Level 1 Guy: Chapter 365 – Disarmament

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 After understanding the monster’s attack and pattern, next is to defeat them and check the drop rate.


Whether you are summoned from the lowest floor or on the way, I’ll have to clear the dungeon to some extent from your experience so far.

Monsters have to be defeated to some extent.


I pulled out my two revolvers and aimt at the fluff that crossed the stream.

Two are here just in time, so I fired a Growth Bullet that has grown to be a one-shot deadly power, and another revolver is a normal bullet that is now the weakest to farm.

In order to check the HP of the fluff, let’s use each fire and fire separately.


“Mu.” (Ryouta)


I was a little surprised that the normal bullets knocked down the fluff in one shot, not to mention the Growth bullets.

Is it because I’m on the first floor, that they’re still weak?


In this pattern, their self-destruction may depend on the maximum value of HP or remaining HP.

I thought that it was necessary to be vigilant not only for my ability to deteriorate.


The next moment, I was even more surprised.


The dropped items of the fluffs.

Two rectangular paper, fluttering on the ground.


I was familiar with them, those are Piro bills!!


“So they drop money here as well?” (Ryouta)


While frowning and wondering, I approached and bent over to pick it up.


“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


I found the wrinkles between my eyebrows became deeper and deeper.

The moment I crouched, I felt uncomfortable with the paper money.


Something is wrong, I don’t know what, but it felt wrong.

Immediately before touching, I stopped and looked carefully to find the cause of the discomfort.


“…Fake bill?” (Ryouta)


When I said it, I was more convinced.

The two ten thousand piro banknotes that are falling are like that from a distance, but when you look at them seriously nearby, it looks like a fake.


Children’s banknotes…No, it looks like a poorly-made colour copy product.


Of course, I have never copied bills cause I do not have the unique three-dimensional impression of printing bills.

Instead, only the color copy tops are left.


Why a fake bill though?

I wanted to understand it so I picked up the banknotes to observe it further.


“——!” (Ryouta)


The moment I touch it, it immediately melts.

Nihonium seed.

It felt the same, and it was sucked into my hand.


And—– a surge of weakness.

A tremendous weakness struck the whole body.


I confirmed it with the Portable K-I-A board.



Level: 1/1

HP B (-3)

MP B (-3)

Strength B (-3)

Stamina B (-3)

Intelligence B (-3)

Mentality B (-3)

Speed ​​B (-3)

Dex B (-3)

Luck B (-3)




Vegetation S(-4)

Animal S(-4)

Mineral S(-4)

Magic S(-4)

Special Item S (-4)



All my abilities dropped by one rank!


I picked up the remaining one.

It melted and absorbed into the palm with exactly the same feeling, and my ability was all C with my drops being S, but it became -5.


Booby trap.


If you think that the drop was cash——-and you are excited and pick it up, it becomes a trap that further decreases in ability.


Self-destruction also decreases rank, and dropped booby traps also does the same thing.

The consistent peculiarity of Erythronium.


――I thought only of bad intentions, but I thought once more.




I heard that voice again.

Exactly the same voice I heard when I was in Calcium’s room, and it was the same content.


The characteristics of the dungeon are greatly affected by the spirit and personality of the spirit.


For Nihonium, it was “I want to make other people unhappy” and Selenium’s “two swords”.


And now I need to find out Erythronium’s peculiarity

She’s asking for help, but refusing everyone from coming.


A small child with a trauma seeking salvation.


Somehow, such an image came to my mind.


“…Guess I have to chase after her.” (Ryouta)


In words, I’m more and more convinced.

I turned around and left the dungeon.


My friends were still waiting outside.


“Yoda-san! Are you alright nanodesu?” (Emily)

“Yeah. By the way, I used a lot of Portable K-I-A boards when I was inside, do you still have some left?” (Ryouta)

“I’ll bring it desu!” (Emily)


Emily dashes into the mansion and gets some.

Then, I confirm with that.



Level: 1/1

HP SS (+1)

MP SS (+1)

Strength SS (+1)

Stamina SS (+1)

Intelligence SS (+1)

Mentality SS (+1)

Speed ​​SS (+1)

Dexterity SS (+1)

Luck SS (+1)




Vegetation S

Animal S

Mineral S

Magic S

Special item S



“Eh? Did Yoda-san use Quicksilver on yourself desu?” (Emily)


Emily wondered.

Everyone knows that I don’t use it on myself either.

But it was weird when the effect was there.


And that makes it clearer.

Erythronium who wants to drive out the intruder, the effect of the debuff disappears when it leaves the dungeon reflecting it. Only my Quicksilver remains.


After all…I can’t leave her alone.


“I’ll explain it later, I’m going in again.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)


I enter the dungeon again.

At that moment, a feeling of weakness hit the whole body again.


“So that’s how it is” (Ryouta)



Level: 1/1

HP B (-3)

MP B (-3)

Strength B (-3)

Stamina B (-3)

Intelligence B (-3)

Mentality B (-3)

Speed ​​B (-3)

Dexterity B (-3)

Luck B (-3)




Vegetation S(-4)

Animal S(-4)

Mineral S(-4)

Magic S(-4)

Special Item S (-4)



After confirming with the refilled portable K-I-A board, when returning, the debuff also returned.


I don’t know if this is the case all the time or if it disappears over time.

It was clear that I need to know more about this dungeon.


The property of Erythronium is that it should be tackled exclusively on defense.




Which means.


I thought so, I’m not sure, but maybe.


Fluff flew across the river again.

It came straight to me.

I threw all my equipment I had toward the entrance. Basically throwing it outside.


Everything from my two revolvers to the portable K-I-A board, including Absolute Rock.


All thrown out of the dungeon.


My waist was exposed.


An exposed waist without any weapons or items.



An action to show that there is no hostility.


Erythronium only eliminates the enemy, and if its characteristics are true, it does not attack the opponent with an empty waist.


And I was right.

Immediately after that, the fluff stayed in place and just floated.


My guess was correct, and my determination was even stronger.


“I’m coming for you now.” (Ryouta)


 I proceeded to the next floor.

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