Level 1 Guy: Chapter 369 – A frightened little girl

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“Uhm…” (Ryouta)


Many things have happened up until this point, but as expected, my head froze for a moment when given this kind of situation.


The girl who clings to me looks like a young child in kindergarten.

It is difficult to tell at first glance because the hair is fairly long which covers her body, but she’s wearing a dress.


An image of a lively, innocent child running barefoot in the grassland comes to mind.


The egg shell had hatched, and thus a child was born.

The Erythronium egg that I swore to protect has been split in half from the center.


Normally an egg will be sticky inside, but this egg did not have that, but a rather clean slice in the middle.


In a sense, this child broke the egg and came out from the inside…… but it’s that circumstance which I can’t place my head yet.


“What am I going to do in this situation….” (Ryouta)



Maybe because I was fiddling around, the girl yawned and gradually opened her eyes.

After a short look around, her eyes were drawn to me.




She was clinging to me.

I was held so strongly, even more than when she was sleeping.


I felt a strong emotion of fear with how hard she’s clinging onto me.

At that sudden realisation, I’m sure this child is definitely Erythronium.



“Good morning nanodesu—–Who is that child nanodesu?” (Emily)


When I left the room and was invited to the living room by a good smell, Emily cooked breakfast in the adjacent kitchen.

Emily turned her face, but when she noticed Erythronium hiding behind my foot, she stopped her hand and turned around completely.


“This is the result of yesterday.” (Ryouta)


I held out the broken egg shell.

Erythronium egg, an egg that all of our friends saw last night.


“Then, she’s the spirit desu?” (Emily)

“Most likely. But I’d like to confirm with Aurum and Nihonium.” (Ryouta)

“Nihonium-san has just gone out with Sakuya as they have become quite close recently desu.” (Emily)

“Oh really?” (Ryouta)


I often see them together, but my memory is vague and I can only remember when Nihonium seems to be in a bad mood.


“Yes, they’re very good friends nanodesu.” (emily)

“I see. If Emily thinks so.” (Ryouta)




“How about Aurum?” (Ryouta)

“Aurum-san is already in the dungeon desu. Since there’s only Mike, she has to go ahead of Nihonium and others desu.” (Emily)

“Oh, Nihonium wants to move around in the dungeon, but Aurum just stays in the room of the spirits. After Mike sends Aurum, she’ll stick with Nihonium.” (Ryouta)

“Yeap nanodesu!” (Emily)

“So the only option is Mera-mera?” (Ryouta)


If I’m sure that the girl is Erythronium herself, the spirit will disappear if they cross the boundary of the dungeon or hierarchy without Mike.


Should I ask Mera-mera now or wait till night falls?


“Yahooo! Mornin’ everyone!” (Alice)


Speaking of the devil, Alice came into the dining room.

Despite it being first thing in the morning, Alice is in high spirits as usual.


The girl clung to me, perhaps because of that high spirit.


“It’s okay.” (Ryouta)


I spoke as gently as possible.

In order to reassure younger children, and even frightened children, I spoke with a gentle voice to the limit and gently patted her head.


“That sister is not a bad person.” (Ryouta)


The girl clung to me even more, burying her face in my thighs and shaking her head.

Her body is quivering.

Hmmm…..I guess I need to reassure her a little further.


“Don’t be afraid. I’m by your side.” (Ryouta)


I changed my approach.

It’s okay for her to cling to me.


So when she was still clinging, I patted her head and back gently.




It seems that it worked.

The girl clung to me, the trembling stopped, and she slowly looked up.


I made a gentle smile, and the girl seemed a little relieved.


Well, if this is frightening, Alice would have to hold back a little.


“Everyone isn’t up yet. And Emily’s alone?” (Alice)

“Eh?” (Ryouta)


Although she was right next to me, I suddenly frowned at Alice, who said something strange.

But Alice wasn’t the only one going crazy.


“Yoda-san was there just now…where did he go desu?” (emily)


Emily stumbled around with a strange look.


Rather, I am surprised.

The distance between me, Emily, and Alice is no more than two meters.

It’s within easy reach if you step one step.


Despite that, Emily and Alice are stumbling around, not being able to find me.


It was at that time.

Settling down, the girl stopped clinging and separated, hiding behind me the same as before.


“Hyaaa!!!” (Emily)

“Wow! What is with that, Ryouta. Where were you hiding?” (Alice)


Emily and Alice both looked at me with a big surprise.


The two people were so surprised and so loud that the girl was also surprised and clung to me again.


“Eh, Yoda-san?” (Emily)

“Did he disappear? Where did he go?” (Alice)


They again looked around and searched for me.


The two of them who couldn’t see me were in the same situation as before.

What I have in common with that time is that I am clinging to a girl.


“… No way” (Ryouta)


Frightened and rejected.

The evidence stacked up when thinking about what Erythronium had been through up to now.


Only when she clings to me, neither of them can see me.




Even after poking Alice’s shoulder, she didn’t notice it.

This is even more amazing than I thought.

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