Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 105 – Trial of God’s Luck

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―In the previous episode of Level Up Just By Eating―


The crew wanted to send The Air Pirate Lindis back to her own world, and thus Keima and his friends had to challenge the『Trial of the Great Goddess』.

In order to challenge the trial, they had to travel to an island with many attractions.


―And now, we continue―




 After breaking through the Trial of Strength.

 Lolona looked depressed.


「What seems to be the problem, Lolona?」


 Lindis answered instead.


「Since Keima literally one shotted the enemy she faced, she is feeling down at the moment……」

「I-I-I-I-I-I’m fine! Really! I’m not even depressed in the least!」


 Lolona cried out in tears.

 Then, immediately wiping her tears, she shouted once more.


「I’m not, depressed…………Sniff」


 Seems like I’ve done something bad.

 However, whatever I say right now wouldn’t help her.

 Considering her personality, I think it’s better to just slowly cool it off.

 Thus, I didn’t bother about it anymore.


 And continuing that, we cleared various other trials.

 If the trial revolves around taking deep wounds when failure, I’ll take those, but other than that I’ll let Femille or Lindis take it.


「I’m done! The answer is 102,861!」

「Fuhahahahaha! It’s fun to win against mobs!」


 Femille challenged the intelligence trial, and Lindis would wipe out the Goblins with her spear.

 Though Lindis has a playful attitude, it’s no doubt that she’s stronger than Lolona.

 And obviously I challenged the dangerous looking trials alone.

 Various things appeared, but I managed to defeat them.


「As expected of Keima! Your win rate is at a 100%!」


 Laura was using her own unique concept again, but it’s her so it can’t be helped.

 Since we collected a lot of coins from these difficult challenges, we decided to waste some time to crush some safe events.

 For example, Marine is now trying to solve a rubik’s cube.


(Click clack, click click……)



 She cleared it at quite the rate and showed a satisfying look.



「Everyone’s amazing! Such excellent and elegant and elephant!」


 It’s weird how she uses elephant as an analogy to praise someone, but I understand that she’s hyped.

 Thus, we safely broke through the trials.

 We went back to the first facility, and showed the coins to the receptionist.


「Alright….I have confirmed the amount.」


 We entered a room.

 There were close to a hundred people inside as well, patiently awaiting.


「It seems like we’re actually late to the show.」

「We did fool around along the way.」


 In the meantime, the sun started to set, and time was running out.

 Both the bunny girl and guy shouted at the same time.


「Time’s up!」






 I could hear various curses from outside, and relief from inside.

 Harps started to strum, and a golden light shines on the stage, seemingly an idol was about to appear on stage.

 There, the Great Goddess Fortuna appears.


〈Oh, my children.

 You have done well in clearing the first trial.

 As a Goddess, I am so proud of you.〉


 As always, there’s weight in her tone.

 But 90% of the participants have ended up taking it as a drug.

 Wondering whether it’s the charisma of the Goddess or it’s just her magic.


〈Let’s move on to the next challenge, you will move to the『tower』.

 Similar to the first challenge, you can challenge any of the trials at your own whim, however――〉


 Fortuna said, after pausing for a moment.


〈Inside the tower, the『Trial of Luck』is added.

 This trial is to test your faith with the goddess.〉


 The venue was buzzing.

 There were some who weren’t confident, and others praying to Fortuna.


「It’s a trial fitted for me……!」


 There was also a dumb and confident goddess mixed in the bunch.


〈Let the『tower』challenge begin.〉


 Saying that, she snaps her fingers.

 Tiny light bubbles floated around the venue――――and we disappeared




 The place that we were transported to was a huge island.

 If you look behind, you can see waves hitting the shore, and when you look in front, there’s a huge tower.

 Because of the fog, I can’t see how high it was.


「I guess only the person who passed the first round are here.」

「I thought we were transported into the same island!」


 Lindis then pointed to a distant island.

 It was hard to make out what’s there due to the fog, but I can see a tower over there.

 Then, Fortuna’s voice echoed.


〈Oh children, please climb the tower.

 the faster one reaches the top, the faster you shall receive my blessings.〉


「You heard that Keima! Let’s hurry!」

「You’re right.」


 We entered the tower.


〈Welcome oh brave warriors who have passed the Trial of Strength and Wisdom to the trial of Fortuna-sama〉


 A bunny girl wearing a tailcoat and top hat greeted us.


「The first floor is the『Trial of Luck』

 No matter how smart or how strong you are, if you don’t have luck, there’s no meaning to anything!

 On the other hand, if you have great luck, you can get by all of the other challenges!

 That’s just how life is!〉


 The bunny girl explains while twirling a stick.

 A brown scroll appeared in our hands.

 So 4 scrolls in total.


〈You will have to go through 5 rooms!

 However, one of the rooms is filled with deadly poison!

 One breath, and you’ll die in no time!〉


「Suddenly we get a horror story!」


〈But rest assured!

 The scroll that I handed you is an『Antipoison』scroll, so you can avoid the poison safely!

 The scrolls effect will only last per room, afterwards it will lose its effect!〉


「I thought it would be terrible, but in fact they’re so kind!」




 The bunny girl is being troubled by the braindead goddess.

 Lolona was the one who had to explain.


「There’s 5 rooms, and we only have 4 scrolls, which means if we use all 4 of the scrolls――what happens if the last room has the poison……?」


「I change my mind, this is horrible!」


〈This is the rule of this trial――Are there any questions?!

 If not, I will add one more warning before I finish explaining!〉


「And what would that be?」


 Depending on the warning, it might lead us to victory.


〈『The scroll is only effective up till 4 times!』

 Also, it’s impossible to give it to someone to use to scout ahead!〉


 And a nail has been hammered instead.

 If there’s no limit to how much I can use it, I could’ve thought of a strategy.


・I’ll receive the scrolls and confirm which room is safe.

・Or have one person wait here, and use their scrolls instead.


 Well it’s fine.


If my predictions correct, this trial is going to be an easy clear.

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Mio · 23rd July 2020 at 5:15 AM

Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Mio · 23rd July 2020 at 10:42 PM

    The anti-poison scroll can be used up to 4 times, but only one room is filled with poison…

    Isn’t success guaranteed? I’m confused.

    [「Everyone’s amazing! Such excellent and elegant and elephant!」]

    I wonder if there was a pun involved in Japanese…

xias1 · 23rd July 2020 at 7:02 AM

My solution:
Keima eats the scrolls and obtains the anti-poison magic as a skill.
Then he can use it infinitely.
Problem solved!

    xias1 · 23rd July 2020 at 7:04 AM

    Solution version 2:
    Keima eats 4 scrolls, obtains the anti-poison skill and transfers it to one of the girls.
    Then he repeats that until all girls have the skill.
    Finally he eats his own 4 scrolls to get the anti-poison skill for himself.
    Problem solved, too!

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