Level 1 Guy: Chapter 366 – Intuition and conviction

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My guess was correct.


Erythronium 2F, 3F, 4F.

A dungeon with a stream flowing through the islands and a bridge connecting between them.


If I have no weapons, the monster would not attack at all.


The monsters are all the same as those on the first floor, with the appearance of fluff floating in the air.

However, the colour is different for each floor.


Their effects are probably different as well, but there is no doubt that if you take damage from their self-destruct attack, something will go down.

It was just an intuition, but in this case it was a conviction.


Let’s check it later if necessary so I can collect more information.

Thinking so, I descend down from the 5th floor.


“Wow, this looks intense.” (Ryouta)


Involuntarily, I muttered, and the sight was wide enough to make wrinkles between my eyebrows.


Firstly, it’s snowing.

Red snow—–A.K.A Dungeon snow.

The power of magic has been continuously poured from the sky.


In addition to the familiar scene, the colour of the river was also red.

It’s not just red, it’s a mellow red that makes you feel it’s “weight” and “heat”.


It’s blood.


A Blood river.

Those words came to my mind.


It was a peaceful sight from the 1st to the 5th floor, but from the 6th floor it changed completely, and it became a terrifying hell picture.


When I stepped into such a place that resembles a Blood Pond Hell, I suddenly felt something and started unconsciously shaking my hand in search of my waist.


“…Oh, right.” (Ryouta)


Luckily I threw all my weapons out.


No wonder it felt so weird.

I was reaching out for my two revolvers.

It has been a habit of mine to put my hand on my weapon for self-defense because of the pressure in front of me.


The fluff ball floats in front of me.

If I had a weapon, I think I would have been attacked and would’ve been bombed.

A structure that follows monsters on the terrain.


Then, even if it turned into a horrifying hellish scene, the nature of the monster did not change.

It doesn’t react to me who isn’t in a position to attack.


I started to walk.

While frowning on the river of blood, I crossed the islands one after another by a bridge.


6th floor, 7th floor, 8th floor, 9th floor, 10th floor.


In the hell of blood that gradually increased in weight and heat, which was making me feel nauseous, the environment changed again.


11th floor, it was magma this time.


“In a sense, this is lighter in comparison.” (Ryouta)


I muttered with a bitter smile.

The basic structure is the same.


There is an island, a bridge that connects them, and fluffy balls flying.


Unlike mentally, magma is just hot.

I felt easy at once, and I went on.


After descending down from the 12th basement floor.


“Eh?” (Ryouta)


Again, my voice came out.

1st to 5th floors, 6th to 10th floors.


Since the same thing continued for a while, I was wondering if magma would continue until the 15th floor, but I was suddenly betrayed.


Erythronium’s 12th floor.

This time it was empty.


It’s a very strange sight.

The islands are floating in the sky, and the bridge is built over it.

The bottom has a mysterious appearance like the sky, the bottom of which cannot be seen.


If you think about it, you can clearly see the “stairs leading down” on one of the distant islands.


“It’s a strange place.” (Ryouta)


While murmuring, I proceed further.

I don’t have fear of heights, even before I came to this world,so it was okay for me to walk on this floor.

Some might look down from the top of the building and will make them feel like their legs are giving in, or if they’re looking down from the window of an airplane.


――Thinking about such a thing, I crossed the islands and arrived at the stairs below.

After descending down, the scene returned to magma.


The same structure as the 11th floor, consisting of magma and islands.


Descending, wondering what it was.

13th floor, 14th floor, 15th floor—-.


Erythronium basement 15th floor.

There was no staircase leading down there.

I crossed all the islands, and even made three laps just in case, looking around every corner.


Nope, there is no staircase leading down.


Which means.


“Is this the last floor?” (Ryouta)


Well, what am I gonna do now.

To be honest, I was a bit troubled.


I noticed it even before.


I know only two ways to get to the Spirit Room.

One is being summoned by spirits, and the other is to defeat monsters at the bottom floor and enter.


Strictly speaking, the transfer room can be used after entering the spirit room, but that is it.


Knowing only two of them, and at Erythronium, I got down to here without fighting.


Fluffs are floating around.

If you try to fight them, they’ll attack all at once.


Is it okay to fight in the first place?


Considering what has been done so far, there is a good chance that there will be no way to reach the room of the spirit even if you defeat it.

No, it must be so.


It was killed by somebody, and it became a dungeon that “rejects” humans with that skill.

Maybe there’s no way no matter how much I try.


“…” (Ryouta)


What should I do now?

I stopped there and thought about it.

No idea popped.


I don’t know what to do.


“Should I hear from everyone’s opinion?” (Ryouta)


I thought so and decided to exit.

Turning back the way it came.


15th floor, 14th floor, 13th floor, 12th floor–


“Mu” (Ryouta)


I left the magma and returned to the 12th basement floor, which looks like a sky island.


“By the way, it’s only here, this structure that’s off.” (Ryouta)


Somehow, I stopped on the spot, put my arms together, look at the top and bottom alternately, and think about it.


For some reason, I felt something’s off with the structure of this floor.

With this structure, about 10 out of 10 people who come here wouldn’t fall.


Then, if you enter the dungeon, you will enter battle mode to defeat 10 out of 10 monsters.


“…Which means.” (Ryouta)


I went to the edge of the island that had just come up.

It’s not the bridge but the edge of the island.

I looked down from there.


The sky that goes on forever.

At least, the sky is so high that you can’t see the ground within 10,000 meters.


It was mere intuition.

However, I am almost certain.


“…” (Ryouta)


――I jumped from there.


My body accelerates as I fall.

I was spinning around, and it became more natural to move like those skydivers I saw on TV.


I kept falling——-for 10 minutes.


The end came abruptly.

The scene in front of me suddenly changed like a scene from a movie cut to the next scene, and I was standing on the ground with two legs.

There is a pure white space.


The dungeon was made strangely.


“But the room of the spirit doesn’t change.” (Ryouta)


I was convinced that I’ve reached my destination.

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