Level 1 Guy: Chapter 368 – Parent bird

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I took the egg with care and left the spirit room.

Mysteriously, when I came, it was a free fall, but when I exited, the exit appeared before I knew it, being surrounded by light for a moment before standing on one of the countless islands on the 12th basement floor.


Well, I’ve experienced a lot of various dungeons here and there.

I can’t say anything strange about this.


By the way, the reason why I climbed the stairs without hesitation even though I had an egg was because the stairs appeared immediately after I picked up the egg.


Spirits, like monsters, can’t cross between floors.

If they do so, they will disappear.


I thought that this egg might have such a possibility, but I thought it would be alright because I took the stairs from the other side.


Of course, I was careful to the point where I’m straddling it.


With careful footing, I headed for the stairs that went back upstairs.


“Mmm… Ah…” (Ryouta)


During that time, the self-destructing fluffs gathered.

I tried to protect myself by hugging, but I soon realized that it was useless.


The fluff floats around me.

If I proceed, I will go down, and if I go down, we will go down together.


I clearly felt the will to protect the eggs.


“Of course it is” (Ryouta)


I fluttered at my stupidity.


I don’t need to protect eggs from these fluffs anyway.

It attacks hostile intruders, but it won’t attack me since I’m protecting the egg.


I protected the egg carefully but without being unnecessarily strict, and left the dungeon in the path of the fluff.


“Yoda-san!” (Emily)


When I left the dungeon, my friends were still waiting.


The sun had already set, everyone was surrounded by a bonfire, and we were divided into several groups and had a chat.


Emily looked at me, while everyone was looking at each other, rushed towards me, calling my name the earliest.


“Are you okay desu?” (Emily)

“No problem at all” (Ryouta)

“I’m glad desu… Oh, is that what you got from the spirit desu?” (Emily)

“It’s kinda tricky to explain this. Aurum, Nihonium, and MeraMera.” (Ryouta)


Almost all my friends gathered, as I called to the three spirits.


“What do you think of this?” (Ryouta)


I said and asked the three with the egg on both hands.

In order to know the truth, I did not say anything that would lead to prejudice.


Aurum and Nihonium stood up, and Meramera flew away from Alice and flew towards me.


Three people stand in front of the egg and gaze for a few seconds.




Aurum and Nihonium put their mouths together and said so, and Meramera blinked with its body swelling for a moment.

Alice, who is a little far away, nodded, so Meramera agrees with the other two.


“I see, so it’s the spirit itself” (Ryouta)

“Well, maybe a little different.” (Aurum)


Immediately after making a conclusion, Aurum called out.


“The essence is the same as me, but it’s kind of different, I think.” (Aurum)

“I agree. I think it’s a spirit, but I feel something I’ve never seen before.” (Nihonium)


Nihonium also spoke similar words.


“Hmmmmm. Meramera asked how did you come out of the dungeon together with that?” (Alice)


Alice interprets her fellow Meramera, and everyone stares at me—–especially Aurum and Nihonium.


“Yeah, did you come out of the dungeon because you were a spirit?” (Aurum)

“Ryouta, do you have the same ability as Mike?” (Alice)

“No, that shouldn’t be the case.” (Ryouta)


I thought so and decided to check, and once again entered Erythronium.

Fluffs that gather softly to protect eggs.

They gently touched the egg―it did not explode when touched, and took it out of the dungeon.


Then, the fluff disappeared.

Monster disappeared with the normal feeling when it left the dungeon.


“That’s that.” (Ryouta)


Everyone saw the fluff disappearing, so everyone was convinced of my actions and the experimental results.

To be convinced of the experiment means that the existence of eggs will be more questionable.


Everyone on the spot pays attention to the egg.


“How did you get this?” (Aurum)

“I told her that I’ll protect her.” (Ryouta)

“That’s all?” (Aurum)

“That’s all” (Ryouta)


I nod.


Then——a bunch of friends burst out.


“Ah, so that’s that.” (Celeste)

“I don’t understand the theory, but this is always the case.” (Elza)

“She probably asked Yoda-san for help desu.” (Emily)

“That’s the reason he went in the first place!” (Alice)


The cause is still unknown, but everyone was convinced.

I thought that would be all right.


“… Well, it’s alright.” (Ryouta)


 For some reason when I saw it, I naturally just thought, “oh well”.


The important thing is that the three have affirmed that the egg is a spirit, and the one who entrusted me to “protect”.


Why it is not important for eggs to straddle the dungeon.

The important thing is how to protect.


“Here, Yoda-san.” (Emily)


According to my determination, Emily was holding out my revolvers with both hands.

My buddy, my two-armed revolver that controls special bullets freely.


Emily presented it with a smile.


“Please do your best desu.” (Emily)

“Yeah,” (Ryouta)


I kept the egg in my hand and received the revolvers and other items.

I’ll cherish the egg carefully.

I felt a little like a parent bird and felt a little smoldering.


Absolutely protect, no matter where I go, I’ll have to keep it well.



Next morning.

The broken shell was crushed in the futon.


A terrific little girl clung to me.

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