Level Up Just By Eating: Chapter 104 – Taking the Trial of Strength

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 After clearing the first trial, we went back to get some oompa loompa like skewers.

 Laura and the rest bought some sherbert.


 Terere, tetete~


 I leveled up and got back my life regeneration skill.


「Which one shall we go next?」

「I think we should take the pain!」

「The safe attractions are all crowded, but the dangerous looking attractions are too deadly!」

(Nom nom nom.)


 While Lindis and Laura were discussing which to take next, Marine was eating the ice cream.

 However, the three others had ice cream on their cheeks as well.


(So they’re at the same level as Marine……)


 Being tired of the three of them, I wiped the ice cream of their cheeks.

 Lindis insisted that she does it herself.




 Femille, who was normally eating the ice cream, stared at the ice cream and me at the same time.

 She regretted that she didn’t put anything on her cheeks, so I can’t wipe it for her.

Lolona approaches.


「I’ve found them, Keima-dono. There are three places with pain.」


 As competent as ever.


「Which one would you choose?」

「I would choose the east side. It’s a Trial of Strength.」

「Let’s go.」


 Throwing the skewers into a garbage bin, we headed east.

From afar, you can see an arena with the sign〈Monster Coliseum〉attached.


「It seems to be a place where you gamble which person would win in a fight!」


 We went inside.

 A person wearing all black approaches us, reminiscent of a bartender.


「Well well, are you all challenging the〈Trial of Strength〉?」


「I shall explain the procedure.」

「Participation fee is 20 coins, and if you win, you’ll be given 50 coins.」


 I handed the 20 coins and signed a detailed document.

 I heard someone from behind.


「The hell are you doing, brother? You know that this is a〈Trial of Strength〉right?」

「I know you wanna show off to these cuties behind ya, but ya don’t have to embarrass yourself eh?」

「I don’t give a shit if some trash loses, but at least let us beat it first.」


 It’s your typical thug.

 We have here some muscular guys with Mohawk, and one skinhead.


「Da fuck you want huh?! You wanna fight?!」

「No. We just want a peaceful discussion.」

「We know that you can feel the difference in strength, so let’s leave it at that.」


 They really are horrible at being thugs.


「You guys are more peaceful than I expected! Sorry for thinking badly of you!」


 Laura normally said.


「But we can’t!

 Since we’re here first, we shall take the trial first!」


「Or more like brother, aren’t you embarrass er something?! Making a girl protect ya!」


 I looked at the receptionist.


「Is this allowed?」


 He smiled and said.


「This is certainly a predicament…」

「I see.」 


 I turned back.


「Oi, you wanna di――」


 I punched the Mohawk guy.




 My sword was already near the neck of the skinhead.

 Since it’s better to just let them have a nap, I punched them on their chest.






「Didn’t he just say that we’ll be in trouble?!」


 Lolona retorted, but I smiled refreshingly.


「I just cleaned them up before they could cause anything.」


 The receptionist guy squinted his eyes then smiled.


「He has a point.」

「Is this really common sense……?!」


 Lolona was shocked.

 We received the application and we went inside a waiting room.


「You may choose your weapons from these selections.」


 Lolona looked at the weapons and said.


「The Sword, Spears, Axes’ blades have been removed.」


「This is a pain test. Deadly weapons are prohibited.

 Attacking the head or neck is prohibited as well.

 Physical arts are also prohibited from using.」


「Basically we’re not allowed to kill anyone.」

「That is correct.」

「I don’t really like any of the weapons. Can I use my own weapon instead?」

「You may take it out of its sheath, but you are automatically disqualified if you injure your opponent.」

「No problem.」


 Lolona entered the arena.

 The stadium has sand scaffolding and mortar seats surrounding it.

 We watched her as a viewer.


「There’s nobody.……」


 The moment Laura said that.

 Something fell from the sky.

 It was a huge iron box.




 The Iron Box fell down on the ground.

 Dust dispersed everywhere――。




 Something jumped out from within the box!




 What came out was a muscular man.

 He was around two meters tall, and his muscles were like huge basketballs.


「What a flashy appearance ……!」

「He fell from such great heights, and he doesn’t seem injured……!」


 Laura and Femille are surprised.


「For he is the one who rule it all in this coliseum, the one and only, Hercules――Let the fight begin!」


「This Hercules guy looks strong……!」


「You can tap out if you decide to give up! Keima here will do the rest!」


「I would do that if worse comes to worse, but I wonder if we should always rely on Keima-dono……

 I want to stand next to him instead of being protected—–or more like……

 I want to be able to help Keima-dono if he ever needs help, I want to lend him my strength……」


「Lolona-chan, you’re amazing! You’re seriously a great general!」


 I want Laura to emulate that behaviour as well.

 After thinking about it—–The Hercules guy said.


「If you’re not coming……I’ll start.」


 He stepped on the ground and charged forward.


「This is…………real power!」


 He releases his fist.


 Lolona avoided by jumping over to the side, but there was a huge crater on the ground.


「Such terrifying power.……」


 No matter how strong you are, if Lolona can just avoid it, then it’s meaningless――。


「This is…………sand!」


 Hercules grabbed a handful of sand and tossed it towards Lolona!



「I thought he’s just a muscle head, but he does have a brain!」


 While suspended midair, her vision became blurry.

 He flew towards Lolona.

 With both hands clamped together, he aimed for the defenseless Lolona.



 Lolona turned around and kicked him!!


 She then spins in the air and makes a beautiful landing on the ground.

She said with her eyes closed.


「I’m a half elf and beast.

For my elf side, I can understand the approximate movement with sound and air.」

「Gupfufufu….This is, this is………Fun!」


Hercules clasped the sand and made a palm-sized bullet.


「Throwing is… Throw!」


He threw it.




 Lolona pulled out her sword and cut off the flying bullet.


「Impressive. Even when your eyes are in a state of blindness, you can still show such display of power…」


Hercules repeats by throwing two or three.


「Kuu, ha ha!」


Lolona cuts with her sword. However, it seems to be hard.

After all, her view is blocked.

It’s still a big deal just to split the second and third shots.


She has to read the movements in addition to excellent motor skills.

Attacks on the head and neck are prohibited.

Furthermore, the lower half of the body is small and difficult to aim at.


Then, the attack on Lolona will be centered on her body.

It can be said that it is a reasonable reading.



Hercules threw a stone at Lolona’s face! !!




 Lolona, who read that movement, moved her face by reflex and avoided it.

 It was quite sudden, but she manages to avoid it.






The man was in front of Lolona.




His fist connected.




 Lorona falls down.

Laura shouts.


「Isn’t it an offense to attack the head?」

「But the stone, did not hit her head, right?…」

「Isn’t that unfair?!」


I said.


「He did it because it’s unfair.

Looking at Lolona’s ability, he was convinced that she was able to avoid it.」

「Such a terrible person!

He’s a devil who makes one dimensioner do  gymnastics!

Bullying people who are weak! !! 」


「Weak…. Haguu…. Weak…」

「She’s getting more damage from Laura’s remarks than the punch she got from the enemy!」



 The man at the reception said that after such a conversation.


「It seems like she’s done for…

What would you like to do?

You can try again by paying 30 coins.」


「Isn’t this trial 20 coins?」

「That’s because you have seen the movements of Hercules.」


He’s right.

I put out 30 coins and entered the arena.


「Are you okay, Lolona? Heal」

「The pain has gone, but… sorry.」

「Don’t worry. I’ll tag you out.」

「Im sorry…」


 Lorona walked out and I stood in front of Hercules.



What a weak looking person.

It’s gonna be my pleasure………to ruin you to pieces.」


 We separated from each other and waited for the round to start from the man at the reception.




Hercules rushes in.

I lightly jabbed using my right hand.


 The enemy was blown away.




 He burst into the sky and broke the ceiling, becoming a star in the sky.

Ha ha ha, it’s an instant victory!


「As expected, it’s Keima! Great victory for the warriors!」

「Amazing! As expected!」


Laura and Femille praised me.


「He’s so easily overthrown………Haguuu」


Maybe I should have struggled a little more since I’m good at acting.

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