shoulder, I slightly dropped my shoulders…


“… Lucas-sama, what are we going to do with Fegnis and his knights?”

“They won’t wake up for the time being, so we can leave them for now. I’m more worried about the time.”

“I understand”


Certainly, I’m scared of time now.

Since the bell that supplies magical power is destroyed, the curse of the main body may disappear. If it disappeared naturally before destroying the curse, Samaria’s royal family and people would be released from the curse, but Eva, who had already been deprived of body and soul, would disappear forever.

I absolutely must avoid such a situation.


“Okay, let’s hurry. I’ll explain about this guy along the way.”


Pointing at Neah and saying, Lucas-sama nods.

We left the fainted Fegnis and others, and we started to proceed to the end of the aisle.


Author’s Note:

Usato’s skill has been improved (?) in combination with Neah.

Although it is considerably less effective, restraint magic can stop the opponent’s movement, so Usato can weaken the opponent with restraint magic.

The healing restraint bullet is a complete kill at first sight.


In the next chapter, they will finally face the curse of Samaria.

The schedule may be up this week, so the update may be a little late.

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