Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 108 – Lolona-chan’s revenge match

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――On the last episode――


Poisonous gas is lethal.


――And so we’re back――


 I forcibly ventilated the poisonous gas out of the room, and called everyone in.


「I can breathe normally! I can breathe! This is super duper cool! What a wonderful world!」

「As expected of Keima-dono.」


(Pitter patter, jump jump, pitter patter.)


 Laura was using her strange language excitingly, and Lolona and co were praising me.

 Marine was happily walking around.


「We cleared it without any problems!」

〈Oh but there’s a huge problem though!? Even though you cleared it! There’s nothing wrong!〉




「But who’s the one who didn’t explain anything about the traps just to lure us to death, what an evil personality!」

〈Don’t make it sound like I’m the bad guy. There is no such trap.

 If everyone on the spot unanimously gives up, your life will be saved, but you’ll be disqualified.〉

「Is that so?」


〈That’s right. However in many cases, we had to create situations of conflict like: “You only need your right hand to open the door” so people would response to it by saying “I’ll promise” to save the scroll till the bitter end, or I’ll save your live instead of mine――〉


 The voice was saying something unpleasant with MAX tension.


〈Ugliness within the heart lies in the depth and foolishness of humans who wants to reach salvation but does not actually want to reach it!!〉


「That’s too ugly!!」


 I’m convinced the goddess in this world may have been an evil goddess.

 Well, it’s whateves.

 We passed the last room.


〈For the time being……I guess I’ll say『congratulations』……。

 However, this is just the first floor, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg out of the 6 floors. So don’t look at it as though it’s so easy……〉


「I see.」


 Without minding, we continued climbing the stairs.

 We reached a larger area, a rather spacious place like a gymnasium at a school.

 However unlike the gymnasium, there’s no decor.

 The place feels like someone has packed their stuff to move out.


「And this is……?」

「We’ve met again……」


 There lies a huge man with a muscular body.

 He’s 2 meters tall with muscles like a ball.

 If I’m not mistaken, I blew him away from the qualifying trial――。


「So it’s Hercules.」

「You’re right……I’m the 2nd floor’s guardian――」

「So you gonna be fighting again, and say something like this isn’t my final form.」



 Hercules laughed, flipping his thumb like a bullet.

 A lump of air rushed at the speed of sound, scratching my cheek.




 A huge sound exploded, and the wall behind me was broken.


「The difficulty of this floor is――――DEATH。

 I will seriously kill you, so prepare――」


 Hercules held his right hand, where a huge sword appeared.

 What’s more, there’s two.

 He swings the giant sword like a nunchuk.

 There’s no doubt that if I get hit by it, it’s instant death. Plus, dodging it is going to be difficult.


「You do look slightly stronger.」

「If that’s the case, I’ll go.」


Lolona stood out.


「You can’t Lolona-chan! You’ve lost to him once!」

「That’s right! If you’re weak, then you shouldn’t push yourself!」

「That’s right! If you lose, you’ll die!」


 Everyone’s horrible.

 I’m not saying they’re wrong, but at least try coating your words.


(Shake shake shake.)


 Marine who wants to say that it’s dangerous but can’t say anything, looks the most worried.

 Lolona cried.

 But she said, sobbing.


「Th- Th- This time I’ll win……!」

「You can’t say that! That’s like a losing gambler’s idiom!」


(Says the one.)


 I thought――。


(I should break this argument.)


「I’m sure you won’t just fight without having a plan right?」

「Obviously I’m not that stupid to pick a fight which I couldn’t win.」


 Lolona took out her sword.


「If the difficulty is DEATH, then I can use my sword.

 That’s how it is.」


「Is there a difference if you have your sword……?」


「My sword’s material was collected by the world’s finest merchant, my sister Lilina, and was forged by the world’s finest blacksmith, my sister Lalana, so I will never lose with it.」


 She showed a dignified and confident look.

 But all I can see is her respecting her two sisters.



「And there’s the innocent and lovely Laura-dono next to Keima-dono……!So if I’m not cool and strong, the balance will be…….!」


 That’s messed up.



 Ehehehe. Aww Lolo-chan~ Don’t say what’s already the truthー♥♥」


 Laura puts her hand on her cheek and joyfully twirls around.

 She looks cute, just her looks though.

 But Lolona is seriously out of touch if she thinks this useless goddess is  『innocent』.


(Well if that’s how she really feels, I won’t say anything.)


 It’s only good if I say it myself!



「Anyways, I’ll support you!

 As the〈Iron-Blooded Black Berserker〉you have to get your revenge!」




 Suddenly digging back her black history, Lolona teared up.


「Good luck! Iron-Blooded Black Berserker!」



 Laura waves her hands (*^ワ^*)ノand Marine cheers ヽ(*´ワ`*)ノ.

 The two of them are adorable.

 I guess it can become a white history.




 Lolona stands in front of Hercules, half crying.


「You……Can never hurt me!!」

「But this time, I’ll win.」


 Lolona grabs the handle of the sword with both hands, and gets ready with a stance.


「When’s the trial going to start?」

「It’ll start the moment you move.」

「I see.」


 Lolona kicked the ground.

 She pushes in a straight line.




 She avoided the Hercules finger bullet.




 The huge sword falls.

 Instant death if hit.

 Lolona isn’t afraid, stops with her sword.



 The huge sword broke.


 The broken pieces became lumps of iron and fell behind Lolona.

 Then, turning around to avoid the second sword.

 Rotating in a fluttering motion, she accelerated.


 Still grabbing the sword with both hands, she plunges forward.

 And it hit Hercules.

 The blow scattered fresh blood from Hercules.




 Hercules fell down.

 Lolona swings her sword outward, wiping the fresh blood with a paper.


「Of course my sister’s sword is the best in the world.」


 Pffft—-I snickered.

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