Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 107 – Second half of the 1 in 5 room

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 We were supposed to go through 5 rooms.

 And one of the rooms has deadly poison in it.

 We are given 4 detoxification scrolls to use.

 There’s one room where we won’t be able to use the scrolls.

 So which one would we pick?


 We chose『the fourth room』to not use the scroll.

 After opening the 3rd door and entering with the scroll.

 A voice appears.


〈We’re almost approaching the last room―― And there’s no poison in this room!

 The game has now boiled down to a 1 in 2 chance!

 Did you use your scrolls? Or did you ignore it?

 Either way, there’s a 50% chance for you to die!〉


 They really do have horrible announcers as well huh.


〈There’s no limit to how long you want to think okay?

 You may experience fear, dispute, or discussions――――〉


「Damn, she’s bloody noisy.」


 I place my hand on the door.



「Do you have a problem with it?」


〈No no no hold on a second, are you sure you don’t have to think through this?

 Are you sure you don’t want to use your scroll?

 The next room might have poison in it?!〉


「But it can be a normal room as well, right?」

〈But that’s the thing! If it is, then it’s even worse! Shouldn’t you be discussing or fighting about it……〉


 The test holder seriously has a few screw loose.

 Although it might just be an act.


「K-Keima. Let’s listen to the bunny girl, maybe we might need to rethink our strategy……?

 After hearing that, I’m feeling worried as well!」

「Don’t listen then.」



 I flick the idiotic goddess’ head.


「If Keima says so, then this next room might be the safest……I guess……」


 Laura placed her right hand on the door while rubbing her forehead.

 The rest followed suit.

 Rumble rumble.

 The fourth door opened――。


 And white gas escaped from within!!!



(Cough, cough.)



 Lolona hurriedly grabbed Femille and Marine.

 Lindis shouts.


「Is it poison?!」


 Lindis has evacuated far behind.


「You have good judgement and reflexes.」


 But it’s kinda sad to say that to her.

 Since coming to this world, she might be someone important in her world.

 Laura then used the scroll.



「You little……」

「Quickly……Everyone else……Sneeze!

 Use the……Sneeze! Sneeze! Sneeze!!!」


 I whack her head several times.


「Listen here.」



 I told Laura who used the scroll and had watery eyes.


「That’s not poison you know……? Look.」


〈We’ve been found out.〉


 The voice appeared.

 Ventilation in the room started to clear up the gas.


〈As you have guessed, the fifth room is filled with poison gas!

 But still, there are rooms with gas which are not lethal.

 Every room actually has a trap where if you don’t use the scroll, tear gas would emit.〉


 These little shits.


〈And that’s why the door won’t open unless everyone touches it!

 This is to test who’s brave enough not to use the scroll even when being tested with such a situation!

 And for those who have used the scroll, please accept your death?!

 There’s no use resisting, alright?

 So try competing for the scrolls.

 And maybe, you have to kill――――Fufufufu! HAHAHAHAHAH!〉


 I guess management wanted things to turn ugly.

 It may just be an act, but it’s one hell of an evil one.

 It’s not like they’re harassing us, but she’s just exaggerating a lot.


「Sigh――Oh well. What are you trying to say?」


「The sun shines, birds chirping, the sun sets, and Laura does it. That’s just common knowledge over here?」

〈What kind of world are you living in!〉

「I mean you trying to trick us like that, I just can’t take you seriously anymore.」


 I asked Lolona and the rest to go to the end of the room.

We stood in front of the last door—-And I hit the wall to the left and right before opening.

 After checking the thickness――――。


「Here we go.」




 The wall was blown away with a light punch.

 Dust and pebbles entered our field of vision.




 Next, I did a yakuza kick on the door.




 The door was flung away.

 Purple gas started emitting.





 I coughed.


「This is truly deadly, but just a little bit more deadlier than usual.」




「Let’s use wind magic.」


 I used wind magic to change the flow of the poison gas.

 The poison gas went out of sight.

 Terere, tetete.

I even gained a level.


 Level     2960→3000(↑40)

 HP      59200/59200(↑200)

 MP      47360/47360(↑160)

 Strength      34050(↑280)

 Endurance      33800(↑250)

 Speed      30270(↑220)

 Magic      29000(↑400)


 ◆Learned Skill

 Poison resistanceLV4 (1 up!)


 Even I don’t know why, but apparently poison is counted as food.

 But sometimes it’s not.

 If the poison comes from a food base, then it’s counted as food—–I guess?


〈Wait….just a minute here!

 Isn’t that just cheating!?

 Your methods are outrageous!〉


「There’s no rule stating I can’t break the walls.」


〈Do you even have common sense, or any sense, or even a decent heart at all?!〉


「Of course he doesn’t!

 Keima doesn’t have a human heart, but a robot’s heart!

 There’s no point expecting anything out of Robot Keima!」


「How dare you say that. I have a heart too you know.」

「And where would that be?!

 I’ve never seen it before!」


「It’s properly stored in the trash can.」


〈Then didn’t you just throw it away!〉


 The announcer and Laura’s voice sync harmoniously.

 I did my usual laugh.




―――Post script―――

I’m pretty sure you’ve expected this ending.

As if that kind of poison could kill him.

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Mio · 30th July 2020 at 6:18 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

Keima’s Heart was always within him. He didn’t throw it in the trash.

After all, he is trash.

Theepieman · 8th August 2020 at 4:25 PM

Honestly, that laugh skill he got makes me chuckle every time. I am glad it exists.

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